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4.0 excellentHorrorshow34 | September 10th 06

Raised on a diet of Hardcore Punk, Indie Rock and Electronic Dance, The Automatic are the sound of a band hunting through their record collections, blending ideas and genres together in a way that could make The Mars Volta green with envy. The Automatic's secret formula is all based on top of the Pop blueprint, layered with elements of every genres they could think of when recording. 'Raoul', 'On The Campaign Trail' and 'That's What She Said' are all clear signs of this. Whilst the likes of 'Monster' and 'Keep Your Eyes Peeled' both give modern Pop music a much-deserved shot of adrenaline. 'Recover' even sees the band taking their genre-mashing Pop Rock onto the dancefloor, with incredible (funktastic) results. The album's only downfall is that at times the band seem to have too many ideas and things slowly begin to entry Self-indulgent territory.

So in a nutshell:

The energy of Refused + The Disco friendliness of The Rapture + The Pop undertones of Kaiser Chiefs = A strong contender for album of year

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4.0 excellentDavey Boy STAFF | March 4th 10

A genuine "love it or hate it" LP due to the background yelping of keyboardist Alex Pennie, this debut by a young Welsh quartet combines brit-pop, rock, electronica & punk! Some will see it as fun, others irritating. Some will think it consistent, while others will feel it has no variation. I'm on the positive side due to its catchiness and the fact that no song stretches out past 4 minutes. After 5 great tracks, the middle section does lag a little, but it then picks up again with its final 2 cuts. Now... "What's that coming over the hill? Is it a monster, is it a monster?" Recommended Tracks: By My Side, Monster, That's What She Said & Raoul.

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1.0 awfulsickjesus | September 10th 06

I thought the ham-fisted racket made by the Kaiser Chiefs was as bad as British indie could get. Then I heard this band. The songs are uninspired and bland enough, but the whole thing is made completely unlistenable by Alex Pennie yapping away like a barking poodle in the background of EVERY SINGLE TRACK. If you have functioning hearing and an IQ that goes into double figures, you'll avoid this car wreck of a CD.

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3.5 greatRayn0rrr | January 9th 07

This album is really good and fun to listen to. Alex Pennie's vocals are hitting the wrong note with some (sickjesus above me) or do it exactly right for others, like me. I think they have this funky pop thing going on and Alex really helps that out. Danceable and Fun.


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