Madonna   I'm Breathless
Release Date: 1990

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2.5 averageSsPpAaMm | July 28th 14

I wanted to hate this album really bad because of the violent nature of that Richard Tracy television program that was brought to life through the magic of the big screen. I just couldn't though. There was something about the lyrics "Like hanky panky (hanky panky), Nothing like a good spanky (good spanky)" that when repeated 30 times in a single song had me actually desiring a good spanky...just not from Madonna. Soon after the spanking song is over you get about 6 or 7 filler songs that I don't even remember being in the movie. A few of these songs has Madonna singing in a voice that to me sounds a bit like a person using an intentionally fake racist accent. The album has one more minor hit with "sooner or later." This crap album sold double platinum in quite a few different countries including the United States. "How?" you might ask. Because Madonna is a genius and released the single "Vogue" on this stink album. This song is one of her best selling and most covered songs. Around six months later she included the same song on her "The Immaculate Collection" greatest hits album. I wonder how many people happily set their Dick Tracy CD on fire and threw it off a freeway bridge. The only reason I am giving this album 2.5 is because I had fun listening to just wasn't healthy fun.


4.0 excellentshininbright | May 19th 16
3.0 goodAnalogart | May 2nd 16
2.0 poorLuxifer93 | December 13th 15
2.0 poorenvychaos | November 28th 15
2.0 poorleothelion | October 16th 15
2.0 poorDisciplineRecords | September 5th 15
4.5 superbshaunly | June 17th 15
1.5 very poorJared Floryan | February 9th 15
2.5 averageTitan | January 25th 15
2.5 averageNikolai | January 2nd 15
1.0 awfulJordanHageman13 | August 20th 14
3.5 greatkaki | June 12th 14
1.5 very poorAmebix | May 15th 14
2.5 averagegrandbazaar | May 2nd 14
4.5 superbUltimateTDB | June 2nd 13
2.5 averagegabossette | June 1st 13
2.0 poorDarinRG | May 12th 13
1.5 very poorAndyDigital | April 30th 13
1.5 very poorDiomedes | March 29th 13
2.0 poorDirtBagDan | February 17th 13
2.0 poorTWIGtheWONDERKID | February 8th 13
3.0 goodjackie2008 | January 28th 13
1.5 very poorStrong and Independent Black Woman (Who Don't Need No Man) | October 20th 12
2.0 pooranimusnocens | October 11th 12
2.0 poort67 | September 20th 12
2.5 averageLePurplePolitician | September 11th 12
2.0 poorOmnipanzer... | August 21st 12
3.5 greatBitch Please | July 29th 12
3.0 goodThebeatles67 | June 6th 12

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