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  • evilford sweet glad you dig, yeah agreed rip hard
    January 28 04:04 PM
  • BMDrummer u should post more
    September 5 01:48 AM
  • Kman418 i knew u would like it try sung tongs next and then indian if u think u are ready for their NEXT LEVEL s*** but that album usually takes a few listens to set in
    July 28 02:56 AM
  • FourthReich
    June 15 05:49 AM
  • puntugruhm octo octateamsmemory cassettefort rameau
    June 10 08:05 PM
  • puntugruhm thanks so much, glad you're liking them!
    June 8 03:37 PM
  • demigod! hi scores is pretty dope too, i rly need to jam it more. have you checked twoism? that ones great as well... well all their s*** is
    May 22 05:36 PM
  • demigod! hell yeah! glad you're digging it so hard. it gets overshadowed by music/geo way more than it should. one of the best albums to just chill too. oh btw i got a new steam acc, add demibungler (shovel knight profile pic) some time. hope you're doing great too
    May 22 12:07 PM
  • Supercoolguy64 will do man, urge to kill has been on my "to do" list for a while. their riffs slay
    May 21 11:11 PM
  • BMDrummer also you're jamming science 1994 out of order
    May 21 05:37 PM
  • BMDrummer it's free on bandcamp, one of the most disturbing things i've ever heard. kinda borders on sludge
    May 21 05:23 PM
  • BMDrummer just finished dystopia's human = garbage for the first time, might have to jam more hardcore.
    May 21 05:20 PM
  • BMDrummer yeah love me some old hardcore, been meaning to finish discharge's early discog. haven't jammed much hardcore lately though, mostly the more dynamic stuff now
    May 21 01:52 PM
  • BMDrummer nice to know man, glad you dug. the new s*** i'm doing is way slint/indian summer
    May 21 01:44 PM
  • BMDrummer that's what i figured, since i heard some people call it fugazi worship lol
    May 21 12:45 PM
  • BMDrummer did you even jam tho, because that album seems to be their least gay haha
    May 21 08:54 AM
  • BMDrummer thanks man, i think you'd dig it. also your rooms of the house 1 hurts me, no matter how gay that sounds
    May 20 10:09 PM
  • TheSpaceMan ohhhh s*** if its airing in June then I've never been more okay with being wrong
    May 20 02:47 PM
  • TheSpaceMan yeah man I'm a huge fan of the first season, easily my favorite TV show I've seen that isn't a comedy. like you said those two trailers have me wishing this next month was July lol. obviously theres some huge shoes to fill after mcconaughey's role but I think it'll deliver... I asked cause I've seen your avi countless times and realized I've never brought it up with you
    May 20 03:58 AM
  • TheSpaceMan you excited for season 2 of True Detective?
    May 19 06:26 PM
  • BMDrummer pls check i tried really hard
    May 6 09:42 PM
  • bach you were the best user chort.. wish my dudes would come around more often tired of all these new comers
    April 7 03:21 AM
  • CaptainDooRight how the heck do you make lists on this site, its all changed now and wont let me do it...
    March 13 11:58 AM
  • YoYoMancuso dude you have TWENTY 5's. Never thought i'd live to see the day
    March 6 12:32 PM
  • Atrophy word dood! the riffs on that are life shattering man, every song just pummels you. glad you're diggin one of the best ever but you might as well bump that city of caterpillar rating while you're at it ; )
    February 23 12:55 AM
  • Atrophy Nice nice! I haven't been into much skramz in a while but that'll always be my #1 in the genre no contest
    February 14 02:20 AM
  • Atrophy nice heat death rating. you've finally seen the light
    February 13 10:13 PM
  • BMDrummer yeah it's not even super noisy or anything, just perfect
    January 31 11:05 PM
  • BMDrummer starting to consider them the 2000s slint with the way they existed
    January 31 10:27 PM
  • BMDrummer dude public strain is eating me alive wtf
    January 31 09:45 PM
  • DrMaximus Ah, well your assumption is correct :3
    January 28 10:43 PM
  • DrMaximus Sauna is the best thing ever nice 5 aoty
    January 28 05:33 PM
  • BMDrummer kid is gone
    January 26 02:10 PM
  • BMDrummer probably the biggest influence on my guitar playing rn
    January 24 11:00 PM
  • BMDrummer cannot stop jamming it
    January 24 09:53 PM
  • ShadowRemains yeah that is my favorite post-punk album of the year
    December 28 02:44 AM
  • BMDrummer 'twas, still gotta jam vc and women's sophomore ugh
    December 20 03:10 PM
  • BMDrummer i miss the beat happening pic now :[
    December 20 02:41 PM
  • Ryus ah ok sweet thanks
    December 14 05:53 PM
  • Ryus breh where can i jam that viet cong
    December 14 11:36 AM
  • BMDrummer oh damn no idea why i haven't jammed yet
    December 14 01:40 AM
  • BMDrummer yeah i jammed women's debut a little while back and thought it was pretty good, their sophomore effort seemed like something i'd really dig but for some reason i haven't felt like jamming it
    December 14 01:20 AM
  • BMDrummer so the new viet cong is really good damn
    December 14 01:03 AM
  • bach every song by morrissey/marr slaps. must be hard tbh
    December 7 10:55 AM
    December 6 12:33 PM
  • bach nice profile pic chort
    December 5 12:37 PM
  • Kman418 TRU
    November 14 12:26 AM
  • Kman418 ive realized with time its probably their second best
    November 13 08:49 PM
  • Kman418 listen to quaristice and watch as ur entire perception of electronic music shifts
    November 13 06:58 PM
  • demigod! yea, it's been rewarding too. each lp is so out there and unique
    November 13 05:56 PM
  • BMDrummer yeah it's s better, although you jammed vacation?
    November 13 07:05 AM
  • BMDrummer eh i can see that
    November 12 12:33 PM
  • BMDrummer that btmi 2.5 is sinful tbh
    November 12 09:21 AM
  • DrMaximus It sure is. Checked it a few days ago
    November 6 12:14 PM
  • DrMaximus The things I tell you will not be wrong
    November 5 11:39 PM
  • BMDrummer i jammed a song or two from it, been meaning to jam that and their single comp tho
    October 20 02:39 PM
  • YoYoMancuso Waterloo Records was life changing
    September 26 05:23 PM
  • YoYoMancuso Austin/Waco/Dallas (i actually just flew out of Dallas)
    September 26 04:54 PM
  • YoYoMancuso so dude I had actually never been to Texas until about a week ago. It's pretty sick.
    September 25 11:53 PM
  • menawati yes grado sr80i, probably 100 dollars over there I'd guess, always used sennheissers before but tried those and really liked them, they leak sound like crazy so only good for at home but its very wide sound, just try them it might be your thing, no good for thump thump stuff though its sort of laid back detailed sound
    September 16 01:04 PM
  • BMDrummer wish more users had taste like you
    September 5 07:20 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot cool thanks
    August 23 05:25 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot sup man, what did you think of the review?
    August 23 05:10 PM
  • demigod! ah i see, yea it's a show that you gotta see in order to fully appreciate but still great either way. all the characters are so funny/****ed up. S3 was phenomenal. I gotta check out House of Cards still, is it rly that good?
    August 21 04:33 PM
  • demigod! dude that's awesome, such an underrated show. which season you on?
    August 21 04:18 PM
  • demigod! sup, you ever end up playin oddworld?
    August 21 03:48 PM
  • FourthDyke the pads on the other ones are dumb agreed the plush leather feel tooooo dank
    August 1 05:13 PM
  • FourthDyke yea the cheaper ones have a way less durable build and do not come with a chord whose tip can adjust 90 degrees, this biggest thing they are on ear not over the ear, so they sound wayyyyy different and leak heavily. the ones i have i want to wear all day because they fit and feel like a cloud, comfort 10/10.
    August 1 05:11 PM
  • FourthDyke sennheiser momentum for 190. they go for anywhere from 350 at best buy FVCK THAT to 190 on ebay buy it now. best price and value from what i read. the new ath m50 are the SAME price and way worse so it became an easy decision in the end. i fukin LOVE THEM
    August 1 05:41 AM
  • FourthDyke got my headphones in the mail, senns, fkin glorious dude
    July 30 07:04 PM
  • laughingman22 There is always the Legendary Pink Dots, the band where the singer from the Tear Garden came from, they have plenty of great albums
    July 27 05:54 PM
  • laughingman22 oh s*** you are listening to the tear garden! I'm really excited you like it
    July 27 05:04 PM
  • FourthDyke dude every time i think ive made up my mind i find another cool brand lol, i think the best bang for my buck are the ath 50's but all the ones on ebay are used and i want new ones tbh
    July 25 03:40 PM
  • mryrtmrnfoxxxy props for the props u gave to yoyo for gbv jammin best band obv
    July 25 02:01 PM
  • YoYoMancuso yeah i can safely say i've never heard anything like this before
    July 25 01:51 PM
  • YoYoMancuso nice i might check it it's got a high average, and yeah it took me a while to realize how perfect DDN is because of how abrasive it is but it's flawless
    July 25 01:24 PM
  • YoYoMancuso sad that SY didn't make into the Chortle Hall Of Fame Tho :[[[
    July 23 12:02 AM
  • YoYoMancuso i haven't heard most of em but I'm gonna check Husker Du real soon
    July 22 12:11 AM
  • YoYoMancuso i see you're getting a bit less conservative with the 5's
    July 21 05:26 PM
  • demigod! extremely serious bro start that s*** up youll see what i mean
    July 15 02:16 PM
  • demigod! haha, i dont normally get so hype about a game but this s***'s banjo tooie level bro. and yeah same writer. its got that same kinda darkly hilarious vibe as bioshock. lot more difficult tho gameplay wise
    July 15 01:55 PM
  • demigod! word man i feel ya. you're gonna love exodus tho goddamn what a masterpiece. ss2 seems pretty so far, havent played much yet but reminds me a lot of bioshock
    July 15 01:41 PM
  • demigod! sup dude you ever end up gettin oddworld from those steam sales?
    July 15 01:20 PM
  • hehephones Where's the swollen lips that's being molested by its owner's fingers???
    July 11 03:19 PM
  • bach idk he'd have to ASK ME ASK ME ASK ME
    June 30 09:21 PM
  • bach sorry about the hate for the world cup i'm just livin the #nulife
    June 30 03:01 AM
  • BMDrummer Yup, quite possibly the best producer still around
    June 25 07:52 PM
  • Cygnatti !ofc it's a compliment. i may more may not need more punx in my life. ~.~
    June 24 12:20 AM
  • Cygnatti ur ratings are rly wowzers x.x
    June 23 10:40 PM
  • Havey damn what did you listen to? recommended Feldman starting kit: rothko chapel, crippled symmetry, patterns in a chromatic field, triadic memories
    June 14 07:38 PM
  • Futures sweet man thanks! should i go with the first r.e.m. album or what do you think?
    June 13 05:03 PM
  • Futures hell yes got any other recs for similar bands? loving this so much.
    June 13 04:41 PM
  • Futures for right now. gotta jam the rest now! its on top of my list. hope the rest is just as good.
    June 13 04:27 PM
  • Futures hell yes. it needed to be done. such an improvement on the s/t and i loved that.
    June 13 04:07 PM
  • Kman418 icejjfish is a national hero
    June 12 08:57 PM
  • Kman418 this is better than any johnny cash song ive ever heard
    June 12 08:52 PM
  • FourthReich dude yes that's the one ive been jamming the most, holy tit it's dank
    June 10 10:37 PM
  • FourthReich ridiculously hard, they finally grew on me man
    June 10 02:21 PM
  • TheSpaceMan U of H up in CT, its a small school but the classes/programs are great honestly... I'm happy where I am
    June 9 06:41 PM
  • FourthReich willlllliammmmmmmmmmmmmm willllliammmmmmmmmmmmmm it was really nothinngggggg
    June 9 03:25 PM
  • TheSpaceMan its cool dude glad to hear you're enjoying yourself, keep that up haha a degree means nothing if you don't enjoy where you are in life enough to take off with it
    June 8 08:36 PM
  • TheSpaceMan sweet I'm going into my junior year too, for mechanical engineering. thought that was pretty neat coincidence... are you from the states too, where do you study?
    June 8 12:29 AM
  • TheSpaceMan completely ****ing random but are you still an undergrad for engineering? remember reading in a list somewhere that you were on your second year or something...
    June 7 01:57 AM
  • demigod! oh yeah. i find the mix is better on the original too. if you like the 5.1 at all then youll probably love the original
    June 2 02:09 PM
  • demigod! yea the 5.1 version isn't as good as the original us cd release, has some extra bulls*** thats just unccessary. im listening to it now actually lol cuz it's all i got. it's still great but i miss the orig. dont like what they did with buggin' especially
    June 2 02:05 PM
  • demigod! Yeah like i said theyre mostly garbage but a few ppl do it really well, like jared
    May 29 01:28 PM
  • DrMaximus Got 'em all on rym :]
    May 29 12:45 PM
  • demigod! yo dude, idk if you like watching lets plays at all (totally understand if not most of them are terribad) but if u wanna get a feel for the nuzlocke experience without the agony and heartbreak i highly recommend watching ProJared's fire red lp. gives a good idea of what it's like and he's a super funny dude to boot. probably the best lp i've ever watched (suppose thats not saying a ton though haha)
    May 29 05:38 AM
  • demigod! ight think im gonna jam some smiths soon. ill start with s/t i guess. and yeh i was "perfect rhino" for a long time but just changed it to my sputname. but i wouldn't msg me unless i msg you first, i share the account with my dad and bro. they mostly play wolfenstein tho
    May 29 02:34 AM
  • demigod! yea i mostly wanna see if marr's as great as ppl say. i know he influence MM a ton. btw are you Weeeeeeeesnaw on steam?
    May 29 02:29 AM
  • demigod! im gonna get into em dude im determined
    May 29 02:22 AM
    May 25 01:29 AM
  • YoYoMancuso I said potential brother Chort, and I've only listened 3 times. The whole movie is ace tis one of my top 5
    May 24 05:16 PM
  • FourthReich dude funny sh!t ive been traversing the smiths' discog a bit now and heaven knows is my standout, thanks for showing it to me bro!
    May 24 05:00 AM
  • YoYoMancuso Maths is fer sociopaths
    May 22 08:14 PM
  • YoYoMancuso Chortles 4.5 = YoYo 5. Equations my brotha
    May 22 12:07 AM
  • YoYoMancuso it is always perpetual agreed haha. you 5 less than any of my bros here though
    May 21 11:53 PM
  • YoYoMancuso yeah it might not be, but dude Carissa's Wierd is blowing my mind potential 5 right here
    May 21 11:37 PM
  • YoYoMancuso yeah I'm stuck in the middle of all my finals crap right now and it's a completely anus situation. I'm currently jamming to my old friend Elliott Smith and disowning SP because Corgan got the Motley Crue guy to be his drummer (true story)
    May 21 11:26 PM
  • YoYoMancuso dude long time no Holy Bible what's up bro
    May 21 11:20 PM
  • I know right???? but still, not available in my town. and true, I've never eaten it, not even once
    May 19 10:30 AM
  • Then gimme some pizza? I'm hungry ihihihihihi and i've never eaten a pizza in my whole life
    May 19 03:59 AM
  • Thank you bro! I never really left though, I've always been lingering on this site,, please watch me out ihihihihihi haaarrddd
    May 19 03:19 AM
  • Hello,,, lips scrambler,,, how are you, been long time bro ihihihihihi
    May 19 12:44 AM
  • BigPleb The Smiths rule man m/
    May 14 01:11 PM
  • BigPleb us Brits rule man, callin people 'twonks' and 'tits' on a daily basis!
    May 14 05:12 AM
  • BigPleb Snide is cool tbh, talk to him quite a bit! Lol, Americans are cool dude, you gave us Dillinger so I could never be mad at you! Haha, ye everyone should know the ways of the pom :p
    May 14 04:54 AM
  • BigPleb No worries man! Yeah I feel you, way too many ****in skramz kids hangin about nowadays :[. I've always been curious, are you a pom like me? Haha.
    May 14 04:34 AM
  • BigPleb sup man, missed yo ass round here :/
    May 14 04:22 AM
  • FourthReich
    May 7 02:33 AM
  • Frippertronics just got discipline and the sleepless 12" for $15 at my record store, the owner's a total bro. #tybf
    May 1 10:24 PM
  • Frippertronics TALK, IT'S ONLY TALK
    May 1 09:18 PM
  • demigod! oo glad to hear that. best emo album by a fair margin if you ask me. perfect mix of technicality and emotions. so very, very GOAT
    April 29 01:27 PM
  • FourthReich smoke weed
    April 27 09:50 PM
  • demigod! interested in whatchu thought about it
    April 25 07:26 PM
  • demigod! so........... scrambles??
    April 25 09:43 AM
    April 22 02:32 AM
  • Gwyn. hodam that spiritulized alb is sik
    April 12 01:38 AM
  • YoYoMancuso dude Mingus rules so hard
    April 6 04:23 PM
  • PunchforPunch ey sup man
    March 19 12:48 AM
  • YoYoMancuso dude they're so good i 5'd ATLiens it's flawless
    March 17 06:27 PM
  • FearTomorrow damn dude Necros were like Descendants on crack, ****in awesome stuff
    March 17 12:35 PM
  • FearTomorrow Never heard of em, gonna check though. Thanks dude. Also I gotta second Atrophy's rec, Portraits of Past ruled. I too dig em more than FD, more raw passion. Both are great though.
    March 12 01:30 AM
  • Atrophy nig you need to check portraits of past, insanely good screamo/post-hardcore back from 95. some of the members apparently went on to funeral diner but i'm personally enjoying them even more
    March 10 04:10 AM
  • Gwyn. thats good 2 hear nig. Yea, theyre influenced by tjl but theyre still rly diff, i cant actually think of any alb that sounds /quite/ like their s/t. Its so chaotic but also kinda chill and controlled, v cool.
    February 22 03:45 PM
  • FearTomorrow :D great to hear bro. Album is amazing, so varied. Also ive been digging Leaves pretty hard...infectious stuff
    February 21 07:30 AM
  • tommygun together??? omg best show ever
    February 20 01:04 AM
  • Gwyn. they were inspired by jesus lizard in that alb a lot but its a diffrent kinda noise rock altogether tbh ud be bettr off starting with hell songs (which is completly diff) and compare it in quality to that comparng to jesus lizard is just unfair to most things
    February 17 05:03 PM
  • YoYoMancuso every unwound album is your favorite unwound album but yeah i'll put in my list cuz they rule. also do you only like punk and pxc now
    February 17 04:46 PM
  • FearTomorrow ah, that blows man, hope you feel better soon! Enjoy the Olympics
    February 15 01:04 AM
  • FearTomorrow dude, we r proggin so hard right now if you're interested!
    February 15 12:51 AM
  • FearTomorrow King Crimson Red2.0... lol, that better just be too piss of those dummies who care so much about averages
    February 14 05:42 PM
  • oltnabrick smh do you want me to rank your 5s?
    February 12 05:06 PM
  • FearTomorrow you should at least try Scrambles if you haven't though, might dig it a bit more. Not saying you're gonna love it but it's got some amazing songs, def in my top ten favourite albums. but yeah, btmi, esp the early stuff, is super hit or miss for a lot peeps
    February 12 03:03 PM
  • FearTomorrow that btmi rate kills me
    February 12 04:05 AM
  • Gwyn. do u evn listen to pop punk
    February 7 02:01 AM
  • Havey ur damn right
    February 7 01:07 AM
  • Havey do you even eisbaer
    February 6 11:24 PM
  • Havey you might dig this belgian coldwave gem from 82, sweet fem vox
    February 6 09:48 PM
  • idk why :[
    February 5 11:50 PM
  • i will do it when i am unbanned for da jokez XD
    February 5 11:33 PM
  • ranking other users 5s: chortles
    February 5 04:52 PM
  • DrMaximus **** yeah, man. Been jamming them all day. Gonna check Steady Diet next.
    February 5 12:17 AM
  • YoYoMancuso nice what's your other fav skramz
    February 4 05:19 PM
  • YoYoMancuso i checked Gospel on a whim tonight. Best decision I've made this week prob
    February 3 08:55 PM
  • Atrophy hehehhhehhhehhh :]
    January 31 10:44 AM
  • FearTomorrow Haha I wouldn't go that far but it's real ****ing good. My favourite though is definitely Minor Threat's debut. That and Heart Attack's. But there are so many amazing ones. Migjt be my favourite format for straight up hardcore punk honestly.
    January 30 11:40 PM
  • YoYoMancuso i've been listening to nothing but smashing pumpkins for like 5 days so layered guitars are my stuff right now, hoping this musical phase of mine lasts a while
    January 30 11:02 PM
  • YoYoMancuso dude Souvlaki
    January 30 10:57 PM
  • tempest-- hahah dude i just don't wanna seem like some guy who can only relate to you through one thing and then that's like the only thing i ever bring up when i see your name ugh i hate people like that there was this guy at my school like that he was so annoying glad i never have to see him again hehe but yea woo rock on :-]
    January 30 08:52 PM
  • PunchforPunch what's ur old acc i must know!!
    January 24 07:22 PM
  • DrMaximus Checked NoMeansNo cause you 5'd. Amazing shi
    January 19 05:39 PM
    January 19 12:28 PM
  • Gwyn. w
    January 18 11:45 PM
  • Atrophy worship and tribute is not a 3 wtf are you doin UGH
    January 18 07:05 PM
  • YoYoMancuso that explosion of sound at like 2:04
    January 18 07:05 PM
  • YoYoMancuso dude Expressway to Yr. Skull. their best closer easily
    January 18 06:45 PM
  • YoYoMancuso dude EVOL is absolutely insane, Shadow Of A Doubt
    January 18 05:05 PM
  • tempest-- ah, nice. my dad pulled out his Heartattack and Vine vinyl last night so I was just wonderin what I should check out next. Rain Dogs it is then!
    January 17 02:27 AM
  • tempest-- you like Tom Waits right?
    January 17 01:22 AM
  • FourthReich :^{|
    January 15 05:52 PM
  • FourthReich yea so stfu LOL
    January 15 05:47 PM
  • FourthReich hopefully the raiders draft him omg
    January 15 05:42 PM
  • FourthReich good too hear and same man, im close to transferring(i go to a junior college) so im only taking two classes atm and yea our school is closed on fridays lol.
    January 15 04:17 PM
  • FourthReich LOL what a pussy ;]. how's school bro?
    January 15 03:35 PM
  • FourthReich been so obsessed with that dude for so long now lol YOUR PUSSY'S GLUED TO A BUILDING ON FIREEEEE
    January 15 01:58 PM
  • FourthReich you like froosh too whatttt???!
    January 15 01:31 PM
  • FourthReich you're like ye this my california bro reich he taught me all those moves i put on last night
    January 15 01:17 PM
  • FourthReich with 2 women i assume
    January 15 01:04 PM
  • YoYoMancuso Goo, Dirty, Washing Machine and Murray are still on my list, may take a while :]
    January 14 02:14 PM
  • YoYoMancuso nice i just started jamming them today and they rule all kinds of nuts
    January 13 10:28 PM
  • YoYoMancuso whatever amount you would rate the album bro, it's like a 4 musically but a 5 lyrically so I 4.5'd it. do you jam Flaming Lips? Noise pop kingpins
    January 13 10:16 PM
  • YoYoMancuso nice man! just the fact that you jammed it rules
    January 13 06:23 PM
  • YoYoMancuso did you ever jam that Everclear album
    January 12 01:28 AM
  • laughingman22 did I ever thank you for rec'ing me zen arcade? If not here I go 'thank you'
    January 10 12:23 AM
  • YoYoMancuso love it but i can never remember what it sounds like after i'm done. Kotton Krown in particular is incredible. DL'd EVOL earlier tonight
    January 6 12:13 AM
  • YoYoMancuso my sonic youth obsession is getting unhealthy
    January 5 11:50 PM
  • YoYoMancuso nice, i'd jam them too but i need some peaceful jams to help me while i take my tests
    January 4 04:12 PM
  • YoYoMancuso you haven't really lived until you've blasted Lee's 3 songs from DDN at full volume
    January 4 12:50 AM
  • YoYoMancuso i think i'm too obsessed with Sonic Youth to get anything new right now though
    January 3 10:16 PM

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