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  • Jeffrulesyou new Ayreon album leaked.
    April 23 04:09 AM
  • Jeffrulesyou I agree entirely, and same here man, I've burned those to a crisp! (love those records) I'm just always itching for something new that's noteworthy, but you know how it goes. I jammed that one once and really like it.. y'know I'ma get on that again.. thanks bro!
    April 22 07:53 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou Deth Red Sabaoth was good and that wasn't too long ago.. So, I suppose I have some decent hopes. I know people are complaining about the mix and I thinks it's certainly the issue going on here for me personally. The vocals are kind of drowning out the instruments now that I've relistened to it a couple times. Thoughts?
    April 22 05:49 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou bout time for some pure grain metal.. finally.People are bitching about the mix, but hey this is great bro, thanks.Looking forward to it!
    April 22 05:23 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou Which song bud?
    April 22 04:16 PM
  • Jethro42 Enjoy the rest of the series too, my friend. Both teams are of the same caliber, and that makes the games very exciting. The first goal for the winner tonight, I bet ;)
    April 22 02:35 PM
  • Jethro42 Yeah man, I'm from Montreal myself. It makes a long time since they havent won the cup. 1993 I think . It's still not for this year though. The team is not strong enough at the offensive. In fact, they have some excellent players that are kinda lethargic since a while.
    April 22 01:07 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou I ordered mine! It's a two-disk compilation of demos, rares, alternative takes and songs that just didn't make the cut back in the day (off the goodie albums) from what I understand he released this when he though he was going to retire back in 07. I didn't know about it, but here's a great track from hell! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWjxg-qdMtI
    April 19 03:56 PM
  • kascetcadettt here's a thread where you can discuss how fantastic it is to be a part of this moment: http://www.sputnikmusic.com/list.php?listid=174557 \\\ don't be scared to share the news with other guys in case i missed someone out and keep shining in the light of this beautiful rock n roll fireplate, god bless, hasanmedia represent
    April 19 05:34 AM
  • kascetcadettt sieg hi it's-a me smooth brotha from the umpteenth block taggin' em trainz comin' from your favorite station, word on the street is (artuma is gay) my new album came out recently and if that's the last thing i ever do let it be, leavin' the link in your hands my man: http://poleyounger.bandcamp.com/album/go-daylight \\\ feel FREE to 1 it if u didn't like my agressive self promotion campaign, feel FREE to thank me if this album saved your life
    April 19 05:34 AM
  • Jeffrulesyou 'Danzig The Lost Tracks of Danzig' you familiar with that compilation?
    April 19 12:52 AM
  • danielcardoso "Eddie Vedder is coolest guitarist Van Halen ever had.?" - Youtube comment on Little Guitars video, made me chuckle lol. Felt great to listen again tho, such a great song :D
    April 16 03:32 PM
  • Dewinged Yo Titan. There's so much stuff. Ramen is up there of course. Along with some sushi stuff like Kanimiso (crab brains lol). The sukiyaki is pretty good too. Nothing beats a night of korean barbecue and beer though.
    April 15 10:48 PM
  • GhandhiLion http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/FourPointScale
    April 15 04:28 PM
  • GhandhiLion 2.5 is Average. Therefore ratings should be modelled around this being the most common rating. Truth is most people have inflated ratings and 2.5 is a negative score. Most people think RHCP debut is bad. A 2.5 is a pass to me.
    April 15 04:25 PM
  • GhandhiLion 2.5 is good
    April 15 04:14 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie hey man, do you have a fb page ?
    April 15 09:42 AM
  • Divaman If you like, though, my friend, I'll add it to the list. I've got 4 or 5 reviews I'm working on now, put I'll put it right after them. You've kind of got me curious to bone up on that period of Yes now.
    April 14 04:37 PM
  • Divaman I am a little, but it's the period of their existence I'm least familiar with.
    April 14 04:33 PM
  • Divaman Could be a good time for your first, especially since it's an album you're clearly passionate about. If you like, we can work out something where you send it to me to help you edit it. Or I'll be happy to put it on my list, but like I said, it might take me awhile to get to it -- I know I post a lot of reviews, but each one is usually only after weeks of listening to the material, and tbh, even though I have the two Key to Ascension albums, I'm not that familiar with the material. Let me know.
    April 14 04:29 PM
  • Divaman Oh, it's a Yes album. So it's a compilation of the studio parts, the new stuff from Keys to Ascension? I'm totally unfamiliar with it. I'll put it on my list, but it might take me a little time to get to it. Sure you don't want to review it yourself?
    April 14 03:38 PM
  • Divaman Hi Titan. What is Keystudio -- Sorry, I'm not familiar with it. Is it a band or an album?
    April 14 03:34 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou Come to think of it this newer band I've been jamming lately 'tourche' pretty good I like their sound.. and I know you dug that last Mastodon record.. think you may dig this as well https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1obEt5dmmo
    April 13 08:26 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou Same here dude, some good songs here and there from that era, but yeah I never cared for their other s***, but great album... I think you'll dig it! That
    April 13 08:09 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou New ulver album is pretty sleek too if you haven't check that it's like 80's synth pop im eatin that up like candy bro
    April 13 08:07 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou Yes? Absolutely dude, I even have a soft spot for some of their 80's cheese whiz y'know?Their classic period is zonkers though, great stuff.. real trip.
    April 13 08:06 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou Ha ha, they're still kicking around though. I'm on autopilot this year man, I don't know what came out! lol
    April 13 07:52 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou Ay bud ever of these Danes? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xdo1gZlGhxw good bandAlways going through old records!
    April 13 11:59 AM
  • Rocknro11 You really listen to all of SCIENCE by Incubus and have it a 2.5? Was it recently or back in the day?
    April 11 09:42 PM
  • DominionMM1 yeah man. if it was just plain boring it would get a 2.5 but it has some moments that are just downright awful so it gets knocked down to a 2. not that i really expected anything more than mediocre from this band.
    April 1 08:05 PM
  • JamieTwort Ah really? Cool, yeah probably very similar. I'm predominantly office based, although I do have to go out and do pipe survey audits about once a week/fortnight.
    April 1 05:15 AM
  • Flugmorph dirty dog? im a glorious byrb of PREY! why u call me that?
    March 30 04:34 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou Stormbreather is friggen nuts (that one grabbed my ear pussy right away) I really like the whole album bud! The staff better feature this soon I'm getting real sick of seeing indie/alternative/emo on the front page.. yesterday's meal today *flush* My favorite thing I heard this year so far.
    March 26 06:48 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou Yo! Great stuff Titan; digging the newer style of melody and dare I say hooks? Nice to see them not tread familiar waters. Lovin' it so far
    March 24 01:27 AM
  • Jeffrulesyou Oh hell yeah! great to hear, always dug Mastodon; I'll have to scoff an LP soon, thanks bro!Didn't know you were into em' or this new one win ya over? Either way a new year and something I won't have to wipe my ass with... Oh lawdy
    March 23 11:20 AM
  • manosg Sweet. Definitely gonna check.
    March 23 09:23 AM
  • Jeffrulesyou No s***? Well, that's always great to hear! I gotta check that one out buddy. I've been occasionally popping in and out. Usually when the kids go to bed y'know? I mean the website ha-ha!
    March 22 08:50 PM
  • manosg hah not too much dude. The thing is I can barely digest sludge and for the bits and pieces I've heard by these guys, they do have a few sludge elements. Crack the Skye is a fine album though. Really, how sludgy is their new album?
    March 22 01:26 PM
  • FullOfSounds Sorry man I do have a lot of their albums downloaded tho
    March 19 09:13 PM
  • budgie satan laughing spreads his wiiiiiiiings
    March 19 08:12 PM
  • manosg Absolutely dude.
    March 18 03:28 PM
  • manosg Man I can relate so much to what you write. It seems like there is a blueprint for obliterating the hard-working middle class. Let them get their loan, buy their property and then tax the hell out of them. The pattern of dividing the population is also a problem here to the point where a couple of years ago things have gotten pretty bad among the far right and far left. And on top of that we have a 30% unemployment rate and an average salary of $800 among those who work.
    March 18 03:16 PM
  • manosg However, tbh the problem with this country is its politicians. We are run but incompetent, failed ex-professionals who are plain frauds. There are times that I've thought leaving the country but I love my city and family so much.
    March 18 02:59 PM
  • manosg Not any more. They used to be a problem when they first came here but most of them these days have developed into family people as they slowly became part of the society. The fact that they were willing to work hard definitely helped. We also have a huge immigration issue at the moment because immigrants perceive Greece as an entryway to Europe but lots of them are stuck here despite wanting to leave the country.
    March 18 02:56 PM
  • manosg Yeah dude, the last couple of years I've been screaming get off my lawn more times than I ever thought I would haha. Just think of the movie Gran Torino, I've known this place for the past 25 years or so and it hurts to see it change. Now, they actually got rid off the rats by releasing cats! We still have a lot of them around these days and I got one in my house too because I've found rat traces even in the engine of my car lol.
    March 18 02:48 PM
  • manosg Well, I live in a city called Lagonissi which is translated as Rabbit Island because many years ago it was infested with rats at the size of rabbits lol. Apart from this trivia, it is also a suburb which combines nature and the sea. I love it here because I love the sea but during the last few years it's gone downhill because we have a lot of people coming from Athens (capital of Greece) with a city attitude which has made it unpleasant for us who had gotten used to a different lifestyle here.
    March 18 02:35 PM
  • manosg Sweet! Yeah it's kind of a snowflake in the band's discog due to Robo's melodic approach even though it still has all the characteristic Motorhead elements. I just wished Robo had stayed more with the band though. Haven't asked you lately, how's Miami treating you? Is it better than NY?
    March 18 01:53 PM
  • manosg Used to love Body Count's debut. Back in the day, their first three albums were on replay all day long. Sometimes days passed and I jammed nothing else. Nowadays, I just can't stand them. Fine rating for Another Perfect Day too!
    March 18 06:13 AM
  • Green Baron yeah, was hoping it'd be one of Green / Cessa but neither have been better than Mitchell, though they're not bad
    March 17 09:47 PM
  • Green Baron I think they want to make Montgomery a starter first
    March 17 09:41 PM
  • Green Baron such an unexpected signing though, his ceiling isn't that high
    March 17 09:17 PM
  • Green Baron you think Frieri makes the OD roster? can't think why he would but that 25th spot has to go to someone
    March 17 08:56 PM
  • Green Baron that was a good no-no today... glad to see tanaka continue to dominate
    March 17 08:51 PM
  • teamster No Titan, those two albums albums as a whole just don't do it for me. Xanadu is a great track but nothing else sticks with that album. PW's production is kinda blah. The two singles have been over played to death. Natural Science is obviously the best track.
    March 17 10:11 AM
  • Jeffrulesyou Dude, I'd kill for that weather, that's the perfect balance! HahaNo swamp nuts and you're complacent with just a breaker lol
    March 14 04:14 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou Word! homesliceOh I know, crazy up in here with this blizzard rolling by too; enjoy the weather ya bastard.
    March 14 04:10 PM
  • manosg Glad to see you around dude!
    March 14 02:34 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou You alive buddy!?
    March 10 08:53 AM
  • danielcardoso You have Black Flag rated tho : )
    March 8 01:32 PM
  • danielcardoso Do you dig Descendents?
    March 8 01:29 PM
  • budgie that an old pioneer turn table in your pic?
    March 7 07:43 PM
  • budgie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvZskcqdYcE
    March 7 07:12 PM
  • ATallColdGlassOfBud It's Friday! Crack open a cold one :]
    March 3 08:51 PM
  • manosg Damn, that's pretty great! Is it safe to say that the ep is like the Caress of Steel of Queensryche?
    March 3 11:49 AM
  • MrSirLordGentleman haha nah dude don't worry, just didn't think of a cool joke comeback since I've never being good with those
    March 2 03:53 PM
  • SandwichBubble My customer loyalty card says I get a free sub sandwich at 15,000 :3
    March 2 02:32 PM
  • Artuma they are definitely a grower band and i can seriously see you digging them in the future. maybe you should give a shot for given to the rising, that's an album you might already like. no need to force it though
    March 1 04:16 PM
  • danielcardoso Yeah man its actually my favorite SR.
    March 1 04:08 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou How can you? They sound like s***! Do fans of the genre ignore it, or pretend to enjoy them? ha ha
    March 1 03:51 PM
  • danielcardoso Never heard Subhuman Race?
    March 1 02:44 PM
  • Artuma nice neurosis ratings
    March 1 07:08 AM
  • Jeffrulesyou I ****ing hate black metal, ha ha.
    February 28 11:51 PM
  • budgie my man!!! horror is alive and strong!
    February 27 05:09 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou You, and a few others are the only reason I stay around! The core of Sputnik; everyone else can get nuked with the site ha-ha!
    February 27 02:26 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou What's up bro! How u doin' ha-ha!
    February 27 02:03 PM
  • danielcardoso Thank you! Glad to have made it :]
    February 27 10:17 AM
  • manosg Thank you so much dude! The biggest pleasure is in interacting with people like you on here!
    February 27 09:12 AM
  • ATallColdGlassOfBud Hey Titan! Will you be stopping by for a cold one later?
    February 26 08:23 PM
  • TheMrAlexK It's been so long since I last heard it that I haven't even rated it. Really need to get on that asap
    February 23 10:26 AM
  • Jeffrulesyou speaking of rollins band recently figured you might like this one bro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJsIEOxkUik
    February 22 08:31 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou As far as Nu-Metal goes controversial stuff! The whole genre is 90% doodie cakes, but there was a few bands at the time I thought were good/interesting You had systems first few records, slipknot debut, mudvayne debut, and 90's Korn (especially their first album) I loved it when I first heard it
    February 22 06:00 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou Oh, I am guilty too; you're good bro! I'm a loose cannon sometimes, my wife busts balls; calls me Joe Pesci from Goodfellas! Ha-ha, or the snicker bar commercials, take your pick. Kind of like ah s***, why did I say that? It's not you it's me moments! lol We'll debunk this Metallica stuff later PM bud work calls.
    February 22 09:47 AM
  • Jeffrulesyou Contextualizing on the internet is damn hard! Around these parts you gotta keep your guard up sometimes; these folks are wild vultures ready to pick at you and they don't do well with comedy. See, I know you're a good dude and don't put up a front! I do sense some of the Italian ha-ha have a good day bro.
    February 22 09:31 AM
  • Jeffrulesyou 40 yo tough guy on the internet? I gotta say that one stung a bit ya cheeky bastard lol! Ball buster who had a few drinks.. I had it comin' age card is pulled next they're gonna know I drive a soccer van!
    February 22 03:59 AM
  • Jeffrulesyou Dude, I'm ****ing terrible at the internet. Do you remember homie the clown from 'in living colour' that obnoxius asshole who would always go homie don't play that lol. Titan, I'm a middle aged married man with a wife and two kids.. I ain't thuggish ruggish.. I'm white as **** living in the suburbs! Ha ha I do apologize was just poking fun; im sorry if it read the wrong way dude nothing but love dude.
    February 21 11:53 PM
  • facupm Nice, tell me your thogts about the album after a couple of listens!!
    February 19 11:17 PM
  • facupm you wont be sorry haha have fun
    February 19 10:19 PM
  • facupm then i absolutely recommend you the chameleons - script of the bridgebest album ever made, seriously give it a serious try, after the 3rd listen you'll be an addict
    February 19 10:17 PM
  • facupm hey bro do you dig post punk?
    February 19 10:10 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou That's what I'm saying; You know that spotify s*** keeps throwing random feces at me and once a blue moon I'll get a bone.. just heard em today.. good stuff had to share.
    February 18 10:49 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou Oh bos, was just having a smoke and drink! Gonna hop in on this one in a second! Just throwing some random s*** your way. And bro you know how it goes.. kids, they'll defend what they think they know even if they don't have a clue; you gotta admire it.
    February 18 10:31 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iHRAnIA2Yw (80's Nostalgia) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GkloEYNpuI (****in' Slayer?)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frtslKbrokg (Mercyful Fate?)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4p6GWewmTYQ (Fun as BALLS!)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUIb3eY-R6o (cool, great vocals)The hunt continues..
    February 18 10:14 PM
  • wham49 I was kinda asking for it, but it does get a little crazy
    February 15 07:41 PM
  • wham49 hee hee, at least I do not have to do paper work when I P off when of these kids
    February 15 03:47 PM
  • wham49 cant help myself, it is funny however
    February 15 03:21 PM
  • wham49 you don't have to tell me, I enjoy messing with the kids, gives me some comic relief during the day, the Offspring thread, I touched a nerve LOL
    February 15 01:43 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou Aggravates the piss out of me; don't get me wrong they ain't bad albums bro but y'know where I'm gettin' at.. ain't Queensryche 1/2 the bill. Something about hearing him talk s*** about what isn't an is isn't Queensryche in regards to Geoff? He's a nobody session vocalist imitating the man. Good cover band.. they really need to change the name.
    February 14 10:26 AM
  • Jeffrulesyou Hey buddy what's the dealio with the new 'Queensryche'? I friggen tried listening to it the other day seeing the score.. not bad but it seems completely unnecessary. Liken it to the early records and it's a cheap knock-off! No Chris or Geoff? No thank you! Didn't even realize they came back with this new guy what an imitation.. Wow, they really need the paycheck.
    February 14 07:38 AM
  • romulanrancor yeah that sounds about right. oh well, i tried
    February 12 07:12 PM
  • teamster I have both side projects. The Viktor album is quite dark. I like it a lot. Geddy Lee's solo album is great too. I was really skeptical at first when they both were announced at their times, so relieved they were great.
    February 12 08:33 AM
  • teamster https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGhECjsCv_s
    February 12 08:21 AM
  • Bromero Hey man, was looking through your ratings and saw your RAGE ratings. What about the band makes you so disinterested in their music, just curious?
    February 12 02:02 AM
  • Jeffrulesyou Ha, yup dude, same here! Really was digging the new Ayreon track
    February 11 08:40 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou what're you been listening to these days bro?
    February 11 08:15 PM
  • romulanrancor feels like watered down, poppier nwobhm
    February 11 06:34 AM
  • romulanrancor decent, just didn't do much for me though
    February 10 08:46 PM
  • FullOfSounds im getting all the albums from 2112 to pictures
    February 10 08:46 PM
  • FullOfSounds Way ahead of u, got a couple of them downloaded rn.
    February 10 08:39 PM
  • OmairSh Hey titan, working with a friend on his business. You tell, how're things? Enjoying the winter?
    February 8 10:35 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou Titan, all the liberal college 20 year olds on here aint gonna hear it. All they know how to do is conform conformity, lol! I know exactly where you're comin' from right on bro, much respect.
    February 6 10:12 PM
  • KILL life will be complete
    February 5 02:29 PM
  • wham49 thanks, I was typing like a madman to get it out today, had many distractions, you know supposed to be doing my job
    February 3 10:49 PM
  • wham49 take a new look at the Dead review I did , see if some of the improvements are to your liking
    February 3 03:05 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou Ha! They're from the 80's that's why, but they're newer s*** is well.. good! Homie don't play that lmao
    February 3 03:00 PM
  • danielcardoso KLF is a nice dig.
    February 3 04:46 AM
  • danielcardoso Will do buddy :]
    February 3 04:45 AM
  • Jeffrulesyou http://youtu.be/wtlV87cG084
    February 3 03:34 AM
  • TalonsOfFire Cool thanks for sending, I've never heard Geddy's solo stuff before and am digging it
    February 3 12:28 AM
  • TVC15 Yeahh. I try to listen to many genres and in these searches I try to steer clear of albums/artists I know I won't like, hence the sort of one-sidedness
    February 2 10:23 PM
  • TVC15 Not as much as JigglyPDiddy who has much less ratings than I do ;]
    February 2 10:16 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou Absolutely, same here; pretty much the cream of the crop right there, bud. This is by far and away my least favorite decade of music.
    February 1 08:06 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou The funny thing is as rough as the 90's was for metal; I could pick apart the s*** a little easier than I can now. I'm really digging crates, it's pretty much just prog for me now.
    February 1 07:37 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou Anytime bro! Ha, and yeah that's what I was trying to do, I know that's the time period where it's hard to find the 'goods' so-to speak and a lot these bands were solid, but they just arrived at the wrong time.. Y'know where I'm comin' from.
    February 1 07:20 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_jewAYV9XE
    February 1 01:43 PM
  • talktothehead How ****ing old did you think i was? How old are you? 33? And I don't like male genitalia bro. I'm straight.
    February 1 12:13 AM
  • talktothehead Ya i actually am 16. Born june 9th 2000
    February 1 12:09 AM
  • talktothehead don't make fun of my virginity man i'm only 16
    January 31 11:57 PM
  • talktothehead Sorry bruh I was sooo bored honestly. I mean you were being ****ing dumb but i love you all the same.
    January 31 11:52 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou Woah, what's the line up for that? I'm stoked bro, sounds awesome.
    January 27 11:50 AM
  • Jeffrulesyou https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThU9BOWcmjM ****ing cool, thought you might dig this.
    January 27 11:18 AM
  • Jeffrulesyou You got the 'elite crowd' on the left side of metal here, and you got the old folks as us on the other side. I'm starting to think this site is ran by sects of tribesman. Ha ha, defenitily need Hans
    January 26 08:34 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou I got the home pc, but it's rough on mobile man, had to run to the office b! Budge, good kid huh? I think once I've famarized enough of the folks on here like you were saying at the core is a lot of good folks. Musically, I think we're in a very small minority though
    January 26 06:44 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou I gotta say man, I don't know how wham puts up with it. I love his best 'of decades' list, ****ing ace. Anyone past 30 knows the 2000's/10's blow
    January 26 05:40 PM
  • wham49 this is hilarious, just playing, they are the idiots, and I do not need more Dio
    January 26 11:21 AM
  • zakalwe I find it all so bloody exciting. It's taken the 'normal' people to put their vote in to put an end to the lunacy. People might actually stop being so ****ing precious and get a sense of identity, security and more importantly a sense of humour back. Bring it on bro!!!! God Bless America!!!!
    January 25 04:57 PM
  • zakalwe Should there be a minor economic boom and the crime rate falls dramatically within the inner cities he will be the greatest president ever. Media would never announce it though lol.
    January 25 04:26 PM
  • zakalwe You've gotta love trump. Fella is signing things left right and centre whilst coked off his tits in the White House and making it look so simple.
    January 25 04:00 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou I visited, there you go bud ha ha!
    January 25 09:34 AM
  • Jeffrulesyou Your comment for that list was spot on dude couldn't agree more, your boy wham needs more dio though!
    January 24 08:50 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou Bro, I know, I know..I got a whole list.. I love the random hip guys being throw around too.. no offence to townsend, but jesus christ!
    January 24 07:55 PM
  • danielcardoso I know very little about politics to begin with, so i have no idea what they're prattling on about. I don't really like how Morello shoves his political views on everyone's faces for sure though, i don't think he was always this annoying lol.
    January 24 05:45 PM
  • danielcardoso Accurate prophets rating :]
    January 24 05:41 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou No doubt! Just bustin' for the most part, but sometimes you gotta find the right audience. I think 20 is a good marker, but holy s*** dude there's like 15 year olds on here. I'll go in certain thread ands I stick out like a sore thumb ha ha, it's bad man.
    January 23 05:33 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou It's easy to weed the kids out that way, ain't it! Ha
    January 23 05:08 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou Oh I got nothing but love dude! It's hard to bump the 80s round these parts. Every thread that's not metal/hard I find myself getting into an argument ha ha
    January 23 05:05 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou Cyndi Lauper!? Oh ****ing s***, nice man.
    January 23 04:27 PM
  • budgie haha whats up?
    January 23 02:50 PM
  • TheSpaceMan true, and I had a blast with that game even if it was followed by the worst performance i've seen from the post season packers
    January 23 01:46 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZvl2aqIyNg remember this? Ha ha
    January 23 10:34 AM
  • TheSpaceMan really is, more disappointing to see the patriots in the SB then anything else though. but hey what can ya do?
    January 22 11:20 PM
  • TheSpaceMan I feel you.
    January 22 04:57 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou Absolutely, just dirty old rock n' roll. I ain't even the biggest Hagar fan, but this is it.
    January 21 10:54 AM
  • Jeffrulesyou Word! rips butt holes straight in half. This might interest you too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xN_bZFKZmSI Iron Maiden were big fans and covered a few of their songs. I think there's actually one with Dianno as well
    January 21 10:46 AM
  • Jeffrulesyou Oh my bad dude! Morning eyes y'know? Their Debut is a slammer.. their other s*** not so much.
    January 21 08:32 AM
  • Jeffrulesyou You're not wrong Titan, but I dug their debut; it was good cock rock for '73, especially for Hagar bit of a Novelty though.
    January 21 05:14 AM
  • Jeffrulesyou Was gonna ask you on the VH thread but totally forgot. Have you heard the group Montrose by any chance?
    January 20 10:13 PM
  • DominionMM1 I like them but even on their best albums there are a few tracks that I could take or leave
    January 20 09:24 PM
  • Flugmorph done.
    January 19 07:41 PM
  • Flugmorph ok ill include it
    January 19 07:38 PM
  • Flugmorph ok ill seach a quote for myself. whats the artist/album tho lol
    January 19 07:26 PM
  • Flugmorph im serious about this, dudei need material
    January 19 07:17 PM
  • Flugmorph ill include that in the bonus round if you find a funny quote
    January 19 07:08 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou Anytime, my man, indulge. Old Lp's I bought way back when. Criminally underrated.. mostly hardrock/prog
    January 18 09:35 AM
  • Jeffrulesyou Warrior Soul - Last Decade Dead Century https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSuG6NKdY88
    January 18 09:18 AM
  • Jeffrulesyou Harem Scarem - Mood Swings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ainBa6_scp4
    January 18 09:06 AM
  • Jeffrulesyou The Tea Party - The Edges of Twilight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaVGNCguCG0
    January 18 08:59 AM
  • Jeffrulesyou Going through some records from the 90's I bought last night, have a few recs for ya bro.
    January 18 08:57 AM
  • claygurnz Haha yeah man...always next year :(
    January 17 03:21 PM
  • claygurnz Still haven't checked Hardwired... yet, why did you lower rating so much if I may ask?
    January 17 02:36 PM
  • TheMrAlexK I can't not argue with a Pats fan, especially when they start stunting titles from over 10 years ago. Btw sorry about your boys dude, they'll def be back next year no question.
    January 16 11:28 PM
  • TheSpaceMan yeah its a shame that the number 1 seed had to have the pack rolling in on em hot off a giants blow out, coulda used a seattle warm up
    January 16 07:36 PM
  • wham49 cant stop Rodgers when he is on a roll, dude is cold bloodedthey will be better next year
    January 16 06:39 PM
  • TheSpaceMan i totally feel for you. hard to watch a season go on when it was ripped from you, esp when the cowboys were running the NFC
    January 16 06:36 PM
  • TheSpaceMan Like I said, this is just the dawn of a whole new team to worry about
    January 16 01:37 PM
  • TheSpaceMan Thanks Titan, you're a good sport
    January 16 01:30 PM
  • TheSpaceMan What a game... gotta love Prescotts composure. Had a lot of respect for his post game, even Rodgers called out his class. This is just the beginning for a new cowboys team, packers are just too hot right now
    January 16 01:11 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou Ha, enjoy! Man, we're in for a rough game here bud.
    January 15 07:42 PM
  • wham49 your Boys ready to take on the real America's team today, can you talk to somebody and try to get Romo a start. it would make Wisconsonites have a little more confidence.
    January 15 11:12 AM
  • Jeffrulesyou It's cold up here, no Tanqueray or warm weather, must be nice!
    January 15 06:18 AM
  • Jeffrulesyou Ah, a gin man! Probably the best kind too
    January 14 11:10 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou Bro what's your favorite drink?
    January 14 11:01 PM
  • DominionMM1 dude you should check out a documentary called art gods if you haven't already
    January 11 12:00 PM
  • zakalwe :D I know dude it's like pizzagate innit
    January 11 05:54 AM
  • Jeffrulesyou Word!
    January 10 04:50 PM
  • TheSpaceMan i'm hoping for a duel of the century. may the best team win.
    January 10 04:00 PM
  • TheSpaceMan oh looks like we face your cowboys next. how quaint.
    January 10 03:55 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou Not sure if you've heard these two bands, but one is a band formed by ex-members of Slough Feg (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_tu6zeDcE4) and the they are Hammers of Misfortune (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRhEurx9N3Y) seems up your alley kinda like the older traditional heavy metal i.e maiden
    January 9 11:05 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou Haha, I know dude, just bustin balls. I appreciate it, any recs are always great!
    January 7 03:39 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou I've probably forgot to rate a lot of stuff as well.
    January 6 11:55 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou s***, dude you stalkin' my ratings;bro!? Ha, I'm very familiar with Operation Mindcrime.
    January 6 11:55 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou Y'know I've never actually sat down and listened to Kamelot. One of my buddies at work raves about these guys. I'll have to check it, thanks bro!
    January 6 11:23 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou Man, I'm gonna have to start reviewing the classics on here. I feel like a lot of em' aren't really getting the justice they deserve. One thing I hate Titan is people sayin' how it is when they have no clue! Specifically the younger audience, now I wish I knew the age bracket before I signed up. A lotta cool folks on here including yourself, but seeing some of it burns me eyes bro.
    January 6 09:17 PM
  • menawati thanks, think I'm over that though haha
    January 4 07:51 PM
  • menawati all good thanks, just a semi lurker on here now, good to see you and some others still on here
    January 4 07:44 PM
  • Dewinged Nice man, I grew up with all that hard rock and heavy metal and in Spain it was def different. Wish I could have experienced it first hand and see some of those bands live at their prime.
    January 3 02:09 PM
  • Dewinged Yeah dude, where are u from? I picture you in the states, am I right?
    January 3 02:01 PM
  • Dewinged No man, Spanish, but I lived in Japan for 8 years. Crazy country, love it.
    January 3 01:55 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou No kidding? I got some folks down there. I go once or twice a year
    December 29 07:34 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou Haha, right on man. Long Island ny?
    December 29 05:11 PM
  • Jeffrulesyou I'm thinking the same thing bud, absolutely. I ain't that different when I was 20 just a little more settle down. These kids think age difference is a big thing it really ain't. I mean I was pretty damn nuts back then too always getting myself into s***, partying, all night keg stands..concerts...broads..it was great! We would've hung out I'm sure of it; that's all I did haha, where you from bro?
    December 29 04:37 PM

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