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  • Atari also, as far as in flames goes their EP "Subterannean" is pretty awesome
    September 16 03:17 PM
  • Atari that's awesome man, if you're used to the vocals you'll be jamming all kinds of death metal and black metal in no time ;) i don't remember if i rec'd them to you before but since you like in flames you'd probably dig insomnium as well. above the weeping world is my favorite by them
    September 16 01:21 PM
  • Atari Sweet man! You listen to the whoracle yet? That's prolly my favorite album by them at this point
    September 13 10:43 PM
  • Mongi123 Still can't get into hip hop. It just bores me and I wish I could get into it cause my friends jam it ll the time.
    September 13 06:08 PM
  • Mongi123 I def wanna try out some more of their stuff. The alchemy stuff seems like my type of thing. And yea same here, I'm liking what I hear from King Crimson, but my mind hasn't been blown by a past 90s album since I've heard Wish You Were Here unfortunately. It's just how I am haha
    September 13 05:59 PM
  • Mongi123 Yea dude I love it a lot! Red Sky and Atlantic are amazing. The Jester Race is a sweet album no doubt. I'm also trying to catch up on some classics too.
    September 13 05:52 PM
  • Mongi123 I've written 8 more since then haha. Also been continuing my endeavor to get into heavier stuff and it's paying off xD what you been doing?
    September 13 05:46 PM
  • Mongi123 Yea same but I've definitely made new friends here so I have a good time here for the most part. And it's been going quite well. Made it to 81 haha
    September 13 05:39 PM
  • Mongi123 Sup man how you been? Haven't seen ya in a while.
    September 13 05:26 PM
  • Rowan5215 These are tests at the end of high school, but they will affect getting into college, the people who do better get into better colleges its that kinda deal
    August 18 06:38 AM
  • Rowan5215 I did really well in one part of the drama test, average in another part, average in Maths, great in English, pretty good in French, great in Ancient History, so overall wasn't a bad effort at all. I still have the big scary real exams coming up in September and October but then I'm DONE
    August 15 02:48 AM
  • thelastsignal I had their first full length for awhile and loved it, lost it along with a bunch of other cds and totally forgot about them. I need to get it again.
    August 7 10:26 PM
  • XingKing They are my friend's absolute favorite band so that's how I wound up checking them out. I'll try to jam the rest of their material again today if I can remember to do so
    August 7 03:51 PM
  • thelastsignal Well, it is essentially the As I Lay Dying bandmates minus Tim (frontman, for obvious reasons) teaming up with clean vocalist Shane Blay from Oh, Sleeper and releasing an album. It is pretty good, and definitely interesting for being clean vocals-only metalcore. The vocals are soaring, and the instrumentation is good stuff, varied and interesting throughout. Biggest issue with it is the album is way too long for me.
    August 7 03:04 PM
  • XingKing Given that it is your profile avatar, I expect it to be amazing
    August 7 02:51 PM
  • XingKing I have but only a couple of times and I can't remember what I thought of it. I should definitely jam it again
    August 7 02:28 PM
  • thelastsignal Ooh, haven't heard of them! Will check soon! Listened to Wovenwar yet?
    August 6 10:19 PM
  • thelastsignal Yeah, I think that their lyrics are more geared towards how they flow with the beat as opposed to standing up to interpretation on their own haha. I can definitely understand not digging it, but the funny thing is that both are very good lyricists. I think their next project together is going to be more serious, so you may enjoy that one more. I'm definitely anticipating it.
    August 6 09:58 AM
  • XingKing I look forward to you giving it a 5! The EP is just as good too
    August 6 02:54 AM
  • XingKing Have you not heard it before? You are in for a treat, sir!
    August 6 02:26 AM
  • XingKing This pleases me greatly. You might not have noticed based on the three records of theirs that I have fived, but I sort of love them
    August 6 01:52 AM
  • XingKing **** yeah you do. Check out the self titled and I can hook you up with the Ghostship Demos since those seem hard to find
    August 5 09:55 PM
  • XingKing I can't remember if you listened to them before or not
    August 5 07:51 PM
  • thelastsignal Hey dude, I see you didn't dig Run the Jewels too much; this perplexes me.
    August 5 12:44 PM
  • XingKing Damn, that's disappointing. It took you long enough to get around to hearing it lol
    July 20 10:07 PM
  • Atari you and me both man lol damn old age
    July 11 12:00 PM
  • Atari so how was the brand new concert man?
    July 10 04:25 PM
  • XingKing I'll Fortress a try. I haven't heard that one. Only Kezia and Volition
    July 8 11:36 PM
  • XingKing There are some cool moments but they are few and far between. I'd probably give it a 2.7 if I could
    July 8 10:50 PM
  • XingKing There's just a lot about them that I dislike. The vocals don't fit, the drum work pisses me off because for the most part I hate mindless double bass and metal style drum work and the guitarwork is just sorta bleh riffs thrown together with crazy technical stuff. I'm jamming Kezia now for you
    July 8 07:55 PM
  • XingKing I think they are obscenely boring and they don't appeal to me in the slightest. What about you?
    July 8 07:41 PM
  • XingKing The Ghostship Demos aren't an official release, so you just have to pirate it. No way, the vocalists sound nothing alike!
    July 5 02:05 AM
  • XingKing Ghostship is best, followed by S/T, Dopp and then Mani
    July 5 01:38 AM
  • XingKing The second album is definitely the heavier and more mathy of the two. The first has those poppy sort of vocal melodies here and there. Maaaan, I love Fall of Troys early to mid stuff. One of my favorites!
    July 5 01:05 AM
  • XingKing Actually I changed my mind. Their second album totally fits in to a very raw mathcore sound
    July 5 12:32 AM
  • XingKing I've never heart of it! Kinda sounds like a lawyer firm or something haha. Apparently there isn't a single one within 50 miles of me, so I guess I will never know! Fear Before's first time albums are heavier. Maybe I wouldn't call them mathcore but they kind of tread close to the tag the same way Fall of Troy does
    July 5 12:22 AM
  • XingKing Do you work at a record store, by the way?
    July 5 12:07 AM
  • XingKing Gutter is my second least favorite after their debut. It's a solid record but not nearly as good as the rest of their material, so I can understand that. Hell yeah Converge is. They can be a bit much at first too until you ease in
    July 4 11:58 PM
  • XingKing I really like the beginning of that song with the unsettling atmosphere but I picked it because it shows some diversity in the vocals for you :p Glad you liked it though
    July 4 11:41 PM
  • XingKing And here is that Name album for when you have an hour to spare. It really picks up after the first three tracks and turns absolutely insane
    July 4 11:32 PM
  • XingKing His vocals on the new album ****ing slaaaaaay. Check this out
    July 4 11:22 PM
  • Rowan5215 Awesome man, Jesse's vocals are way better than Howard's imo, his cleans are so so goddamn good
    July 4 11:17 PM
  • XingKing I can understand the ETID thing, as that seems to be a common complaint, but I love them and their new record is my AOTY so far. Converge, I would go with Axe to Fall and AWLWLB first and work backwards from there if you like those two
    July 4 11:13 PM
  • XingKing Okay one more band. Check out Internet Killed the Audio Star by the band Name. Fantastic s*** that I wrote the review for!
    July 4 10:10 PM
  • XingKing I probably should have mentioned Dillinger Escape Plan too, though they are obscenely hard to digest.
    July 4 10:05 PM
  • XingKing The Chariot, Norma Jean, Every Time I Die, Fear Before, The Number 12, Architects. Those are some of the better ones. Not a lot of bands live up to Botch or Converge though, so it can be tricky finding bands of similar quality. The Chariot is one of my favorite bands though and Norma's new record was my #2 for 2013
    July 4 10:03 PM
  • XingKing The only problem with that is you aren't going to find a whole lot of bands who can match their quality :p
    July 4 04:17 AM
  • Rowan5215 yaay a rowan review whew
    July 4 02:21 AM
  • XingKing I'd say Beecher has more of a cleaner post hardcore sound compared to other mathcore bands but that also makes them stand out
    July 4 01:38 AM
  • XingKing I've never used Spotify but their music literally doesn't exist on any file sharing sites or other streaming services. I only found their stuff because of soulseek, otherwise I woulda bought them. They are definitely similar but Botch and Converge are waaaay dissonant and ****ing crazy
    July 4 01:37 AM
  • XingKing It is definitely superb. It's a shame they don't get more recognition, though their music not existing online is probably to blame
    July 4 01:04 AM
  • Atari oh and what concert you going to?
    July 3 04:21 PM
  • Atari i'm a fan of all things zelda but you mentioning gorons gave me that extra push to actually stop being lazy and check the game out ;) to be honest my wife and i are just planning on having a relaxing 3 day weekend - nothing crazy planned but should be nice to get some down time from life.
    July 3 04:20 PM
  • Atari sup dude? any wild plans for the 4th? if it seemed like i was being sarcastic or short with you before it's prolly just cause i've been busy lately. I'm not sarcastic i mean come on i'm not Calc lol
    July 3 11:54 AM
  • Atari I wasn't being sarcastic at all lol. Gorons are the s*** :D
    July 2 10:25 PM
  • thelastsignal hey man, I dig it! :) ever heard of darkest hour?
    July 2 12:16 PM
  • Atari gorons you say? well damn now i HAVE to check it out. thanks for the heads up buddy
    July 2 12:13 PM
  • Atari Hmmm. So are the enemies related to the land of hyrule as well? ;)
    July 1 10:43 PM
  • Atari that's cool man. don't think i've ever actually played a dynasty warriors game though lol
    July 1 06:39 PM
  • Atari hey man, i haven't really been paying attention to hyrule warriors for whatever reason. Isn't it a fighting game?
    July 1 01:03 PM
  • thelastsignal No but I have heard of them before. Are they worth checking out?
    June 28 04:53 PM
  • Atari Hey man i know i'm slow, but i just realize ecnal is lance backwards lol ;)
    June 27 11:39 PM
  • thelastsignal Hey man, sorry about that. I deactivated it for a little bit. I have had a rough few weeks, and didn't want the pressure of social media for awhile. I will reactivate it later on, but my mental health has been suffering.
    June 27 09:08 AM
  • thelastsignal Yeah, man! Production-quality isn't make or break for me if the album has redeeming qualities to it. There is a nostalgia factor to early AOF stuff anyway, which I'm sure blinds me to it to a certain extent. I much prefer Watch Out! (it's a 5 for me), but it's honestly better than most of Crisis for me.
    June 24 02:34 PM
  • thelastsignal Eh, well they are both great in their own right. I flip-flop between which I think is better all the time. Personal Journals is more personal (for lack of a better word) throughout, and both albums can get pretty dark. I think I like the beats better on Distrust, and his voice is a little more weathered and unique-sounding, but the lyricism is much better on Personal Journals.
    June 23 08:56 AM
  • thelastsignal Well, their stuff got progressively worse as time went on. I still maintain that their stuff is great though.
    June 21 03:45 PM
  • thelastsignal People will tell you differently, but The Antimother would be the best Norma Jean for you to try out first. It's the most melodic, and is definitely the most dynamic. I would start with Obsession, Vanity, or Best of by Eighteen Visions. The first two of those are more post hardcore-based, and the Best Of is a TON more spastic. If you end up liking Best Of, also check out Until the Ink Runs Out.
    June 20 08:02 AM
  • thelastsignal PTW are one of my favorites; hopesfall are good as well. I know you've checked them out. Also, you should check out Norma Jean and old Eighteen Visions (which is awesome chaotic hardcore).
    June 19 01:32 PM
  • thelastsignal ooh, cool man. what bands have you been digging? I have plenty of recs.
    June 18 12:42 PM
  • thelastsignal Hey buddy, how goes it?
    June 17 08:50 AM
  • Mongi123 Just go to bandcamp
    June 8 10:13 PM
  • Mongi123 Sup man, first of all nice rating for TITW :D and also you should try my dig Spider Island. It's by our very own CrownOfMagnets too! It's like a cool combo of Porcupine Tree and Rush.
    June 8 06:23 PM
  • scottpilgrim10 Awesome avatar.
    May 31 12:05 AM
  • Mongi123 Rev is up dude!
    May 8 11:48 AM
  • XingKing I think there are multiple artist entries for that album in the database but two of them have like ten votes
    May 7 06:53 PM
  • XingKing Hell yeah. It's a killer album. Check this out too
    May 7 06:25 PM
  • XingKing Did you check out Run the Jewels self titled?
    May 7 03:16 PM
  • XingKing Not really but I am down to give something a listen if you've got a rec for me!
    May 7 12:49 PM
  • Mongi123 I know! I was so surprised too but I shall let you know. Maybe tomorrow or Thursday. I'm sick so prob call out of work again tomorrow and I'll prob finish it haha
    May 6 08:39 PM
  • Mongi123 Yo man, noticed that The End of the Beginning doesn't have a rev so I'm doing a write up for it. I'm really loving this album. So different.
    May 6 08:05 PM
  • Brostep a little bit. not as good as ATOS obviously but goldfish is still a jam at least
    May 5 04:07 PM
  • Mongi123 Yea definitely. Violent/bright is still one of the best post rock albums I've heard though.
    May 2 09:58 AM
  • Mongi123 God Is An Astronaut's debut is awesome! It's much more focused on the electronic aspect I like it.
    May 1 08:25 PM
  • Mongi123 Yo man try this 10 Years song. One of my favs off the album.
    April 18 02:52 PM
  • dannyboy89 Dude, just wanted to drop by to say that I'm not the biggest fan of Rated R either. I just think the 2nd half is poorly pieced together when compared to how solid the 1st one is. In the Fade is a pretty cool song though. Also, I find ItILMH to be a boring closer. Overall, I just think Rated R was a bump in the road for QotSA in some ways. I think Josh's songwriting matured by leaps and bounds after that.
    April 17 01:40 PM
  • Mongi123 Twinge is mesmerizing as hell, Pete's vocals are fantastic on it. And Under The Knife is pretty intense.
    April 15 12:10 AM
  • Mongi123 Enjoyed La Gargola I see?
    April 14 11:33 PM
  • Rowan5215 Dunno, just got bored of listening to them. They have some great melodies and vocals but their songs aren't really anything special and there were just better bands out there.
    April 14 01:37 AM
  • Rowan5215 Yeah man In The Room Up There is amazing, rip the band
    April 12 07:33 PM
  • Rowan5215 I am the Australian guru! You assumed half-correctly.
    April 11 09:03 PM
  • Mongi123 Hey man check my latest. I did GIAA's self titled.
    April 11 10:38 AM
  • Rowan5215 That's cool. I used to love them back in the day but I've gotten over them now I have to say. But you can check my Ground Dweller review from like 3 years ago for a laugh/cringe.
    April 10 12:10 AM
  • Mongi123 Not really sure, but I guess its inevitable for the more complex albums to get rated higher. Sometimes I prefer the simpler more straight forward stuff like this. I can just throw it on without havin to be in the mood for it xD
    April 7 08:59 PM
  • Mongi123 Hmm ok. It seems like this site is scared to rate simpler post rock highly. GIAA is superb from what I've heard so far. With the exception of origins.
    April 7 10:19 AM
  • Mongi123 I wanna finish off their discography so I'll get to it. What's different about it?
    April 6 09:51 PM
  • Mongi123 Try this one actually. One of my favorites off the s/t.
    April 6 07:38 PM
  • Mongi123 It's awesome. Kinda like violent/bright but it's still pretty sweet and beautiful. One of those cases where if the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" things actually works.
    April 4 10:27 PM
  • Mongi123 Gave God Is An Astronaut's s/t some listens today. It was awesome. Providing a nice spacey vibe while playing Super Mario Galaxy 2 haha
    April 4 07:01 PM
  • Mongi123 That's kinda the point to it though at least to me. The fact that it's just one person doing it is astounding and the slower parts are goddamn beautiful.
    March 27 02:29 PM
  • Mongi123 Haha in all seriousness I've been listening to The Discovery a lot for the past couple of days and it clicked hard. Like 5 clicked. The way it builds and builds is amazing.
    March 27 12:53 PM
  • Mongi123 Expect a nice little surprise for my next rev bro haha
    March 27 10:44 AM
  • Mongi123 Sweet I'm prob gonna check them out this week
    March 25 07:56 PM
  • Mongi123 That was really good man! I've always wanted to see what they sounded like but always forgot haha
    March 24 07:21 PM
  • Mongi123 Sup bro. Just wondering: You think I would like Scale The Summit? I see you listen to them a lot.
    March 24 05:40 PM
  • Atari not sure yet haha prolly just a review or maybe a "band to look out for" or whatever. I think he has a section for that
    March 21 03:14 PM
  • Atari Right on just curious. Yeah mark's a good guy so I figured id help him out but my time has been limited lately as well :3
    March 20 08:35 PM
  • Atari just plugging along in this thing they call life lol. I'm thinking of posting something on mark's site here pretty soon. You been active at all on there?
    March 20 07:54 PM
  • Atari sup man? just dropping by to say hi
    March 20 05:13 PM
  • Rowan5215 new review check it
    March 17 07:13 AM
  • XingKing That was a pretty sweet song. The vocals were a bit iffy but I liked the progression of the song throughout. The harsh vocals really reminded me of Architects' first vocalist
    February 20 05:02 PM
  • Omaha Hey man, glad you liked that CHON song! I'm set to interview them at a show next week. =]
    February 17 11:15 PM
  • thelastsignal hey duuude, mind checking out my Crosses review? I would love some feedback on it.
    February 17 11:46 AM
  • LordePots Dude nice! Stoked u like it. And yeah, in the library of horrific events by johnny truant is probably my favorite metalcore album ever, deffs recommend it
    February 16 06:28 PM
  • XingKing It really could do with a remaster because it sounds like doodoo. I'll try to remember to check out that band sometime. Jamming Suck Out the Poison right now, just for you bebe!
    February 16 02:11 AM
  • XingKing I've heard all of their albums but I honestly can't remember anything but the album I rated. I'll give it a try. Yeah, that Alexis album does have pretty s***tastic production quality but the riffs are so tasty. Beecher is awesome but I've never heard the other band
    February 16 02:05 AM
  • XingKing It's incredibly boring and uninspired to me and I honestly can't see why people like it. Maybe I should jam it again? Also, I decided I like Alexisonfire's first album!
    February 16 01:49 AM
  • XingKing I am a hard man to please too! I will most certainly be checking out the other albums too!
    February 15 03:01 AM
  • XingKing Just jammed Zozobra's newest EP and Daddy likes!!
    February 15 12:49 AM
  • silentstar Just wanted to report in and say that I've checked out No Matter How Narrow and it's awesome. You should get started on Varuna btw - totally different album but it's great. Check out Grounded I Am Traveling Light
    February 13 11:40 PM
  • Atari Haha thanks man. That's pretty cool what Omaha's doing so I'm gonna see if I can't get some more feedback ;)
    February 13 02:58 PM
  • Atari I don't know lol. I actually tried to switch things up a bit on my last 2 reviews but maybe my reviews are just too straight forward to be considered staff quality. I'm not butthurt about it though, even if I just stay contributor there are always those certain individuals who are supportive and (hopefully) enjoy my reviews haha
    February 13 02:45 PM
  • Atari Yeah I applied for staff towards the end. According to some staff I'm just not where I need to be yet in terms of quality/having a distinct voice.
    February 13 02:27 PM
  • Atari Well he could have changed his mind too since he didn't make contributor. Although I feel if he stuck around these parts and reviewed some more new releases he'd be a shoe-in. I feel bad for not writing anything for his site, but with 101 reviews on sput I feel invested here at this point lol
    February 13 02:15 PM
  • Atari I'm confused cause he told me the other day he was just gonna review on sputnik from now on lol.
    February 13 01:54 PM
  • Atari Their vocals* lol. They're not that well-known around here so it would be cool to get them some more exposure. What about you? you planning on reviewing anything anytime soon?
    February 13 01:44 PM
  • Atari The new album by The Hotelier (formerly known as The Hotel Year). They're vocals are probably hit-or miss for some people but i love them. If you're interested you should google The Hotelier - Your Deep Rest. (t's one of their new songs and it's about suicide or death or something man it hits hard
    February 13 01:43 PM
  • Atari No i haven't been to a lot of concerts to be honest but I'd be cool to see them live. And yeah, I've had songs from Cult stuck in my head the last couple days. I don't know how much of a grower it is, it instantly sounds like I expected it to in a way...but it has some of the slickest guitar-work they've done. I probably like it more than killing time but definitely not as much as the walking wounded. Probably won't review it though..there's another album coming out I'm digging more
    February 13 01:26 PM
  • LordePots do it man, you wont often spot me rec'ing metalcore type stuff since i dont listen to the genre anymore but there are a couple bands including beecher that i stil will rep hard. johnny truant too.
    February 12 02:00 AM
  • Atari bumped to 3.5 haha. The guitar-work is pretty sweet
    February 12 01:56 AM
  • Atari The walking wounded rules pretty hard compared to their last two IMO. Gonna give the new album another go soon though
    February 11 08:53 PM
  • Atari hopefully it will grow on me, but it's just another bayside album lol doesn't really do anything new or exciting.
    February 11 07:43 PM
  • Atari i spun the new bayside 3 times today. it's not bad, but a little underwhelming. Might review it if i find the right words though
    February 11 07:36 PM
  • LordePots ongoing concept aint bad at all
    February 11 03:37 PM
  • Atari Sweet thanks dude :)
    February 10 09:55 PM
  • XingKing I also have Jupiter. They are my friend's favorite band so I decided to slowly go through their discog but I've only made it to those two records so far
    February 9 12:04 AM
  • Futures I hope it is for new music!
    February 8 01:53 AM
  • Futures No idea but they have been teasing it on facebook. So excited. They are probably my favorite band. Listened to them so much in high school.
    February 8 01:52 AM
  • Futures Yeah they had a ton of lineup issues. I do enjoy the Keech albums more as well. I think Attack of the Wolfking is there best effort as well. They might be reuniting soon which would be awesome. Interesting to see what lineup they will come back with. If it is it will be with Jimmy on vocals it appears.
    February 8 01:36 AM
  • Futures Yeah I agree on that part. Didn't dig there other albums as much?
    February 8 01:18 AM
  • Futures You are pretty awesome for giving Attack of the Wolfking a 4
    February 7 10:55 PM
  • Mongi123 Oh sweet. And damn, that instrumental track is beautiful. Try out Beware too. It's darking and ominous as hell but one of their best. Idk deftones aren't for everyone. His voice gets to some people and they're pretty intense but they've grown to be one of my fav bands.
    February 6 04:31 PM
  • Mongi123 Oh sweet. I believe that was how shelter was. It was basically all Neige with a drummer. Talented dude. Maybe I'll give that a go too.
    February 2 12:44 PM
  • Mongi123 That kinda sounds like balmorhea in a nutshell haha. You might like that one then.
    February 2 08:09 AM
  • Mongi123 No sir I have not. They a good post rock band?
    February 2 02:10 AM
  • Mongi123 Try Hole In The Earth, What happened To You, Sextape, Entombed, and beauty school. These songs are the tones at their best IMO. What happened to you is so beautiful.
    February 2 01:57 AM
  • Mongi123 Well chinos voice took some getting used to but I love it now its so unique. As for their sound, I would an example because some songs are loud and intense, some are atmospheric and some are just downright beautiful.
    February 2 01:52 AM
  • Mongi123 Just listened to Saturday Night Wrist again today and it finally clicked so just wondering. That's a shame you can't get into them :(
    February 2 01:31 AM
  • Mongi123 Cool man now I'm looking forward to it. I forget if you told me or not but do you listen to Deftones often?
    February 2 12:48 AM
  • Rowan5215 Aye tis free, you make an account and drag files/folders into the Dropbox folder on your computer and they are uploaded to the web. Good system.
    February 1 10:32 PM
  • Mongi123 Hmm ok. I'll certainly try them all eventually. Idk how I feel about a more songy type aspect but I might love it you'll never know.
    February 1 09:47 PM
  • Mongi123 I've heard Violent/Bright and Origins but Origins is so uninspired. I've been meaning to check out their other stuff.
    February 1 05:01 PM
  • Omaha check dat staff blog
    January 28 12:54 AM
  • Rowan5215 Mmm I like this. Less proggy and more poppy than I thought but niiice
    January 25 09:53 PM
  • Rowan5215 I've heard of them through the Dear Hunter, but I haven't listened to them, no. What's a good song to start with?
    January 25 09:03 PM
  • Rowan5215 It really is. Every song has something of value. On a different day I might go for Man of Science, Holding our Heads in our Hands, or Man of Faith. But I'm glad you're enjoying it, I wish I could've sent you their EP as well.
    January 25 08:43 PM
  • Rowan5215 With a gun to my head I might go for Live Together, Die Alone, but honestly there isn't a single song on that album I don't love to death. You?
    January 25 05:27 PM
  • Mongi123 I believe he is speaking French but I'm not sure. I think he may incorporate the sigur ros style of singing too but I love it
    January 25 04:13 PM
  • Mongi123 Yea that for their previous material. Shelter is their only album without any black metal elements. Shelter is beautiful man.
    January 25 03:17 PM
  • Mongi123 Thanks man! My latest review is really crappy haha but hopefully they look past that one. I told them about that review to show how I'm honest and willing to admit what I write isn't always perfect. Hopefully that helps.
    January 24 02:18 PM
  • Mongi123 Yea it takes a while for most albums to sink in for the most part. Review some stuff you know now it doesn't always have to be new stuff. I kinda wanna review Alcest's newest but I'm leaning towards Thee Silver Mt. Zion's newest cause I don't really like it.
    January 22 10:12 PM
  • Mongi123 I get ya. They take a long time to write. Maybe an hour to an hour and a half for me.
    January 22 09:11 PM
  • Mongi123 You should start again you're really good. I came on for the sole purpose of reviewing but I just ended up talking to lots of people. Music is my favorite thing to talk about so I'm on here so much(maybe a little too much haha)
    January 22 08:03 PM
  • Mongi123 Same I could only talk to like one of my friends about music and most of them would find what I listen to "weird." So I'm glad I found this site too. I never actually expected to make friends on here wither so that's a bonus.
    January 22 12:36 AM
  • Mongi123 I enjoy finding all this stuff I've never heard of. So much undiscovered stuff out there and it's a shame.
    January 21 11:30 PM
  • Mongi123 I've been meaning to try some classics out but now I'm just saying screw it. Why do that when I could try out more unknown stuff that's prob better ya know?
    January 21 11:21 PM
  • Mongi123 Yea same I've only heard Loveless by My Bloody Valentine and Alcest's latest and I enjoy both of them immensely.
    January 21 11:11 PM
  • Mongi123 Of course dude I'll try them both but The Darcys might have to be first then. I'm really starting to get into shoegaze now. Pretty unique genre.
    January 21 10:45 PM
  • Rowan5215 It was the River by the Darcys, right? I really liked it, vocals were nice and it had a sweet sweet build.
    January 21 08:10 PM
  • Mongi123 Cool I may have to try the Darcys then thanks dude!
    January 21 07:59 PM
  • Mongi123 Ok sweet what are they like?
    January 21 07:25 PM
  • Rowan5215 Dude 12FN vox are so good tho !!!!!1!
    January 20 08:21 PM
  • Rowan5215 Try out Gyroscope, Kisschasy, Grinspoon, Horsell Common, Trial Kennedy, Sydonia, Jericco, and Twelve Foot Ninja. That should keep you going
    January 19 07:33 PM
  • XingKing I totally just figured out what your username meant and now I feel like some sort of super genius detective mastermind
    January 19 01:40 AM
  • Rowan5215 They're not local to my town but yeah they're super obscure
    January 17 07:26 PM
  • Rowan5215 Yeah man, George Green has the deep manly voice and Isaac something has the higher-pitched more emo voice, they're both so good.
    January 17 12:45 AM
  • Mongi123 Oh well then haha
    January 16 09:47 PM
  • Rowan5215 Right? Lyrics are fantastic and both the vocalists rule so hard
    January 16 09:30 PM
  • Rowan5215 Scrobbling is simple dude, you download the app and every time you play a song it records that play. Easy
    January 16 09:20 PM
  • Rowan5215 They're basically impossible to find but I can link you a download I put up of their album if you like
    January 16 08:49 PM
  • Rowan5215 Haha, no problem man
    January 9 01:57 AM
  • Mongi123 Oh ok I get ya. There's not a single track I don't enjoy on that record and as a whole it's a masterful record. Some songs do kinda sound a little similar I will admit though.
    January 5 11:44 PM
  • Mongi123 Wow 3.5 for The Autumn Effect? Good score but from the way you described it a while back I thought you would like it a lot more.
    January 5 10:15 PM
  • Atari In my opinion the 3dS has more going for it than the wii u there are a lot more game options. However that will change once the wii u drops new smash bros. and Zelda u but that will be a while lol
    January 3 08:55 PM
  • Rowan5215 Got way too expensive to run, the station itself was cheap and poor, we all have too much school/uni work to do. Sad times but that's how it goes I'm afraid.
    January 2 09:31 PM
  • Rowan5215 Cheers man! And yep, it's the final one ever.
    January 2 09:02 PM
  • Atari The 3D actually looks better than I was expecting and the cool thing is u can turn it off if it bugs your eyes. Yeah I eventually want Mario land 3D and Mario kart 7 but there's a ton of good looking games I'm stoked lol.
    January 1 06:12 PM
  • Atari Pretty good. I got myself a Xmas present lol (3DS with Zelda: A Link Between Wotlds. It kicks ass
    January 1 05:40 PM
  • Rowan5215 Bro here's the recording of my radio show, I played your request of course
    January 1 07:47 AM
  • Atari how you been man? have a good christmas?
    December 30 12:52 PM
  • Rowan5215 New review check it
    December 29 12:27 AM
  • Rowan5215 Pretty good, we played all the requests. I should have the recording soon
    December 22 08:26 PM
  • Rowan5215 Yeah I'm gonna try and record the show and link it to you guys
    December 21 11:35 PM
  • Rowan5215 Yep an hour and five minutes, exactly
    December 21 10:55 PM
  • Rowan5215 Awesome! I'll make sure to play your request early on then so you can hear it. Here's the link but there seems to be a problem with the stream at least where I am, see if it works for you:
    December 21 10:52 PM
  • Rowan5215 Yo nig are you gonna be able to listen to my show today?
    December 21 10:42 PM
  • atrink lol it's all good man. I wasn't expecting there to be much conversation on that review anyway, not many people listen to my epic. Feel free to keep on talking about whatever. I'm never on enough to actually have a conversation anyway
    December 18 01:02 AM
  • XingKing That's pretty good given the 2.5's for the prior records!
    December 18 12:21 AM
  • XingKing I'd settle somewhere between a 3-3.5. Probably like a 3.2
    December 17 10:10 PM
  • Atari by the way in addition to checking out the white, you should listen to pale folklore. another fantastic agalloch release ;)
    December 16 07:58 PM
  • Atari Lmao ya I know right? Dude I'm digging the white more and more each time I hear it might have to bump it to a 4.5
    December 14 12:51 AM

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