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  • manosg Kali erotisi. Eimai metaksi 2.5 kai 3. Vasika, san kalitexniko epiteugma, theoro to Load arketa anotero kai to exo sto 3. Apo tin alli, to Hardwired exei kapoies arketa kalles idees kai fonitikes grammes pou mou thymizoun Black Album. Auti ti stigmi eimai sti mesi kai klino pros to 2.5 giati syn tis allis, nomizo pos to Hardwired tha exei to ligotero replay value apo kathe allo album ton Metallica gia emena.
    November 28 02:10 PM
  • Mythodea Einai electronic alla me polla stoixeia jazz petamena diasparta. Se shmeia akougetai eukola kai se alla 8elei pollh prosoxh giati einai eite parakseno eite apaithtiko. Genika, exei tromerh atmosfaira.
    November 23 12:36 PM
  • Mythodea Oi Ulver einai mousikares. Akou to Perdition City, einai upertato. Ki an psaxteis pio poly se ambient jazz, akou Killimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble kai Bohren
    November 23 03:26 AM
  • Mythodea Kala, den einai oti exw 3ekopsei entelws. Apla twra teleutaia akouw polu triphop, electronic kai ambient jazz. Akougontai polu dh8en, alla ftaine oi Ulver oi kataramenoi pou me balane sto tripaki. Kai poly Bohren
    November 22 10:08 AM
  • Mythodea Kalhmerizw ton filtato. H alh8eia einai pws den to exw akoysei, dioti pote den me 3etrelaine o Neal. Twra teleutaia exw arxisei na apomakrunomai ki apo to progressive (oxi teleiws, den trela8hka) kai den ta akouw ola osa bgainoun.
    November 22 01:15 AM
  • manosg Kalispera John. I alitheia einai pos to exo akousei 1.5 fora. Mou fanike pos exei kapoies eksairetikes stigmes pou mou eferan sto myalo epoxi Black Album/Load alla sto synolo mou fanike apla kalo. Prosopika mou arese to Death Magnetic, opote gia emena den prokeitai toso gia come back. Gia na eimai eilikrinis pantos, prosegisa to album me poly epifilaktikotia kai me diepseuse.
    November 16 03:53 PM
  • danielcardoso i feel you buddy, i've been trying to stay in touch with a few close friends too and its hard yea. i wish things could be a little simpler than they are tbh. i hope you work everything out with your girl too man. what are you studying tho, what year are you in?
    November 13 12:43 PM
  • danielcardoso ah i don't see it as time wasted buddy, it was great practice to develop my writing skills, and hanging out in the threads was fun. it just got to a point where they were just too many and the writing was pretty subpar, no need for regrets ahah. thanks for the kind words tho, and i'd love to see you write that review :]
    November 13 12:42 PM
  • Rowan5215 Well Songs of Leonard Cohen and Songs of Love are masterpieces I'm sure you've heard a few times now. YWID is brilliant but there's something about just his voice and a guitar that's unmatchable. I've been trying to imagine how a fan of his for like 30 years would have taken his death but I just can't do it. Only got into him in the last few years myself.
    November 13 10:24 AM
  • Rowan5215 oh s***, thanks man. haven't been able to bring myself to read it since he passed, actually, that hit pretty hard
    November 13 10:07 AM
  • danielcardoso in response to your question - yes dude, they were taking up a load of space on my quota, and i was just unhappy with the quality of them all. going back and forth editing all the bad chunks was starting to become a chore, so i just kept a handful of my uriah heep reviews that i was most happy with. how is life buddy?
    November 13 08:57 AM
  • Totengott Hey again, thanks for recommending Zaum! I like the music, I will keep listening.
    November 9 10:28 AM
  • manosg Sosto kai auto. Oi sizitiseis den einai kai oi pio thelktikes kai gi'auto exoun eksafnistei oloi oi xristes pou itan edo prin apo 2-3 xronia. Giati, kala les, mporei o xronos na ligosteuei oso megalonei kapoios alla 1-2 sxolia tin imera tha ta kaneis ean yparxei mia sizitisi me endiaferon.
    November 6 07:23 AM
  • manosg Ki ego ola kala. Ligo treksimataki logo douleias, alla auto einai panta kalo. Dystyxos omos den mpaino sto Sput toso syxna oso tha ithela.
    November 6 03:27 AM
  • manosg Kalispera John, ti kaneis? Pos pane oi eksetaseis? Tsekare auto, opote exei xrono. Logika tha sou aresei.
    November 5 09:01 AM
  • insomniac15 Hi! I finally uploaded the review for their new album. It's really good! Have you listened to it?
    October 27 12:05 PM
  • MoosechriS I was a bit apprehensive leading up to the new 40 watt sun album as patrick had hinted at the lighter direction a fee times, but after the first song i didn't care anymore. I'm absoloutley loving the album, listened to it 2 - 3 times a day since i got it and it just gets better. It's wierd because they did and interview and said really the guitars hadn't changed stylistically, they'd just toned them down and made them more subtle.
    October 18 03:52 AM
  • Totengott I don't have one I'm afraid.
    October 17 06:52 PM
  • insomniac15 Well, the certificate is important for the future, so finishing your studies must be a priority. If you have the ideas recorded, then you can always return to them. Yeah, I have a Facebook page - I'm Raul Stanciu from Timisoara, Romania if you search. Add me or tell me your name to search it
    October 17 12:14 PM
  • MoosechriS Yeah dude, it was really good (still think i prefer pink over it though). Kind of wish it had one or two more songs on it, it feels like it ends too soon almost. Maybe it's just me.
    October 15 12:27 PM
  • Totengott Will check it out, thanks man! Oh and no worries about the late answer.
    October 13 07:03 PM
  • Totengott Hey man, just enjoying the amount of quality releases of 2016 and digging some classical as well lately. I still have to check out OM, but it should rule hard since Al Cisneros is on it. Will listen soon. What have you been up to?
    October 6 06:53 PM
  • insomniac15 Sorry for not responding but it's been a hectic period for me. Why don't you try and write songs on your own when you have the time and then get some friends to help you record it :D ? This way you can take all the time you need and be happy with it. Zaum will release a new album at the end of the month, seems they moved on to Central American influences (mayans and aztecs) which is cool.
    October 6 12:17 PM
  • manosg Kalispera Gianni, ola kala. Esy pos eisai? Ontos endiaferon, alla den me ksetrelane gia na eimai eilikrinis. Ean eixan ligoteri paramorfosi oi kithares tha mou arese perissotero. Genikotera nomizo pos poloi paixtes to parakanoun me tin paramorfosi, isos epeidi aresei stous idious. Prosopika, otan akouo poly paramorfosi, mou dimiourgeitai i entyposi pos o kitharistas kati paei na kripsei, eite auto einai metria texniki, eite ena riff pou to paizei mexri na liosei i pena tou hahaha.
    September 27 06:42 AM
  • Voivod poio einai to onoma tis bandas apo tin argentini?
    September 27 12:18 AM
  • masterofreality Have you ever heard Legend's "From the Fjords" album? I highly recommend it if you haven't. An album forgotten by time that's a classic.
    September 21 06:15 PM
  • masterofreality I get exactly what youre saying but can't a guy dream? Haha
    September 18 08:15 PM
  • masterofreality Although I think reunions are also underwhelming for the most part my curiosity gets the best of me and my dream reunion is a new Witchfinder General album with Zeeb Parkes on vocals. It's mostly out of curiosity and if it was bad, it would sully the bands reputation for me (although Resurrection made that legendary band a little more generic)
    September 14 06:26 PM
  • masterofreality Normally, I view reunions as a cash grab but I think this one could be a little different. There are some reunions that capture magic like Iron Maiden's "Brave New World" and I could see a Keys lineup Helloween putting out an effort similar to that which would not be a bad album. It would not reach either Seven Keys album but a solid album with a reunion tour would be pretty good I think. But a tour of the classic lineup playing both parts of Seven Keys would be the best possible thing.
    September 14 06:23 PM
  • insomniac15 Regarding pedals, yes haha, I'd love to have a huge amount of money to buy the most obscure ones and try them out. Same with the amps and cabinets. It's nice to live in a country like the US or Germany, where there are many second hand copies and get them a lot cheaper. There are also lots of independent manufacturers who make really cool ones and nobody outside the state or country knows about them.
    September 14 12:59 PM
  • insomniac15 I admire guitar players like Angus Young or Billy Gibbons who are so damn good at what they do, they can twist and turn the same chords and always bring something cool to the table. They never fail.
    September 14 12:57 PM
  • insomniac15 Well you have a lot of bands there that play stoner/psychedelic, I'm sure there are many fans who'd start a band! However, time is important, you need to practice for months with those people to have some chemistry and try different stuff out. I hope you find the time to do it
    September 14 12:55 PM
  • masterofreality I agree. The classic Hansen/Kiske lineup was amazing for those few albums that they made. That would be a reunion I wouldn't mind seeing if they brought the Seven Keys lineup back for a tour or a new album
    September 14 08:31 AM
  • masterofreality Just finished it and you're right. Part 1 is a classic for me, but Part 2 isn't much worse than it. It's a 4.5 for me. 1 is definitely much more concise and has less filler than 2
    September 13 04:55 PM
  • masterofreality I'll definitely try them soon enough. I'm just picking albums I haven't heard yet while I go through college, like driving there or sitting between classes. I'm actually finally trying the second part of Keeper of the Seven Keys
    September 13 04:14 PM
  • masterofreality Yeah my favorites tends to rotate but at the moment those are my top 5. I want to try listening to the early Floyd stuff soon
    September 13 02:23 PM
  • masterofreality For the Doors, LA Woman is my favorite album. For Pink Floyd it's The Wall, but WYWH and Animals are 5/5 too. As for in general I think my top 5 are Epicus Doomicus Metallicus, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Machine Head, The Wall, and Dopethrone.
    September 13 01:05 PM
  • masterofreality I'll definitely check it out. Sabbath is my favorite band also. All you have to do is see my username to know that though. I also really like Pink Floyd and The Doors a lot.
    September 12 03:24 PM
  • beachdude I was gonna do a bunch of Marvin albums but school and other life stuff caught up to me... now that I've got more free time again I definitely think I'll review Let's Get It On at least.
    September 12 02:32 PM
  • masterofreality I getcha man. What are your favorite subgenres of metal? And what are your favorite bands? I know everyone lists them but who are your absolute favorites?
    September 9 08:20 PM
  • masterofreality Of the doom that I heard last year, I thought that Dopethrone's Hochelaga was the best album. If you haven't heard the album I would recommend it. Uncle Acid's Night Creeper is also pretty good.
    September 9 03:55 PM
  • masterofreality I might have to give it another listen, but I thought that all of the songs sounded very similar to one another. I'll admit that each band member sounds really good here, but it gets kind of stale hearing the sameness throughout the album's duration. I remember that I liked Crown of Burning Stars and Nephthys a lot. I thought Living with the Dead was the highlight and was a legitimately great song. Besides that, it was just kind of lacking for me.
    September 9 03:53 PM
  • masterofreality I'll definitely give it a try. On a somewhat similar note, I listened to With the Dead's album last week and I gotta admit I was disappointed by it. Expected a little more when you have Lee Dorrian with the musicians that recorded Dopethrone.
    September 8 09:28 PM
  • masterofreality Have you heard Cathedral's "The Garden of Unearthly Delights"? I think its a pretty good album by them. Personally like it more than "Carnival Bizarre"
    September 8 03:22 PM
  • danielcardoso Sup my man, thanks for the shout, will check em out!
    September 7 07:12 PM
  • manosg Ontos, etsi einai. Dystixos oso pernane ta xronia kai auksanetai i eukolia me tin opoia kapoios mporei na akousei ena album xoris kostos alla kai na vrei mesa se liga lepta tromero ogko pliroforion, tha exoume tetoia fainomena. Exo paratirisei oti arketa paidia edo, exoun egkyklopedikes gnoseis se ypsilo epipedo alla tautoxrona einai kai kynikoi. Kai stin texni den tairiazei o kynismos kata tin tapeini mou apopsi.
    September 6 03:31 AM
  • manosg Kalispera John. Den trexei tipota, ton teleutaio kairo ki ego den poly mpaino logo douleias. Ase pou pleon kai ta sxolia stis perissoteres syzitiseis den me travane gia na sxoliaso. Exo tin entyposi pos to epipedo tora teleutaia einai ligo pesmeno kai ta album pou sxoliazontai den mou kanoun kefi.
    September 4 03:39 PM
  • insomniac15 I know the POG, Electro Harmonix have lots of great pedals. I have to get one at some point because it's versatile, you can use it for many cool sounds. There's also the Line 6 Echo Park which seems really nice, but I've purchased enough delay/reverb/echo pedals lol.
    September 4 09:55 AM
  • insomniac15 I have a 100-watt Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier, it's a monster. I took out 2 tubes and biased it to remain at 50 watts. This way I can keep the volume at 4-6/10 and have proper power. Otherwise, I would've had to keep it at 2-3 and that couldn't do it justice lol. It's nice you have so many pedals, you can always change the sound with something. I have to check out that Boss fuzz. Meanwhile, I saw Minotaur Effect's Fuzz and Burn. It sounds crazy good, I want to buy it.
    September 4 09:53 AM
  • insomniac15 Haha, yes, left handed guitar players are always victims! I have a friend that owns a Squire and it sounds really good! If you're lucky with one of those, you can get one that sounds close to a Fender and costs way less. Tube amps are a must, especially in genres like stoner/psychedelic/sludge, they really offer a crunchier sound by default and with a fuzz it's stinking fat haha
    September 4 09:50 AM
  • insomniac15 Main influences are John Frusciante, Robin Finck, John 5, Nick McCabe from The Verve (he's more audible in the way that I use lots of effects). I grew up with those guys' music or bands they played in. There's also the stoner influence - Josh Homme, Brant Bjork, Karma to Burn. We started with QOTSA covers before moving on to creating our stuff. Do you play in a band btw? What are your influences?
    August 31 01:53 PM
  • insomniac15 Regarding guitar gear, I have an Ibanez Omar Rodriguez-Lopez edition, it's really cool and good for its price (was around 300 euros on Thomann 6 years ago). I'm looking for another, better guitar, I'd love to grab a Fender Stratocaster sunburst, but since I'm a leftie it's harder and more expensive. I'll see what I can find when I have the money ready. I use a lot of delays/echoes, I have a Line 6 DL 4, Boss DD-7 and a Mooer Reecho (the mini version) MXR 90 Phaser and Dunlop Wah.How about you?
    August 31 01:49 PM
  • insomniac15 Thanks for the interest in the band, hopefully you'll dig our stuff. Regarding albums, check out Yawning Man's latest LP, released 2 weeks go, it's really cool. It's been quiet lately because of the holidays, but starting next month there should be new albums coming out. Fatso Jetson will release theirs on October 7, I'm curious to hear it. Zaum will have a new album too, have you heard them? They're basically Om with a slightly different, more epic vibe. The guy's bass sounds like a cathedral
    August 31 01:38 PM
  • manosg Alla diaole, oti paizei o Iommi einai Sabbath kai ontos, einai malakia na leme pos o Iommi einai apla enas typos pou egrafe kala riff. Egrafe to idio kala solo kai eixe poikilia sto paiksimo tou oso ligoi kitharistes.
    August 29 11:32 AM
  • manosg Oraios! Simfono se ola gia tous Sabbath. Gi'auto kai otan kapoia paidia lene pos oi pragmatikoi Sabbath einai autoi ton proton 6 album diafono. Sabbath einai to Hand of Doom, to Megalomania, to Never Say Die kai to Lonely is the Word. To na min aresei se kapoion i Dio-era einai apolyto dikaioma, emena den me travaei toso i Martin-era.
    August 29 11:32 AM
  • insomniac15 Yeah, I play stoner/psychedelic with some post rock mixed in there. It's a hobby and a nice way to travel from time to time and see new places. This is my band - The latest album, Colosseus is the most straightforward redneck one. We'd like to steer from the genre a bit because everybody plays it now and it feels saturated. People in Romania have gotten into this trend and now everybody includes a riff here and there and tag themselves as stoner too. Sucks.
    August 28 05:11 AM
  • insomniac15 For example one of the bands we booked had written in the contract something like this: if something happens and the band cannot make it to the show, the fee must be paid. We were a bit stunned, I mean, sorry, but if you're not making it to the show because the van broke down or one of the guys got sick, it's not my fault. Anyway, some are great guys. There are cases like this everywhere on every scene.
    August 28 05:08 AM
  • insomniac15 Haha, yeah, I understand. Stoner is quite trendy now and dozens of bands appear each day. What I observed at Greek bands is that they have a corporate feel. In a way this is good because they take things seriously, but on the other hand it's quite detached. You see a band from Germany or the US for example, they're more friendly (of course there's corporate stuff there too, but this is based on what I experienced so far) and you get that feel they're more in for the music.
    August 28 05:05 AM
  • manosg Kalimera Gianni. Ontos, den me enthousiase. Oson afora to eidos Sabbath Worship, protimo tous Witchfinder General. To Holy Mountain mou fanike arketa monolithiko, gia ta gousta mou. Eno eixe kales idees kai riff, me kourase sto akousma tou.
    August 28 02:38 AM
  • insomniac15 Well, at least you have Desertfest and many cool bands there! Plus other festivals from what I saw, which is great! Greece is a popular destination for stoner rock. I hope my band and I make it sometimes soon! We've been organizing gigs for Greek bands lately (1000Mods, Godsleep, Tuber, Planet of Zeus) here in Timisoara, so hopefully with some of those people's help we can make it for a couple of gigs there.
    August 27 11:19 AM
  • masterofreality Yeah thanks again. Finding great doom releases seems limitless because just when I think I've found the best, another album pops up!
    August 26 06:04 PM
  • insomniac15 Best of luck with the exams there! Yeah, after a couple of weeks I have fully disconnected from work and now it's back to it. Oh well... luckily it's not something I dislike so it's not that bad. Regarding Wo Fat, you can easily recognize them out of 1000 stoner bands. I think it helps being from that area, there are so many great bands there in Southern US, it's like they're born with riffs and grooves in them. I'd love to see them live, have you?
    August 26 04:53 PM
  • insomniac15 Hello, I'm enjoying the last days of holiday before I go back to work. How about you? You can write the review for Wo Fat's latest album, no problem. I have 3-4 lined up for the next month, those will keep me busy haha. Midnight Cometh is cool, it brings back some of those grooves on Noche del Chupacabra IMO.
    August 26 03:49 PM
  • Voivod Akouse to opote boreis, poli kalo heavy/doom rock -
    August 24 03:19 PM
  • masterofreality Thanks for the recommendation of Elder's self-titled album. It's awesome, especially Hexe.
    August 22 07:35 PM
  • MoosechriS That was for cd, i've seen some of the vinyl editions for sale on discogs for silly money (100 pounds or higher). So it's going to take a while to collect myself a nice collection of stuff, but it does mean i'll probably spend more time listening to the individual albums more in depth.
    August 22 04:32 PM
  • MoosechriS I had akuma no uta and smile both turn up yesterday but haven't had the chance to listen to them yet in full. Had a skim through each one quickly but should hopefully get the chance to listen to them both fully today. I've got a list of the recs you gave saved on my phone so i can work through it. Gonna try and pick one new boris album up every couple of weeks, they're stuff is expensive though, i think the cheapest i've seen flood go for is about 35 pounds.
    August 21 04:14 AM
  • manosg Kalimera Gianni! Apo Freddie King exo akousei mono to Burglar kai einai poly kalo. Tha tsekaro kai to Let's Hide Away. Rikse mia autia se auto pou proteina sto thread tou Overkill, den tha xaseis.
    August 18 03:10 AM
  • manosg Oraios! Ontos den eimai filos tou sludge, alla ta stoixeia pou mou anafereis gia ta teleutaia album tous mou aresoun poly. Tha tous rikso mia autia kapoia stigmi.
    August 14 02:33 PM
  • manosg To Crack the Skye mou arese arketa, parolo pou oi Mastodon den einai toso tou goustou mou. I alitheia einai oti me ekseplikse. To perimena pio monolithiko kai ligotero peripeteiodes.
    August 14 05:45 AM
  • manosg Kalispera John! Nai ennoeitai pos aksizoun, eidika to dempouto tous. Se genikes grammes moiazoun me tous Rainbow opos autoi akougontai sto proto album. Diladi kati metaksi se blues rock kai rock n roll, san to Black Sheep Of The Family, to If You Don't Like Rock 'N' Roll ktl.
    August 14 05:43 AM
  • SharkTooth have only checked their debut, haven't had the time to check anything else yet
    August 5 11:27 AM
  • masterofreality Thanks for all of the doom recommendations man. I'll tell you what I think of them once I listen to them. Also it's great to have other doom fans to talk to and share a similar taste in music
    July 30 02:00 PM
  • manosg Tha elega pos den aksizei, Gianni. Se genikes grammes, ta tria prota periexoun to pio dynato yliko tou. Isos aksizei kapoia stigmi pou tha exeis xrono na parakolouthiseis sto YouTube to live Paris Moon, alla einai psilo megalo, konta dyo ores.
    July 15 02:38 PM
  • Voivod Epesa pano se auti tin banda kai to black sabbath rock tis, kaloi, tsekare tous opote boreis -
    July 10 09:26 AM
  • manosg Theoro oti einai sigoura apo ta kalytera tous. Prosopiki mou protimisi einai to Under a Violet Moon to opoio einai pio mazemeno (oson afora stin diarkeia tou) kai ligo pio xalaro. Ean eprepe na dialekso ena top 3, tha itan Violet Moon, Fires at Midnight, Shadow of the Moon. Pantos mexri kai to The Village Lantern, tha elega pos aksizoun ola ta albums tou.
    July 6 06:54 AM
  • RunOfTheMill But actually I wiped my fav bands list but then I remembered that I do really like Priest...
    June 30 08:37 AM
  • RunOfTheMill Priest is the only band for me, man
    June 30 08:36 AM
  • RunOfTheMill Best band ever, bro
    June 29 05:24 PM
  • danielcardoso Nice buddy, let me know if you dig it :]
    June 29 04:22 AM
  • danielcardoso
    June 28 01:21 PM
  • danielcardoso Yeah i feel your pain buddy, have 2 more exams to do but by thursday i'm done! I dunno if metal is my sort of 'thing' tbh, but i listen some of it from time to time i guess i'm always open to just about anything :]
    June 21 04:58 PM
  • danielcardoso Not exactly buddy :]
    June 21 04:26 PM
  • danielcardoso I hardly m/ at all buddy ahah :] How are ya dude?
    June 19 05:12 PM
  • manosg haha. Imoun sto Perama, 625 Tagma Pezikou. I seira nomizo pos itan 293. Meta Kypros opou kai ousiastika apolythika apo ekei. Sto telos, epestrepsa Ellada alla eixa 10 meres na apolytho kai mia timitiki 10imeri apo Kypro. Mia pou parousiastika kai mia pou piga spiti mou.
    June 18 07:27 AM
  • manosg Kalimera Gianni. Tha to tsekaro oposdipote. Einai kai kala paidia apo tin Arta, eixa gnorisei arketous otan ypiretousa sta Giannena.
    June 18 04:06 AM
  • Voivod Se efxaristo gia to link, tha to tsekaro parauta. Kala eisai?
    June 18 03:57 AM
  • Parallels I am? idk life is hard fam
    June 12 02:54 PM
  • Parallels thanks
    June 11 11:29 PM
  • manosg Exoun vgei 2-3 kala thrash teleutaia alla auto einai to kati allo. Me tin proipothesi vevaia na min se xalasoun ta fonitika. Ap'oti exo dei, ekei einai pou kapoia paidia exoun ena thema.
    May 12 02:35 PM
  • YUJOS Xaxaxaxaxaa. Oxi afto den me halase odos. Me misi omada paizame opote koble. Nai to Universe einai poly kalo to kainourgio tous.
    May 12 09:56 AM
  • manosg Kalimera John! Einai sxedon akrivos toso kalo oso lene. Mporeis na diavaseis kai tin kritiki mou gia leptomereies alla tha sou po ena pragma to opoio gia mena einai to spoudaiotero. Einai to proto album pou akouo ta teleutaia 15 peripou xronia pou mou dieni tin entyposi pos tha ginei klassiko. Oxi toso klassiko oso ena Reign in Blood gia paradeigma alla isos oso ena Hell Awaits. Ennoeitai vevaia pos den to sygrino me autous tous kolossous, apla gia na exeis sto nou sou ena megethos pano kato.
    May 12 02:04 AM
  • YUJOS Na kanoun to vima parapano oi xenoi??? Xairo polly xeroume poioi einai aftoi pou boroun na to kanoun den mou leei kati afto. Kai to xrono na tous kratisoune, ean den ftiaxoume elliniko kormo mia zoi stis theseis 3-5 tha paizoume.
    May 11 09:39 AM
  • YUJOS Episis afto pou les gia ta krisima mats to oti psinoun tous paixtes na kanoun to vima parapano symfono en merei. To thema einai oti den ehoume kormo ellinon paixton. An deis to roster, ehoume 2-3 pitsirikades 18-19 xronon pou paizoun 1 for a se kathe 10 agones kai oi ypoloipoi ektos tou Zara kai tou Mourtou einai sta 30 fevga...Opote ti na to kano.
    May 11 09:37 AM
  • YUJOS Vasika Gianni to na paei I seira se pemtpo agona exypiretei poio polly ton Pedou oste na dixei stous paixtes tous ti thelei apo aftous, na desoun ta san omada-sximata ktl. Oso gia to thema kourasi me 2-3 meres nekres prin ton apo kathe teliko den tithetai thema kourasis. Edo re sy sto nba paizoun mera para imitelikous. Gia poia kourasi milame edo sto elliniko protathlima.
    May 11 09:34 AM
  • YUJOS Opos itan o panathinaikos exthes mexri kai I Trikala Raptors tous kerdizan. Kai na paei I seira sto pemtro paixnidi ti egine? Den yparhei periptosi na prokrithoume telikous.
    May 10 03:04 PM
  • manosg Na 'sai kala John. Skeftomoun na grapso kati, alla to paidi pou to kritikare ekane poly kali douleia. Opote tha afosiotho se kapoies alles sxetika nees kyklofories.
    April 30 10:35 AM
  • manosg Kalispera John! Ola kala, esy pos eisai? Mou arese arketa auto vgazei to album, diladi kati skoteino, epiko kai lyriko. Gia na eimai apolyta eilikrinis den ta epiasa toso ta sludge stoixeia, opote isos enas logos pou den me xalasan na einai autos. Diladi, to album einai ena amagalma apo diaforetika eidi kai oxi amigos sludge.
    April 24 12:29 PM
  • manosg Kalimera John! Vlepo tsekares to Satori e? Poly endiaferon album. Opote exeis xrono, san mastoras tou doom, tha me endiefere i apopsi sou gia auto to album. Esto gia to title track.
    April 6 04:09 AM
  • manosg Apo tin omada mou eimai arketa euxaristimenos, perissotero apo tin veltiosi pou exei deiksei para gia ta apotelesmata. Etsi ki allios o Panathinaikos exei tavani gia fetos nomizo. Pantos i omada paei na apokteisei kapoia tautotita kai sklirada kai auto einai to pio simantiko. Epipleon oi dyo apo tis treis nees metagrafes einai poly kales kai elpizo na kratisoume tous neous paixtes kai tou xronou. Pantos file xoris Diamantidi tha eimastan apokleismenoi, pithanotata.
    March 26 11:06 AM
  • manosg Kalispera Gianni. File prepei na to paradexto, den perimena tin omada sou na epikratisei me tetoio tropo exthes. Eixa arxisei na pisteuo pos pleon den diathetei ton refuse to lose xaraktira tis. Vevaia etsi opos ta ekane ta pragmata, xreiazetai enas syndiasmos apotelesmaton gia na perasei stous 8, alla ola einai pithana. Ean pontara kapou ta lefta mou, tha pontara sto na min perasete stous 8 fetos. Alla apo tin alli, kalo einai na min pontarei kapoios enantia ston Spanouli giati tha xasei.
    March 26 11:00 AM
  • YUJOS Ela steile sto fb. Grapse Evge Yuje kai tha me vreis.Mono steile mou kai ena minima ekei oti eisai esy, gia na se kano add giati mou stelnoune syneheia kati xekaftotoi aitimata filias.
    February 25 01:40 PM
  • NeroCorleone80 Nice. Also check the collab with Robert Rich
    February 13 02:32 PM
  • NeroCorleone80 isis aren't dark ambient. Listen to some Lustmord for that
    February 12 07:27 AM
  • NeroCorleone80 Isis are meh. Neurosis are so much better
    February 11 12:06 PM
  • NeroCorleone80 Everything from Souls at Zero is worth checking
    February 10 05:51 PM
  • NeroCorleone80 Nice Neurosis rating
    February 10 01:27 PM
  • manosg Nai, imoun to 2005. Allo na sto leo kai allo na isoun ekei. Mou kanei entyposi pou den tha perasoun kai apo ta meri mas. Pantos kratao mikro kalathi giati kati diavaza simera oti mporei na vgaloun ki allo album pou simainei kai nea periodia logika.
    January 28 10:26 AM
  • manosg Kalimera John. Opos to eipes file, leftovers. I oli fasi mou thymizei epoxes 1998 pou eixan ksana enothei kai eixan vgalei, se proti fasi, to single tou Psycho Man kai trexame san malakes na to agorasoume. En oligis, mou myrizei cash grab. Telos panton, as einai kala oi mparmpades kai tous ta sygxoroume ola.
    January 28 02:54 AM
  • YUJOS Ok man. Kali epityhia pros to paron me ta grapta efhomai.
    January 26 12:48 PM
  • YUJOS Opote xeberdepseis me to diavasma steile mou an einai kana minima na vrethoume na pame kamia tsarka.
    January 25 02:09 PM
  • YUJOS Kai ego gia fetos pistevo o Pap den polykolaei me to roster. Ante to poly na kollisei ton Maio sta krisima matsakia. Makari. Alla ap to na pigaine ston vazelo, kalytera pou ton kleisate pali. Den tha eihate kapoion paixti pou tha bourouse na ton antimetopisei kai tha balone kai o vazeloua tis theseis 3-4 kai tha kinountan parallila gia xeno guard.
    January 25 02:09 PM
  • YUJOS Kala na sou po tin alitheia Gianni i elpida pethainei panta teleftaia. Den palevete aftos o Cupkovic pou ehoumai gia anpliromatiko 4ari re file. Opote an pairname ton Pap tha adeiaze meta kai mia thesi xenou paixti gia na paroun kapoion allon xeno sin thesi tou Cupkovic.
    January 25 02:07 PM
  • YUJOS Ela vazele. Pos paei? Ola kala? Tin metagrafi tou Pap pos tin eides?
    January 20 06:18 AM
  • manosg Xronia polla John, paraligo na se ksexaso. O,ti epythimeis sou eyxomai.
    January 8 03:45 PM
  • YUJOS Xronia polla Gianni gia tin giorti sou. Polyxronos kai oti epythimeis.
    January 7 04:55 PM
  • Totengott Hey man, happy new year and thanks for the advice! I'll have a look. I surprisingly found an acoustic guitar on our attic and have been messing around with it for a while. I've searched some information about lessons anyways and it seems that there is plenty of people out here that give them.
    January 2 05:46 AM
  • ksoflas Kalh hronia Junkie.
    January 1 12:47 PM
  • manosg Kali xronia sou eyxomai John. Ygieia kai eytixia pano ap'ola!
    January 1 11:50 AM
  • YUJOS Tsako kai me tin efkairia aftes edo tis listoules mipos vreis tipota endiaferon. kai
    December 26 01:53 PM
  • YUJOS Gianni eilikrina den xero. Eho ena provlima ygeias kai exo xenerosei agria. Opote den eho kai polla kefia opos katalavaineis.
    December 26 01:51 PM
  • YUJOS Efharisto Gianni. Kales giortes sou efhomai!
    December 26 08:26 AM
  • Voivod stivaro heavy/doom apo Canada, pisteuo pos tha saresei -
    December 5 11:11 AM
  • Totengott But what would you recommend when starting out? It could be anything, just tell me.
    December 2 04:50 PM
  • Totengott I see, and I'm from the Netherlands.
    December 2 12:42 PM
  • Totengott Hey man, I've been good, just busy I suppose, how are you? I'm not too sure on my budget, but maybe 1k euros max should do? I need to find a way too see if it is something for me though, because I don't want to invest lots of money without knowing anything.
    December 1 02:40 PM
  • danielcardoso Hear the song "Beyond The Wheel", dude. Has a heavy, doom metal vibe that you'll love, plus Cornell really shines on that one. I'll send you the link, tell me what you think if you check it out.
    November 20 02:16 PM
  • danielcardoso Hey man, I noticed you only have two Soundgarden albums rated. Have you listened to the rest of their stuff?
    November 19 11:01 AM
  • manosg Ontos poly endiaferon to Sweet Leaf. Tha to tsekaro olokliro to album kapoia stigmi kai tha sou po entyposeis.
    November 11 02:48 AM
  • manosg Kalispera John. Eyxaristo gia to album. Eixa tsekarei mono to After Forever logo ton Pentagram kai to Solitude pou exo akousei se ena palaiotero album ton Ulver. Einai kalo to tribute, genikotera?
    November 10 12:16 PM
  • Totengott No problem!
    November 1 10:31 AM
  • Totengott Okay man, I appreciate it a lot. :]
    October 31 06:56 PM
  • Totengott No, I do not have a facebook page.
    October 31 02:08 PM
  • ksoflas Egw to thewrw classic alla gousta einai ayta. peri oreksews kolokythopita dhladh.
    October 26 03:28 PM
  • ksoflas Apo Xanthi man. Giati rwtas?
    October 24 08:03 AM
  • ksoflas Giati 3 sto In Rainbows re Giannh???
    October 23 06:28 PM
  • Totengott 22.
    October 22 02:06 PM
  • Totengott I suppose I just don't know where to start with an instrument and it costs quite some money, got any tips?
    October 22 09:42 AM
  • Voivod To Avatarium den exei vgei akoma, oso gia to With The Dead, exei vgei ena tragoudi mono pros ta ekso. I apantisi einai oxi, tora skeftomai na grapso gia kati allo, enopsi ton iperlabron eortasmon (sic) gia tis 100 keimena sto sputnik.
    October 13 05:54 PM
  • NeroCorleone80 Good to see you digging some grind
    October 8 04:40 PM
  • manosg Akou ton kai tha me thymitheis...Oute ego ton goustaro ton Kalathokefalo, ta ksereis ta gousta mou. Alla auto to album aksizei.
    October 5 03:00 PM
  • manosg Jason Becker - Perspective, Buckethead - Electric Tears, Guthrie Govan - Erotic Cakes kai Andy Timmons - That Was Then, This Is Now einai tessera album pou sigoura aksizoun mia autia.
    October 5 03:45 AM
  • manosg Na 'sai kala John. Pes mou entyposeis, otan tsekareis. Ean psaxneis gia guitar albums genika, kai thes recs, pes mou na sou anafero 2-3.
    October 3 11:41 AM
  • manosg Kalispera Gianni. Nai, exo akousei to Ah Via Musicom to opoio einai arketa kalo. O EJ exei eksairetiko tono, aketa hooks gia guitar album, kai pou kai pou tragoudaei. San Texanos pou einai mporei na akouseis kapoia pragmatakia pou isos na sou thimisoun Stevie Ray Vaughan. To mono pou me psiloxalaei einai to gegonos oti den mou vgazei toso pathos to sygkerkimeno album.
    October 3 05:46 AM
  • SharkTooth it's back
    September 29 11:15 AM
  • NeroCorleone80 Yeah Earth 2 has already crawled into favorite metal albums
    September 22 05:37 PM
  • NeroCorleone80 Not much dude, just chilling and jamming. I dont know what other album I could suggest because you've already heard The Stooges, which are the closest band to MC5. They're aren't many albums like Kick Out the Jams I'm afraid, aside from other live rock albums like Made in Japan, but even then not that similar.
    September 21 05:32 PM
  • manosg Proselifthi kata tin diarkeia tou kalokairiou stin Murcia, an den kano lathos. Symfono se auto pou les oti xreiazetai proponitis protoklasatos kai tha prostheso me empeiria apo diethni tournoua giati to coaching stin Euroleague einai poly diaforetiko apo ena Eurobasket. To ena einai marathonios kai to allo katostari. Apla xreiazontai lefta pou de nomizo na diathetei i omospondia, eidika me ta xalia pou exei i xora. Opote Katsikaris kai an ton soutaroune vlepo Giannaki i Pedoulaki.
    September 16 03:04 PM
  • manosg Apla kapoies fores kanoume to lathos na theorisoume igeti kapoion pou milaei syxeia, i pou fonazei stou sympaixtes tou kata tin diarkeia tou agona. Isos o Antetokounmpo ypo proipotheseis na mporei na igithei tis omadas sto mellon. Tora gia ton Katsikari eimai 50/50. Apo tin mia den mou aresei na apolyontai proponites alla kai apo tin alli apotygxanei gia deutero synexomeno tournoua. Prosopika, tha ithela na ton do kai tou xronou stous olympiakous agones kai apo ekei kai pera vlepoume. Ti les?
    September 16 02:21 PM
  • manosg To thema xaraktira einai pisteuo na to exeis. Sigoura me tin parodo ton xronon auto kalliergeitai akomi perissotero alla prepei na to leei i psixoula sou. Auti tin stigmi, apo tous pio neous den vlepo kapoion na to exei. O Chalampopoulos exei deiksei poly kala stoixeia me tin mikres ethnikes alla akoma einai noris na ton vaftisoume igeti. Edo kala kala den exei paiksei ston Panathinaiko.
    September 16 02:18 PM
  • manosg Entaksei otan to gyrizeis apo to -9 sto 4, logika to momentum einai mazi sou. Auto emeis den mporesame na to ekmetaleutoume. Kata ta alla, i Ispania itan arketa pio peistiki stin megalyteri diarkeia tou agona. Kai na sou po tin alitheia, vlepo tin Gallia na tin kerdizei eukola sto epomeno paixnidi. Idomen...
    September 16 02:11 PM
  • manosg Gi'auto sou elega prin apo ligo kairo oti kai o coach tha prepei na apodeiksei pragmata se auto to tournoua. Pantos vlepo na pigainoume se ananeosi meta to Eurobasket kai na mpainei neo aima stin omada.
    September 16 01:57 PM
  • manosg Pantos kratao auto pou eipes, oti isos telika na min eimaste toso kaloi oso nomizoume. To opoio vevaia einai apolyta akrives ean eksetasoume ta apotelesmata tis omadas ta teleutaia xronia. Gia na eimai eilikrinis, ego eimai apo autous pou pisteoun oti i omada den apodidei analoga me tis ikanotites tis kai auto einai thema coach. Oxi oti o Katsikaris den einai kalos proponitis, apla kati isos na tou leipei gia na kanei to vipa parapano.
    September 16 01:56 PM
  • manosg San na min pisteuame sti niki. Gi'auto leo gia fantasmata. Giati meta ton agona me to Belgio, oloi oi paixtes mas, akoma kai o proponitis, dilonan anoixta oti theloun tin Ispania. Auto prepei na exei mpei kai sto myalo ton pio mikron. Gia paradeigma, o Antetokounmpo elege prin akoma oi Ispanoi kerdisoun stous 16 oti proetoimazomaste gia tous Ispanous. Telos panton, tora thelei psyxraimia gia na kerdisoume ton epomeno agona kai na perasoume sto proolympiako tournoua.
    September 16 01:53 PM
  • manosg En oligis, kerdise i kalyteri omada. Oti allo kai na poume einai perito. Prosopika, theoro apotyxia to gegonos oti den eimaste stin tetrada. Kai auto pou me anysixei perissotero, einai oti gia akoma ena tournoua, i omada stin proti dyskolia kolonei. Fantasou oti i Ispania katevike me para polles apoleies kai eixei ton Rudy traumatia. Kai parola auta, ksekinise to paixnidi poly pio dynata apo emas. Auto pou einai pio apogoiteutiko einai oti to provadisma pou pirame to poulisame.
    September 16 01:50 PM
  • manosg Asta na pane. Dystyxos otan agonizesai enantia sta fantasmata sou, synithos xaneis. Ti pisteueis oti den pige kala?
    September 16 03:03 AM
  • danielcardoso Cool man :]
    September 11 07:06 AM
  • danielcardoso If you need some guidance in the Pearl Jam discography I can help you out :]
    September 10 06:08 PM
  • manosg Kalispera Gianni, pos eisai? To kainourio Maiden einai para poly kalo kai idiaitera gia tous filous ton Maiden. Einai sxedon sygkinitiko pos meta apo tosa xronia mporoun kai vgazoun toso kalo yliko kai pisteuo pos epaikse rolo oti se auto to album voithisan oloi stin synthesi.
    September 9 02:39 PM
  • Mythodea e makari, alla edw Rethymno duskolo apo vdomada. Kata ton Oktwvrio tha mas er8ei to kruo...
    September 2 01:38 PM
  • Mythodea ante, kairos einai na kanei ligh psyxra. De lew, wraio to kalokairi kai perasa mia xara, alla me exei kourasei polu. Pio polu apo pote. Thelw vroxh kai tetoia!
    September 2 12:49 PM
  • Mythodea Kalhmera file, ti ginesai? H8ela na sou pw oti katafera telika na kanw logariasmo sto Metal Tracker kai twra poy to Pirate Bay einai skia autou pou htan, me voh8hse polu! Na sai kala, vrhka wraia pragmatakia ekei. Esu ti leei, ola kala?
    September 2 04:06 AM
  • Voivod psaxno douleia edo kai ekso.
    September 1 06:08 PM
  • Voivod mia xara eimai, tiroumenon ton analogion panta, kai i sxolh kala, to pira to didaktoriko B-)
    September 1 05:23 PM
  • Voivod hard n' heavy doom apo Ohio meria, pisteuo pos tha sou aresei -
    September 1 03:14 PM
  • 08hypnotic you are the best. thanks man
    September 1 03:02 PM
  • 08hypnotic Hey john! Nice to meet you! :) ive been finding soo much stuff its mind blowing
    August 31 05:24 PM
  • 08hypnotic yes, I'm a girl haha. Oh cool, I've never used metal archives. Thanks for the links! Ill be checking these out today!
    August 31 01:13 PM
  • "Electric Wizard, Sleep, YOB, Monolord."Yea, I've heard these bands. YOB is probably my favorite. Got any other suggestions? Specifically looking for ghostly voice. Almost eco-y and earie. Seems to be kinda absent in this genre which is a shame. but maybe I'm not looking in the write places. My names Leyla by the way, nice to meet you :) haha
    August 28 04:38 PM
  • manosg Kati etoimazo...To thema einai re John pos oti kritikes exo diavasei einai poly thetikes alla emena den mou ekane click to album. To exo akousei mono 2 fores mexri tora alla de nomizo na allakso gnomi. Logika mesa sto SK kati tha anevaso. Tou exeis riksei kamia autia? An nai, pos sou fanike?
    August 28 03:05 PM
  • 08hypnotic My first inquiry ill bug you about haha.. I'm looking for bands like Windhand. So Ghostly haunting voice that blends in with the instrumentals.. Fuzzy heavy riffs... I found Suma - let the churches burn... idk man!
    August 28 01:17 PM
  • Voivod gia sou file, distixos to fb mou einai apenergopoiimeno edo kai xronia.
    August 28 12:31 PM
  • 08hypnotic I have been studying those lists endlessly for the past month. It kind of feels like being introduced to music for the first time... ya kno? haha
    August 28 10:39 AM
  • 08hypnotic I'm very much into doom metal! I'm also relatively new to it, so lists like yours help a bunch!
    August 28 09:22 AM
  • danielcardoso Thanks man. I know it's not an official release, but I figured I wouldn't bother, since it aired on MTV quite a lot.
    August 28 08:48 AM
  • 08hypnotic Love your riffs of doom list! Thanks
    August 27 05:41 PM
  • danielcardoso Hey man, I finally reviewed Pearl Jam's Unplugged. Took me some doing, check it out :]
    August 27 02:59 PM
  • doctorjimmy swsto se vriskw ;) kai gw apo ellington mhn nomizeiw ena best of exw akousei. einai duskolo na vreis diskous tou. allwste mn nomizeis oti kai gw ta xw agorasei ola auta ta cd :P katebasmena einai ola xD
    August 25 07:18 PM
  • doctorjimmy kai sy den pas pisw apo oti vlepw file mou! Hendrix, Doors, Floyd kai Stones apo th mia kai Clash, Velvet kai Patti Smith apo thn allh, gia na mhn anaferw olous tous metal diskous. Poikila akousmata! ;)
    August 25 05:19 PM
  • doctorjimmy komple eimaste ;)
    August 25 04:23 PM
  • doctorjimmy nai trele mou kai gw ellhnas eimai ;) Apo pou eisai re patrida esy? Egw vriskomai keratsini.
    August 25 03:53 PM
  • MaidenUFO Pos eise re Gianni? Pezei na xoume na milisoume kai 2 xronia apo do
    August 24 10:36 PM
  • Totengott And you too man m/.
    August 23 01:40 PM
  • manosg Tha milagame oxi mono gia tous paterades tou heavy metal alla kai gia tin koryfaia isos NWOBHM mpanta. Pantos, gia na epistrepso sto thema, pragmatika ola ta organa prepei na einai se ypsilo epipedo gia na exoume ena megalo album. Vevaia pano ap'ola einai i sinthesi kai ystera ta ypoloipa.
    August 21 12:00 PM
  • manosg haha, na eyxaristiso gia ta kala logia. Symfono gia ton Roth. Polles fores ta megala talenta/myala einai kai anasfaleis/control freaks. Alles fores, apla den exoun tis organotikes ikanotites kai to orama enos Steve Harris gia paradeigma. Fantazesai oi Diamond Head na eixan enan Steve Harris sto mpaso? Tha milagame gia alli istoria sto metal auti tin stigmi! Fantazesai na min eixan poiasei oi Sabbath ton Dio na paizei me ta epipeda ton fonitikon tou sto Live Evil?
    August 21 11:55 AM
  • manosg Ela John, kalimera. Eida oti tsekares Electric Sun, Junior Wells kai Buddy Guy! Agapimena album ola. Akougontas to Earthquake, katalavaineis amesos giati efyge o arxontas o Roth apo tous Skorpious xoris na exeis diavasei tipota allo. To Hoodoo Man Blues einai isos to agapimeno mou blues album logo tou xaraktira pou vgazei. Kai o Buddy Guy protypo gia blues kitharistes, xairomai pou ton meletas.
    August 20 06:09 AM
  • Mythodea Eides to 3 pou tous evala, e? Oxi re, apla epeidh einai eidos poy den akouw para poly, den exei trelo replay value. Einai ena para poly kalo psychedelic-south rock debuto, nomizw 8a sou aresei. Tous Atlantean Codex toys eixa akoysei ligo otan vgalan ton prwto disko tous prin apo duo xronia an 8umamai kala. Nta3, den pe8ana kiolas.
    August 11 07:54 AM
  • Mythodea a, nai, tous exw akousei autous... to teleutaio tous dhladh... polu kaloi. exeis akousei tous 1886?
    August 11 06:33 AM
  • Mythodea genika re, oxi anagastika prog
    August 10 09:11 AM
  • Mythodea fantazomai, alla nta3'. Ti alla.Kamia kalh banda na proteineis?
    August 9 06:16 PM
  • Mythodea Koita, an oi epoxes htan opws tis ma8ainame mikroi, tote h agaphmenh moy epoxh 8a htan makran to f8inipwro. Sunnefa, vroxes kai kataigides, mazi me pesmena fulla stous dromous. Epeidh omws edw poy zw exoume pio hpio klima kai apo ton isimerino, mono o xeimwnas moy ta dinei auta. Den to lew se emo-like styl. Apla einai gia mena pio wraios o gkrizos ouranos para to xazoxaroumeno toy hlioy poy de ginetai kai tipota endiaferon!
    August 9 12:06 PM
  • Mythodea Phga Krhth mono, Chania kai Hersoniso, alla ekana deka meres. Good stuff. Kales diakopes, fysika, einai anagkaies. Twra 8elw ena vary ki ashkwto xeimwna, me vroxes kai kataigides. Sunnefa pantou. Na mporoume na apolausoume deontws to neo disko twn Riverside!
    August 9 05:07 AM
  • Mythodea Wx, ela re, nai se 8umh8hka. To ti eixes travh3ei mazi moy na mou steileis to disko.... Mia kalh pra3h eipes na kaneis kai sou thn evgala 3inh! Estw. A8hna e? Prepei na einai klivanos ekei panw, an edw kanei tetoia koufovrash! Egw me tis diakopes teleiwsa gia fetos. Esu gia pou les?
    August 8 02:03 AM
  • Mythodea Nai, Hrakleio menw. Exoume 3anamilhsei? Exw ligo mnhmh xrusopsarou kai an nai den to 8umamai. Ola kala? Me ti asxoleisai?
    August 6 07:01 AM
  • RunOfTheMill can we expect a new review from you for the new Windhand? ;)
    August 5 01:36 PM
  • manosg Kalispera John. Den exo fb, vasika pote den eftiaksa.
    July 27 12:10 PM
  • Mythodea Ela filos. Den exw fb. Tipota den exw edw pou ta leme, mono ena outlook gia ta mail. Apo dw mporoume na milame. Apo poy eisai? Athina?
    July 27 09:34 AM
  • manosg Gi'auto opos les ki esy, kratame mikro kalathi alla apo ekei kai pera tha prepei na poulisoume to tomari mas poly akriva kai na anaktisoume tin xameni mas tautotita.
    July 26 02:10 PM
  • manosg Apla fetos thelo na tous do na katevainoun me to maxairi sta dontia kai na min anexontai malakies apo kanenan. Sto Mundobasket 2014 kaname pente nikes kai meta paradothikame stin (anoteri fysika) Servia trogontas 90 pontous. Se mia ethniki pou i amyna einai to sima katatethen, auto den prepei na epanalifthei fetos. Kai pali sou leo pos prepei na doume ta roster ton antipalon mas alla auto den exei na kanei me ton xaraktira pou tha prepei na vgazei i omada mas sto gipedo.
    July 26 02:09 PM
  • manosg Kala koitakse, me stoxo to xryso mono oi Amerikanoi dikaiountai na katevainoun se diorganosi. Gia mena, otan leo diakrisi enoo plasarisma stin tetrada kai tha eimai poly euxaristimenos me metallio akomi ki an einai xalkino. Apla i omada prepei na arxisei na dimiourgei enan aera nikiti. Auto me ta xronia xathike kathos me tis lathos epiloges proponiton xasame tin tautotita mas. Voutirepsame John kai den einai kako na to paradextoume. Se olous mas symvainei auto kapoia stigmi stin zoi mas.
    July 26 02:05 PM

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