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  • Avagantamos want to hang out at my place tomorrow and watch some trailer park boys?
    April 18 01:39 PM
  • Futures You got any 90s emo recs for me? Need more of that stuff.
    April 15 09:35 PM
  • Futures awesome! imagine a much raw and darker clarity. you would love it. guaranteed
    April 15 03:39 PM
  • Futures sup dude i know you are a huge 90s emo dude. i have a huge rec for you. jimmy eat world- static prevails. pretty much nothing like their other stuff and very comparable to a more hardcore mineral. there is screaming and such. anyways i think you would really enjoy it!
    April 15 03:29 PM
  • Iamthe Nightstars This reminded me of the new Hotelier album.
    April 14 07:29 PM
  • Atari man i'm digging that somos album a lot the lyrics just hit me hard
    April 12 04:27 PM
  • Atari (another emo/punk band similar to the hotelier and on the same label)
    April 11 03:34 PM
  • dopevoid hey there backwards rob I spent a little time writing about you in my column, hope you'll check it out
    April 2 08:29 PM
  • fromtheinside plug? the one night i'm on no ones here, go figure
    April 1 03:06 AM
  • fromtheinside where's trebor
    April 1 01:50 AM
  • FourthReich
    March 31 05:56 PM
  • pmmets07 check this out. the dude from algernon is in this band but they're punkier
    March 25 10:47 PM
  • Spag This IS brilliant.
    March 25 03:53 PM
  • scottpilgrim10 Alright, thanks for the explanation.
    March 21 10:27 PM
  • scottpilgrim10 What's so great about the National? I listened to Trouble Will Find Me, and I thought it was just okay.
    March 21 10:18 PM
  • Iamthe Nightstars Hey did you hear Arrows is breaking up? ):
    March 20 09:17 PM
  • tempest-- dude what a weird name is she hot
    March 18 05:12 AM
  • Kman418 listen to lightning bolt
    March 16 08:00 PM
  • Stokes Tomorrow, or the next day.
    March 16 07:03 PM
  • Stokes I should be fine but I should have started this animation way earlier.
    March 16 06:56 PM
  • Stokes Yeah I've been feeling inexplicably awful and then feeling great from day to day. I've have to create a 60 second animation and a 3D model a scene from a period in history over the next three weeks.
    March 16 06:56 PM
  • Stokes Damn really? That sucks dude I thought you might have gotten past that. I'm the same as ever. Fluctuating mood and just trying hard not to fail my first year of uni due to neglecting my work.
    March 16 06:51 PM
  • Stokes Hello, friend.
    March 16 06:43 PM
  • fromtheinside it has appeared to have begun faster than i expected. come when you can
    March 14 10:17 PM
  • fromtheinside the usual, beer drugs plug and feels
    March 14 09:04 PM
  • fromtheinside tonight
    March 14 08:44 PM
  • Spec is checkers yummy? we don't have them here
    March 13 02:25 AM
  • Kman418 u just got to do like some ridiculously nice thing 4 her like eat her out for an hour straight or something so she feels like she owes you something in return and boom you're gold
    March 13 02:22 AM
  • Kman418 im sure if you're discreet about it you could probably get away with it idk
    March 13 02:19 AM
  • Kman418 nah lol i got the vibe u probably prefer girls so its w/e cant say im not jealous tho
    March 13 02:15 AM
  • SadAndHolyGlow oh hush you [2]
    March 9 07:17 PM
  • SadAndHolyGlow oh hush you
    March 9 02:34 PM
  • PitchforkArms s*** man, that hotelier album brings it
    March 8 06:30 PM
  • JS19 Dude can you rec me some emo, you seem like the dude to ask and I'm trying to get more into the genre? Cheers!
    March 8 04:44 PM
  • oltnabrick make a news article for this plssssssssss :}}}}}}}}}}}}
    March 8 01:43 PM
  • Dunpeal dude : (
    March 3 03:41 PM
  • Dunpeal uve been somewhat less angsty on here as of late. it keeps me up at night tbh. plz tell me this is due to the fact that ur getting it in
    February 28 10:27 PM
  • Atari Yo, I saw you list about feeling like you're not improving with your writing like u think u are , just wanted to say keep your head up. I often feel the same way, like I'm stuck in a rut and my reviews will never get much better, but I really enjoy your reviews . They're fun to read and that's all that really matters.
    February 28 01:09 AM
  • Hyperion1001 dude i know most of the time i s*** around here on and joke and stuff but for real if you need someone to talk to and just be real with dont hesitate to message me here or on facebook or whatever. youre a cool dude and i hate to see you down so much, and i know from personal experience just talking about it, whatever it is, can make things a lot better.
    February 27 11:24 PM
  • theacademy (insert spaces as necessary)
    February 26 11:39 PM
  • theacademy basically, yea... we're up to: TITLE CRAWLEPISODE IV: A NEW HOPEIt is a period of civil war...
    February 26 11:38 PM
  • Atari hey man just wanted to say i appreciate you requesting a feature for my hotelier review
    February 26 05:09 PM
  • evilford ah cool I do the same, I've started and stopped a few times but I'm starting to get back into it again. just recently had an opportunity to get a few playsets of orig dual lands so I have renewed excitement for playing any kind of legacy
    February 26 04:22 PM
  • evilford hey dude did I read a while back that you play mtg?
    February 26 04:11 PM
  • BigHans jam Enforcer - Death By Fire right ****ing now
    February 26 03:09 PM
  • Malenchanted cant wait for your Issues review man
    February 24 09:40 AM
  • ThirtySixChambers NP, go get 'em cowboy
    February 23 01:13 PM
  • ArsMoriendi Not sure if it was your or another mod whod it, but thanks to whoever it was.
    February 20 02:52 PM
  • ArsMoriendi Since I'm pretty sure*
    February 20 02:33 PM
  • ArsMoriendi Hey Trebor, the most recent 12 lists on here were made by some guy who has such a lack of a life he created 12 different profiles which each posted a list containing no albums or songs with annoying immature sexual titles such as: "**** A Dick In My Two And ****ing My" and "Eat My Dick Slit Cum Fummings."You're a mod right? Can you them... please? Also does this place ban users? If it does you might wanna these profile, since I'm pretty having 12 must be over some limit...
    February 20 02:32 PM
  • FearThyEvil9 You think I'd like The Hotelier if I liked Captain, We're Sinking? I asked that in the thread but got no response. I'm really curious about the album.
    February 20 02:38 AM
  • JokineAugustus Make it 102. Nathan Streilein
    February 19 01:06 AM
  • hogan900 I haven't used my Facebook since I was 16.. But I got into it so send me an invite, it's Brady Hayes and it should be a pic of me pitching for baseball. Can you add me to the group too?
    February 18 05:55 PM
  • Atari Nice. Strangely enough I haven't heard that much emo, even though some pop-punk bands I like have emo influences
    February 18 04:29 PM
  • Atari never heard empire empire! (I was a lonely estate). gonna check em out
    February 18 04:21 PM
  • oltnabrick i know :]
    February 17 05:23 PM
  • oltnabrick
    February 17 05:19 PM
  • ferociouslettuce haha deviant let you go Trebor. Very classy move rob lowe very classy move. #basedgod
    February 16 06:30 PM
  • fromtheinside we're back babe come jam for my bady, you know where
    February 16 04:08 AM
  • SeaAnemone haha very cool. I'll get around to it at some point and let you know what I think!
    February 15 06:53 PM
  • SeaAnemone would I like that Hotelier band?
    February 15 06:44 PM
  • ArsMoriendi Whod*
    February 15 06:42 PM
  • ArsMoriendi I don't know whod that list, but if you do, can you tell them I said thank you?
    February 15 06:42 PM
  • Spec lol kimm
    February 15 05:57 PM
  • Spec Commented on the don't employ women list. Think I'm gonna kill myself now.
    February 15 05:51 PM
  • Azn. if you thought the Issues ALBUM was bad, wait till you see some of the reviews:
    February 15 04:28 PM
  • Iamthe Nightstars My latest review has a sweet cover from Owen on it you should check out.
    February 15 03:21 PM
  • Atari dat hotelier rating
    February 14 06:46 PM
  • fromtheinside tbh, i can't believe you plugged.come more often.truth
    February 14 06:12 AM
  • YourDarkAffected Yeah, I'm really looking forward to Grand Budapest Hotel.
    February 14 02:36 AM
  • YourDarkAffected Nice! All good movies. RT is probably the best Wes Anderson, but Life Aquatic's my favorite.
    February 14 02:29 AM
  • YourDarkAffected Me too. What are your other three?
    February 14 02:23 AM
  • YourDarkAffected There Will Be Blood and Lost in Translation? Yeah, I'm a big fan haha
    February 14 02:10 AM
  • fromtheinside come plug trebor, we're all talking about you jesus.
    February 14 02:08 AM
  • Atari Ah, well it could certainly use a review. I think it's their best work in years...even if it is just an EP
    February 13 01:56 PM
  • Atari When you gonna review alkaline trio - broken wing?
    February 13 01:32 PM
  • MyCarandMyGuitar thanks man! It's cool if you don't do a formal review of the album but it'd be awesome to get some feedback on what you thought!
    February 13 11:39 AM
  • Atari nice rating for the hotelier. band needs more love
    February 12 12:19 PM
  • hogan900 Greetings my contributing colleague.
    February 11 08:54 PM
  • Jom Very weird bug. You were listed as 'Awaiting E-mail Confirmation'. I fixed you up, but let me know if you stumble across anything else strange.
    February 11 07:05 PM
  • Lotus 05 **** em nahmean
    February 10 07:29 PM
  • fromtheinside u dig rookie town right? i mean, u should
    February 10 06:11 PM
  • Cygnatti I feel like he's getting so angry and incoherent that his posts will start becoming straight up La Dispute lyrics pretty soon
    February 6 10:35 PM
  • Futures Trebor Alesana plays instruments, ****ing GYBE ****ing goes in the kitchen and drops pans on the floor, open doors and slam them, water the ****ing flowers and watch a train go by, then calls is music.
    February 6 10:32 PM
  • TooLateToGoBack Thanks for the hookup, Treb.
    February 5 11:58 PM
  • SeaAnemone yo listen to Var. it's like Have a Nice Life and Joy Division but catchier and synthier
    February 5 08:18 PM
  • MyCarandMyGuitar hey man i was wondering if you could write a review for my band's new album, it was suggested that i requested youu. You can download it here i just made a page for the band and album and everything, the band name is Noise Complement and the album is This Ship's Gone Haywire. The album is alternative/pop punk, with our influences being Motion City Soundtrack, Yellowcard, and Say Anything. Thank you!!!
    February 5 07:25 PM
  • YakNips You can do vocals anytime you want Rob :] What exactly do you want from me though? I'm not too good at twinkling
    February 5 11:55 AM
  • Curse. Writing a SCATHING review today
    February 5 08:31 AM
  • Tyrael Right now I wanna concentrate on not being absolutely ****ing miserable which is hard cuz i'm so good at it apparently :]
    February 4 05:05 PM
  • Tyrael I have had a few girlfriends already and they made me feel like s*** doe
    February 4 04:35 PM
  • fromtheinside trebor
    February 4 01:28 AM
  • Tyrael No gf, no fun, me struggling with my procrastination issues etc... I'm just really unhappy atm and I have no idea how to fix it
    February 2 04:57 PM
  • Kman418 nah lol im happy for u either way im just bitter cuz i'll probably end up alone since im too ****in picky. im sure she'll appreciate the shampoo bottle story
    February 2 12:55 AM
  • Kman418 how does it feel to not be alone 4ever
    February 1 11:16 PM
  • YakNips Sure what do you wanna do bro
    February 1 08:13 PM
  • Frippertronics When you come out, your sh/it is gone
    February 1 01:46 AM
  • Frippertronics well, I can't deny The Lonesome Hammered Treb
    February 1 01:38 AM
  • Frippertronics haha man, it's that or Dry Satire/Wet Comedy
    February 1 01:29 AM
  • Frippertronics good enough for me bby
    February 1 01:20 AM
  • Frippertronics whoa bby, i gotta ask for sum dat insight. I'm listening to Dry Satire and have many things to say about it, but can't figure out how to get an intro down. this shiet ain't my forte
    February 1 01:03 AM
  • sixdegrees Robert Lowe
    January 31 07:28 PM
  • Spec **** ass band
    January 31 02:43 AM
  • Spec Blood on the dance floor- dance tonight revolution tomorrow.
    January 31 02:40 AM
  • Sanders Then I think the way forward is to post reviews here but socialise with us in the forums! Bring some of the nicer guys with you too, more company's always welcome!
    January 30 09:21 AM
  • Tyrael Seems like things were going pretty well for you man, I'm happy to hear that :] . It's weird but hearing about other people's lives going smoothly helps to make me forget how miserable I feel about my own.
    January 30 06:20 AM
  • Sanders meh, kinda. I tried to set up a 6 nations fantasy league, to no avail. Just been posting here and there, may write a review if I get a bit of time. Been a while though, and I'm pretty s***e at it! How's tricks? Going to spend more time over in the forums?!
    January 29 07:18 PM
  • Tyrael So you really are the new andcas lol (just kidding of course). Idk I feel burned out on sputnik, especially since all my efforts to write reviews have turned out to be giant bowls of suck, basically. How are you man?
    January 29 06:18 PM
  • Tyrael Hey yeah 20k in 3 and a half years is a lot imo unless your name is robert apparently :P
    January 29 06:09 PM
  • aok acad and i had a convo about you the other day -- how we didn't like you at first but you won us over. well played good sir
    January 27 06:13 PM
  • Jacquibim How many new contribs normally get recruited? Also remember this is the first promotion in 12 months.
    January 24 10:59 PM
  • Frippertronics cover nigel pepper cock? idk if i can rock with the cock like they can
    January 24 10:59 PM
  • Jacquibim Well I appreciate it, should whisper in Jom's ear for me.
    January 24 10:56 PM
  • Jacquibim Damn, thanks man. I'm surprised, I always thought I was a bit of a dick to you lol
    January 24 10:53 PM
  • tommygun done and done
    January 24 06:32 AM
  • bach haha just about man
    January 23 10:14 PM
  • Spec music are gay bro
    January 23 09:49 PM
  • fromtheinside why don't you plug again?
    January 23 03:37 AM
  • Iamthe Nightstars Oh, damn, sorry. I thought you were giving me s***. Haha. It feels like I'm the only one that likes that Arrows album. Strictly Ballroom are pretty good but I'm not as into them as you are. You should check out Edaline if you haven't already, they remind me of them. Btw we're friends on last fm. My name is reconvene.
    January 21 10:50 PM
  • Iamthe Nightstars And Strictly Ballroom is so amazing.
    January 21 10:29 PM
  • Iamthe Nightstars Lol, I hate you.
    January 21 10:27 PM
  • Iamthe Nightstars Nothing new but I thought it was well executed.
    January 21 10:17 PM
  • Iamthe Nightstars
    January 21 07:26 PM
  • Dunpeal have u not seen "she's out of my league"???? u need an extra pair of hands and a can do attitude
    January 21 07:15 PM
  • Dunpeal XD
    January 21 06:36 PM
  • Dunpeal i would like to manscape ur gibblets to ensure ur success between the sheets. when r u available?
    January 21 03:26 PM
  • Lotus you're not going to review lil b are you :[
    January 19 01:59 AM
  • Aids yeah I gathered that reading through the thread
    January 17 08:56 PM
  • BigHans dude that would really suck to be allergic to that considering its in like everything awesome
    January 17 04:32 PM
  • tommygun man you're overthinking things, she's obv into you just remember that confidence is everything and will get you everywhere
    January 17 07:34 AM
  • tommygun o yea what happened
    January 17 07:29 AM
  • tommygun you ok?
    January 17 07:27 AM
  • Relinquished ah i used to do the same thing back in my house parties, always had at least a couple tipsy girls on my back while I did the pushups
    January 16 05:48 PM
  • Relinquished you've done well my disciple but don't you dare think your job's done. I expect more pushups, squats, calf raises, wall squats, and leg raises for daily calisthenics.
    January 16 05:45 PM
  • Kris. to the woods we goooo bring your robes ill have the drinks psychadelics and a metronome and we can all sing loud as the world explohooooohoooooodes
    January 16 03:00 PM
  • Aids not for sputnik. I wasn't asked but it's cause I left the fb group, woops. If you need help I'll write some s*** but I don't care about being involved in the contributor list unless you are missing lots of write-ups.
    January 13 10:21 PM
  • guitarded_chuck good for you brother !
    January 11 09:56 AM
  • Spec how's yer cooler
    January 11 02:19 AM
  • Calc I believe it, you seem pretty in touch with your feelings. Something a lot of people simply aren't...
    January 10 08:22 PM
  • Calc I recommend it, just be absolutely sure lol
    January 10 08:11 PM
  • Calc Dude!! I am, why?
    January 10 07:59 PM
  • ButteryBiscuitBass Good man keep that confidence at a high
    January 10 01:42 PM
  • SeaAnemone he friended me when I first started reviewing emo stufff and we would talk about music a little and I would try not to talk about E! E! too much cuz when I did it was basically just me being like UR SO AWESOME!!1! . we don't really talk anymore but his fb-posting is top-notch per music stuff.
    January 10 01:32 PM
  • SeaAnemone listen to that thing I just posted!!! also: friend keith latinen on facebook if youre not friends with him already bcuz he is an omnipotent friendly god of facebook posting
    January 10 01:27 PM
  • SeaAnemone
    January 10 01:20 PM
  • ButteryBiscuitBass Shaved your head yet?
    January 10 01:12 PM
  • Hep Kat remember that emo list i was going to make? i still wanna make it, but 90% of the albums on it aren't in the database, so i'm gonna slowly add them and then yeah. s*** best get featured or i will get very discourteous on this site
    January 8 11:23 PM
  • fromtheinside also, how does that affect me requesting you to listen???
    January 8 03:10 AM
  • fromtheinside its like listening to the guitar online but by better musicians
    January 8 02:02 AM
  • fromtheinside ummmm, you commented on the review, should i not have assumed? strange. also treb why don't you plug???
    January 8 01:54 AM
  • fromtheinside maybe you should listen to Things Fall Apart, once more, and I'm kind of being seriuos, band is worth SOMEONES attention
    January 8 01:47 AM
  • fromtheinside i'm glad we understand each other
    January 8 01:45 AM
  • fromtheinside i really, really hate your review of tiny moving parts, mostly because you're so wrong but also, because of how wrong you are.
    January 8 01:03 AM
  • Spec Jr high pop punk band. Like new found glory but with a good drummer.
    January 7 03:48 AM
  • Spec Amber Pacific has their original singer back I'm totally gonna put in money to their kick starter.
    January 7 03:44 AM
  • Spec That's why it's all about absolute punk I don't think you GET that.
    January 7 03:31 AM
  • Spec Oh YOURE ALL THE SAME with your non flapping mouths and s*** **** you
    January 7 03:28 AM
  • Spec Wasn't sure if people in the states were aware of Nardwuars existence..
    January 7 03:19 AM
  • XingKing I thoroughly enjoy your La Dispute soundoff
    January 7 03:17 AM
  • Spec But in all seriousness. Lil B did a Nardwuar interview. I highly recommend that you check it out.
    January 7 03:16 AM
  • Spec That was cool until you went all lil b then it was gay.
    January 7 03:15 AM
  • Spec My shirt and BTMI vinyls arrived today life is perfect.
    January 7 03:10 AM
  • Atari K right on
    January 5 06:33 PM
  • Atari Hey Man U still planning on writing a blurp for shai hulud for the users top 50 list? It's due tomorrow so if u don't have time id be fine with writing something. Otherwise, it's all yours dude
    January 5 03:22 PM
  • joshuahuntkc Agreed hard on that.
    January 3 04:56 PM
  • joshuahuntkc Agreed, and both of those films have pretty deep underlying themes that make them even better. And a lot of little symbolisms as well.
    January 3 04:51 PM
  • joshuahuntkc BTW I watched In Bruges on your recommendation and loved it. I went out and picked it up actually. Then I picked up Seven Psychopaths and I think I've watched it like 5 times in the last month.
    January 3 04:46 PM
  • ButteryBiscuitBass 1) shave beard to stubble2) shave head to bone (trust me)3) wear suits EVERY SINGLE DAY4) watch the women flock round you5) thank me6) don't look in your cupboard
    January 3 08:40 AM
  • Butkuiss Whoa holy **** man Sydney Australia really ****ing loves you
    January 1 08:15 AM
  • SnakeDelilah You should do a 1-star review for 3DG's One-X after the new Lil B review.
    December 31 02:46 PM
  • oltnabrick vote
    December 30 05:48 PM
  • WeepingBanana since when did charlie day get so handsome?
    December 30 07:24 AM
    December 30 02:37 AM
  • Spec i hear radke is a better rapper than lil b lololo!ol1
    December 26 04:00 PM
  • Athom It took 2 days but yeah.
    December 25 03:54 PM
  • SadAndHolyGlow Don't you mean Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmike Kinsella. He's so dreamy. ^-^
    December 24 07:31 PM
  • SnakeDelilah IT'S MIKE****ING KINSELLA
    December 24 03:45 PM
  • LilLioness Who is your profile pic?
    December 24 10:35 AM
  • JizzInMyPants me neither, but man, they didn't even archive it, they just got rid of it, must be a crushing blow to Cory
    December 24 09:15 AM
  • evilford sweet u 2 dude
    December 23 05:50 PM
  • evilford I do disagree w/ your opinion but w/e I hope you know I'm just razzin you
    December 23 05:49 PM
  • JizzInMyPants RIP
    December 21 08:58 PM
  • Storm In A Teacup I will put Taking Back Sunday in a versus list with the likes of Modest Mouse and Alkaline Trio and Coheed
    December 21 09:55 AM
  • KILL well its not as bad as the whole modern progressive metal scene but yea it sucks
    December 20 01:40 PM
  • omik1116 listen up
    December 19 09:29 PM
  • pmmets07 nice i'm fcuking famous now. that park jeff album really is great tho, "You Shouldn't Even Know Who That Is" is an awesome song.
    December 18 07:09 PM
  • pmmets07 check out this ish. best "emo revival" (that term is making me cringe now) of the year, except it's only an ep.
    December 18 09:54 AM
  • Athom emo died the moment I missed the last Snowing tour because I had a Historical Economics final.
    December 17 07:44 PM
  • Athom I like emo. I just don't dig the "revival". It's doing nothing new with an old sound so what's the point?
    December 17 07:28 PM
  • Spec how stoned are you i dunno 40%?
    December 16 09:45 PM
  • Mookid props for liking banner pilot. what's your favorite track off of 'Collapser?' Losing Daylight ftw
    December 16 09:14 PM
  • Spec happy trailer park boys day
    December 16 09:09 PM
  • Spec happy hanukkah and christmas and s*** trebby
    December 16 08:54 PM
  • FourthReich CAN I TOUCH YOUR LEG
    December 15 10:22 PM
  • Dunpeal lol fag. just make sur them s***s aint expired
    December 15 09:21 PM
  • Dunpeal i concur. your training seems to be going well. props big guy!p.s. make sure you manscape your tender chode before you unleash the fury upon her. nobody likes a mouthful of hair
    December 15 09:13 PM
  • oltnabrick i forgot rosa too :/
    December 15 09:02 PM
  • oltnabrick i probably left like five other users off too. its just I went down the comments in my shoutbox and picked my favs (you havent posted in at least two months so i didnt see ur name srry)
    December 15 08:54 PM
  • Dunpeal dude! did you get it in yet????? my blog needs that juice
    December 15 07:14 PM
  • demigod! yea i've got a fair few, but the number keeps goin down cause i can't seem to get my s*** together. Ah well they're mostly assholes anywho.
    December 11 10:05 PM

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