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  • Balerion If the sound quality is better anyway I could get you to upload? I have the first leaked version of it, and I'm assuming the pro will sound better,.
    March 26 12:06 AM
  • Balerion Hey man do you by chance have protape version of new Arizmenda? I just bought the vinyl but they don't have that s*** on band camp yet
    March 25 12:58 PM
  • Xenophanes Where did you come across the new Black Cilice? I can't find a place to buy/stream/dl it. Thanks!
    March 23 07:48 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie That's great man. i'm also trying to support bands with low popularity.
    February 25 12:31 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie You are a crazy, loyal dude !! m/
    February 23 03:58 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie lol, both the album and the ep !! XD
    February 23 03:21 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Glad you liked it.
    February 23 03:20 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Dude, check out these guys: Sermon/64352/ some excellent epic doom
    February 23 11:37 AM
  • Balerion Tape rip as well I believe
    October 30 04:48 PM
  • Balerion Arizmenda leaked man
    October 30 04:45 PM
  • zaruyache I was going to tell you that there's a rip for the new Volahn available, but I just turned it on now and it's a really crappy tape rip rofl.
    October 29 08:31 PM
  • zaruyache Er. The CN shirts, not Arizmenda. Whatevs like it matters.
    October 10 09:53 PM
  • zaruyache Arizmenda shirts are in! That means only another month until the album drops
    October 10 09:53 PM
  • zaruyache If they stay on schedule the new stuff should hopefully be out next week omg.
    September 17 12:10 PM
  • zaruyache New Volahn track. Also this and new Arizmenda might be available by the end of the week or so. Hype hype hype
    September 16 08:33 PM
  • insanedrexl1 Hey, you might like this blackend death metal band called Temple of Baal.
    September 8 08:38 AM
  • Artuma better :]
    September 5 11:13 AM
  • Artuma damn only a 3.5 for when forever comes crashing, i thought that would be the one you'd dig the most
    September 5 11:09 AM
  • insanedrexl1 Oh, cool. I didn't see them in your ratings so that's why.
    September 3 11:29 AM
  • insanedrexl1 Have you ever listened to Shining (SWE)?
    September 3 07:39 AM
  • zaruyache Saw you liked that White Medal album, thought I'd seen it on a blog somewhere. Turns out you're the guy from Pervert the Church
    August 16 03:36 PM
  • TheSpirit AHHH THANK YOU
    August 5 03:48 PM
  • TheSpirit The more I listen to that Akatharsia demo, the more I like it. Had to bump my rating up. It's weird too, because there's nothing really *special* about, but there is at the same time there is. The way they combine black metal and punk is really awesome.
    August 2 04:03 PM
  • Hawks Always. ;]
    July 29 06:46 PM
  • Hawks ****ing love you bro. m/
    July 29 06:42 PM
  • Artuma alright will look up those bands and check the demo asap. jamming some cult of luna first tho
    July 29 05:26 PM
  • Artuma thanks a lot man, dl'ing now
    July 29 05:17 PM
  • Artuma dude that skogr song you linked was really good. nothing groundbreaking but very enjoyable. could you rec me something similar to it, a full album i could possibly find for free?
    July 29 05:02 PM
  • zaruyache Lol where'd you find me commenting on them? I don't think I've mentioned them for quite a while. But thanks! I'll check the rip later. I mostly just want to hear it because their stuff is aggravatingly hard to find online and I feel compelled to find it just on principal. Heh
    June 21 06:35 PM
  • TheSpirit It's all good man. That's an excellent idea, I'll talk to some other contribs an compile a list myself
    April 18 02:51 PM
  • Balerion Hey do you know if there is any way I could get the Cold of Ages remaster without getting the vinyl?
    January 9 02:17 AM
  • TheSpirit Sounds good to post man! Also, just remember to add labels to the posts :]
    January 4 05:25 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Hey pal, check out this site, you may found some goodies.
    January 4 04:58 PM
  • TheSpirit Sounds awesome man. As much as I see Ptc being a lot of fun, there is definitely a competiveness to the blog world so with your uploads/ better rips we should have a pretty big fan base in a short while. Once again, glad to have you on board
    January 4 09:10 AM
  • TheSpirit Great first post man, really glad to have you aboard. Upgraded you go admin status as well on case you ever want to add something to the layout of blogroll. PtC is now your blog to. So feel free to take some creative control whenever you'd like haha
    January 4 08:43 AM
  • TheSpirit I sent you an email with the invite ... Accept it and you're good to go!
    January 3 11:27 PM
  • TheSpirit whats ur email
    January 3 02:55 PM
  • TheSpirit Just follow the format of the site and post awesome music. Preferably underground and its not restricted to just metal ... Could be anything as long as it rules. You seem to be pretty active CPU wise so I would just ask you to maybe make two or three posts a week at least but feel free do post more often if you'd like
    January 3 02:08 PM
  • TheSpirit Would you like to contrib to Ptc?
    January 2 08:42 AM
  • MosesMalone Is that so? I've always read the opposite. Glad I've never bought s*** from them. But if it's through ajna offensive it should be fairly safe eh?
    December 26 06:09 PM
  • MosesMalone Yeah, from what I've read on a few forums, BTC has been infamous for years for being really bad about doing s*** right by their fans. Apparently an ex-member of Arizmenda claims that that Volahn dude is a real douche. I dunno though, I didn't even know they were doing a vinyl release. I'm definitely gonna be a hawk on that.
    December 26 05:29 PM
  • MosesMalone Woah woah woah, a copy of tliltic? Was that on cassette or vinyl?
    December 25 09:01 PM
  • SadAndHolyGlow Awesome, good to hear! Knew you'd like it ;)
    December 23 06:00 PM
  • SadAndHolyGlow That's cool, man. Let me know when you do.
    December 16 01:49 AM
  • SadAndHolyGlow "Useless" is awesome.
    December 15 11:56 PM
  • SadAndHolyGlow I listened to SKVLT. It was good, but very straightforward. Good from a hardcore standpoint and just all around enjoyable.
    December 15 11:53 PM
  • SadAndHolyGlow Sweet, man! No problem! Glad you liked it :) I saw SKVLT, so I should probably listen in. Let me know when you rate Quincunx. I'll let you know what I think of SKVLT.
    December 7 02:30 PM
  • SadAndHolyGlow No problem. Highly recommended; it's one of my favorites of 2013 :) Let me know what you think as soon as possible.
    December 6 07:04 PM
  • SadAndHolyGlow Hey, man. Nice taste! Since you loved Whorelord, check out Quincunx. []
    December 6 04:16 PM
  • CaptainDooRight Oh my apologies I'm not sure where I had that idea from. Well, I hope enjoy everything. Please take it with a grain of salt if you check it since its still under construction.
    December 1 03:28 PM
  • CaptainDooRight Hey well that's cool bro! And I do remember your wife. Vesper right? If I remember correctly she's a very cool user and respected by the sput community. The pictures are only available when clicking on the individual songs, then the appropriate picture pulls up. Expect a slight theme of haze which represents Jamie's childhood. I'll def make a list explaining everything once it's released my brother.
    December 1 12:16 PM
  • CaptainDooRight The concepts are completely Jaime's ideas and I just composed the music to those ideas. The visuals follow a thematic pattern of feelings memories and emotions from his childhood. We have future plans for an ambient folk album as well. Thanks for your interests my brother.
    December 1 01:05 AM
  • CaptainDooRight Hails to Moosechris, sup bro, I'm glad you're enjoying proverbial. Most of the 2014 essential void album is complete. It's actually an ambient album collab that I'm doing with Jaime Twort. He's a photographer so we wanted to integrate visuals with music. You can already hear like 5 of the tracks on the bandcamp page.
    December 1 01:02 AM
  • PunchforPunch Opening The Skies of Sulphuric Paradise. probably gonna end up buying it if i can't find a rip though
    November 5 06:07 AM
  • PunchforPunch dude where did you get that Forgotten Spell album?
    November 4 07:58 AM
  • MosesMalone Eh I dunno most people have pretty s*** opinions on good black metal, and that alone goes a long way towards disqualifying people. Seems too many users are caught up on hipster metal. Not that hipster metal isn't good, but ya know.
    September 14 01:24 PM
  • MosesMalone You pretty much have the best taste in music on this site, I'd give you a medal but all I have is these words.
    September 14 12:30 PM
  • LungButter Couldn't agree more, it seems get lots of flack around here so far but like you said, its density man; its like travelling through the outer rings of Saturn on a voyage to meet the God's of the lesser realms that rest within the gaseous mammoth.
    August 26 11:16 AM
  • LungButter New Fell Voices. I ****ing loved it, whatchu think of it? I know you like that kinda stuff.
    August 25 12:59 PM
  • Pow3r hi man.I just listened to still life and it was really good.Its the first prog metal album i have heard.Is that there best album? :)
    August 15 02:01 PM
  • Pow3r thanks bro.
    August 15 11:58 AM
  • Pow3r i have never heard any Opeth albums.Which album do you suggest i listen to first? :D
    August 15 11:47 AM
  • Permabanned Soulside rules agreed
    August 1 01:41 PM
  • Hawks I didn't know until a few days ago either haha. But yeah it's great stuff. They just keep getting weirder, but it's good stuff.
    July 29 04:19 PM
  • Hawks You heard the new Peste Noire yet?
    July 28 06:55 PM
  • Permabanned omg hail psilocybin, hail snowy mountain visions, truth remains
    July 23 01:21 PM
  • Permabanned dude soulside journey hard
    July 23 12:19 AM
  • Hawks The vocals didn't seem too different to me. It's definitely a 4.5 for me. Probably not as good as the last album, but yeah, it's amazing in it's own right.
    July 20 09:16 PM
  • Hawks The new Gris is soooo good.
    July 19 09:28 PM
  • pribosse
    July 14 10:00 AM
  • pissbore Hail the soulside shroomz
    June 29 09:26 PM
  • SadAndHolyGlow Congrats! The album that you recommended to me was my 1,000th rating! "Il etait une foret" by Gris was standard black metal fair for me with some great atmospheric edge, so I gave it a 3.5. Thanks again!
    June 4 06:32 PM
  • JokineAugustus Good job a the 5 for Miss Machine.
    May 24 09:26 PM
  • TheSpirit Hey man, how are you doing? Glad to still see you around these parts, you're like one of the few people that actually knows whats up with good black metal these days. Heard anything recently you think I may be into?
    April 29 11:13 AM
  • CaptainDooRight sweet man m/ hard
    April 2 01:54 PM
  • CaptainDooRight album is done:
    April 2 04:52 AM
  • 666Micrograms hey bro are those roadrunner re-issues 2xCD?
    March 17 09:45 AM
    December 11 11:22 AM
  • Skrapyard Hey, I haven't heard about Krallice directly from Gilead, but they've released every other Krallice album on vinyl about a year after the CD came out, so it's a pretty safe bet they will continue to do so. Gilead's owner is a huge fan of the band, so I don't see him giving up the opportunity to give them the vinyl treatment anytime soon.
    August 19 07:02 PM
  • Skrapyard Yeah, keeping that blog up would bring more harm and help to bands and labels that work hard to break even, let alone make a profit. I've been thinking about starting up a review-based blog in the wake of F
    June 3 05:23 PM
  • Skrapyard Dude, where did you find a copy of Spectres Over Gorgoroth? I want a physical copy of that album BAD.
    May 30 12:31 AM
  • Hawks Same to you bro. I'll talk to you later.
    April 20 09:28 AM
  • Hawks Hell yeah buddy.
    April 20 09:20 AM
  • Hawks Exactly. I could be making a hell of a lot more, but I'm fine with what I have for now.
    April 20 09:10 AM
  • Hawks Well that's good. I went from working about 20 hours a week to a full 40. So at least I'm getting more money haha.
    April 20 09:04 AM
  • Hawks I can imagine. You seem to work a lot.
    April 20 08:57 AM
  • Hawks Lol yeah it's only about 9 in the morning here. I've been up since like 7, but haven't moved yet. But that's good that you're almost done for the weekend. I have the next 4 days off after working a few weeks straight. It definitely feels good.
    April 20 08:53 AM
  • Hawks Sweet, I'll do that as soon as I get my ass out of bed. Thanks my man.
    April 20 08:44 AM
  • Hawks Dude if you have a link you could give me for that White Medal album you rated recently, I'd really appreciate it. I really wanna check them out, but I'm so lazy when it comes to searching for download links lol.
    April 20 08:36 AM
  • Skrapyard All the info was there, was I just a bit confused by the abruptly changing tracks.
    April 2 09:38 PM
  • Skrapyard Finally listened to "Old Ways" today - it rules! A lot of tracks sound like they are two songs stuck together... are there untitled bits, kind of like Rhinocervs comps? Some of them sound related.
    April 1 09:56 PM
  • Skrapyard Thanks for the link man, great stuff from WM, as always.
    March 31 11:48 AM
  • Skrapyard Do you have rips of the "Blood O T'North Seeur/Lam" WM album and "Old Ways..." by chance?
    March 31 01:18 AM
  • Skrapyard Hell yeah, the split with Sexdrome is the best!
    March 25 03:32 PM
  • Skrapyard s*** man, that sucks! At least you managed to get something out of it though. Glad you hear your girlfriend is supportive of your interests, too. "subjected to whatever im listening to"... hahaha. Thanks for the heads up about the LB comp as well - money's tight for me at the moment, but if it doesn't disappear in the next few weeks I'll probably pick it up. I did get the Sump rerelease of their tracks from Old Ways - they were superb!
    March 25 02:16 PM
  • Skrapyard By the way, congrats on the wedding! How soon? She dig your music collection, or is she the type to write it off as a waste of space, time, and money?
    March 24 11:19 PM
  • Skrapyard Damn, that's far. Close to where George and Gaz of Sump are, though, so I'd probably swing by for shows if there were any. If all goes according to plan, I'll be studying philosophy, then heading back to the U.S. for a Ph.D in order to become a professor. I can't find any Durazis tapes for sale, but do yourself a favor and download "Prayer Rehearsal" - svper raw hymns to Satan. m/
    March 24 11:09 PM
  • Skrapyard Hey man, where in the UK do you live? I'm hoping to study in Cambridge after I graduate from college in the U.S. Also, do you happen to have any albums by the band Durazis?
    March 24 10:48 PM
  • Metalguy908 löl
    March 12 06:35 AM
  • Metalguy908 can you suck my dick?
    March 12 05:10 AM
  • CaptainDooRight right on bro, all good, i'm always down for collaborating music bro, let me know
    March 8 02:09 PM
  • Metalguy908 bathorybathorybathorybathorybathory
    March 8 07:21 AM
  • CaptainDooRight do you play any instruments, if so what? do you record?
    March 7 06:41 PM
  • Coast 5 months is insane. Haven't heard the absum/odz manouk split yet.
    February 11 04:15 AM
  • Coast Ha yeah, my RH-12 only just arrived here in Australia.
    February 11 03:33 AM
  • Coast Just ordered my Rhinocervs RH-13, thanks for the heads up!
    February 11 03:23 AM
  • ev0ken oh yeah, i notice that a few days ago, that there was some vinyl still left, when i was looking for a cassette of the self titled.
    January 29 05:16 PM
  • ev0ken nice ^^, yeah i bought that shirt and the ruin lust unmastered demo when i saw them live, i should of got the ash borer- ash borer tape, i'm kicking myself now for not getting it there.
    January 29 10:04 AM
  • ev0ken i got that same ash borer t-shirt too!!! :D
    January 28 11:32 PM
  • ctaxxxx As far as I know, no official date. Hopefully sooner than later though.
    January 24 03:21 PM
  • ctaxxxx Ended up liking that new Drudkh track so much that I already pre-ordered the damn thing. Hopefully my impulsiveness won't come back and bite me in the ass lol. Btw, got Rh-12 and I like it so far. RH-13 coming real soon; he releases s*** so fast! Guessing he's had these songs just sitting around and decided to sell them now, or he's just that good.
    January 23 11:49 PM
  • Skrapyard I'll keep my fingers crossed for another release, even if it's that old demo on vinyl. In brighter news, Ruin Lust might be putting out more material later this year - I saw them tonight and they played some new stuff that sounded good (though it was extremely distorted and I was mildly deaf at that point, so take the assessment with a grain of salt). Dunno if you picked up their tape, but it's a monster, and a marked improvement over the CD rip.
    January 16 02:31 AM
  • Skrapyard Seriously? Where'd you hear that? I certainly hope the continue making music...
    January 15 12:10 PM
  • Skrapyard Haha, well, it's a ways off I'm sure. Ash Borer LP is probably next on their plate, and I read somewhere that the new They Came at Dawn stuff is supposed to be new (yay!)
    January 14 08:30 PM
  • Skrapyard Thanks Chris! Didn't really want a pompous username, lol. Demo sounds pretty solid... just wish it was twice as long. :\
    January 14 02:35 PM
  • LordOfAlexandria Shoot, I forgot about that. Thanks for the heads up!
    January 2 01:28 AM
  • LordOfAlexandria Oh man, you're way more on top of things than I am! Spending money on tapes... being broke because of buying them... that's what m/ is all about hahaha.
    December 22 12:19 PM
  • LordOfAlexandria RH-07 is on my blog if you're interested in a digital copy (I assume you've purchased a copy? If not... do so... it's great).
    December 22 12:05 AM
  • ctaxxxx Cool. Is there any bands you wanna rec? I actually haven't looked into much of the underground bands other than the usual (AshBorer/FellVoices/BTC/Rhinocervs/etc).
    November 10 07:34 PM
  • ctaxxxx RH-11 tapes are in stock. I might wait for the pro-tape version myself, but they'ved the store with quite a few things as well.
    November 10 06:35 PM
  • ctaxxxx Been listening to the new Rhinocervs album and loving it! It's amazing, in my opinion.
    October 27 11:42 PM
  • ctaxxxx Nevermind! I just got my tapes in today!
    October 27 02:56 PM
  • ctaxxxx The Rh-11 tape? Damn. Guess i'm gonna have to wait a little. I still haven't gotten RH-7 and my other tapes from them yet.
    October 27 03:55 AM
  • ctaxxxx My tapes, including RH-07, haven't arrived yet either. Didn't know about the volahn/kallathon split though. Might look into it. Wonder if the guy behind Rhinocervs is also the untitled artist in the Odour of Dust
    October 6 06:10 PM
  • ctaxxxx Rhinocervs announced another album ( I'm confused whether they are a band or simply just a label that release untitled albums lol. Or both. I already spent $30 on tapes 2 weeks ago too damn it!
    October 6 02:25 PM
  • Hawks Yeah the main thing is moving away for me. That's really what I'm looking forward to lol. As for the new WiTTR, I'm still pretty excited, but that new track they posted is pretty underwhelming. We'll see how the rest of the album is.
    September 1 05:10 PM
  • Hawks Ohhh I see. Hopefully s*** calms down for you soon haha. And thanks man! Yeah I'm just trying to get the **** out of my town. I'll most likely be studying pharmacy, but I'm not 100% sure on that one yet.
    September 1 12:57 PM
  • Hawks Haven't seen you around in a while man. What's been going on?
    September 1 01:33 AM
  • LordOfAlexandria Thanks a lot man, much appreciated.
    August 14 10:09 AM
  • coneren but is her rack as big as your head?
    August 13 03:22 PM
  • coneren unless youre looking at a sweet pair of tits i asume
    August 13 03:08 PM
  • coneren still drunk you wanna party?oh god i should go back to bed
    August 13 11:58 AM
  • coneren hey bro how are you?
    August 13 04:05 AM
  • TomArnoldsArmpit Here, I'll do you a favor But you hate punk in drublic... :(
    July 29 08:28 AM
  • TomArnoldsArmpit I look forward to it. By the way, I put up a 100 list that has a grip of albums you might dig. Take a peek, and listen to the ones you haven't heard. Those are my recs to you :)
    July 29 08:13 AM
  • TomArnoldsArmpit Oh my. I'll delve right into those!
    July 29 08:08 AM
  • TomArnoldsArmpit Good as well. Working 55 hours a week (as per usual during summer) and bulls***ting with friends. As for the recs; Anything but dubstep and/or country.
    July 29 07:58 AM
  • TomArnoldsArmpit How you doin' kid? Rec me some s***. I grow tired of seeing lists with the same albums on them (mine included).
    July 29 06:53 AM
  • sehguh BLACK M3TAL \n/
    July 23 03:02 PM
  • BallsToTheWall
    July 23 01:26 PM
  • BallsToTheWall 92 people? what the **** last time I heard it was 16 what the **** happened
    July 23 01:15 PM
  • Hawks Yeah dude it's amazing. Sadly they've only recorded the one album. MA says they're active though so I'm hoping for some new stuff from them soon. You're gonna love the album for sure though.
    July 14 04:46 PM
  • Hawks Yeah you're definitely gonna love it. It's one of my favorite black metal albums of all time.
    July 14 12:06 PM
  • Hawks Dude please tell me you've heard Graveforests and Their Shadows by Walknut.
    July 14 01:19 AM
  • ev0ken Cool thanks moose. I would of responded sooner, but I wasn't near a pc the last few days
    July 11 11:04 PM
  • TomArnoldsArmpit You know that hopeless sound we both like in the same vein of GJ and Converge? --- Listen.
    July 10 05:07 AM
  • TomArnoldsArmpit Based loosely on your ratings, listen to Dead and Divine - The Machines We Are. I bet you'll love it.
    July 10 05:00 AM
  • TomArnoldsArmpit You sir, are awesome.
    July 10 04:43 AM
  • ev0ken i buy tons of cds, i've gotten like around 200 cds so far this year lol, but all of them are mostly dm and metal, i haven't picked up too much bm, cause there are harder to find for me, but with these stores u gave me i can at least pick up some now :D, i just gotta figure some prices out.
    July 5 12:24 AM
  • ev0ken nice man, thanks for all the info. i already checked out like 4 of those stores. that one Odour of Dust
    July 5 12:21 AM
  • ctaxxxx New Arizmenda sounds good. Won't hurt to spoil at least a little bit right? ;)
    July 3 02:43 PM
  • Hawks Oh alright sweet. I still need to check out their EP and the split with Book of Belial. I'll make sure to get on those.
    June 28 12:54 PM
  • Obfuscation24 tbh youre kvlt but not in the MURDER BLOOD DEATH way but like sup dudes i listen to black metal and rape churches, wanna go get ice cream?. also you were one of the first people to hype Ash Borer here if im not mistaken so you got indie cred
    June 27 11:06 AM
  • nick0307 yeah how ****ing great was starwing. do yourself a favour and download the soundtrack for it. its incredible. truly incredible.
    June 21 07:52 PM
  • ctaxxxx You did? Nice. I'm waiting for a leak since i'm cheap lol
    June 21 02:54 PM
  • ctaxxxx Okay thanks. They also just released an Odour of Dust
    June 19 04:44 PM
  • ctaxxxx Hey saw that you got an Axeman tape awhile back. I just got mine today (finally) and it turns out the 2nd side only comes through the left stereo, nothing in the right. Was this the same for you or did they screw me over?...
    June 16 11:05 PM
  • Hawks Sweet man, thanks. I'll do that later on today.
    March 27 10:28 AM
  • Hawks Hey dude I see you gave Nattens Madrigal a 5. You should check out my new review for Arising Realm by Ragnarok, same second-wave Norwegian black metal style. I think you would dig it.
    November 6 02:19 PM
  • Yeahtoast Haha, no problem man. I know the bassist :D
    September 10 12:00 PM
  • Yeahtoast metal act from where I come from, bitchin' tune :D
    September 9 06:50 PM
  • Yeahtoast Nawwwwwwh thanks a lot man :D appreciate the kind words! I do think that review is one of the best I've written, it was quite spontanious but I managed to keep it at a length I like...don't think that's ever happened before or since haha! Was really annoying me that album hadn't been reviewed yet, as it is quite the classic! I love death man, it's always great getting into new s*** though :) so good luck on your journey!
    September 9 06:46 PM
  • Yeahtoast Sweet man! I'll probably check it out :D
    August 7 02:01 PM
  • Yeahtoast Ah, how is the DVD? I've been digging them a lot lately, especially Resurrection. And Eyes Of A Criminal is a ****ing badass song.
    August 7 09:55 AM
  • Yeahtoast Impossiblity of Reason a 5? Nice man, Chimaira are quite underrated around here imo. And on that note, sorry for snooping :p
    August 6 02:00 PM
  • salival13 Thanks dude, I am loving the EP also. Let me know how their LP compares.
    July 29 04:41 PM
  • Apollo double post fail :/ sorry about that haha
    July 14 09:11 AM
  • Apollo yeah man, they have been my favourite band for about 6 years. Every album is pretty much flawless but Still Life and Blackwater Park are probably my two favorites :)
    July 14 09:10 AM
  • Apollo solid taste in metal Moose
    July 13 01:52 PM
  • Yeahtoast Lol same, great s*** to work out to and grt you pumped for stuff!
    May 9 03:40 PM
  • Yeahtoast Thanks Moose ^_^ also it's nice to see another Hatebreed fan on this site hahaha!
    May 9 03:06 PM
  • Yeahtoast Dude just scanning through your ratings, did you happen to get a torrent for Cultura by Breed 77?? I've been dying to find either a physical copy or a torrent but can't get either :/
    May 9 01:52 PM
  • vanderb0b No problem. Mercyful Fate is a love it or hate it band, particularly the vocals. Wintersun is a mix of black and power metal with a strong emphasis on melody.
    May 9 11:33 AM
  • vanderb0b Hey man, I saw your black metal list, check out: Dissection-Storm of the Light's Bane, Wintersun-Wintersun, and Mercyful Fate-Melissa
    May 9 08:32 AM
  • maidenpmcc Ok dude, talk soon. Enjoy your chinese.
    April 27 12:46 PM
  • maidenpmcc I could of put that album or any other album from the golden period in, wouldn't of made a difference. I put in NOTB, Seventh Son, BNW and Dance Of Death I think so that's enough Maiden albums in there. Lol.
    April 27 12:42 PM
  • maidenpmcc Your an old fart? Na man your still pretty young just like myself, I'm 22. Early 20's is a good age phase, make the msot of it while you can so that when you hit your 30's you wouldn't be like - I wish I did this and that. Because what better time than now eh, it's only one chance and we're living it right now. Well the list isn't in order after the 1st album. After the 1st album, it's in no order after that.
    April 27 12:33 PM
  • maidenpmcc Their next album should be kiler, it's DevilDriver sure. What age are you dude? Have you checked out my Top Metal/Rock albums list? I forget.
    April 27 12:24 PM
  • maidenpmcc Yea I will get the first album for definate, I'm not the sort of guy that has 3/4 albums from one band or anything like that. I don't know who's producing, probably the dude who did it last. Are you a fan of Coal Chamber? I'm not into them, not my vibe at all.
    April 27 12:12 PM
  • maidenpmcc Actually it will be my 4th because there's another news article that I forgot about - New Order of Ennead album.
    April 27 12:09 PM
  • maidenpmcc After you told me that, I went and checked it out and thats what I got. I went and posted it so we will see if a staff member approve's it. If it does get approved, that will be my 3rd news article approved after "New Serj Tankian album" and "New As i Lay Dying Full Song"
    April 27 12:05 PM
  • maidenpmcc Hmmmm I don't know from what I heard which is their last 3 albums (haven't heard the first album yet). Would probably be The Last Kind Words. Go to the home of page and click on metal on the top, tell me which news article you see.
    April 27 12:02 PM
  • maidenpmcc Would you know what terrorizor gave PFV? I didn't know they already have plans for their next album, that's good news though =] DEP, my mates a big fan of them. I'm sure your digging their latest album. Are you interested in Limp Bizkit's new album - Gold Cobra?
    April 27 11:57 AM
  • maidenpmcc Same as me man, once I GET INTO a band I love them and have to get all their albums so that's what I did with Opeth and a few other bands. Aye Converge, I listened to Jane Doe yesterday and I didn't think it would be that heavy and extreme. Are you a fan of Devildriver? Could you remember what rating metal hammer or terrorizor gave Pray For Villains?
    April 27 11:37 AM
  • maidenpmcc Aye I got the special edition of Blackwater Park recently, it's good for the album cover alone but the documentary is also ace. I don't know if you would be fussed on Orchid, Morningrise and My Arms, Your Hearse. Ghost Reveries would my favorite overall album and my favorite Opeth song is on it - Ghost of perdition. I LOVE the last like 50 seconds on that song.
    April 27 11:19 AM
  • maidenpmcc Ghost Reveries and Watershed both got 9/10, Ghost reveries is a better album so I would rate it higher instead of having the same rating. Terrorizor gave Ghost reveries 9.5 and album of the month. I'm guessing they gave Watershed a 9, do you remember? Yeah dude, you should definately get into Opeth. Listen to Blackwater Park and Still Life.
    April 27 11:03 AM
  • maidenpmcc Could you also check for me the ratings metal hammer gave Watershed (may 2008) and Ghost reveries (august 2005)? These are the last two mate I wanna find out. If not, that's ok.
    April 26 05:32 PM
  • maidenpmcc Yea I'm a Maiden fanatic, best band in the world ever. True die hard, it's in my backbone lol. No band touches them, wether it's Metallica of Opeth (who I love).
    April 26 12:54 PM
  • maidenpmcc I like NOLA and Down II aswell, can't wait to get their 4th album late this year or early next year. I'm not a fan of Bleeding Through. Funny enough, i'm just listening to Converge right now for the 1st time on youtube. It's the Jane Doe album which is apparently their best album. I'm on track 9 of 12 right now.
    April 26 12:52 PM
  • maidenpmcc Oh right, I was gonna add you if you had a ps3 and ask if you had the new Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Modern Warfare 2. Machine Head's The Blackening is ok, its far too over-rated. It's definately not a 10, nooo way. I love Down's Over The Under though, brilliant album and my favorite of theirs. So who would be your favorite band of all time?
    April 26 11:49 AM
  • maidenpmcc Yea Blood Mountain got 10/10 and so did A Matter of Life and Death. Are there any other metal albums that comes to mind that Metal Hammer gave a 10 to? By the way, have you got a ps3?
    April 26 09:09 AM
  • maidenpmcc 6/10, is that all? I thought it would of got a better rating. I personally love that album and I cant wait until I get The Powerless Rise, 3 years is a long time. A couple of weeks ago, I pre-ordered a bundle of their merchandise site and it includes a signed copy of the new album, a thsirt and a poster. It will come on the day of release which is 11th may. Cost £31 so it's not bad.
    April 26 09:07 AM
  • maidenpmcc Other ratings from that issue were Lamb of God's Sacrament which they gave a 9 and Slayer's Christ Illusion which they gave an 8. You probably have that issue. From september 2006 and it show's the cover of A Matter of Life and Death on the front.
    April 25 02:08 PM
  • maidenpmcc Aye I remember reading that, it got metal hammer album of the year for 2009 but I just wanted to know what rating it got but now I know. I only have one metal hammer issue and it's from september 2006. I got it because Maiden were on the front cover. It was around the time A Matter of Life and Death got rated. They gave it 10 and also Blood Mountain was rated in that issue and they also gave that a 10.
    April 25 02:06 PM
  • maidenpmcc If it isn't any trouble, could you also check what metal hammer gave Mastodon's Crack The Skye? It came out on march 2009. If not, that's cool man. By the way, I'm from Northern Ireland.
    April 25 09:46 AM
  • maidenpmcc Could you tell me what rating metal hammer give AILD's An Ocean Between us? the album came out in august 2007 so it should be in that issue.
    April 25 09:16 AM
  • maidenpmcc Have you got all the Terrorizer issues, like every one from the past 3-4 years say? By the dude, where you from? Ypu said asda so your from the UK like me. I'm from Northern Ireland.
    April 24 05:14 PM
  • maidenpmcc Yea dude Kerrang might aswell be just a fashion mag because you see all these gay bands in it POSING in it like The Blackout etc and it makes me sick. Its far from a metal mag now. I used to get Kerrang every week for the past 4 years religously without miss and there recently I have decided to stop buying it. My mate get's Terrorizor every month and has been for years and I'm gonna start buying Metal Hammer for now on because at least that mag IS metal and worth buying and reading.
    April 24 05:12 PM

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