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  • YetAnotherBrick oh hahaha well that's great news! isn't it crazy how often we accidentally say the opposite of what we mean? XD dude srsly tho can we talk about that Evens album
    November 17 12:17 PM
  • YetAnotherBrick damn, awesome man. but i'm sorry my recs were so useless XD i could try again if you want haha
    November 15 09:19 PM
  • SachikoM They're good guys at heart. Big loveable oafs. But on the job, they're ruthless. Nothing stands in the way of a deadline. Not even sleep....
    November 15 07:02 AM
  • SachikoM They are some of the ****ing loosest ****s you'll meet. Wired up on meth 60% of the time, able to smash down booze like no others. They don't take s***, they only meet deadlines. True blue through and through.
    November 15 06:51 AM
  • SachikoM My girlfriend used to work at a truck stop out that way. She said it was horrible, a lot of sleaze balls. Love the truckies, they are one of a kind.
    November 15 06:45 AM
  • SachikoM Should go that way. See the beautiful arid countryside. Cry as you realise everyone out there is miserable. Maybe even get involved in a pub brawl or two. That is the way of the west....
    November 15 05:27 AM
  • Jacquibim you're speaking so much sense in that EODM thread it's actually frightening
    November 15 04:01 AM
  • SachikoM does that mean you love it or hate it??? i can't tell tbh.
    November 14 09:32 PM
  • hal1ax oh np man! I'm glad you like it. its one of the best free-improv albums I've come across.
    November 14 10:35 AM
  • Rowan5215 thanks lad, that review was 90% wank though haha
    November 14 08:46 AM
  • Rowan5215 **** yeah dude, one of my fave albums. The triple vocalist interplay is off the chain
    November 14 07:53 AM
  • SachikoM Thanks man, if I do well I might bump into you at uni. ;)
    October 14 05:36 AM
  • SachikoM Yeah, I've been born and raised in Walgett, but I've been to schools all over the place (as i've lived with other relatives). Currently sitting my HSC, so I'm aiming for scholarships (that's the only way I'll be able to go to Sydney). Rent in Sydney is nuts, the cheapest places near the unis are upwards of $500/week, so I'm relying on some help financially.
    October 14 05:19 AM
  • SachikoM tbh, the climate doesn't bother me too much, I just strip down to nothing and stay indoors, but I'm a much bigger fan of the cold. The worst thing around here is the crime. I don't go outdoors after 9pm without a knife most of the time. A lot of violent drunks and drug addicts.
    October 14 05:13 AM
  • SachikoM Ah ok. Never been Adelaide (never left NSW tbh), so I don't know what it's like. I do a lot of driving tho (because most of my family live in Newcastle), so I know of the area, but I haven't really visited there. I'm looking to move into Sydney (fat chance of being able to afford it) or Newcastle to go to uni, so hopefully I can leave this boring town soon enough.
    October 14 05:08 AM
  • SachikoM You're the guy who said he'd spent time up around Moree, right? Are you Australian or do you just visit?
    October 14 04:33 AM
  • Solbrave i like you
    May 13 10:26 AM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot Assuming you're a fan of the band 'piglet' you might really like tide/edit - foreign language. Not spamming or anything, it's just some great emotional math rock
    September 6 08:29 AM
  • SitarHero I only saw Kapil Dev right at the end of his career when he wasn't so good anymore. And as culturally significant as he is, I think he wasn't AS good as most people like to remember. A very good bowler, yes. But in the pantheon of greats I'd put him on par with Courtney Walsh and Shaun Pollock.Also, you should check out the epic Ashes thread is you haven't already.
    July 12 09:17 AM
  • SitarHero Yeah, Allan Donald. Man that guy was fun to watch bowl. I live in India. What about you?
    July 7 01:09 PM
  • SitarHero My nickname in school was "Malcolm Marshall", I kid you not. xD I never really saw Marshall play live, so he wasn't an initial inspiration. Curtly and Donald (to a lesser extent) were early inspirations and then as I started learning more about the game I came to admire Marshall, though I modelled my action on Lillee.Sucks about your back. I had a bulging disc and that s*** sucks, but atleast you CAN bat. I wasn't a bunny, but I didn't care enough about batting to work on it.
    July 5 12:32 PM
  • SitarHero I used to be. I haven't played competitive cricket in a while. And I was about as different from Curtly as can be; a short (fairly quick) swing bowler. But Curtly was the reason I started bowling fast, and I loved staring down fools the way he did. Are you a quick too?
    July 5 11:23 AM
  • SitarHero Curtly used to be my idol. And their are a fair number of Brits and Aussies on Sputnik. Eventually someone was gonna recognise him.
    July 5 07:00 AM
  • SitarHero Your avatar is the best. I love me some Curtly.
    July 5 04:26 AM
    October 16 08:25 AM
  • taylormemer I know. Something must be done.
    September 24 12:11 AM
  • taylormemer Dude! Imposter: http://www.sputnikmusic.com/profile.php?name=piglets
    September 23 11:55 PM
  • silentpotato you'll like :]
    July 13 03:13 AM
  • silentpotato finished my album; http://sudatsuga.bandcamp.com/album/blue-moon-saiyeed
    July 12 09:18 AM
  • silentpotato yeah jose gonzales is awesome he does a cover of Heartbeats by the Knife too
    June 30 12:48 PM
  • esther Hey man I noticed you like some of the same bands I do. I wrote and recorded an EP and I was wondering if you could review, rate, or even just listen to it. Here's a link: esther801music.bandcamp.com
    June 24 12:53 PM
  • Maniac! http://www.facebook.com/WiredReviewers
    May 12 11:48 PM
  • buddhaabdi s***iest taste Ive ever seen. get aids and die.
    April 21 09:29 AM
  • Aphrodisiac LOVE ME NOW
    February 17 02:30 AM
  • Aphrodisiac marry me
    February 16 06:55 PM
  • Activista anti-MTV i have an alt named somepigjelly
    February 14 03:38 AM
  • Activista anti-MTV pig
    February 14 03:15 AM
  • sehguh i am philospher
    January 29 08:53 PM
  • Nikkolae ****ing lol, i found that picture on tumblr and just sorta decided to use it
    January 21 07:47 PM
  • StrangerofSorts No... why do you ask?
    January 20 06:28 PM
  • Psilocyanide Why thank you sir!
    January 8 10:47 PM
  • taylormemer Have a good Christmas bro. Make sure you get those tickets otherwise I'll be mad. Jake
    December 25 08:08 AM
  • silentpotato haha **** yeah man. love it.
    December 20 06:43 AM
  • silentpotato just off the top of my head... check out Heavy Metal, Anti-Christ, Valhalla Rising, Time Bandits (same guy as fear and loath), Pi, Lost Highway, Wild At Heart, Fantastic Planet, Tekkonkinkreet, True Romance, Mr. Nobody, Howl, Enter the Void, Gummo, Kids, Old Boy, Blue Velvet, Eyes Wide Shut, Rubber, Eraserhead, plenty more if you need em.
    December 18 11:29 PM
  • silentpotato mwuaahahah k ill make u a list later on today
    December 18 12:36 PM
  • silentpotato yeah man hes having a lot of fun and listening to the stuff hes done since moving out here, it shows too
    December 17 04:54 AM
  • silentpotato ahaha. heres the break down. Snake Fetus came first. Snake Fetus gave birth to Lambs Breath, The Solar Mass Collective (Golden Child, MC Solar, Mittens, Lemonade Kid, Keta Creek, MC Safety), Mattamantis, Karmachron, Sound Beach, Zebra, Sudatsuga, Batwing, and Kimchi Kittygawa. We all recorded using HD-16's (external recording device) back home except Kimchi used ableton. I don't recall what my buddy in Van is using now that he's in sound engineering but ill ask and
    December 17 04:45 AM
  • silentpotato i live in Victoria (Vancouver island) now. buddy live in Vancouver. when i have a solid break i plan on going over there and recording some more Sudatsuga and also collaborating with him on some of his solo work for his project Lambs Breath.
    December 17 04:30 AM
  • silentpotato well shucks thanks man! well, id like to continue it, but it will probably be pretty on and off. i just moved a month and a half ago, away from my buddy who supplied me with equipment and recorded my music for me. i have another friend near by out here who is in sound engineering who is more than willing to record me but it gonna be hard to find the time due to school and the fact that he lives on the mainland and im on island
    December 17 04:26 AM
  • silentpotato :D legit?! thats the one i've always been kinda skeptical about. just cuz i recorded it several weeks before the other two and it was my first stab at anything solo. its encouraging to hear you dug that one!
    December 17 03:59 AM
  • silentpotato sweet lemme kno thoughts
    December 16 08:38 PM
  • silentpotato also; http://www.mediafire.com/?7u76jfstrtabg my ep, looks like i told u id give u a link for it earlier, heres all three tracks finalized
    December 16 07:45 PM
  • silentpotato **** yeah man i'll dl that right now. I listened to Does The Cosmic Shepard Dream of Electric Tapirs? a long time ago and remember it being very very trippy.
    December 16 07:44 PM
  • lyon1535 m/
    October 26 09:13 PM
  • RosaParks Oh, bother
    October 17 06:02 PM
  • RosaParks You were my favorite character on winnie the pooh. ily
    October 16 08:27 AM
  • silentpotato thanks man :) ill send u a link for my first song once i put it on mediafire. its the only other one ive done so far but ill keep u in the loop
    October 6 06:47 PM
  • silentpotato check out mah 2 new tunes, in my most recent list
    October 6 06:49 AM
  • Olson lalalalalalalalalalalalalala
    August 30 09:47 AM
  • Olson Looks like we have similar intrests in the "songs to sing infront of lots of people with no singing talent" group
    August 30 09:31 AM
  • BaselineOOO Yup that's me. ^..^
    June 28 04:35 AM
  • Damrod Guy's name is Tebe Interesno, find his blog here: http://tebe-interesno.livejournal.com/I have the impression he's not as active as he used to be, but still, interesting to peek into every now and then. =)
    June 27 12:45 PM
  • Bitchfork its just everywhere
    December 9 08:03 PM
  • Bitchfork hipsters dont eat flesh
    December 9 04:34 PM
  • Bitchfork rants are for hipsters
    December 9 07:46 AM
  • Bitchfork most of my elitism is supposed to be taken light-handed because 95% of the time I'm joking And what elitist listens to black metal and noise and dark ambient anyways they're all into improvised lowercase s*** **** them just because the artist manipulated pre-existing noises we can't hear so we can hear them in random bursts isn't all that amazing **** you and your emotional college bulls***
    December 9 07:32 AM
  • Bitchfork sorry to burst your bubble but i'm just a few months older than you but hey your taste isn't that bad from the 2 second glance i did at your fav bands section.
    December 9 07:15 AM
  • Puzzles Your display pic is LEGEN... wait for it.... DARY!
    November 30 12:17 AM
  • KimmsightMatters I like your display pic.
    November 21 10:45 PM
  • ShoeSoup but then i'd have to eat real souls instead of rubber ones
    October 30 11:10 AM
  • BlueW Hai
    September 1 07:13 AM
  • ImpossibleInfluence2 Thanks man, you too
    July 26 07:21 PM
  • Metalstyles haha, that is a more than funny coincidence but no, I've never been a registered user on wiki nor do I play guitar in a band (as much as I would like the last part to be true).
    July 5 07:17 PM
  • BenTaylor Hey Patrick
    June 30 07:50 PM
  • Iai Hey man, just thought you should know that I've asked for that Rachmaninov album you've rated to be d because we're meant to be adding classical pieces, not recordings. I've added all the individual concertos if you want to re-rate them.
    June 6 04:18 PM
  • Phil Yeah, I know Serapheus in real life. He showed me Sputnik during school. I think there are a few more, like CrackTheSkye, RandyfromPennywise and Aria, I think they all live here.
    May 17 08:05 AM
  • Phil Oh, thats really odd. I rarely speak about sputnik to the real world.
    May 10 11:19 PM
  • Phil Nah, I don't. Why is that?
    May 10 04:00 AM
  • Necrotica You're actually really pissing me off because of negging nearly every record I review because of random crap.
    April 15 09:15 PM
  • chambered89 good choice bro
    April 15 03:01 AM
  • chambered89 u rock man what's ur fav radiohead album?
    April 15 02:52 AM
  • ButcheredChildren lmao are you like sputnik following me? objectively and successfully posting a response to everything i comment on? cuz your good at it
    March 18 07:22 AM
  • ButcheredChildren lmao are you like sputnik following me? objectively and successfully posting a response to everything i comment on? cuz your good at it
    March 18 07:20 AM
  • laterenima True, thanks for the fourth shout. I should have more shouts, but I havent really done much on sputnik regarding talking. I should start.
    March 12 03:51 AM
  • laterenima Thanks for the third shout!
    March 7 05:20 AM
  • TRMshadow yeah, it's the Drew's hippie blog his druid girlfriend. ://immortalmountain.blogspot.com/2010/02/quantum-kale-salad.html#comments. One of the commenters was "piglet"
    March 5 05:04 AM
  • TRMshadow Did you post something on immortal mountain?
    March 3 09:38 AM
  • Crysis Really? Well varied in the sub-genres of metal :P But I'm trying to expand into indie, post-rock, etc.
    February 27 08:52 AM
  • Crysis Hahahaha yeah, lots of metal!
    February 26 11:57 PM
  • IamBetterThanYou Your post comes at the price of accepting me as your saviour within this realm.
    February 26 10:43 PM
  • Gyromania haha, priceless
    February 26 04:47 AM
  • Gyromania love your display picture
    February 26 04:45 AM
  • pogface93 Piglet your a freak... Go bug someone else... Piglets are so stupid you idiot and your dog picture makes no sense with your name...... DOG!!!!!!
    February 14 05:36 PM
  • pogface93 Piglet your a freak... Go bug someone else
    February 14 05:35 PM
  • Progmaster85 very true, I only listen to 3 thrash bands really, the rest I don't like, but to me, Metallica is WAY more than thrash
    February 5 11:20 PM
  • Progmaster85 many people prefer Megadeth on this site though
    February 5 11:04 AM
  • Progmaster85 Opetth. Sigur Ros, Floyd, DEFINITELY METALLICA, Kashiwa Daisuke all = LIFE
    February 4 10:55 AM
  • Progmaster85 seriously
    February 3 08:50 AM
  • Progmaster85 awesome music taste dude
    February 2 06:16 PM
  • Deviant. You said in the L.D 50 thread you were pumped for the new Mudvayne album so.... ://www.mediafire.com/?nnvgoz0ynkw
    December 9 03:25 AM
  • Avirov Stop spamming the album comment sections.
    November 27 04:29 AM
  • AtavanHalen EMOS
    November 21 07:01 AM
  • SlowlyFallingAwake Don't want to be rude or anything, but I don't understand what you mean by 'deive' and 'mossy' :D. I'm not a native english speaker and it has only been a few months since I have been starting to pick up my english again. Lol, anyway, I like writing in english, and I learn quite a few words everytime too, so hey, it's a win-win right? ;)
    November 7 07:00 AM
  • SlowlyFallingAwake Hey man, thanks for your response! It's my first review of all time so I'm quite unsure about it :s.
    November 6 05:42 PM
    October 23 11:07 AM

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