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  • Mad. I will definitely have an opinion on it since they're one of my favourite bands so I'll probably review it. I don't have a promo copy or anything though
    August 29 03:31 PM
  • Voivod If you come to Thessaloniki, let me know! And I will definitely check the German band you rec'd me :-)
    August 29 04:15 AM
  • Voivod Hi man, I think that you will like Greece's Lizardia, their self-titled debut album was issued last January, and it's spacey stoner rock that's worth checking out -
    August 29 12:18 AM
  • Mad. Your and Greg's ratings are actually getting me quite psyched for Mystoria lol
    August 17 01:56 PM
  • Voivod Eventually, Spotify will spread in every European country, it's merely a matter of time.
    August 17 07:38 AM
  • Voivod Raul have you tried All you need to login is either your facebook account or a free spotify account
    August 16 02:54 PM
  • Mad. I'm definitely more intrigued in Mystoria now. Still disappointed that they're not following the route of Echo Street, that would have been amazing.I'm sure the waiting will pay off!
    August 7 03:50 PM
  • Mad. Oh right so you've heard the whole thing. It sounds interesting but the big question is: is it any good? I look forward to your review! Damn, new material already? That's exciting too. I'm hoping Eclectic Electric will be one of my 2014 favourites!
    August 6 10:36 PM
  • Mad. I would love to see you guys live whenever (I'm sure you will eventually) you manage to make it to the UK. I probably will have something to say about the new Amplifier but I'm not expecting great things after the single, leaving Kscope and that artwork. Have you heard El Paramo? It's fantastic
    August 6 02:16 AM
  • ExplosiveOranges Oh yeah! Sleep is making a new album. I never got around to jamming Dopesmoker, because honestly, I can handle 12 minute long songs, but once it starts getting well past 20 minutes, I'll have difficulty finishing it.
    August 5 08:48 AM
  • ExplosiveOranges Agreed. You excited for new Electric Wizard?
    August 5 08:36 AM
  • Mad. Ah well, the more time the better to perfect it I guess! Mother Engine are pretty awesome, especially their song Weltraumwolf. I saw that concert poster with your band on facebook, would've loved to be there! They're also playing with Colour Haze which I'd kill to see
    August 5 03:52 AM
  • Mad. How's the new Methadone Skies coming along?
    August 4 09:24 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges Not a huge fan of YOB, but I enjoyed their last few records.
    August 4 04:09 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges Sweet. Fall and Winter are when the big music releases start coming out, so I don't blame you.
    August 4 12:42 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges I'll be sure to check them out too! Got any reviews planned soon?
    August 4 10:08 AM
  • ExplosiveOranges Yes! They do have quite a bit of a stoner rock sound to them.
    August 3 09:03 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges So, I FINALLY got around to checking out Samsara Blues Experiment.
    August 3 11:28 AM
  • ExplosiveOranges Will do. Feel free to rec me psychedelic stuff at any point.
    July 17 09:34 AM
  • ExplosiveOranges Dude, the new Seven That Spells is so good.
    July 16 01:37 PM
  • lalchimiste Hello sir, do you think it could be possible to put the Elder (USA-MA) stoner rock outfit as the main "Elder" page on this site. These guys are great btw, you should check out their latest LP 'Dead Roots Stirring', give them a try when you have time! Thanks!
    July 16 12:17 PM
  • Mad. Ya might be interested in this album I reviewed:
    July 14 07:47 AM
  • Mad. You should join the Review a Random Album Game thing bro, perfect chance to get some obscure stoner rock band or something a review!
    July 8 12:02 PM
  • Mad. I will do if it's anything as good as Io. No news on Amplifier but I'm excited for the new Pineapple Thief, and have really been digging the Death Defying Unicorn plus Fjodor - St. Anthony's Fire. Definitely recommended
    July 4 04:18 PM
  • Mad. Ah right I see. But it's not that much related to the second part? Totally looking forward to your review/interview, band definitely needs some love
    July 4 01:03 PM
  • Mad. Sounds awesome! Will do, is there any importance of listening to the first Krautrock album in relation to the second?
    July 3 02:01 PM
  • Mad. OK, the album is really excellent.
    July 3 11:37 AM
  • Mad. Sounds really interesting, jamming their latest now.
    July 3 08:54 AM
  • Mad. Damn, Seven That Spells looks intriguing, I'll have to check them out.
    June 30 03:46 PM
  • Mad. Ah right, my email address is actually 665, I'm not that satan! Those are pretty much all the best tracks, as well as Bluntlust, and especially Southern Reaper. The guys in the band told me their next LP should expand in the ways I said in the review, so it could be a killer
    June 30 03:44 PM
  • Mad. Whadidya mean by evil lol?
    June 30 09:39 AM
  • Mad. There ya go, WeTransfered it to you, only fair after you sent me Mars Red Sky! You should definitely check that Dwellers album, it's fantastic.
    June 30 06:32 AM
  • Mad. Yeah man if I can upload it - file was about half a GB though
    June 29 05:39 PM
  • Mad. My Tumbleweed Dealer review is up, you might be interested. ;)
    June 27 04:33 PM
  • OmairSh I really have to be in the mood to review, and that mood arrives very sporadically so I can't say I would manage to write the review soon :-P.
    June 26 11:55 PM
  • OmairSh Any chance of reviewing the Barbieri/Bowness album?
    June 26 01:50 AM
  • Mad. Just gave Returning Jesus a listen, it's very slow and dense. Will take a few listens to fully appreciate. Great stuff though
    June 24 02:09 PM
  • Mad. Ah right, I think I'll start with one of No-man's latest 3 records, maybe work back from there. Afterthoughts is a pretty incredible album, but A Sense of Loss easily stands up to it with tracks like Fading Silently. Their debut Sol29 is a bit more experimental but still wonderful. The emotion and atmosphere in Nosound's music is so melancholic and beautiful, I could bask in it all day
    June 23 04:46 PM
  • Mad. Problem with seeing Henry Fool live was that Bowness wasn't singing so I didn't get to hear his voice! Hopefully he'll play near you someday in one of his groups. As for the review, I am hopeful people will see it over time because Amplifer are quite a well-known band and that EP is a fan-favourite. I always try to promote my reviews to the max with comments and shoutboxes etc to get people to see them, works most of the time. Amplifier's new album is out this year, Hopefully it'll be amazing
    June 22 04:43 PM
  • Mad. Damn, thanks for all the No-man info! I'll listen ASAP, probably tomorrow. I love the artwork for Flowermouth but might not start there if it's not their most accessible. Have you heard Memories of Machines? That's Bowness' album with the Nosound frontman, it's pretty great stuff. I'm a big Nosound fan, and I've heard they're similar to No-man so I'd definitely recommend them. Their 2 most recent and first albums are all 4.5s or close to it for me.
    June 22 04:39 PM
  • Mad. Lol, I know the feeling when no one sees your review. My latest Amplifier review got no comments and 100 views, it's kind of frustrating that people on Sputnik don't look out for lesser-known stuff. I guess it's nice being Staff that you can guarantee people will read your reviews!
    June 22 11:27 AM
  • Mad. Ah right oh well, maybe someone else will do it if it's any good. Tim Bowness does have a great voice, he's particularly good in this song he did with Nosound: He also did an electronic album with Centrozoon that's pretty sweet: I've seen him live with Henry Fool but never heard any No-man stuff, I should probably change that. Where's a good place to start?
    June 22 11:25 AM
  • Mad. Managed to get me a promo copy off the band, it's not quite as amazing as I'd hoped but still solid stuff, I'll try and get a review done. I've heard Radio Moscow's first album which is great, didn't know they had a new one coming out. Are you gonna review it?
    June 22 10:17 AM
  • Mad. Yeah there's some Maserati in there for sure, but they've got a nice amount of their own sound in there. I love how abstract it gets. I dunno if you've heard of the stoner rock band Tumbleweed Dealer, but they're releasing their second LP in a couple of days, it should be awesome. I'm probably gonna review it.
    June 21 06:33 AM
  • Mad. Saw you added Temple of the Smoke to the database, totally digging them right now
    June 19 01:37 PM
  • Voivod Hi man, I think that you will find this band very interesting -
    June 19 02:54 AM
  • fromtheinside u dig maeth. you have great taste ;)
    June 16 10:16 PM
  • Voivod Thanks for the recommendations Raul, will check them asap :-)
    June 12 04:31 AM
  • Voivod Raul, i think that you will dig this ep of this Irish stoner rock band -
    May 29 03:11 AM
  • Mad. Yeah he is an awesome vocalist, but the new one has quite a nice style tooI've never listened to BJTM, is this a good starting point or should I try one of their others first?
    May 21 05:22 AM
  • Mad. Yo have you heard the new Greenleaf? It's pretty sweet
    May 20 03:00 PM
  • Voivod I hope everything turns out okay with your band's new album! As for Universe217, I reviewed their latest album and I have seen them live, awesome band. 1000Mods are solid too. As for Greece, as you may have suspected, in the summer there's so much heat, it's like living in a desert, so there's plenty of inspiration for desert/stoner rock, the heat is enough to get us stoned haha!
    May 8 01:11 PM
  • Voivod Hi Raul how are you doing? I think you will dig this, desert rock from Greece -
    May 8 04:48 AM
  • Mad. Yo, here's me MRS review: If you could request me a feature that would be awesome ;)
    May 5 12:31 PM
  • Mad. My MRS review is half done and should be up tomorrow, just so ya know I'm not failing ya ;)
    May 4 04:21 PM
  • menawati hey man, stick a motorpsycho album in this thing
    May 1 06:41 PM
  • menawati ****ing awesome spotlight on Motorpsycho, glad you and Greg are on the staff here !
    April 30 06:14 PM
  • Mad. If it's that good someone needs to review it, Fu Manchu are definitely underrated on this site. Let's hope the right person does it! I have been meaning to check Tame Impala, with their psychedelic leaning and all.
    April 29 06:55 PM
  • Mad. I've had that track stuck in my head all day. Never listened to Tame Impala though. I see you've heard the new Fu Manchu, what's that like?
    April 29 09:52 AM
  • Mad. I certainly hope so. I'll start writing my review after another listen.
    April 29 02:58 AM
  • Mad. Loving the new Mars Red Sky, sitting about a 4.1 right now, shame it gets a bit repetitive after Arcadia, would be higher otherwise. These guys could seriously make a masterpiece.
    April 28 01:48 PM
  • Mad. Awesome, I'm interested in that Catacombe album. Didn't know Santana was still releasing stuff, not sure how good it'll be. I'll see what the MRS album's like then and give it a (hopefully positive) writeup. And I'd never even dream of leaking it, I hate when people do that, can imagine the effects on the band
    April 24 11:44 AM
  • Mad. Yeah man I'd definitely write one! Very interested in how the new one sounds, especially if it takes some weight off your back. When is it out?
    April 23 02:56 PM
  • Mad. Yeah I agree it's definitely too long, it would've been better at about 45-50 minutes, cutting a couple of the weaker songs out. The first few are all awesome though. You might be interested in Made In Oss, it's got their distinctive style but a lot more space-rock-ish
    April 11 06:25 PM
  • Mad. Good to see you rated Quadrant! I might review it at some point
    April 10 02:49 PM
  • Deviant.
    April 10 02:43 AM
  • Voivod Thanks for the tip man, will check the band in time.
    March 27 02:05 PM
  • Voivod Hey man, I think this is up your alley -
    March 26 04:57 PM
  • Mad. Yeah I might review it one day. Apparently their other stuff is good too
    March 24 05:41 AM
  • Mad. Yo did you ever check Astrosoniq? Quadrant is such an awesome album
    March 23 01:44 PM
  • menawati ok didnt know you guys looked at that so ill do that in future for new releases if I can, don't worry about stealing thunder and all that s*** my mind dont work that way just want to see the thing get exposure on here
    March 14 03:55 PM
  • menawati please complete your motorpsycho review, it can only be a good thing if the album gets more attention and a staff review should get even more people interested. Is there any way i can check what staffers are planning to review bcos I'd rather not clash with you guys in future ?
    March 14 01:55 PM
  • Mad. Looking at them now, all their artworks are fairly meh, Heavy Metal Fruit is quite cool. A 4.0? Nice, they're such a brilliantly consistent band
    March 7 05:44 PM
  • Mad. Awesome, I'll make sure it's the next Motorpsycho album I check. Is it just me, or has the cover for Child of the Future got a load of semen on it?
    March 7 06:52 AM
  • Mad. Ah that's annoying. I wouldn't review it - don't know the band well enough. I've only heard their latest 2 all the way through but they're an amazing and incredibly underrated band, so I'm glad someone, especially an almighty staffer, is covering them!
    March 6 05:35 PM
  • Mad. Yo, any chance you'll be reviewing the new Motorpsycho?
    March 6 01:23 PM
  • Atari hey man don't remember if i told you or not but congrats on staff, you definitely deserve it!
    February 26 03:24 PM
  • Mad. you haven't abused the s*** out of your expanded rating system yet, I'd have rated EVERYTHING with .7s and .2s by now!
    February 26 02:30 PM
  • Mad. Yo man, just discovered a band called Astrosoniq - almost got their latest album off ebay but I forgot to bid on it!This album is awesome:
    February 16 12:17 PM
  • AtomicWaste Congrats to you too, dude! I'm glad you decided to apply and I'm happy you got the position, since I know you were on the fence about applying initially. You're a great writer.
    February 13 08:08 PM
  • Mad. That's scary, because I haven't even reached uni yet, so who knows how I'll be able to write ANYTHING then...!
    February 13 05:16 PM
  • Mad. I'd love to be able to write as much as you, but I never get round to it!That Last 3 Lines album is really damn good
    February 12 03:26 PM
  • manosg Thanks for the support man. I'm definitely not discouraged, I really enjoy being on sputnik interacting with people and writing about music. I'll need to integrate some new releases on my reviewing schedule and see how it goes from there. Once again thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate it!
    February 12 02:39 PM
  • manosg Thanks man. I'll try to review some new stuff too but given my taste in music it will be a challenge. Actually, I reviewed just two new releases the previous year. Thanks for the advice though, I'll keep it in mind.
    February 12 02:16 AM
  • tommygun congratulations man!
    February 11 05:55 PM
  • SgtPepper Well, look who got promoted ;D
    February 11 02:53 PM
  • GnarlyShillelagh thanks brudda you too :D
    February 11 01:37 PM
  • manosg Indeed I applied. I'll definitely keep reviewing stuff that make me happy and I'll probably apply next year. Thanks for the advice man!
    February 11 01:28 PM
  • Mad. WTF!? YOU'RE STAFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!Today is a good day for all things psychedelic/stoner
    February 11 01:20 PM
  • manosg Congrats on the promotion man, keep the stoner vibe alive!
    February 11 12:33 PM
  • VheissuCrisis Thanks man, congrats to you too.
    February 11 12:33 PM
  • FiveLeavesLeft Thanks man, and you too! Crazy that only 6 of us got promoted, haha
    February 11 11:38 AM
  • JamieTwort Thanks man, same to you.
    February 11 11:13 AM
  • Brostep dude congrats!
    February 11 09:49 AM
  • Mad. Yeah I remember listening to Dopes to Infinity once and thinking it was just another stoner band but I better relisten
    February 6 05:04 PM
  • Mad. Sounds like I definitely need to listen to MM more then!
    February 6 07:10 AM
  • Mad. Hall is definitely their magnum opus, though I'd definitely recommend Onward, Blood of the Earth and of course the first 3. Space Ritual is also a classic live album
    February 4 05:35 PM
  • Mad. Hell yes for rating Hawkwind and Aphrodite, shame the HATMG rating isn't a 4.5 though ;)
    February 4 03:55 PM
  • Mad. I don't find their grooves at all repetitive, I love them, but I can see why someone might
    February 1 06:30 PM
  • Mad. I know what you mean, Ocean Towers might seem a bit repetitive but I really dig those grooooves man. I'll definitely check that album out!It's awesome that you rated Atomic Bitchwax II, it's a really awesome album, I dont know why it had no votes
    February 1 10:39 AM
  • Mad. Yeah I know, but it's still good to have backup to make a feature more likely eh?
    January 25 10:06 AM
  • Mad. Yo man, just posted my Ethereal Riffian review. You should check. Could you help me get a feature in the Meds thread too? Thanks!
    January 25 08:01 AM
  • Mad. I've just listened to The Machine's latest album, which is awesome. I need to give Sasquatch some more listens as well but I'll end up checking them all eventually!This album is incredible: They're really psychedelic stoner with some retro heavy psych thrown in there. Pretty unique sound
    January 23 05:21 PM
  • Mad. Yeah Aeonian was released on Monday, find it on bandcamp.The word 'progressive' has definitely suddenly got me interested in Universe. I was thinking of getting the Ltd CD but I don't have Phi yet, which I need.I've only heard the first 2 and the last of those bands but that does sound pretty awesome. Maybe if I can get some friends together I'll do it but it sucks going alone :/
    January 23 12:40 PM
  • mryrtmrnfoxxxy submit tht review son
    January 23 03:54 AM
  • Mad. The new Ethereal Riffian is AWESOME man, don't miss it, review coming soon.Shame the new Truckfighters is only a 3.5 :/
    January 22 05:55 AM
  • Mad. Yeah I'm definitely going to try to, haven't done one for a while and it shouldn't be too hard to write about. The book thing is interesting and pretty unique."...And Justice For Y'all" haha that's brilliant!
    January 13 02:05 PM
  • Mad. Damn, must of been some suspense there. I don't mind the actual mixing, the drums are perhaps too low in the mix at some points but otherwise it's good. A remaster would definitely be awesome though!I'm pretty interested in the new Ethereal Riffian album: It's out in a week and the artwork looks awesome, plus there's a whole fancy concept behind it.
    January 12 02:58 PM
  • Mad. There's also a gap between the first two tracks instead of them fading into each other which is weird because it doesn't play that way on the bandcamp page. Perhaps I got a faulty CD. That would be really brilliant if you could get a record deal, maybe rerelease ETV eh?
    January 12 09:59 AM
  • Mad. Awesome. One thing I didn't like in the last two tracks of ETV was how they faded out really fast at the end, really took the effect away from the rest of the songs, which were ace.Also I realised that there were a few jumps at the beginning of the CD, not sure why
    January 12 09:31 AM
  • Mad. That's pretty exciting, if it's better than your debut, it'll probably be a 4.5
    January 12 08:31 AM
  • Mad. Everything's good man. Your new record has vocals? Awesome! Hope it doesn't lose that awesome chilled-out spacey feel from the first one though. Tell me when it's out and I'll review it for you.I'll definitely check them out. If we're swapping recs, here's one for you. I discover great new bands on bandcamp all the time, but this one really stands out. Has quite a proggy/Crippled Black Phoenix feel:
    January 12 06:45 AM
  • Mad. Yeah, that's why I rec'd them to you. The bass is great
    January 3 01:13 PM
  • Mad. Holy crap, that album was awesome. Easily a 4, maybe higher. Sad to see it's gone unnoticed as many things do
    January 2 12:34 PM
  • Mad. Awesome, I'll check them - those genres look promising
    January 2 05:26 AM
  • Mad. I know I send you stuff all the time, but it's usually because I think it's pretty damn good. This band are awesome but completely obscure. Stoner rock with some nice flair, a bit like Ghost Country and Sandveiss
    January 1 01:42 PM
  • JamieTwort No problem, thanks man. Sweet, looking forward to seeing it.
    December 27 04:23 PM
  • JamieTwort Great, thanks.
    December 20 10:58 AM
  • JamieTwort Just emailed you a revised version of my Ulver write-up.
    December 20 06:23 AM
  • JamieTwort Just realised I put "Mother Mercy" instead of "Mother of Mercy" sorry about that. Any chance you could edit that before posting?
    December 18 05:54 AM
  • JamieTwort I've sent you the paragraph. Hope it's alright length wise and everything.
    December 18 04:44 AM
  • JamieTwort Hey man, yeah I can do that. Hopefully I'll get time to do it tomorrow. Where shall I send it once it's done?
    December 17 04:42 AM
  • Mad. Sandveiss, are cool. Vocalist in particular reminds me heavily of ASG. Make sure you check Humanfly though. It really sucks they're on hiatus right at a peak
    December 12 02:44 PM
  • Mad. I know I've rec'd you stuff before, but this is seriously unmissable. AOTY?
    December 10 01:10 PM
  • Mad. I'm the same as you, female vocalists generally seem cheesy to me (i.e. Nightwish) but this one's actually really awesome, got a shoegaze-y style
    November 21 04:59 PM
  • Mad. Awesome female-fronted stoner
    November 19 03:21 PM
  • Mad. It's actually a pretty decent album, about 30 mins long and really nice case and artwork. Band is called "...But The Planes Are Not Made Out of Paper" the album's streaming on their bandcamp. I added it to the database... some pretty quirky stoner stuff
    November 13 05:23 PM
  • Mad. Hey man, just received my copy of Enter the Void. There was another CD in the packet that I have no idea what it is. It says "This Wolf Is Afraid of a Crowd of Sheep... but the planes are not made out of paper" on it... I didn't order it so any ideas what it is?
    November 13 11:25 AM
  • Mad. Will check those tracks out, sounds really promising, Maserati are a great band. If there's a pre-order, I'll be there ;)
    November 10 10:22 AM
  • Mad. Ah right, that would be a lot better. Good luck then, and I'm really looking forward to your next stuff! Any hints at what it's like?
    November 10 08:45 AM
  • Mad. Take your time, so it's as good as it can possibly be! It would be pretty awesome if you could get a record deal. Don't those Ozium Records people do it?
    November 10 08:05 AM
  • Mad. Damn, how long do you reckon it'll be before you release anything new?
    November 10 07:40 AM
  • Mad. s***, I'm in London next weekend so I might be able to see Samsara! And I might have to go to Desertfest just for Monkey3...Maybe you can do a European tour when you release your second album? *hint hint*
    November 10 07:30 AM
  • Mad. I don't have enough to say about the new Samsara really, so I'll leave it to you but I'll help it get featured. It would be awesome if you guys could come to the UK! I need to find a stoner fest somewhere here with Samsara and Monkey3 (and maybe you one day) playing, that would be awesome.
    November 10 07:07 AM
  • Mad. Thanks man, retro psych trip is the day's project! How's the Samsara review going? I'd be interested to see itI just bought a physical copy of Methadone Skies btw, I love it! ;)
    November 10 05:40 AM
  • insomniac15 If you haven't listened Brian Jonestown Massacre or Black Angels, you're gonna get into quite a retro-psych trip. BJM have an big discography with everything ranging from 60s pop/psychedelic (Rolling Stones mainly), to drone/shoegaze to insane psychedelic stuff lol. Also, check out the movie Dig! featuring them and The Dandy Warhols, it's crazy. Black Angels are somewhere near BJM (it's one of the many bands those guys have influenced) and they have some great records.
    November 10 03:18 AM
  • Mad. To me the sophomore just sounded like a generic stoner/hard rock album compared to the debut, I need to give it another chance though. Thanks for adding Weird Owl. I haven't heard of those other bands so I better them a go!
    November 9 01:12 PM
  • Mad. This is Weird Owl:'s ok, I've jammed the first 3 Samsara songs on their bandcamp. Not as powerful as the debut but definitely better than the sophomore!
    November 7 02:25 PM
  • Mad. Yo man have you heard Weird Owl? they're pretty awesomeAlso have you heard the new Samsara yet?
    November 6 02:36 PM
  • CaptainDooRight you're the man bro
    November 5 01:31 PM
  • CaptainDooRight thx again bro, don't forget to rate the new album :]
    November 5 01:17 PM
  • CaptainDooRight can you write a news article for my new dm album? see my new list about it
    November 4 05:56 PM
  • CaptainDooRight Thanks I appreciate the offer. I didn't have anyone to ask. I haven't contacted any producing companies.
    September 28 02:48 PM
  • NodScene23 Hey Insomniac, sorry about not getting back to you. I would like to review the Sasquatch record but I haven't found the time to do it myself. Feel free to go for it if you haven't already. I'll find another album to get to. I'll look forward to reading it!
    September 20 09:54 PM
  • Voivod Will check, cheers!
    September 14 11:06 AM
  • Voivod haha I can only imagine! Is your band listed in sputnik?
    September 14 11:02 AM
  • Voivod Thanks for the rec, spotted their bandcamp location as well, will check them out.
    September 14 10:47 AM
  • Dreamflight thanks man, you did help a lot. :) cheers, and nice country of yours.
    September 4 05:55 PM
  • Dreamflight Sup dude, you don't happen to be from Arad, don't you? if so do you know any places to buy metal records?
    September 4 03:07 PM
  • Willie I didn't request a promo because I wasn't going to review it (since you were). I'll see if the label will send you a link.
    July 6 12:49 PM
  • Willie What's your e-mail address.
    July 6 12:08 PM
  • Willie I might. I haven't even heard it yet. Do a good job and I won't ;)
    June 19 08:21 AM
  • greg84 No problem man. I'll post it and give you full credit.
    May 13 01:02 PM
  • SgtPepper Yeah, I like Lullabies too. "someone's in the wolf" and "the blood is love" are two of my all time QOTSA favourites. I'm excited to see where this goes and how it turns out. I'm confident that I will enjoy it, if not love it. I even dug Era Vulgaris as well (I think I have that rated at a 3.5).
    May 9 02:53 PM
  • SgtPepper Yeah, I love Queens Of The Stone Age. I haven't been too impressed with these past 2 songs. They're good, but I was expecting more epic songs like "A Song For The Deaf"/"Hangin Tree" part 2 from this lineup. It's sounds like a return to the darker feel of Lullabies so far, but I'm still optimistic about it though. Honestly I enjoy all of their albums. What do you think of it so far?
    May 8 07:53 PM
  • greg84 Ah yeah. Red Fang are getting better with every new album.
    May 6 04:05 PM
  • greg84 Yeah. A lot of great records have been released lately. I also know that Lo-Pan are recording their new album. Jeff Martin (their singer) is absulutely hilarious. The new Sasquatch's gonna be great for sure, but I have my doubts about QOTSA. Era Vulgaris was terrible.
    May 6 03:14 PM
  • greg84 Yeah. The whole album is much more punk/noise rock oriented, and it's definitely much darker. It's really growing on me. Definitely gonna make my end-year list.
    May 6 02:59 PM
  • greg84 Yeah. Sadly I'm not gonna review their new album... Somebody else dibbed it, probably Hernan... Give the new Coliseum album a spin. Fuzzbang may be the best stoner rock track of the year so far.
    May 6 02:40 PM
  • greg84 That's awesome man. Keep on rocking.
    May 2 05:43 PM
  • Maniac! I understand, completely. If you'd like, it would still be great if you signed up and used it as a user! (cross-posting is allowed, obviously)
    May 2 11:52 AM
  • Maniac! I have been reading your reviews, and they are quite good! I run a media website,, where we review and blog about movies, music, games, etc. Anyone can sign up and post, but I'm actually looking for a few more staff members. If you're interested, give it a look and let me know!
    April 29 12:01 PM
  • greg84 True, but I absolutely don't get why some albums are so hyped up...
    April 25 03:43 PM
  • greg84 Have you heard Beastwars. If not, I couldn't rec it more.
    April 25 05:22 AM
  • Atari thank you sir :) i'm very stoked about it
    April 21 02:41 PM
  • greg84 earth rocker is a contender for the album of the year for sure, double disco animal style is awesome too, I have a feeling you'll dig it
    April 13 05:15 PM
  • greg84 dude you should jam loading data asap
    April 13 05:01 PM
  • CaptainDooRight my new al -
    April 2 05:29 PM
  • breakingthefragile If you're having any trouble getting into the group, just friend me on facebook and I'll invite you.
    March 15 01:27 AM
  • MO Congrats bro
    February 24 12:26 PM
  • tommygun hey buddy congrats on the promotion well deserved!
    February 24 02:24 AM
  • SgtPepper congratulations on the promotion, man. I'm glad to see you got in. How have you been?
    February 24 01:28 AM
  • silentpotato your album is Popol Vuh-Hosianna Mantra
    February 20 01:21 AM
  • greg84 Gozu rule for sure, but Deville and Audrey Horne's new albums omg!
    February 8 07:53 AM
  • greg84 If you're into trad heavy metal you should check out Audrey Horne's new album. Their previous 3 releases are tepid hard rock. I don't recommend them.
    February 7 03:27 PM
  • greg84 dude check out the new Deville record if you haven't, it's the best stoner rock in a very long time...
    February 6 06:18 PM
  • Atari lol nice cheshire grump cat x2
    February 5 05:26 PM
  • Trebor. lol nice cheshire grump cat
    February 5 03:52 AM
  • MO no problem man, you write solid reviews and I think were one of the first users I ever talked to on here, keep it up buddy, I think you're a shoo-in
    February 3 12:00 PM
  • slipnslide Hey when you give Stoned Jesus 3's I feel like my heart has a tight elastic band wrapped around it and that is going to eventually explode from the pressure so i will die in an extremely painful manner thx!
    February 3 07:14 AM
  • SgtPepper I noticed that you went for a contrib position. God, I hope you get it. Honestly, you deserve it so much.
    February 1 03:52 PM
  • Kaleid Still here man, I lurk these days but I'll defo review it on March. Keep an eye out for the 1st single; it's being released soon
    January 14 06:35 PM
  • Omaha Hey man, I just wanted to say your reviews are great. I'm surprised you haven't been promoted to Contributor status yet.
    December 8 10:33 PM
  • ASnideRemark It's no prob, I'd listen to it but I've got too much on my to listen to list at the moment lol.
    November 16 05:41 PM
  • ASnideRemark It's no prob, I pos'd it, it's a good review. I don't even think I commented on your review lol.
    November 16 05:37 PM
  • ASnideRemark Dude I don't neg reviews lol, last review I neg'd was a badly written troll review. Someone else negged you.
    November 16 05:31 PM
  • Tyrael sweet profile pic bro
    November 14 08:33 PM
  • BaselineOOO Nu, am decis sa ma maturizez peste noapte fara niciun motiv lol. Nu-mi dai si mie adresa ta de msn? :o3
    November 14 02:13 PM
  • BaselineOOO sunt putin mai matura I guess... :-??
    November 14 07:56 AM
  • greg84 I think it's worth buying online.
    November 13 03:23 PM
  • greg84 I've heard it. It's quite cool. Not as good as Dark Matters though. I'd also like Van to sing more (instead of his brother).
    November 12 02:46 PM
  • BaselineOOO I'll never do acid again!
    November 11 05:20 AM
  • AliW1993 Nope, Nothing from LICD as far as I can remember, and only Electricity from LAG. It was very much focused on his most recent material, though there was the odd early cut and the usual Spacemen 3 cover. Highlights... Take Your Time, I Am What I Am, So Long You Pretty Thing and a new song which I think was called Perfect Miracle.
    November 10 08:29 AM
  • AliW1993 Started slowly but once they clicked it was amazing. Setlist was odd even by Spiritualized standards, but we got a pair of new songs out of it so can't really complain. Both sounded great.
    November 10 07:15 AM
  • SgtPepper Oh, s***. I really like Samsara Blues Experiment and especially Stoned Jesus. That would actually be really good shows for you guys because your music would be right at home with their fans. But yeah you guys are really talented. Good luck with everything, man.
    October 30 04:34 PM
  • Atari Two things. First emma stone is sooooo hot. Secondly and perhaps more importantly, I checked out your album that paperback reviewed on bandcamp and I liked it : ) good job man wasn't expecting it to be so good.
    October 10 02:05 AM
  • SgtPepper Hey mate. Just uploaded the review for Enter The Void. Let me know what you think. If you'd like me to change anything let me know.
    October 10 01:27 AM
  • SgtPepper Hey man. I'm about to start writing on your album this week and I was wondering if you could give me some background information about your band. Who is in the band? And who plays what instrument? Also, how did you guys form? and what were any influences on the album?Get back to me when you can. Thanks.
    September 25 05:34 AM
  • guizpom hey what's the name of your band? :)
    September 14 11:56 PM
  • greg84 I'm alright. I'll be sure to check out your record soon. I remember that I liked what I've heard of your band so far.
    September 13 08:10 AM

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