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  • bakkermaarten007 Thanks! =)
    March 29 04:52 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 They sound awesome, weird that they aren't even on RYM. They have that confidence in their sound you'd expect from a more well-known band. Yes, I'll gladly accept your offer =)
    March 29 09:59 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Yes, some song- I don't remember which one- reminded me so hard of February. But at least they don't try to hide it. Their band name alone is too obvious.
    March 25 10:27 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Hmm, lovelettertypewriter (the band) is more than just an ode to Mineral apparently. You're like the sole contributor to their bandcamp page =)
    March 25 12:52 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 And since you uploaded one of the Margot songs Id better give them the full treatment (listen all the way through) =)
    March 24 05:37 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Thanks =) . Why is your username and pic not showing in my shoutbox though?
    March 24 05:36 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 This reminds me of some other emo band, but I can't pinpoint it right now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZ91KIkWyYo
    March 23 05:07 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Feels euphoric and melancholic all the same, pretty experimental/ post-rock that I think you'd like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3R812McCJSA
    March 21 10:40 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Yea, exactly. I wouldn't mind living there. But allegedly it's superhard to get a visum.
    March 18 08:41 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Ever heard Athletics? Didn't like them before, but wow I love their EP now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mCbbQqn-QY
    March 15 10:36 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 I like it. I'm sorry that I don't have much recs to offer lately. I wonder, since you seem to like many Japanese bands, how you feel about the country and culture in general? I hold Japan in very high regards tbh: great tech companies, emphasis on honour, lots of quirks and somewhat monolithic which makes it more appealing.
    March 13 09:32 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Cool radiostation you listen to =). Yeah, I remember his album with the song 'heartbeats' playing at night while I was in high school. Used to be my sleep-in music for a while. There's hope for the world hah
    March 6 08:42 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Have you heard The Wind-Up Bird? (named after the book) These guys (one of them Jeff Smith of Jeromes Dream) produce my favourite ambient/ drone music. It's so immersive. I can't rec a single track as it's such an integrated experience, but the first one is definitely the most unsettling. I'm trying to write a review for it, but it's not easy =) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJEM8WTV66o
    February 23 07:50 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Haha, yes it sure is =)
    February 17 10:16 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Haha, I won't insist on anything musical =) . Tiglio is indeed a killer song, but overall the mood of Tigra Songs is so much better imo. I'm going to listen to Surrounded by Seasons next, though it's only in 128kbps, I might buy it on discogs if I like it.
    February 14 08:28 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 You recommended me Ariel Killl Him, but have you heard early Leiah? I know you've heard their last album, or at least part of it because I saw a youtube comment of yours =)Early Leiah feels much more genuine to me, muh more sincere. It's weird, ever since their early days they started getting more whiny/ feminine. Probably also a whole lot to do with the lead singer's transgender struggles.
    February 14 05:16 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I've finished school recently. Got one contribution to an annual 'trend forecasting' book from a Dutch company, but other than that I'm looking for a job. I try to walk the line between the overly commercial and the creative. But it's not easy lol.But the past month is mainly absorbed by concerns for my brother. He's lost his way and I want to be there for him. Stressful business.
    January 27 06:50 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I don't even know if I'll be going. Tbh, a show (even of a fav band) is low on my priority list for the moment. There's a show in Belgium too, though in festival formula. Maybe I'll go to that one for convenience.
    January 27 09:17 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 What genre was it you didn't like? Or no, it was emo with female vocals. Woops, these vocals are a little emo-esque. Sorry for force-feeding you those )
    January 25 12:40 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Lovely dream pop. My only complaint is that the vocals are a little too much at the front in the mix, the beautifully humming guitars are barely audible.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjDeOM7TM3o
    January 25 12:39 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Nice, another 90's band for my library. =) How I miss finding those
    January 21 02:54 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 It's a whole world of hard to find music at our hands, it just seems too good to be true almost. No more long searches =). And I'm especially neurotic about the 'no malware' statement, after all it is a service that 'opens up' folders on your computer for others. Idk, seems like a hacker's dream
    January 21 02:50 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I've abstained long from using soulseek. But I'm giving it a second try now. It still scares me lol, I'm neurotic about these things. Is there anything I should know? Also if you'd like to add me, if that's possible, my username is Partlys4int
    January 18 11:25 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Thanks. That's an awesome find really, never heard of that before you told me. Really convenient for all sorts of things. I mean, there's enough cool 'modern', 'industrial' design and artwork to find on the net but these old nostalgic materials from the dawn of the videocamera, these feel like treasures.
    January 18 11:10 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 What was that site with old footage again? Your videos are so nostalgic
    January 17 04:57 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Yeah, I've seen the washedupemo guy post it. If AF were a bigger band the house would sell for a fortune I'm sure. That song was nice to hear, it has that distinctive sound that is absent in modern emo bands. Thanks
    January 17 04:56 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 That Akugatawa album is up on mediafire btw: http://www.mediafire.com/download/vb7d928v5icjedo/AKUTAGAWA - 2006 - AKUTAGAWA.zip
    January 16 06:19 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 The name made me chuckle. I'll watch it later, thanks
    January 16 06:12 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Also, a great Japanese emo band: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqdToCA9N5oI saved up some songs, sorry.
    January 14 06:14 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 This is a post-hardcore band making a beautiful modern classical composition. I've yet to hear other songs of theirs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KN81d9_JxWY
    January 14 05:37 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I know you're not that big on screamo, but I think you'll like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAaW-P8JCS8There's a section of harsh noise at the beginning mind.
    January 14 04:59 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I think I've heard a couple of his songs via your channel. I like some of it, like this one but it's like he really tries too hard to evoke emotion, I don't know.
    January 14 04:56 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Nice, good job man. I nearly always just passed my exams, only just. Except for the ones I was interested in, which weren't too many =)
    January 11 04:10 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 How did it go?
    January 10 05:54 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Do you have one examnination period per year then? I don't understand it haha, I'm dumb
    January 9 03:06 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 How are your studies going? I have no clue how it works over there, but where I live right now is examination time.
    January 8 06:48 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Well f***, this is beautiful. Ugh, too pretty almost. You really should claim some title of sputnik's emo connoisseur or something. I'll back you up haha
    January 8 06:44 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Have you heard Shores? I love the bleakness in their distant composure: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5i_1lqTEF7k
    January 4 10:17 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Yeah, Neil Halstead is very talented. I believe I've rec'd you a song from that album a while ago haha. This singer/songwriter is awesome as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70G5jFLpVj8
    January 3 09:11 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 It seems like the internet not only democratized music (and the making of) but also made it more difficult to segregate the good from the bad.
    January 2 11:38 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 I stand by my former opinion for now: Jettie's first LP is very nice but some songs don't hold my attention. Probably a high 4. The first ep a 3,5 and the second a 4,5. 4 of the 5 songs on that ep have made me weep lol. =)
    January 1 02:14 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Happy New year!
    January 1 02:12 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Downloaded, thanks a lot! I'll reiterate that you may ask me anytime for albums too if they're in my possession =)
    December 29 08:28 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I've been listening to them on spotify while doing some work. The dinosaur ep struck me the most, I like its slower tempo. The first LP is very beautiful too with more instrumental layering, only the last one didn't really do much for me. Idk if their music is hard to find, but if it is I'd appreciate you uploading it =)
    December 29 06:41 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 And I think I've had the same dinosaur toy like the one on GR's cover lol
    December 29 04:47 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I'm digging Jettie now, haha.
    December 29 03:49 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I thought you could just appreciate shoegaze, right? Maybe you'll like this, it makes me synchronize with everything around me, or something like that haha https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxSVqug0Lts
    December 28 08:30 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Surely =) . I'm familiar with that helios album, very pretty, it's popular on this site I think. Your friend's song started out promising but alas, I'm hardly ever fond of rapping vocals. I would've dug it quite a lot if it was spoken word =)
    December 28 08:27 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 And hey, if you want to have a talk about it, be sure to leave a shout or post me on fb or something. Ican't guarantee I'll understand completely but I'll try to =)
    December 26 04:05 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I just now saw your comment on the list I've made. I'm very sorry to hear that, I hope it doesn't discourage you all too much from reaching for dreams. I also didn't mean to invoke a comparison argument- some said that on the list so my phrasing clearly failed. Pain is very much relative to environment, upbringing, culture etc. But I think I just feel like an ass sometimes for not trying as hard as some people who suffer. I become immovable whereas others put on a fight.
    December 26 04:04 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 You too, Merry Christmas =)
    December 26 03:06 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 You might like my latest upload: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlIasQOO5M4
    December 25 07:34 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Very cool song, brings summer vibes. Now I haven't heard the original nor do I keep track of everything Mike Kinsella does but the drone and even psych folk melodies were really pretty.
    December 25 07:29 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Somehow that video isn't available for me =)
    December 22 07:00 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 While we're at this subject of loneliness and consequently perhaps meaningless, I thought I'd share this poem with you. The last six lines especially resonated strongly within me and I think they might have a similar effect on you. http://www.artofmanliness.com/2014/11/22/manvotional-the-light-of-the-stars/
    December 11 04:55 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Very interesting indeed. I happen to have written a couple essays on this and related subjects too, this video showed me some new insights. It really makes you loathe the way the world evolves, right?
    December 11 04:50 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Kittyhawk rules. It's like a blend of emo and noiserock or whatever, but very cool.
    December 10 12:55 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Ah right, you're without internet I saw. =) Ok, will check. The band name sounds ironic enough, I like that
    December 10 10:21 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 It might be you who rec'd me this, so apologies if that's the case:https://sometimesgo.bandcamp.com/album/how-to-destroy-this-city-within-a-minutethey sound like an early 2000's band amidst all the 'twinklecore'. Maybe a little 'faux' but I like it =)
    December 6 02:39 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 And lol, Parkway Drive have good taste. Better than their composing skills (admittedly, these are not too bad either)
    November 28 07:04 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Well, I'm a really wayward person, which is a major downside of my personality. Unless I'm truly passionate about something I can change my opinion about it in the blink of an eye, so to speak. It has cost me a great deal already =)
    November 28 07:02 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 "Whores will have their trinkets". What a song, just listened to it again on your channel.
    November 28 04:46 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 By the book, but very pretty post-rock: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXggLNSetQE
    November 23 07:06 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I might download it soon, now that you've reminded me of it. Also: this is nice, another one of my dreampop pleasures: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jj9UwtoJg_c And I don't know if you've given The Smith Street Band a try? If not, I highly recommend it, you'll dig their latest I'm sure =)
    November 22 08:52 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I know, kinda creepy to listen to during night walks. It's funny you show me that, 'cause 'Johnnyonthespot' (the sputnik user) urged me to listen to her new album a few days earlier. =) I'm already familiar with this one, though I've not given it enough time to fully sink in. Quite artsy music overall,
    November 22 08:45 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Ah, that's cool. Beware though: it seems he's happy nowadays =D
    November 20 07:59 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Your footage to go with the songs you upload remains so heartwarmingly nostalgic. I sometimes think I'd thrive better in a non-digital age.
    November 18 08:23 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I think it's a nice song overall, though the intro is definitely killer. This band sounds exactly like early Rika. I could've sworn I was listening to them lol. Idk which one is oldest. Still waiting for a new emo band to rate 4,5 haha. I'm amazed you still care enough to look so extensively =), I honestly can't do it anymore.
    November 18 08:21 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I love this track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s68IKWrCw-0
    November 15 03:00 PM
  • beachdude Haha I actually didn't preorder the album, I feel bad admitting that... I just downloaded it online, I only listened to one album of theirs before so I was curious about this but not enough to buy right away. It really blew me away though, so I'll probably end up buying a copy.
    November 15 05:27 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 *I'll remove it
    November 11 08:17 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 I totally just uploaded The Player Piano - Mayday, having no idea you had it lol. Anyways, I'll. Great band btw =)
    November 11 08:16 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 (which is just laughable imo)
    November 8 01:43 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Thanks! I'm slowly working my way through all the things on my to-do list and hopefully I'll get to the home recording part soon =) . I like female fronted emo bands (obviously) but even the best ones don't match the seminal male fronted bands. I think it has a lot to do with the culture of the scene. It really is so heart-on-your-sleeve that sometimes lyrics are so honest so women are not spared. Some even considered (but that s the mainstream attitude) certain emo bands mysogynistic.
    November 8 01:41 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Also: you spend a great deal of money on physical music, it seems. =)
    November 4 10:22 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 I have a rekindled love for Rainer Maria this past week (the band not the poet =) ). I saw you didn't have them rated, so maybe you haven't heard this achingly beautiful song of theirs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIXujGpm5hs
    November 4 09:00 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 I really should save up for a turntable some time. Then again, I should save up for some home recording gear too, but I'm clueless about that stuff =)
    November 4 08:58 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 I don't think I'm ready (not in the mood lol) for that Pretty the Quick... ep. That song off the split is pretty cool. I really don't think Pop Unknown should reunite though. I saw some youtube video from some years back (one time reunion show maybe, I don't know for sure) and I felt awkward.
    November 4 08:58 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 That band had a cool idea, but didn't really convince me
    November 2 03:46 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 The new TWIABPAIANLATD ep gets a lot of hate, due to its concept comprised of poetry spoken over music. But I think the idea is neat. Granted at times I wished they'd just let the music play or maybe just use another voice for the spoken word. This song is soothing, it works here imo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfxaW7ZGMhU
    October 31 07:33 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Heard it a couple of years ago (I apparently liked it). I loathe the band name, but the music is really cool. I had no idea it was the guitarist's project. (always forget his name)
    October 31 07:31 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I thought I should recommend you this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcuPfqqTvCs I need to check out the rest, but this minimalistic beauty makes me fear it won't match it. =)
    October 29 07:16 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Yeah, I have. In fact I rec'd you 'Whatever Makes You Sleep' of them a while back =) . It's okay, I have troubles remembering all the music I listened to as well =) . A little skeptical about PO's reunion.
    October 29 07:16 PM
  • ConcubinaryCode They put out a lot of 5's. Their easily one of my favorites and have me standards to set to other post punk acts. I've been living burn piano island burn more and more too.
    October 26 11:37 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Yeah, it probably will be. RYM is very strict in these matters, way more than sputnik. It's too bad, but maybe the material for unreleased tracks was too weak (sq) to be released.
    October 26 11:33 AM
  • ConcubinaryCode Hey, our music taste is pretty similar. Cool
    October 25 10:32 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 There's another band with the same name in the sputnik databse. I have switched them around.
    October 23 05:31 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Cool band definitely. Never heard of them, glad I did now. The Japanese do a really good job at emo mostly, this is the case here too.
    October 22 06:37 PM
  • Trebor. pianos become the queef
    October 21 10:11 PM
  • Trebor. "Lol at people saying this is better than Mineral.r" fight me
    October 21 10:02 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 They sound like Rika but with more post-rock elements, don't you think?
    October 18 09:26 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Thanks =)
    October 18 07:12 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 I'm listening to exclusively angry music right now lol. But yeah sure, thank you =) . After a few days I might switch again lol
    October 17 02:00 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I've only heard excerpts on Amazon lol. Decided after that that I should hear it in its totality but I never quite got there.
    October 17 01:34 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Not a well known band. I have yet to hear their other stuff but this song has its charm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3drHmFCaT00
    October 15 08:20 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Ah, well. Doesn't that fall under the same umbrella? haha
    October 12 08:58 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Ah cool. I thought their bass player had marital obligations.
    October 12 06:11 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I might be mistaken, but I thought you mentioned seeing CFD with Mineral at some music festival right? How were they?
    October 12 10:46 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Why do I have to be such a pretentious douchebag sometimes? Lol, Outsmarting Simon's purple album (I forgot the title while typing) is definitely a high 4. Props to you for discovering it.
    October 12 10:41 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 I have never heard previous live AF shows, but lots of singers fail to sing good live. I didn't think he was bad though, very good even with the live show keeping in mind.
    October 10 08:30 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Sounds as they would've just finished the album. Could've fooled me, if I didn't know any better. Amazing when you think of it, 15 years after release. Are you going to another one of their shows now?
    October 10 05:18 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I'm surprised you don't like that My Spacecoaster album tbh. 'Try To Escape' belongs with emo's best songs imo =)
    October 10 04:58 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 This guy mostly makes weird lo-fi indietronica-esque pop, but there's a good chance you might like this song (I love it): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QGVXCJi36M
    October 9 05:59 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I found the band My Spacecoaster a few days ago. I checked out their last.fm page and ofcourse you already knew them haha . Anyways, I've bought their album, if you want it let me know =)
    October 9 05:12 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 This is a beautiful ambient piece. Be warned, it's 18 minutes long =)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnbUKfBrPXo
    October 9 01:02 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Sorry, that album didn't do much for me. Seems run-of-the-mill post-rock with hardcore vocals for me.
    October 8 06:23 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges youarethe nig
    October 8 05:32 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Still need to listen to the bandcamp rec, it's bookmarked. Meanwhile, I discovered this mopey song that I like too much:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOyTm8frYNE
    October 4 08:39 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Wow, that's a very cramped term doing these two intensive occupations. It's admirable, just so you know.
    October 3 09:32 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I should read the book tbh. But there are so many in my to-read list lol. Right now I'm reading a classic: The Unbearable Lightness of Being. I recommend it highly if you are in touch with your existential side. You can read it quickly if you want to, but it serves best with thinking pauses between some passages. (it's a mixture of philosophy and fiction)
    October 2 07:27 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 I reckon you've listened to Fear Before The March of Flames before? If you have, you'll be familiar with the quirky elements, that this song also has. It's a solo project of one of the singer-guitarists. I love how it sounds playful yet very cynical: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_p_fiv8kgaU
    October 1 05:24 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 The post-rock song is from TPOBAW, it's nice but way too short for me to truly captivate me. I guess you like that movie/ book a lot, seen you reference it a few times on here =)
    October 1 05:23 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I like that EP. It's a pleasant listen, but nothing really sticks though.
    September 30 06:42 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 "because I didn't want to be there because I was just tired of school and had no idea what I wanted to go for". Sounds very familiar to me, still dos partly =) . It's a huge bummer that your flight got cancelled. I understand people wanting to commit suicide but I'll never understand those who do it so publicly.
    September 27 09:44 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 And yeah, women =) , haha. I've creatd this (wrong) mindset for myself in which I extremely degrade love to a superficial thing all just generated by our bodies nature (which is actually true). But that's just a way to cope with it and understanding something doesn't take the magic away. Hey, have fun at AF. You'll cherish it afterwards I'm sure.
    September 27 05:16 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 The problem with that is you don't get to assess it at the finish line and then go back. I know how frustrating it is. I don't know however how exactly the educational system works in America. I'd say to try it out for one semester and then maybe switch if you can, but maybe that's not possible. Do try your best though, even when you don't feel like it anymore. I've wasted two years and the regret will forever 'haunt' me. =)
    September 27 05:14 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I have no idea if this'll be up your alley, but this is underrated imo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Zc5WBNzlLE
    September 27 06:32 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 You have inscribed in a study discpline some weeks ago (medical assistant right?) : how's it going for now? I'm not a preliminary example of a student (wasted 2 years) but I did turn around some hopeless situations lo, so if you need some motivational talk or other advice, you may always ask.
    September 26 06:36 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Do you mean like life in general? Well, that's been steady in its slowness haha. I do have my degree of trendwatching now (it's pretty stupid in hindsight) and now I should be on the lookout for work but I don't know where to start. And I'm still in love with this girl who is in a relationship so I can't reach out to her. Lol, plenty of reasons to still listen to sad tunes I guess, but all in all it could be summed up with that I've become more stabile emotionally, more burnt-out passionately =)
    September 26 06:34 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Haha, would he not fully realize the impact he's had on the emo genre in general or is he just so humble.
    September 21 07:30 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 That's so awesome. I just saw your picture. Must feel like life is complete haha?
    September 20 04:55 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Thanks man!
    September 16 06:07 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Is 'Three' also in 320 kbps? If so, yes I definitely want it thanks =) . Don't bother about the rest of the discography, I don't believe I'll get to that.
    September 15 06:07 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Few and Far Between's 'Edison' sounds so cathartic towards the end. It's been a while since I've got my mood stirred so exquisitely by one single song. wow.
    September 15 09:53 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Have you ever heard The Wrens? I've been listening a lot lately. They have a very eclectic style (some downright sad, some downright weird), but I think this song might give you an idea how they sound: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FditI_wlg6o
    September 14 05:10 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 That's sweet haha. It's not very clear from the recording, but were you happy with his vocal performance on this? It just seems like a daring choice to play this song live after all these years. Lol, I try to sing it sometimes. I can keep up just until the last lines, then my voice breaks down lol.
    September 14 05:06 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Thanks. Funny how the world seems so small, I think I've heard of that Lovelettertypewriter guy before. On one of my quest for Mineral info. Do you roam Soundcloud a lot? I just have a lot of trouble digging through all the crap that's on there too =/ . But I could be doing it wrong haha.
    September 10 08:52 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 That talk with Gabe sounds amazing. It's odd to hear how one of our 'heroes' leads a pretty normal life now, aside from the reunion shows. I am glad to hear the show delivered, hopefully it'll do in Europe as well, haven't figured out which show I'm attending yet. Also: I hope they don't stage dive lol.
    September 8 12:15 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Are you satisfied with the outcome of the show?Also: I know you rec'd me that Invierno song. But have you listened to the entire album? It's very solid. Right now it feels like it could have been a seminal emo album if they sang in English.
    September 7 07:44 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Have fun tonight.
    September 5 06:25 PM
  • BeeRyan Hey, I saw you liked the Movies album I posted about. Glad to hear it!
    September 5 07:26 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Yeah, I really think they're (well, the one song I've heard atleast) great =)
    September 3 09:18 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 this is great: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdsAP_YNboE
    September 2 10:50 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Arnold's Drive-In is pretty good. Still haven't run out of obscure emo bands, I see =)
    September 2 10:35 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Hah, awesome. I like Palisade a lot, so an alternate version would be very welcome.
    September 1 05:46 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 And this appears to be an alternate version of five, eight and ten https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPm7k5KF5ZE
    September 1 10:18 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Just a short video of Mineral's band practice under the moniker The Parking Lot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YbgoZtC-9Q Seems great, though Chris can't yell as before, but I wasn't expecting him to.
    September 1 09:56 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 I'm sure I've heard the FAFB song before a couple of years ago, but I can't remember where. Or it'd have to be a super similar song. But yes, definitely a special band.
    August 30 04:49 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Okay, if you know of someone who would like to go, let me know. =) .
    August 30 12:21 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I have actually, because I saw your rating =) . Not sure about them, need to listen more. I was wondering btw if you'd like another Mineral ticket for september 7th. I can't go and it's non-refundable. I don't know if you'll get in with it, because it has my name on it. But if you want, you could try. I'd upload it for you.
    August 29 09:14 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Sounds hard. Sucks that you missed the first week. Anyways, you'll get through it. I believe you're a smart man =). Good luck!
    August 26 02:09 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 So what are you studying for? (saw your fb post a minute ago)
    August 26 08:20 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 I haven't listened yet. But I've read that he can, at times, go all the way electronic with blasting beats and all... so that's a downside for me.
    August 26 05:07 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Okay, that wasn't an Italian band. Now I feel stupid
    August 24 04:42 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Yes, it's lovely. Italians have some nice emo bands overall. This song sounds surreal to me, though rym genres state the artist is IDM. Well, this is one IDM song I like thenhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8eQR5DMous
    August 24 03:09 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I wish I was American.
    August 21 05:06 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Oh you're a lucky man. I'll have to outwait Mineral and I"m definitely not seeing CFD. Is Denver far from where you live?
    August 20 03:44 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Thanks. Will check it out later (thought I had to let you know, since I'm busy doing re-examinations again lol. Every year this time practically)
    August 14 06:26 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I can barely recognize his voice. I don't know if it's the adjustment for being so long out of this style of singing or just his vocal cords aging. I really wonder how he'll sound in the concerts.
    August 14 06:56 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Well yes, I care. That's what's the 'shamefull' part was for =)
    August 13 06:43 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I shamefully admit that I stopped listening after two tracks.
    August 13 06:32 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Lol, the official Mineral channel (if the name is an indication) has just subscribed to me on Youtube. Probably because of the one video I've uploaded of theirs. Still cool though.
    August 7 07:29 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 You're so lucky to be able to attend both AF and Mineral. Imagine if someone told you this two years ago =D . Btw, the odds for NY are looking very slim right now. I'm still exploring travelling and hotel options but the price difference between NY and London is insane tbh. Would come down to 1000 dollar difference more or less. Have you already booked a place to stay?
    August 5 06:11 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Ah no, haven't heard it. I decided not to after I've seen the ratings and the horrible cover. Looks like some sort of desperate attempt at teenage emo-pop stardom to me.
    August 4 08:13 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Well, I kinda liked the lo-fi vocals. So it wasn't a problem at all for me. It has a certain charm :)Can I ask you for the ep later on? Now I'm not really ready to dive into it yet. Lol, I digest albums at a certain favourable time, hard to explain. Which is why I so often change my mind about album ratings as well haha.
    August 4 08:12 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 That Pedestrian song hits hard. Thank you, splendid discovery again.
    August 3 02:15 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Ah yes, I already know it. It's not my favourite though, there was another song of the same album that was really weird in a good way. Kid Kilowatt is some sort of superband btw.(still need to check out your previous rec)
    August 1 09:23 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Soothing but I was hoping they continued in the slow direction with the drone from the start. I'm very fond of the inclusion of drone sounds in a well-executed cathartic indie rock song, be it emo or otherwise. =)
    July 31 09:23 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 The album this song's from gets very high ratings on RYM, however I can't get into it. Except for this one:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfogHVS3OkE
    July 31 09:33 AM
  • TalonsOfFire Did you really join in 69?
    July 31 02:36 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 As a counter rec: I don't know if you'll like this since it's out of my usual type of recs. But since I've been listening to this album a lot (yes, due to some girl lol) I dig this a lot.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAzkYmBZpE0
    July 28 07:19 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Campfire songs (and then the strings come in and it's a glorified campfire song) =D . Haha, I like it. Seem like nice guys too.
    July 28 07:18 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 This is a very promising emo band, with a nod to the late nineties:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=er4_07I47fw (full album stream)
    July 27 03:48 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 It'll depend on what my brother and dad want. I primarily wanted to go for the show. NYC is a must-see in one's lifetime I guess but the length of the flights scares me. "These unheard songs have me excited." Same, the elusive 'Symphony' popped up in my head immediately haha =)
    July 23 06:09 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Yeah, I saw that. My dad and brother wanted to come with me to NY, so maybe I'll just go anyway and attend one of the shows in the UK as well if ticket supply upholds. Also, I hope I'll get my hands on their reissues. Will you buy one of these? The compilation vinyl comes with unreleased songs =)
    July 22 03:06 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Hmm, if they really are coming to the UK I might cancel my plans for the NY show though. It's so much closer for me (and way cheaper ofcourse)
    July 22 12:18 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Only now gotten around to it. Absolutely love it.
    July 20 08:46 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 And sorry for flooding, this hardcore song is just too powerful:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7p3bdzCV80
    July 14 07:28 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I'm sure you know Eluvium, this song is astonishing. Waves of hope washing over me, is what it feels like.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfV7hNPaP78
    July 14 05:38 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 There's something very evocative in this post-rock song for me:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKDzAdCzUto
    July 13 08:24 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 That's a beautiful guitar you have, wow.
    July 12 06:09 AM
  • ZombicidalMan Well Oranges are pretty dark so generally I roll the tone back a bit on the JM and set the amp a little brighter than I would a Les Paul. On my JM I like the two pickups together as well, I think it sounds the fullest (but that's just me). Finally grab some Chapstick! Put it on the nut and the bridge so the strings get all lubed. It won't bind even when you use the vibrato bar a lot (good for shoegaze)
    July 11 10:59 PM
  • ZombicidalMan dude how are you liking your jazzmaster? I have some tips when I used my Jazzmaster with my Orange if you want (or just ignore those and have a good time anyways)
    July 11 07:10 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 That's cool song. Not wild about it, but I approve of their concept. A little American Football-esque, a little chamber pop and a little emo. Could be executed better though, but I like this direction. (oh btw, I accidentally removed one of my shouts here)
    July 11 09:58 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 I'd already heard it. I'm not very eager to hear the new album after I've heard that. The song you first showed me was average at best and this one, though musically good, was at times cringeworthy in the vocal department and the lyrics have gone downhill. Imo ofcourse. What's your take?
    July 8 08:03 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I am a subscriber for their RSS feed but never saw that video. I'll definitely watch it, I was a skater in my high school years. I sucked though haha =) . I was proud to do a kick flip, that was about it.
    July 6 09:05 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Thanks.This is a soothing song from Sunday's Best. I just copied the URL on the song's starting time.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDgo2pVeaVI#t=430
    July 5 07:45 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Cool scenes, from which movie are they? Oh, like the song as well. Vocals sound familiar but I can't really pinpoint them.
    July 5 11:43 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Awesome song. I should listen to more Radiohead, but their fame holds me back. Not out of some pretentious considerations but the music loses parts of its intimacy for me.
    July 1 06:28 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 I have listened to that album a couple of times way back and recently (4-6 months ago) I tried it again but it just has a certain edge to it I can't digest. It feels a little pretentious to me I guess.
    June 30 07:44 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Yeah, I know this band. I kind of figured they would not have many bands sounding like them, I looked a couple of years ago when I was at the peak exploring everything emo related.Too bad you're already burnt out on them. For me it's always nice to know that whenever I get stuck in finding new obscure bands I could always have another look to one of the sputnik favourites in hopes they might finally resonate strongly. =)
    June 30 07:49 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 I can't help but love this indie pop tune: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-oapJmnKlU8
    June 29 08:17 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 It seems like I'm becoming a big Brand New fanboy. I've been listening to DE and TDAGARIM these past two weeks solely. Don't know what triggered it, I've had these albums for years lol. I wonder, have you got anything remotely similar in the sense that the lyrics are smart and witty and the style is not overly standard emo?
    June 29 07:19 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 As to be expected I guess. Well, a couple of months cutting back on expenses like booze and that'll balance things out haha. It'll be worth it =)
    June 28 08:05 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Woops. Lol, I have holes in my memory. Haha, too much drinking I guess. Making a fool of myself
    June 28 06:12 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 It's too bad you're leaving so early in NY, guess I won't meet you. Oh well, I understand. NY probably is expensive enough already. I haven't booked my ticket yet but I don't dare look at what it will cost lol.
    June 28 04:11 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 No, haven't heard that song. Hmm...okay, guess I'm going to download that album. I mean, I liked some of the songs, but this one pulls me over.
    June 28 04:10 PM
  • Trebor. The LA one, Anthom too
    June 26 01:02 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Sounds very emo =D . Esme is a beautiful name and the full band name surely is a nice allusion to the hasty society that tends to forget so quickly, even people. Option for a band you're in?
    June 25 07:30 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I honestly think it's nothing to write home about (no pun intended lol). But then again, their live performances have always been somewhat lackluster. What do you think?
    June 25 02:35 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I vaguely remember the first rec. This one was nice but still not entirely convinced haha =D(you're not a pain in the ass btw)I wish I could rec you something worthy, but I can't lol. I'll have to up my music discovery game.
    June 23 06:50 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I just saw it because you liked their facebook status haha =D . This is beyond awesome. But I hope his vocals are nicely placed in the mix.
    June 19 02:51 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 They are so popular in Asian countries, it's not even funny lol
    June 19 08:18 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 That is an awesome compilation! I'm suprised it isn't well known, like the Don't Forget to Breathe compilation for instance.
    June 16 09:07 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 I found myself appreciating droney/ ambient. modern classical sounds a lot more lately. Ever heard A Winged Victory for the Sullen? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Iaxe5K3Ljo
    June 13 05:29 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Yes, I like this. Way better than his strictly electronic affairs. Didn't know he had a song with actual drums and an acoustic guitar in it. Then again, I've nly heard about two of his songs before =)
    June 12 02:22 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Ah okay. High costs for mobile internet there? Guess you'll have something to look forward too =)
    June 6 04:43 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I don't think I need to tell you that Never Meant has its official video? =)
    June 5 04:13 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I haven't got so much to rec you, but if you're in the mood for some mix of slowcore/emo again, then you might want to check this out:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSzGhgN_XEk
    June 1 12:37 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 They do sound like Christie Front Drive. It's always cool to see such compilations (it's from a comp album). I will have to check out if there are some other cool artists on there. Not so found of the other song, hope you like it though, it's your impulse buy after all =) .
    June 1 12:35 AM

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