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  • bakkermaarten007 That one song on The Rika Split Though ( It's A Fate We Can't Escape) sounded quite different in guitar tone and Keith's yelling. So I think. But I do think he took a bit of inspiration from Penfold's 'Kissing The Nightmare' there. =)
    April 17 08:25 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I don't recall showing this to you and it may take some getting used to, but it's a very nice experimental style of metal. Has a little bit of everything lolhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnaFpQ493d8
    April 17 05:15 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I think you're spot on there. And about the emo part too, just nothing to get too excited about. Maybe the upcoming E!E! album will be, but I hope it'll be drastically different and set a new standard. Also: I hope it will be more serious. The more I'm familiar with the genre, the more I see the contrast between late nineties/ early 00's emo and nowadays emo. Heartfelt versus lighthearted, grittier versus more playful, etc. As far as I'm concerned they're two different genres.
    April 16 03:08 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Isn't it sad how it's so hard nowadays to give superb recs to eachother? (correct me if I'm wrong but I sense that you have an equally hard time getting blown away by music :) )
    April 15 07:38 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 They do sound heavily inspired by Slowdive (as do almost all shoegaze bands). So maybe some Slowdive songs? =DTears Run Rings is sweet too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyoFpbG5agc
    April 15 06:01 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 And this is some of those rare ambient songs that invoke peace in my mind: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyRVxcLXjuI
    April 14 10:28 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 I listened through it, but it only was engaging at the final song for me. Maybe just not the right time to listen to it, sorry =) . I take it you've heard of Joshua Fit For Battle? They're a screamo band but this song is far from it:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vRESqxIdJY
    April 14 09:23 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Well, it wasn't a show. Very cool live track though =)
    April 8 09:52 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Haha, I really should =D
    April 4 06:28 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 If it is, it'll only be one in the USA and I don't have any money to come lol. Leaving me frustrated =D
    April 3 07:40 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Some beautiful modern classical: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcR8uSAIH2I
    March 28 04:50 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 This is quite hypnotizing if you don't pay much attention to the lyrics.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hw912H10vS0
    March 28 02:11 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Lol. Fantastic, thanks =D
    March 26 11:44 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Totally forgot about soulseek btw. Gotta check that out.
    March 24 09:29 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Thanks =)
    March 24 07:50 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Thanks, it's nice. If you're interested in some refreshing post-rock : https://myspace.com/seascapesoftheinterior/music/songsSadly their stuff is impossbile to be found.
    March 23 03:47 PM
  • Trebor. nah damn that sucks
    March 20 09:21 PM
  • ASnideReturns It's no worries man. Always happy to talk friends through s***, I've seen how hard it can be.
    March 20 03:41 PM
  • ASnideReturns Hey mate, you ever need to talk to someone if you feel like you're slipping back into it just come talk to me. I've had a lot of friends with alcoholism and addictions to other drugs and I'm here for ya mate.
    March 20 11:59 AM
  • InbredJed honestly, I tried to quit 3 different times. The final time I had to do a 12 Step program and I go to meetings now.
    March 20 12:25 AM
  • InbredJed yeah man, big time. All the s*** I had been repressing started to re-surface and I started having ****ed up emotions and stuff.
    March 20 12:25 AM
  • InbredJed Hey man, I drank every day for 10 years and as of now I haven't had a drink for over 3 years. Shout me if you wanna talk about it.
    March 20 12:14 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Looks like it wasn't. Well, I don't remember where I saw this, my memory gets so hazy
    March 19 06:21 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 And this is some gloomy singer/songwriter / slowcore. It was a Sputnik review, so you could've seen it, but if you haven't: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJmVeYwphDk
    March 19 06:20 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 This is quite nice although I suspect you know it already;https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VF9rxmcZn6A
    March 17 08:40 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Kyle Mindemann ~keeping me up to date with good emo.Thank you =D . I really love it, slowcore with emo vocals somewhat (3 min in)
    March 16 07:26 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Haven't I? Thought I had =D. Final Touch_Hidden Agenda is soooo pretty :)
    March 14 06:18 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Yes, I'd definitely like to hear it , thanks =). I saw your fb posts btw. Can't really help, but let's just say I understand. And you know music, you do know something.
    March 12 09:40 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 "Email:Figure out how to track us down." Lol, they sure like some dash of enigma...
    March 9 07:26 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Beautiful. Some gems you find, some gems =)
    March 9 07:25 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Do what you deem best :) . I don't know if it's a bad thing or a good thing, the fact that you left out some crescendo. Maybe it adds up for longer replay value, who knows.This is a cool screamo/post-rock song btw, also with lots of spoken word =Dhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3afWds1WDA
    March 2 02:12 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I've never seen it, but that was REALLY good. Though it left me wanting more =D
    March 1 05:42 AM
  • chemicalmarriage youarethenig
    February 25 11:35 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 So I just got enough money to buy TIPF lp. And I listened through it on iTunes, you seem right about all the cover songs sounding like a standalone song. Only that big band looks a little out of place haha =)
    February 23 05:39 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Instrumentally it's refreshing, even with cleaner production it sounds fabulous. But the vocals lack the charm of Simpon's I think=)
    February 22 01:48 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I shared their link 'cause I feel guilty for only paying a dollar for like five albums...
    February 20 03:25 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Cool =) . Be sure to get that Lewis album, that's an underrated band.
    February 20 03:23 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Oh you already have =)
    February 16 09:52 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 You should definitely review that album btw =) . Let me know if you have. Just shared the song on facebook, might as well help people upgrade their musical taste =D
    February 16 09:48 AM
  • Trebor. pretty dope
    February 15 05:13 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Okay, that is freaking beautiful. And his story is so sad.
    February 15 06:28 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 This is cool too =)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWvkdwnr7l0
    February 13 08:12 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 This is a nice take on emo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atLgOhHwEMY
    February 13 07:54 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Haha yes =)
    February 11 05:42 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Not bad, though it left me wanting more. This is a cool old school emo song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjB8OPHtUAY
    February 10 01:04 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 All these emo bands with only one song =) . Nice though.
    February 8 02:01 PM
  • jmnewcomer18 Yean man fosho. Their self titled is awesome too. The Flood Inside has alot of vocals but man every song is badass
    February 8 10:49 AM
  • jmnewcomer18 Yo dude i saw your post rock with vox list. just check out Long Distance Calling. Their albums "The Flood Inside" and "Avoid The Light" are amazing records. All their tracks with vox are guest singers. Great stuff.
    February 7 11:53 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 No, I didn't. Well, that explains a bit of the playfulness that both artists/bands share =)I think you've heard Cool Hand Luke, no? Nowadays they're a pretty good alt rock band (with Christian lyrics) but I didn't know they used to be pretty straightforward emohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UB9OaqQBQtc
    February 3 06:34 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Nice ideas to be heard and somehow very uplifting. But it's too bad that it's so samey overall.
    February 2 12:05 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 That December Drive demo compilation is definitely nice, but you surely picked the best song out of it. It's gorgeous, would be included to a best of emo list =)
    January 30 07:47 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Thank you! =)
    January 29 06:16 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Love it, and nice video editing! I'm loving the nostalgic touches as of late. The band never really got the attention they deserved and I think this style is even better than on their full length, more emo and less post-hardcore. Do you happen to have it in decent quality? =D
    January 29 03:01 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Ofcourse =). Here you go: http://www.mediafire.com/download/kqrzhq1mu9tz0kj/Time Spent Driving - Just Enough Bright.rar
    January 27 06:50 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 So I bought Just Enough Bright in 320 kbps eventually haha. If you want it?
    January 26 07:53 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Thx for the info. Also (I already congratulated you on fb but still) happy birthday, hope you enjoy it. And I hope you next year in life brings you nothing but good. =)
    January 25 07:05 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 You might have heard them before, but this rules: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1g4LWiezr0(screamo)
    January 24 05:57 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I guess it is =) . But I'm still waiting for my download to finish. I'm broke so I decided to search a link but they were all 192kbps and I can't handle that anymore =D. So here's hoping my torrentdl is 320 kbps =D
    January 24 05:30 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Don't know if you've ever listened to Time Spent Driving : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebCmzObaa_0
    January 23 11:03 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Haha, oh boy =D . Well, if he likes what you recommended him he'll have a whole new world to explore. Lucky him =) . If you go through with this band, I'll be willing to listen to whatever it leads to =)
    January 22 12:01 PM
  • Trebor. will do, right on
    January 21 11:01 PM
  • Trebor. What I really like Arrows. I'm patiently awaiting a new album, I jam there one album and that split they did with Empire! Empire! all the time. Yeah Strictly Ballroom are strictly for ballers
    January 21 10:44 PM
  • Trebor. Arrows are underrated as **** am I right
    January 21 10:21 PM
  • Trebor. very okay
    January 21 10:09 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Thanks. Already knew them but I lost my overview a long time ago and this suits my needs =) . Too bad for the screams, they're not bad by any means but not excellent either. Cleans are superb though.
    January 19 05:13 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 This is pretty great btw: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONpvqlbz8I8
    January 18 03:04 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Btw, do you have some devastating metal to rec? I'm in need of that, but can't find any worthy. I was thinking along the lines of Hopesfall and Devil Sold His Soul, but any melodic subgenre would do really.
    January 18 03:00 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Thank you, yeah it rules :) . Sorry again for being so late with responding and all (still exams lol )
    January 16 05:43 PM
  • minty901 yeah right? it kind of seems out of place on count your lucky stars's roster.
    January 8 04:49 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 That TWBF song made me weep =D
    January 6 03:02 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Thanks. First impressions? I haven't got much time one my hands lately, so sorry for that =)
    January 5 05:03 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 No, I haven't. They're in my 'play later' list (got to study =D ). I've accepted your friend request btw. I was planning to ask you as well in fact.
    December 30 04:48 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 I like it. This time of year is perfect for such folky singer/songwriter music, I'll have to investigate his music further =) . And I only got a box of chocolates lol =D, but I don't mind. You?
    December 28 06:23 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Pretty samey. Like all the previous years. =) But we don't celebrate it as extensively as most Americans do =). Just gathering with the whole family and catching up. How was yours?
    December 26 07:02 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Hey, Merry Christmas! =)
    December 24 06:32 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Nevertheless I like her innocent, 'tom boyish' voice =)
    December 21 05:31 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 She plays in Football etc. too =) . But I actually like her better here. I do believe it is just her name though, not sure.
    December 21 05:29 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Thanks, I will definitely be able to use some for presentations and what not =)
    December 19 03:50 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 And I would like you to know that the footage you used for 'Just Keep Dancing' is beautiful. And so is that song. Makes me weep =)
    December 19 08:52 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 I thought this was interesting to watch and well communicated. Figured you might like it as well =)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Evwgu369Jw#t=160
    December 19 08:42 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 For me neither. They do execute the whole post-rock/emo thing splendid but there's just something missing. It's too clinical I guess.
    December 18 06:06 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Yeah me too. I would mock people listening to that style, but every once in a while I can't help it lol
    December 15 01:01 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 A little tacky (it's faux post-hardcore), but suits the anger about uncommitted females =Dhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSPtUv5LUBY
    December 13 07:08 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Nice acquaintances you have, love it!
    December 11 09:17 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 And about your soulseek comment. I've heard of it, but seems like I might try it out =)
    December 11 08:54 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Cool nineties emo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imCxRNbjExU
    December 11 08:54 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 here's the link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cC_QLNzGQY
    December 10 11:55 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 The sq is too bad to form a decent opinion, but it sounds okay =D .Also: it turns out the new 'Gates' album is pretty good.
    December 10 11:50 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Pretty cool sound for a twinkle band : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ICHNTInDVs
    December 7 02:58 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Just to let you know: there's no sound in that filmmaker video you uploaded. I tried refreshing and my volume was certainly turned up, but still doesn't work.
    December 7 05:37 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Agreed =D
    December 7 05:05 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Last.fm playing with my heart lol http://www.last.fm/event/3735342 Mineral at Ancienne Belgique on 13 February 2014?source=home-event-recommendations
    December 5 03:03 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 It's really pretty and then i checked the rest of that EP and it was disappointing. Bummer
    December 3 01:50 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Some nice screamo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZB6BhoQy2I
    November 30 01:18 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 And if you're digging the Jim Yoshii Pile-Up, these are the hardhitters (for me):http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQdweiwZtVghttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSLG1SM1KuAhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PhQZ1u7Z_E
    November 27 03:17 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Yeah, YPOFH are one of the best revival bands imo. Although they started out as a post-rock band with just an emo influence.
    November 27 03:16 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I know what you mean, so frustrating. I mean, there's a lot of other good music around but it's my favourite genre because it lets me vent like no other =D . This past month I find myself basically listening to Mineral over and over and some Jim Yoshii Pile-Up.I will check that song out later, in class right now =)
    November 26 04:51 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Sorry, didn't do much for me to be honest.
    November 25 02:43 PM
  • adrnsglr Hey, man. I'm just seeing your comment. Thank you. I'm sure it was by your doing that I even ran into My Winter Nerve on here. You're a fan of The Newfound Interest in Connecticut too, right?
    November 24 03:36 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Wow, thank you. You may always let me know of cool stuff like these (not necessarily photographs) . It's very useful for me and my education =D.I will thank you with this song =) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDweip3WeIwIt could be I already showed you though.
    November 19 09:06 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Just because of his past. I foresee people calling any music that's somehow emotional, emo again... lol
    November 16 08:19 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 http://www.buzzfeed.com/ryanhatesthis/new-bands-you-should-definitely-check-out-emoThe mere fact that this appeared on buzzfeed of all sites, makes me kind of afraid lol
    November 15 04:34 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Don't know if you've heard this guy : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDvVV1YzUh4
    November 11 03:03 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Nice song as well, seems like I should explore bandcamp more often =D .I'm taking a wild guess by recommending you this. It's very droney and then spoken word on top of that, but I like this very much.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klpRXJeQYEc
    November 11 04:03 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Yes I do. It was a nice listen. Thanks =)
    November 8 05:57 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I have listened to like half of the album, but can't quite get into it. Is it the kind of album that suddenly clicks? Because right now, I don't get why COR is such a high regarded band honestly.
    November 4 05:58 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 More minimalistic but yes =)
    November 3 03:58 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Beautiful modern classical : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KeBpVqkzng
    November 2 07:04 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Yes, I have but never checked them out. It's because they are rated so low on RYM. However this song is very nice, not overly complex for post-rock but it makes me feel warm inside =P . Maybe the rest of their discography isn't up par?
    October 29 06:51 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I just downloaded it in iTunes lol. Let me know if you want it =)
    October 28 04:34 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Haven't tried hard to find this, but have a look at Lawn - Winter on spotify. A pretty Dutch band, think you'll like it. =)
    October 28 04:26 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Heard it via Washed Up Emo =D . I think it's beautiful. He seems a little happier. Beautiful voice the man has. Pretty coincidental that this reaches me just today, had a very rough day and Chris Simpson is always the go to artist (especially with Mineral) then
    October 22 01:17 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Yes, it's like Christie Front Drive does a slowcore ballad I keep imagining. The vocals are a little similar. Haha, and don't be sorry. I probably don't like it as much either. I rec'd it on a whim =)
    October 16 07:17 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Also, this song makes me feel very peaceful. It has a slight emo vibe I think. Uploaded it a while ago http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVaxAkY26Wg
    October 16 05:35 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I think you might like this too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrJYmoRq630
    October 16 08:16 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Ah, very dreamy. =)
    October 15 06:10 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Been listening to The Moirai again lately, and it struck me that I would probably include Singing Nonsense On the Streets of Rome on a favourite song list or whatever =). Don't know about you but for me it responds to my despair lol =)
    October 13 07:48 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Yeah, me too. (about the article). I do fear another round of mainstream success though haha
    October 8 06:28 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 And in case you haven't read it already, this is interesting =): http://noisey.vice.com/blog/theres-no-emo-revival-you-just-stopped-paying-attention
    October 7 05:57 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Ever listened to Radical Face? It's some nice indie folk/indietronica http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uoCiyB8dMPk
    October 7 05:55 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 It's nice enough, haven't listened much to Purplene to draw conclusions. Did you see it on that list of mine? If I were to do it again, I wouldn't include them on that list I have to say =) . But they're definitely a recommended listen =)
    October 5 06:42 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Nice, too bad the production is rather thin. Would be much better with a fuller sound I think. This here is something I came across tonight, it's an unusual rec but it's one of those songs that border on the line of tacky and heartfelt. And it does it perfectly =D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rB5EevdTQrQ
    September 29 06:17 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Also, 'Fluorescent Lights' on your last.fm, nice =)
    September 25 08:43 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I thought this would just sound like Funeral Diner (follow-up band) but this song surprised me quite a lot. It opens so charmingly soft and then switches to mid paced screamo =) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgiowTWCCJY
    September 25 08:41 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Yes, it's nice but it's too bad I dislike his voice. Could've been much better for me.
    September 25 04:17 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Thanks, not listened yet but will let you know. =)
    September 23 06:57 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 This has a certain late night feeling charm to it, don't know if you'll like it though: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSLAYNeqtgg
    September 19 03:59 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I bet those were some expensive tickets too.
    September 19 06:31 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 I was thinking "I bet it's something by The National" and it is lol. (because of your last.fm integration I saw you listening yesterday). Well, I like them but I can't say I love them. Maybe they will grow on me more.
    September 19 06:25 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Too bad, still waiting for that next emo gem to be found =)
    September 15 05:05 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 If you decide to upload some of it to youtube, link me? I'm not planning on listening to the whole album lol =D
    September 15 03:28 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 This is pretty: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESzQekXtn04
    September 14 04:55 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Nice review you've written there. So many emo bands and songs named after months =D
    September 10 08:40 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Have you heard the other songs then? I will await your judgement =D
    September 10 02:36 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I eventually opted for another album, one I had forgot about. It just fits the genre that little bit more.
    September 10 01:37 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Well, I have but one spot open on that list =D . I did include them on the emo list though. And you're right they fit both genres. If another ( possibly better) option doesn't present itself I will include them.
    September 10 06:11 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Yes, I believe so (according to rym)
    September 9 05:05 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I had the same problem. I clicked on the album, then tried to play it again, pressed ffw and then play again. Suddenly it worked =) It's a nice emo song though, if you can manage to let it play.
    September 9 03:12 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 This is a nice song https://myspace.com/lucidchrysalis/music/song/the-way-i-ve-felt-25463204-25264389 (it could be that you have to press 'next song' to actually hear the song) . I thought it would be a singer/songwriter but I'm wrong apparently =)
    September 9 02:34 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Gonna hold out on those, I'd like something entirely new. Thanks though =)Probably going to make a 'slowcore' list today, like I did that 100 times indie emo list. Maybe there will be some albums on there you'd like.
    September 9 05:48 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Just wondering, (I just finished exams and kinda lazy on music discovery) would you have any ambient/post-rock/neo-classical or folky stuff I might not know off and is moving? Been on the lookout for that a couple of months ago, but I'm too picky I guess =)
    September 8 06:46 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Haha, you actually did show it to me already =). That's a high Sigur Ros rating you've got there. Quite funny how we sometimes go a long way to find new music when there's some excellent stuff lying right in front of us, right?
    September 8 01:27 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Not very satisfied with your old band I take it? If you'd like me to listen I would.
    August 31 05:55 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 And hey, I'm 24. How exactly would you be too old for this site? =D
    August 28 07:34 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 And then I hope to share some decent tunes with you, I know I'm not of much help these past months =)
    August 28 07:33 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Oh no, don't leave! =) The main thing that's in the back of my mind when I come here is to discover new music. That and rym, maybe you should try to be more active on that website? It's a bit difficult in the beginni g but very useful to find new music. Lately I'm not very active here because I have exams again lol. I'm planning to become more active in a couple of weeks.
    August 28 07:32 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 I think I heard it before. Quite reminiscent of AF too, nice.
    August 26 05:30 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Kinda hard to describe, but something in the vocals is a little too choirboyish and then there are times that the production is just way too polished.
    August 16 02:03 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Yes, I've heard it. Looking back at photos of him it doesn't surprise me. He looked quite unhealthy. Still, terrible loss. The guy had an incredible musical talent. Where You Are And Where You Want To Be was such a moving album for me and sometimes still is, their follow up and debut don't strike me as much though.
    August 15 07:17 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Yeah, it's easier to distinguish the separate instruments now for TPOF.
    August 14 05:39 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 I actually already got this a long time =) . I don't hear too much difference in sound quality, but it's nice to have none the less. What I would really like is that discography on vinyl, but they only got sold in Japan as far as I know =/
    August 13 06:54 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Oh, well it's 'love my way'. Very nicely executed cover I think =)
    August 7 06:27 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Don't know if you have heard some of Mineral's covers but this one is really great imo, I kinda wished it was an original Mineral song. : https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded
    August 6 04:00 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Yes, I like it =)
    August 5 11:09 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 And listening to New Years right now, they do sound solid. Lots of 90's emo vibe, doesn't quite wow me but I'm happy to listen to it nonetheless. =)
    July 27 06:22 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Ofcourse I don't mind, here you go: http://www.mediafire.com/download/hiihmf9xovjuvv2/Voss_EP.rar
    July 27 06:20 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 It has lots of post-rock tendencies. I like it. And if you want the aforementioned dream pop album, feel free to leave me a shout. =)
    July 26 01:28 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Oops, alreadyd the files.=) Maybe will listen again tomorrow, cause I do like the current Rika sound but I feel they are capable of so much more.btw, don't know if you're a fan of dream pop or shoegaze but this song makes me feel...idk joyful and sad at the same time =) :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hU7Z8V0mNpc
    July 25 06:21 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Sounds like they were figuring out what kind of band they wanted to be. Not too fond of it either.
    July 25 05:58 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Also, did you know Rika have an album from 2006? At least, according to RYM. But I am unable to find it as for now. Addicted to 'Skutner', right now. You were right, it's superb. Too bad their 2013 album doesn't reach that level. And did they change singers? Because I relistened to that Everton split you gave me, and his voice sounds stronger/different there.
    July 24 07:44 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Have you heard Barrow (screamo)? I'm kinda holding back downloading a full album of them because I don't think it's all that good but this song is so nice. Especially towards the end http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tg_GGnNco8E
    July 23 03:40 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Heard them (TCBT) on a Deep Elm compilation, wasn't too impressed. I'm still not, however this wasn't too bad. =) Benton Falls kick it live, it seems =)
    July 23 03:35 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Recently got back from a trip to Copenhagen, which was nice. But I get you on the stagnant part (I think). Everyone around me is evolving in life, I'm still sitting here listening to sad tunes lol =)
    July 19 07:41 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Ji, how you've been? I don't think I've showed you this before: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQjNunK3WGo
    July 17 08:21 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Yeah, I like it as well. Added to favourites =)
    June 30 05:49 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Btw, you won't see that much on my last.fm page =) I stopped scrobbling a while ago and there's only so much I keep in my iTunes library (to scrobble with). A completer view would be my RYM page, although I have mostly only one album per artist catalogued there =)
    June 28 09:06 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Yeah, I know them but decided not to include them because they have a considerably more post-hardcore discography. =) And that song is superb =)
    June 28 07:29 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Speaking of acoustic songs, this is a project of ex-members of Neil Perry and This Day Forward:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPGM-7eSvAs
    June 27 07:45 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Pretty song indeed, thank you =)
    June 27 07:41 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Haha, okay =P . Anyways, I think this is a rather stunning track from an otherwise mediocre post-rock album http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egR4BmXuXow
    June 18 08:02 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 I'm not too big on that actually sorry.
    June 17 05:23 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I just listened to Rika's latest in its entirety. It's nice, but feels like Endserenading part two lol =)
    June 16 09:00 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 I think I've heard something of them (or him?) before, that's indeed a nice song. I like it very much when a song has 'howling' guitars, it has this profound effect on me =)
    June 14 07:02 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Not sure if I will check it, haven't really bothered any further with his EP.
    June 14 07:00 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 I saw your interest for Sigur Ros. It's never easy to find something similar, so in case you would want to, here's a band: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYPjLUI0sh4
    June 12 09:28 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Sounds really refreshing amid the current emo sound that's popular. They had an EP earlier in 2011 that wasn't so popular, but if this song is any indication we may hope for something better.
    June 5 07:33 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 I didn't know it was an ebow, wasn't familiar with it. Seems like a nice little tool.
    June 4 07:07 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 This is just lovely, perfect before going to sleep. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usATlS9ldOA
    June 3 10:17 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Yeah, that'd be pretty cool. Even better if they decided to take their tour to Belgium haha =D
    May 30 03:48 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Yeah, I literally just commented on a list about that news =) . I wonder after all the recent reunions, would Chris Simpson feel tempted?
    May 30 02:25 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Haha, no no =). I've liked some of their songs as well, when you're in a catchy mood you're in a catchy mood =D
    May 30 07:25 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Oh ok, if you're not satisfied with the quality I can give it to in 320 kbps haha =D .I really think this is their best outing, would've rated it 4,4 but it's only an EP. Too bad 'Lucky Denver Mint' is here as well, I hate that song. =/
    May 25 08:27 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 I saw your comment on Rollerqueen from Jimmy Eat World, do you happen to have that album? If not, I can upload it for you. I bought a physical used copy. =)
    May 23 01:17 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Have you ever listened to Pohgoh? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1KH4Nyqg1g
    May 18 08:58 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 The guitar =)
    May 18 08:57 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 You already live a very independent life it seems. I would probably benefit of that as well. Be sure to let me know when you've got your songs finished =) . I have never played an instrument, but with my hand problems lately I'm planning to start playing before it's too late haha
    May 16 01:08 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 You've been without? There's nothing special to tell about my life, just have been strugglign through this tough internship for my marketing education these last three months. Really makes me hate I chose this route lol =) .I've been neglecting a lot of my other activities because of that, especially music research. Aftr that, life should soudn appealing, but I don't look forward to it =P . How's yours been?
    May 14 03:26 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Haha =D .
    May 7 03:02 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Very beautiful, especially from 2:40 onwards.
    April 20 04:54 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Maybe you've already seen the not so brilliant rating I gave to an EP of theirs, but their other albums -and more specifically some songs- can make me tear up in the the right circumstances.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLlofj7oYEc
    April 19 08:29 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Already knew Jullia. I'm uncertain about the Japanese band, nice music but the linguistical use is kind of funny =D
    April 11 03:39 PM
  • SadAndHolyGlow Your emo taste makes me happy.
    April 7 12:51 AM
  • porch sup my nig
    April 4 08:09 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 If you want that Kepler album, I just bought it.
    March 30 05:33 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Nothing original, but not bad.
    March 30 05:11 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 I can see where you're coming from. And I like that song a lot, favd.
    March 26 02:45 PM
  • bakkermaarten007 Yes, it's beautiful. A nice ambient song on a sunday morning, nice to kick off the day =)
    March 24 07:59 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 I know Old Gray, that song is quite good, but in general I'm not too fond of them.
    March 16 10:01 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 Glad you like it =)
    March 16 10:00 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsK0VlOSScIPretty song =)
    March 10 09:24 AM

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