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  • Flugmorph the void is ****ing strong.
    November 25 03:34 PM
  • RunOfTheMill Excellent, made my account! Thanks a ton!
    November 22 05:51 PM
  • RunOfTheMill With the underscore
    November 22 05:39 PM
  • RunOfTheMill Alright here you go: Just remove the spaces and use the right punctuation ( @ . ). Just doing it like this so that robots don't pick up my email! Thanks again!
    November 22 05:19 PM
  • necropig got it ok, i've sent a message to your account
    November 22 05:12 PM
  • necropig facebook? twitter? keep personals off of here etc
    November 22 04:48 PM
  • 50iL Thanks, I am gonna try to stay away from YouTube though cuz audio compression isn't cool
    November 22 03:43 PM
  • 50iL Just found a semi-legit looking download, I'll try it out and if it is indeed the album I'll come back to ya in a week
    November 22 03:32 PM
  • 50iL Yeah bro you rec'd it to me but I haven't jammed it. Where do I get a good stream of it?
    November 22 03:26 PM
  • 50iL Thanks bro. RUHH RUUH ROOH RUGH ROOH!!!! Haha those vocals, love em. And the drumming is so ****ing tight, holy s***.
    November 22 03:06 PM
  • RunOfTheMill Hey, that would be nice, man. Do you need my email or something?
    November 22 09:04 AM
  • Flugmorph nevermind, i got it
    November 21 09:03 AM
  • Flugmorph Damn i forgot my mal username. Can you look it up real quiick pretty please?
    November 21 06:06 AM
  • TVC15 A pity, but I completely understand lol
    November 20 06:24 PM
  • TVC15 The '77 Live or the Heavier than a Death bootleg? Cos if it's the former... you ain't heard nothing yet
    November 20 06:10 PM
  • TVC15 Have you heard my dig?
    November 20 06:07 PM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist Cheers i guess
    November 20 05:18 PM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist It just seems kind of bull. Like, I didn't reply to most of the comments, instead of arguing with you in chat i just shoutbox'd you, I actually wrote descriptions for the albums. And I made the list because I WANTED TO, which is the point of the site, no? I'm sure some people still care about my progression into music.
    November 20 05:07 PM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist Why does every user that was once nice to me have to be a total dick? I rarely even use the site anymore dude. How am I "craving attention". You and Ars man. It's like what's even the point.
    November 20 04:51 PM
  • Flugmorph But just give me the room link pls
    November 20 08:17 AM
  • Flugmorph Im at an greek restaurant atm but i could join the chat
    November 20 08:15 AM
  • Vorpax What concert is this from:
    November 19 12:01 PM
  • Vorpax Yeah, one of the few Tokyo Jihen releases that are worth checking, and one of her best performances.
    November 19 12:00 PM
  • Flugmorph well idk if its a nostalgia thing for me or if they honestly impressed me that much but that live dvd was brilliant.
    November 17 06:35 PM
  • Flugmorph on a lil in flames streak atm. just watched the new live dvd and it was an honest blast. czech my soundoff lol
    November 17 06:28 PM
  • Flugmorph i listened to almost everything so far but only in bits and pieces.
    November 17 06:23 PM
  • Flugmorph so far Kuroki Nagisa and yui are my favs
    November 17 04:01 PM
  • Flugmorph thank you immensely for taking the time.
    November 17 01:51 PM
  • Flugmorph sure i looked everything up on soulseek. reol is still nowhere to be found, at least not that one album
    November 17 05:45 AM
  • Thealwaysopenedmind Thanks man. I liked both songs.
    November 17 01:46 AM
  • Flugmorph sadly i also could not find the stuff by: Haruka to Miyuki, Livetune, REOL
    November 16 08:45 PM
  • Flugmorph also do you know where i can find kuroki nagisa's two full lenghs?
    November 16 08:21 PM
  • Flugmorph Btw k-on is pure cuteness condensed into a really good show with a music theme
    November 16 06:44 PM
  • Flugmorph i love u so much man. Gonna make a playlist on itunes with both your recs and jam it so hart that im gonna die from cuteness overload.
    November 16 06:43 PM
  • Thealwaysopenedmind Hey. What in your opinion is a good song to get me introduced to BUCK-TICK?
    November 16 03:11 PM
  • Flugmorph This morning i was so enthralled by watching k-on!! and listening to kuroki that i need you to rec me the good j-pop and j-rock with femal vocals br
    November 16 03:47 AM
  • Flugmorph But he liked the new haken so hes ok i guess lol
    November 14 06:27 PM
  • Flugmorph That ultra high pitched noise literally hurt my ears, i had to turn the sound off. **** him
    November 14 06:27 PM
  • Flugmorph heheh seriously tho that guy is a dumbbag
    November 14 06:16 PM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist oh and i bet ur countries sooo perfect
    November 14 03:17 AM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist yea trump is slightly better horrible vp though
    November 14 03:04 AM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist but i thought only america had racist white men. yet your a trump suporter whos not from america. wtf
    November 14 02:55 AM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist wow sexist much?
    November 14 02:50 AM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist just pick one
    November 14 02:46 AM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist i might find that out soon. okay, better question. trump or hillary. if u dont andwer ur families killed.
    November 14 02:41 AM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist what would you doooo for a klondik bar
    November 14 02:37 AM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist calc can i ask you a semi personal question? i need help and personal guidance
    November 14 02:34 AM
  • DrGonzo1937 Yeah, if it wasn't for the live stuff you get on the SE of things I wouldn't bother, because the behind the scenes are pretty much useless. haha
    November 13 08:59 AM
  • DrGonzo1937 Ghoul and Uro would prob be mine. But yeah, Dum is ****ing unreal.
    November 13 08:50 AM
  • DrGonzo1937 I thought you were going to say that haha
    November 13 08:47 AM
  • DrGonzo1937 Fave?
    November 13 08:41 AM
  • DrGonzo1937 I know, right? Was damn good.
    November 13 08:37 AM
  • RunOfTheMill It's awesome. I must have listened to it about a dozen times and I haven't gotten bored or skipped a track. I think they meld the electronic sounds and the good ol' rawk perfectly, much better than on Sexy Stream Liner anyways. It's pretty much on par with 13kai atm.
    November 12 05:33 PM
  • discovolante Finally got around to listening to some more of "Six/Nine". It's slightly better, moved it up to a 3 lol.
    November 12 04:34 PM
  • RunOfTheMill Also I'm sorry to say, I really really can't get into Dir En Grey at all.
    November 8 11:04 AM
  • RunOfTheMill Still need to listen to Atom Miraiha a few more times before I can relate to your soundoff. I know you don't like writing reviews, but you could probs do an adequate one if you expanded on your throughts in that soundoff.
    November 8 11:04 AM
  • Angelboros 2good4me ;)
    November 5 06:52 PM
  • Aberf REOL's album grew up on me actually lol, you should check her out.
    November 5 10:15 AM
  • Snowdog808 Oh okay. Was the style too unlike them for you? I know you're a huge fan of them.
    November 3 05:31 AM
  • Snowdog808 Hi Calulating. Will you try out Dillinger's Dissociation? It's one of my new top three albums by them, and I think it's rather experimental even by their standards, more so than the two other post-Ire Works albums.
    November 3 02:49 AM
  • RunOfTheMill Alright then, thanks for the link, rip my bandwidth.
    November 2 03:24 PM
  • RunOfTheMill did you have to download the whole thing or did you find a stream somewhere (youtube or elsewhere)?
    November 2 08:46 AM
  • RunOfTheMill which dvd is the video of Speed that you sent me from?
    November 1 09:44 PM
  • Aberf Do a top 10 fav users list with me on the number 1 ;)
    November 1 07:42 PM
  • Aberf Yeah, the last one (ChiruChiru) is somewhat the best from the album for what I've listened. It'll probably be a 3.0 album for me honestly.
    November 1 04:50 PM
  • Aberf album name is REOL - ? (sigma) btw.
    November 1 04:08 PM
  • Aberf This is the most K-pop thing in the album honestly. . The rest of the album is pretty varied and fun. The production is great, vocal is energetic and cute, can't complain about it.
    November 1 04:07 PM
  • Aberf heeey, there are some decent K-pop out there. F(x) - Pink Tape is pretty good.
    November 1 03:58 PM
  • Aberf REOL album is pretty good. It' has some K-pop influence to it tho.
    November 1 02:39 PM
  • RikRoach7 yeah, it sure left a lasting impression
    October 31 05:10 PM
  • RikRoach7 I'll check out more as soon as I'm in the mood for it. Also saw that 13kai wa Gekkou live video a while ago, that one was tight as hell.
    October 31 04:56 PM
  • Aberf Idk about the album honestly. I stumbled upon the MV and I got amazed on how catchy it is.
    October 31 04:05 PM
  • RikRoach7 oh wow haha. the site censored the song name.
    October 31 12:31 PM
  • RikRoach7 Sorry, only saw it just now, guess I was deaf on the ear you tried. ;) checked Dum Spiro Spero Live a while ago and yeah, what else is there to say... such a powerful performance. Among other things, it made me appreciate s***ataru Mourou a lot more (used to be my least favorite on the album, don't know about that anymore). I usually don't rate live on here, so probably there won't be a rating for it, but who knows ;)
    October 31 12:30 PM
  • Aberf what do you think of this ?
    October 31 11:34 AM
  • 50iL Aight, I'll check it tonight. Thanks!
    October 29 05:00 PM
  • 50iL I gave it a spin on studio, but I'll give the live version a spin too.
    October 29 04:52 PM
  • 50iL Hahah yeah it's amazing! I MIGHT bump it to a 5. Just might.
    October 29 03:58 PM
  • SitruK6 Also maybe send the list to Aaron, i bet he'll find something interesting in it.
    October 27 03:40 AM
  • SitruK6 Thanks for commenting on my list dude :D. Now my next goal is to make you a black metal fanatic :P.
    October 27 02:59 AM
  • SitruK6
    October 27 01:24 AM
  • RunOfTheMill Finally gonna rate Atom Miraiha? :P
    October 26 10:31 AM
  • RunOfTheMill I will watch that BT video a little later
    October 26 10:29 AM
  • RunOfTheMill ohhhh you're talking videos, then I've seen even less of those. I don't even think I've seen the Live After Death video or any Maiden concert in full lol. Pretty much only the handful of X Japan ones I have and a couple of Judas Priest and Kyuss bootlegs. The X Japan ones I've seen are ****ing amazing, my only complaint is that they often have repeating setlists (they're all from 1993 to 1997, so lots of Dahlia songs :P)
    October 26 10:29 AM
  • FullOfSounds It is
    October 25 05:21 PM
  • FullOfSounds I see, I see. Check Massive Attack then
    October 25 05:17 PM
  • FullOfSounds are you into any electronic music
    October 25 05:11 PM
  • RunOfTheMill Really gotta check some of those Buck Tick lives once I finish their discography
    October 25 10:36 AM
  • RunOfTheMill lol remind not to use fancy typography on sputnik... I meant to say "and you?"
    October 25 10:35 AM
  • RunOfTheMill I'm not big on live albums for the most part, and as such have only checked a handful. I usually check videos on Youtube. I must have seen a dozen Priest bootlegs by now, for example. My favourite live album ever has to be Tokyo Tapes by Scorpions, back when they had Uli Jon Roth and their music was a lot more intricate. I also really like Live After Death by Maiden. Y t?
    October 25 10:35 AM
  • RunOfTheMill Truth be told I've haven't seen it in quite a few years, but it is indeed incredibly good. What a way to go out
    October 24 05:07 PM
  • Aberf One of the dude was so edgy that he needed to brought up my BABYMETAL score rofl.
    October 22 05:17 PM
  • Aberf Are you getting triggered man? I rated your username as an average thing lol. Btw, I'm just too much of a pussy against the vocal tbh with u.
    October 22 02:54 PM
  • RunOfTheMill Well, I recently dl'd Six/Nine and Cosmos, and I haven't given Taboo or Aku No Hana proper listens, which I've been meaning to do for months now. I'll be looking at those ones next, for sure.
    October 19 11:49 AM
  • RunOfTheMill Yeah man, almost every song made a strong first impression. I've only listened to it one and half times, but it's a strong contender for one of my fav BT albums so far. Granted I still haven't gotten through their discog yet, but still. I really like how they meld the electronic stuff and the actual instruments
    October 19 11:24 AM
  • RunOfTheMill Atom Miraiha so good
    October 19 09:26 AM
  • Nitroadict Your comment on my blurb on the new BT album caught my eye. Further thoughts on No.9?
    October 17 04:53 PM
  • crossparallel Hey, you know how in your fave Cuba Libre there's the line "Taiyou ga ippai". Turns out this is also the Japanese title of Plein Soleil, which Sakurai once cited as a favorite film of his. Coincidence? Think not. So he may be like casually referencing The Talented Mr. Ripley XD I'm dead.
    October 15 07:02 AM
  • crossparallel They can't do better than Persuasio - but if Kyo and the band are in top form, maybe they can equal it.
    October 15 06:55 AM
  • crossparallel Not yet. But I'd be excited for any sukekiyo setlist, honestly.
    October 15 06:45 AM
  • crossparallel Alrightey, there you go. if I can go save Moderngarde's average from s***ty ratings, why not.
    October 15 06:44 AM
  • crossparallel YESYESYES to that. I can't wait too.
    October 15 06:41 AM
  • crossparallel "Ai no souretsu ga yamiyo wo yuku yooo..."
    October 15 06:41 AM
  • crossparallel Oh boy, now DTD is higher than 13kai. Funny stuff. But I've been feeling so good watching from the side XD
    October 15 06:36 AM
  • Angelboros God, you could use an intervention :3
    October 13 06:57 PM
  • Angelboros You excited for new Wormrot tomorrow?
    October 13 05:41 PM
  • Aberf Btw, Blackwater Park
    October 12 08:44 PM
  • Aberf some dude 1'd Kuroki Nagisa. RIP
    October 12 07:42 PM
  • BlackNails **** off bitch you don't know s*** about me **** YOU AND GET KILLED
    October 12 06:05 PM
  • SitruK6 Sure thing dude;).
    October 11 03:28 PM
  • SitruK6 Hey man, i really wanna speak rn but I'm at a restaurant.I'll talk with you on skype as soon as i get back to the hotel (around an hour from now, i hope less)
    October 11 03:23 PM
  • RunOfTheMill Sometimes, when I'm alone at night, I try to imagine it's more than that
    October 10 02:10 AM
  • RunOfTheMill Yeah it's kinda sad to think that thr reunion might not have happened if it weren't for those HOH ****ers, but I think it's important to keep in mind that they're doing it for other reasons too.
    October 9 10:19 AM
  • oWhoadYo We don't have similar music tastes at all really haha but thanks for trying to cheer me up and see things in a different way. It means the world to me right now
    October 9 10:07 AM
  • RunOfTheMill Oh man that's so ****ed up. I knew a bit about the whole cult thing that he was pulled into by his ex-wife, but I never knew it was to that extent, and even that recently...
    October 9 09:52 AM
  • iloveyouall thanks~~~
    October 8 07:40 PM
  • SitruK6 Lmao he got rekt m8. But in all seriousness, you are 100% correct in what you said. I hate people who pull the victim card when they are the one that got themselves into it. It's like.. what did you think would happen??.
    October 8 05:30 PM
  • SitruK6 Also what's up with that comment below mine? He couldn't handle how m/ you are so he ran away :p.
    October 8 05:12 PM
  • SitruK6 Thanks dude. Their debut looks interesting. Also anything similar to russian circles is worth checking out in my book ;).Btw my decision to cut the CD buying amount in the last 2-3 months couldn't of paid off better. I've got a hefty budget for CDs while I'm here (btw I'm in Barcelona, i don't even know if i mentioned that). Got a few CDs I'm super excited about m/
    October 8 05:10 PM
  • Faenrir Whatever man. Just talk to yourself from now on.
    October 7 04:54 AM
  • SitruK6 Thanks!
    October 5 06:33 PM
  • SitruK6 Anime club is also something haha. I'm getting really tired tbh, think I'll go to bed rn. Was good talking with you dude!. Night.
    October 5 06:31 PM
  • SitruK6 That's actually not that sad tbh. If you think about uni gives you a lot.1) you have to study and that gives you a reason to wake up.2) i bet your social life is better when you're at uni. 3) having a more scheduled life always feels better.And there's more for sure but I'm pretty tired so cut me some slack
    October 5 06:16 PM
  • SitruK6 This vacation really freshed things out in every possible level and im gald about that
    October 5 06:07 PM
  • SitruK6 Actually I've been like that for a bit now too. I was pretty much only hearing music at work and even than it wasn't that much. It was pretty much 50% periphery and 50% prog rock lol.
    October 5 06:06 PM
  • SitruK6 There's is definitely place for improvement haha. I really like it. It strikes me pretty hard emotion wise y i feel extremely relaxed when hearing it.
    October 5 06:00 PM
  • SitruK6 I'll definitely expand the soundoff tomorrow (maybe i will even make a review for it if i have enough to say)
    October 5 05:50 PM
  • SitruK6 Well i wrote a small soundoff for it :).I probably have typos as I'm doing it from my phone
    October 5 05:49 PM
  • SitruK6 Gonna write it rn brb
    October 5 05:35 PM
  • SitruK6 I actually feel sad to say this but.... It will make me feel more confident LMFAO
    October 5 05:32 PM
  • SitruK6 I think i will write my first one for burial - untrue, been jamming it a s*** ton this past week
    October 5 05:29 PM
  • SitruK6 Don't be sorry, I'm laughing about it myself hahahah
    October 5 05:29 PM
  • SitruK6 I hope it will be up to expectations.I'm pretty nervous about writing soundoffs tbh haha, sounds a bit pathetic.
    October 5 05:26 PM
  • SitruK6 BTW did you spin the latest BT more?. Im asking because i saw you haven't rated it yet
    October 5 05:10 PM
  • SitruK6 Nice dude!.I decided to get my ratings reset because of a few things, I first off they weren'td at all, second reason is that i felt that i rated too much stuff after 1 listen and forgot about them.. In other words i want to pay more attention to each album before rating it. Also i want to start writing soundoffs to each album i hear, when my ratings are at 0 it's easier to organize head for this.
    October 5 05:09 PM
  • SitruK6 I have no idea what u think about cradle of filth, but i really like the first 4 albums
    October 5 04:39 PM
  • SitruK6 Immolation - close to a world below. Two first demolition hammer albums (**** yeah m/).And i also got 3 cradle of filth albums (2nd, 3rd and 4th) for a really cheap price.
    October 5 04:38 PM
  • SitruK6 On a side note, I got a few awesome CDs!! (how surprising haha)
    October 5 04:22 PM
  • SitruK6 Hey dude, how ya doin?.I don't know if you remember, but I talked about being a bit stressed lately and let me tell you this vacation is the best thing I could of done for myself. Still getting a few calls here and there from work but it's all good :D. Anyways i would be glad to know how you're doing.
    October 5 04:22 PM
  • FullOfSounds Someone dubbed a new song from the upcoming Dillinger the other day and it ruled hard.
    October 5 04:18 PM
  • RunOfTheMill Why mathematics? Is your masters specialised in any certain field?
    October 4 11:49 AM
  • RunOfTheMill hahahaha I would not be talking about school eating away at me if I were in high school. No I'm in my second year of uni, halfway through my bachelors in software engineering. Iirc, Canada uses the same system as the UK for Uni, so I think bachelors and masters are the same thing for us.
    October 4 11:48 AM
  • randyladyman Yeah Diabolo ends the album on an interesting note. I'm sure it'll make more sense once I read into the lyrics too
    October 4 11:35 AM
  • randyladyman Yeah a lot of the album went in one ear out the other on my first listen. The first third of album stood out to me though, as well as Passion and Romance. Passion in particular really caught my attention
    October 4 11:08 AM
  • randyladyman I'll keep that link in mind when I listen to the album again. It was a lot to take in but I found a lot to love about it, I'll give it some more listens later
    October 4 05:55 AM
  • randyladyman Just bookmarked it. I'll give it a watch once I let 13kai sink in, gonna give it a listen now. ;)
    October 4 02:41 AM
  • randyladyman That was the first song I heard from them and I really enjoyed it. I also heard Kourin and loved that too, so I think 13kai will be even more up my alley
    October 4 02:30 AM
  • RunOfTheMill Out of curiosity, what are you studying?
    October 3 11:26 PM
  • randyladyman Haha yeah, I wasn't expecting the album to click with me so fast. Now I can't stop listening to it
    October 3 07:15 PM
  • Aberf 91 days is really good. Haikyuu is full of hype somehow (I don't watch too many sports anime lol), Sakamoto is pretty hilarious at times, and kabaneri is a major disaster. That's all I can say about the anime you mentioned. I'll try to watch more Diru live material someday, still trying to get hang of many albums.
    October 2 11:33 AM
  • randyladyman at least they'll get one extra rating on most of their albums from me with time lmfao, every little bit helps
    October 2 11:31 AM
  • randyladyman I'd hope for one of their albums to at least reach 100 ratings, I feel the same way towards The Enid, but yeah they definitely don't need Radiohead or Opeth levels of exposure. The blind love and hatred that would come out of that would be ridiculous
    October 2 11:06 AM
  • randyladyman Ya I noticed RYM's avgs of their discography are drastically different in comparison to here. But yeah, just gotta see if there's someone who's willing to review as much of their discography as possible to bring them more exposure on Sputnik, cause based on what I heard so far, they definitely deserve more than what they're getting lol
    October 2 10:55 AM
  • randyladyman But ya this album is very interesting. It's outside of my comfort zone, but I look forward to giving it more listens. ;)
    October 2 10:49 AM
  • randyladyman Haha that would be nice for the sake of exposure. Chances are that average would drop a bit knowing how a lot of people on here tend to be when they see albums suddenly hit high on the charts
    October 2 10:48 AM
  • randyladyman Ya I'm pretty tired so I didn't give it all of my undivided attention on the first listen, but I'll keep those tracks in mind for future listens. Machine, Reborn and Jupiter also stood out to me. I also gave Speed another listen just now and I already like it more since I now have an idea of the general tone of the album. If I had to rate the album based on my first impression, it'd probably be a 3.5
    October 2 10:41 AM
  • randyladyman Well, that album was both fun and frightening at the same time. The 8th track and the closer stood out to me the most. I can see it growing on me with more listens. :)
    October 2 10:24 AM
  • randyladyman I'll give Kurutta Tayiou a listen right now
    October 2 09:25 AM
  • randyladyman Well I guess I have a lot of music and live stuff to listen to later. ;) what album of theirs would you recommend as a first listen?
    October 2 07:56 AM
  • randyladyman It's definitely an extremely overblown performance, especially when it comes to the ballads. Luckily I'm a sucker for ballads, so it's right up my alley. And ya from the songs I heard, Buck Tick seems pretty inaccessible, but I enjoyed the songs I heard so far. Plus it seems like most of their discography is praised so I'd have a fun time going through their stuff
    October 2 07:44 AM
  • randyladyman If you can handle how indulgent they get during the performance, then you'll absolutely love The Last Live. It's like the perfect mix of sappiness and being extremely energetic, all it's missing is Art of Life to make it the perfect live performance imo. and I've been meaning to check out Buck Tick as well, I've heard great things about them
    October 2 07:19 AM
  • randyladyman My favorite live release at the moment is Galneryus' Reliving the Ironhearted Flag show, it has the most ideal set list for me and they put so much into their performance. Of course The Last Live is another obvious mind blowing live show for me. I'd have to pay a fortune to get imports of those though
    October 2 06:57 AM
  • randyladyman Yeah I usually start with live shows when I try to get into new bands. Obviously it depends on the band on whether I prefer listening to their live shows over CD's, but Versailles knows how to do a really good performance. So I'm excited to give these DVD's a look through. ;)
    October 2 06:34 AM
  • randyladyman oh I will, the set lists to these shows look amazing. I'll be on a power metal kick for the next week at this rate
    October 2 06:10 AM
  • randyladyman ayy sweet, downloading that as well. gonna take advantage of having tomorrow off by bingeing through these
    October 2 06:03 AM
  • randyladyman oh yeah, I'm really enjoying listening to them again. I just watched a clip of them playing History of the Other Side live as well and Kamijo absolutely kills it in that performance, so I'll have to find the DVD with that as well :^)
    October 2 05:57 AM
  • randyladyman hell yeah, gonna watch that tomorrow. I've been giving their discography a listen again cause I haven't heard them in forever and now I feel like I'm in high school all over again
    October 2 05:43 AM
  • randyladyman I haven't seen the whole thing, but I saw clips of God Palace and Sympathia and those make me want to watch the entire show
    October 2 05:28 AM
  • randyladyman the performance of Love Will Be Born Again on that DVD is an absolute tear jerker as well, it brings the X Japan esque feels so hard
    October 2 05:22 AM
  • randyladyman Ay! I saw that live DVD a few years back actually. It was the first release I heard from the band, and it me hooked on them. I don't even like about half of the songs on Holy Grail now, but they sold those songs really well on that show
    October 2 05:04 AM
  • Aberf How's your Univ anime club? I don't particularly like to get close to anime club irl. It mostly filled with crazy weeb.
    October 1 09:52 PM
  • RunOfTheMill Where do you get your information on them? I haven't looked very hard, but I couldn't find any English sources
    October 1 05:28 PM
  • FullOfSounds He's a cool guy
    October 1 11:17 AM
  • FullOfSounds Aw, that sucks. Daddy just queued a song from it in Dub and it almost moved me to tears so I'm listening to the whole thing now.
    October 1 11:11 AM
  • FullOfSounds Matryoshka - Laideronnette
    October 1 11:08 AM
  • RunOfTheMill helloooooooo new b-t album
    September 30 11:55 PM
  • Angelboros "Coming out" and "on the horizon" in the same sentence feels kinda redundant btw. My bad
    September 29 03:17 PM
  • Angelboros Sukekiyo is a project I've been meaning to pay more attention to since I heard Immortalis some time ago, and it's baffling I haven't been assed to spend more time on them considering Kyo spearheaded the band and he's one of my all-time favorite vocalists from Japan. This is gonna sound like an excuse, but the main reason I didn't get on the two EPs or that live album is 'cause there's too much new music coming out or on the horizon. HOWEVER! Me checking those is still duly noted.
    September 29 03:15 PM
  • Angelboros Ah, OK.
    September 29 03:06 PM
  • Angelboros K thanx ily. On a side note, just out of curiosity, I noticed in one of the Luna Sea threads (Game's review for Eden) that you don't much care for that act which - by the way - current X Japan guitar player and violinist Sugizo is associated with most. Does your opinion on LS stem from however you feel about Sugizo himself or did you simply not care about the music? Not tryna start something here, don't hurt me, Mr. Calcium, sir.
    September 29 03:00 PM
  • Dis_Con_Nec_Ted At the end of the day it's about perfection and often a certain mystique of an actual album that speaks to -and fascinates me. I feel like the 'magic' can get a bit lost when it translates live.
    September 29 07:01 AM
  • Dis_Con_Nec_Ted Gotta disagree on Immortalis and Vitium being lifeless there. They both have their flaws but they're definitely not without their own sound and atmosphere. On the other hand, I can see where you're coming from with the natural energy, the rawer and more unpredictable element a live environment can bring.
    September 29 07:00 AM
  • Dis_Con_Nec_Ted I'm liking it a great deal in fact. As I've stated I'm not as crazy about live recordings as I once was. Stupid as it may sound, I have a hard time rating such releases more than a 4, unless it's really special. So I'm definitely more of a studio guy, where you can pick up and enjoy little details and nuances in the context of the whole. And this is also the case on the Sukekiyo studio albums.
    September 28 08:03 PM
  • Angelboros Hey, thanks for the link, bruh. Thoughts on it thus far?
    September 28 02:42 PM
  • Dis_Con_Nec_Ted Keeping that one in mind for future Diru live viewing.
    September 28 10:13 AM
  • Dis_Con_Nec_Ted Now that you mention it, I did notice a lack in the low 'disgusting' growls which you are a sucker for =D. *in Arche Budokan*
    September 28 09:56 AM
  • Dis_Con_Nec_Ted Oh, that does sound a bit worrying. His vox on Arche Budokan were really good though. The same can be said for the handful of songs I'm in on Persuasio thus far, so there's hope.
    September 28 09:43 AM
  • Dis_Con_Nec_Ted Yah, he can't sustain his vocals forever if he's going at that pace. Didn't he sound good on that tour or?
    September 28 09:27 AM
  • Dis_Con_Nec_Ted Cool, will be interesting to hear. Kyo really likes performing live doesn't he ;P
    September 28 08:55 AM
  • Dis_Con_Nec_Ted Way better on further listening. How did I not notice that bass before also. The other two songs of the single are also good. Sorry for spamming yr shoutbox =)
    September 27 08:50 PM
  • Dis_Con_Nec_Ted Have you heard that version of Latour? I find it superior to the Immortalis version in that it's a more focused sound.
    September 27 06:44 PM
  • Dis_Con_Nec_Ted Dis_Con_Nec_Ted It's the upbeat energetic feel combined with the very 'japanese' melody, especially in the chorus, that hits home with me in that song. As for japanese, Focus evokes images of a grey and rainy, lightly foggy day in a desolate modern city dock area in my head. Loving the atmosphere.
    September 27 06:43 PM
  • RunOfTheMill School slowly eating at my insides, basically. Could be worse :P hbu, bb?
    September 27 06:36 PM
  • Dis_Con_Nec_Ted Apart from that, I really like Mama, Focus and the Latour collab with Wes Borland.
    September 27 06:21 PM
  • Dis_Con_Nec_Ted Really, that's awesome. Because it's definitely the first song that comes to my mind in terms of memorability and pure emotion when thinking of the name sukekiyo. I'll never forget the first time I heard the bridge...
    September 27 06:17 PM
  • Dis_Con_Nec_Ted Listened to it a couple of times and finding it kinda inaccessible :/ Nothing that stuck out when thinking back. Out of curiosity, what was your favorite(s) before that song? Btw I saw audio rips on ninjapanda.
    September 27 06:00 PM
  • Dis_Con_Nec_Ted Must be good then! Will get back to it later tonight
    September 27 12:39 PM
  • Angelboros Caaaalcium! New B-T album's out tomorrow at the time I'm shouting you.
    September 27 12:26 PM
  • Dis_Con_Nec_Ted Oh ok. A new single? I don't think I've heard it.
    September 27 09:19 AM
  • Dis_Con_Nec_Ted Sounds great man. I'm familiar with the studio output, hence the mention of that splendid tracklist. Immortalis and Vitium both have some fantastic songs and loving Kyo's performance in them. Do you happen to know if it's not only on blu ray but perhaps a cd version out there? In any case I'll be on it.
    September 27 08:57 AM

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