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  • JohnnyOnTheSpot oh and check this album I just reviewed. It's gorgeous
    February 28 06:53 AM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot thx choccy mah man
    February 20 09:43 PM
  • TalonsOfFire I don't love Images or Scenes any less, I just don't know if they're absolutely perfect in every way. I don't know. This is exactly why part of me wants them all wiped, so I don't have to think about this s*** haha
    February 12 08:12 PM
  • TalonsOfFire It's good as a library of whats been listened to for sure. I just don't know how to rate some stuff, like I don't love I
    February 12 08:10 PM
  • TalonsOfFire I actually listened to Awake again recently and loved it. If anything I changed how I view my ratings, like a 4/5 means I love the album and there's pretty much nothing wrong with it, but anything higher is considered one of my all time favorites. Though I might just wipe my ratings altogether as people, like myself, spend too much time scrutinizing and questioning it
    February 12 12:29 PM
  • treeqt. i don't hate music
    January 23 07:53 PM
  • Mort. oooh sweet. im looking forward to delving in next monday
    January 11 12:23 PM
  • Mort. so its their most diverse album?
    January 11 11:38 AM
  • Mort. never listened to system of a down so that will be an interesting listen. are the songs already released indicative of the whole album?
    January 11 11:25 AM
  • Mort. no no. i wait for the release day. i ignore leaks tbh. i have already preordered the vinyl tho haha
    January 11 11:19 AM
  • Mort. how hyped are you for enter shikari now? im loving anaesthetist
    January 11 11:06 AM
  • Hippo91 #hippo90 returns
    January 9 02:03 PM
  • TalonsOfFire It's almost as good as tool, the musicians are amazing, it's basically a supergroup Maynard isn't the only draw
    January 7 12:37 PM
  • TalonsOfFire You've never heard APC? Get on it dude, there's only two albums and they're amazing almost as good as tool, Maynard is the singer
    January 7 09:07 AM
  • TalonsOfFire Don't give up hope Choccy! Radiohead at least seems like they'll come through but who knows with Tool. Mongi was saying he would slightly prefer a new APC. After Thirteenth Step it'd be very interesting to see where they'd go from there. Thought maybe Emotive was a sign they were kinda out of ideas and had said all they needed to say...
    January 5 03:14 PM
  • TalonsOfFire There aren't that many games out yet but when there are and you get into any of them we should try to play at some point, there's some cool sci-fi ones coming out this year. Manson's alright, it's more for nostalgia than anything else I'm just reviewing his new album which is his best in a while, but it's only around a 3 I'm obviously more excited for stuff like Tool and Radiohead haha
    January 5 02:29 PM
  • TalonsOfFire Modest Mouse, Queens of the Stone Age, Periphery, maybe Tool, Steven Wilson, Marilyn Manson, Metallica, hopefully Radiohead... it should be a good time. I think I'm gonna make a list of favorite albums that came out since I joined for the 10X comments. I can't remember every user I talk to to make it into a list, it's mainly you, Art, and Mongi, then a bunch of others at random times. I actually just bought a PS4, so if you have one too we could be friends on PSN or whatever it's called.
    January 4 03:26 PM
  • TalonsOfFire This year should have some cool releases though plenty to talk about, do you own a 360? If so we should be friends on live
    January 3 08:41 PM
  • TalonsOfFire Aww, we'll still spam opeth threads just a little less. I'll actually have more free time this semester than the fall which is nice. I'll apply, but I don't really expect to get it I just wanna be on the mods radar for the future
    January 3 08:07 PM
  • TalonsOfFire That must've been fun to imagine what everyone looked like. My school has the longest breaks with no assignments which is nice. New year was fun, played GTA V with friends from high school while my parents had their own gathering in our living room. You do anything fun?
    January 1 05:22 PM
  • TalonsOfFire That's probably exactly what'd happen if they did haha, yeah once college starts up again I'll probably be more scarce. I have a 6 week long break from school now and there's nothing to do at home :/ how were your holidays?
    January 1 03:57 PM
  • TalonsOfFire Dude I had a dream last night that you wrote this essay on how evil the sputnik mods were in this giant leatherbound velvet decorated tome that ended with the V for Vendetta sign and a curse on them, no idea where it came from but I think I spend too much time on this site lol
    January 1 02:43 PM
  • Tunaboy45 Stream for new SW track. I think it's pretty good.
    December 29 08:59 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot ehh nvm lol
    December 27 12:33 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity Sure, I'll be in here. @ mention me when you're in:
    December 27 12:05 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot i think you'd like this kate carr album dude. kinda similar-ish to vanessa rossetto... well, maybe not. it's field recordings, but she doctors it a bit more and has more drone elements in the mix.
    December 26 12:30 PM
  • ricardohrr Of course, I understand what you are saying now, I put the word important for Post-Hardcore because I understand that they are making a great job to increase the genre and make more popular than others genres of Hardcore, but they are not the most important band anyway, i agree with your comment!
    December 24 03:07 PM
  • ricardohrr Hey man, thanks for you comment, Hammer is a great song but not one of my favorites from Common Courtesy but I respect your opinion and man I have a question, why do you think ADTR is not that important for the genre?
    December 24 01:09 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity Sweet, I won't be on today but evening tomorrow, 26 and 27th will do me just fine.
    December 24 09:24 AM
  • JamieTwort Heard bits and pieces from Shpongle but never really got into them. Will check that album though, thanks.
    December 23 03:05 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity Good man, that monsterous run of Tales to Ineffable Mysteries is mindblowing. Also you have hoildays yet to Plug again?
    December 23 06:01 AM
  • RivalSkoomaDealer Hey Choccy, here's my 2014 list you should check it and see if you missed anything cool this year:
    December 22 03:19 PM
  • HalfManHalfAmazing this stuff is awesome dude thanks for the rec :)
    December 17 09:40 PM
  • RivalSkoomaDealer For the industrial stuff, maybe try some Dalek, Techno Animal, or Meatbeat Manifesto. If you're looking for psychadelic stuff like Shabazz Palaces: cLOUDEAD, The Underachievers, Ratking, and Flatbush Zombies are good to branch out to. =D
    December 12 09:33 AM
  • CalculatingInfinity Aww, okay man education obviously comes first.
    December 10 04:27 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity Hey man, up for Plug?
    December 10 04:19 PM
  • TalonsOfFire The sacred white noise trio of sput...
    December 10 02:21 PM
  • RivalSkoomaDealer Choccy, it appears we have the same AOTY. =) You're the only dude here with as much appreciation for Sacred White Noise as me.
    December 8 02:42 PM
  • Tunaboy45 Fair enough, I can understand where you're coming from. The Moor is a fantastic track.
    December 7 03:48 PM
  • Tunaboy45 So what's your opinion on Still Life?
    December 6 07:59 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot smh. but yeah, try it
    December 6 02:18 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot Sup Choccy. You know I like to throw random recs at you, and I've got another. I think you'd enjoy this Jon Brooks album
    December 5 11:53 AM
  • HalfManHalfAmazing you like very avant-garde hip hop stuff haha. that's great. I heard the whole CLPPNG album on youtube and it was terrific!
    December 5 06:57 AM
  • HalfManHalfAmazing it looks dope man, i will listen! and holy s*** dude how did you get so many review comments ive been here for like 4 years and still haven't cracked a thousand haha
    December 3 04:33 AM
  • HalfManHalfAmazing you get around to listening to any hip hop?
    December 2 10:20 PM
  • TalonsOfFire Musk Ox was a definite top tenner, and I never lost interest in Thantifaxath I just listened to it way too much haha, and yeah check the others in my list some of them I just discovered and were some amazing hidden gems
    December 2 09:41 PM
  • Mongi123 Tbh I didn't mean for this many people to find out haha I just contacted Jom to ask him questions and told Rowan too and that's it :D but I gotta see how the semester starts affecting me first. And yea good luck to you too!
    December 2 08:43 PM
  • TalonsOfFire Yeah our top 3 were similar, I never really though gazpacho would take #1 for me, I knew yours would be thantifaxath haha
    December 2 07:05 PM
  • Mongi123 Not yet haha I'm thinking I may have to halt my reviewing for a while during the next semester because I'll be super ****ing busy. If the work load gets to be a lot I'll have to only pop up occasionally
    December 2 06:41 PM
  • SharkTooth What use is rushing it when there's no due date?(;
    December 1 12:08 PM
  • SharkTooth
    December 1 10:49 AM
  • SharkTooth Hey Choccy, this video might be very helpful with your review
    December 1 10:45 AM
  • PappyMason Yeah, I've got you. I would say that Prefuse 73's albums 'One Word Extinguisher' and 'Vocal Studies Uprock Narratives' would be right up your street. And DJ Shadow's 'Endtroducing.....', of course. But these are more electronic based. Some of my favourite hip-hop records include stuff like Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx..., Nas - Illmatic; The Notorious B.I.G. - Ready to Die, but there is so much good stuff out there. You'll find it anyways.
    November 29 08:23 PM
  • PappyMason Hey man, give me a shout if you need any hip-hop recs based on anything you've liked. I reckon you'll be fine anyways. Happy listening!
    November 29 08:09 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot sup man, if you're in the mood for something chilled-out check out this Snowday album. it's pretty dope. and thx for the shoutout
    November 29 07:18 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot cheers man.
    November 27 07:47 PM
  • TalonsOfFire I liked Floex a lot, the other one was cool too
    November 27 12:01 AM
  • TalonsOfFire I'm sure there's stuff out there I'd dig as much as Radiohead or Ulver but a lot of it sounds so vapid and repetitive, even though I know that isn't really true, just for the popular stuff. All the edm that's constantly around certainly hasn't helped with that
    November 24 09:21 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot check my newest rev I guess. I *think* it's your kinda dig. completely improvised instrumentals, each track is unique and animalistic.
    November 24 08:30 PM
  • TalonsOfFire I'll try, though it's always been hard for me to get into electronic music unless rock or metal bands try it out like Radiohead or Ulver. I haven't heard the new Damien Rice yet, but from people have been saying it's just as good as O if not better so I'll definitely listen soon
    November 24 08:23 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot yo choccy. do you dig improvised music at all?
    November 24 08:19 PM
  • TalonsOfFire I like the Windowlicker t/t a little more than what I've listened to from the debut, his stuff is definitely good but I don't know if I could really get into it. I jammed O today and it's definitely a worthy listen, despite it being a little melodramatic at times.
    November 23 09:41 PM
  • TalonsOfFire I'll keep trying DG, I didn't dislike it or anything I just might've not been in the right mood for it. I'll start with Selected Ambient Works, that's their best and most successful as far as I can tell. I still need to check out Damian Rice, I have "O" saved in spotify and sowing keeps raving about him.
    November 19 08:04 PM
  • TalonsOfFire I tried listening to death grips and it good, but I don't think it's really my thing. I'm gonna give aphex twin a shot soon and see if that clicks. What's helped me not be disillusioned with rock/metal is listening to the best each subgenre like indie rock, alt. rock, stoner rock, post-rock etc has to offer. Maybe give that a go when you feel like getting back to it, some time away from prog rock/metal might be good, I've barely listened to any since the summer O_O
    November 19 07:43 PM
  • Mort. Im not a fan of long reviews. I feel a lot of them trail off from the point of a review and venture more into the discussion style dialogue that shoild be kept in the comments section. And yeah man its sorta grown off me just a little bit. I still love it, but not liking it as kuch is probably to be expected seeming as i listened to it like 40 times in the first few days it came out haha
    November 19 07:38 PM
  • Mort. did you see my new review man? any feedback you could give would be appreciated. also has last garrison grown on you at all?
    November 19 06:49 PM
  • TalonsOfFire Haha, me and nicki go way back. I've never tried death grips, their albums covers kind of turn me away haha. I've been meaning to check Aphex Twin, but I'm afraid it won't live up to all the sputhype, sort of like what happened to you with Brand New
    November 17 03:43 PM
  • TalonsOfFire I went through a bit of an electronic music phase recently and used to listen to a lot of hip hop, but a lot of it sounds so shallow and repetitive to me now, unless it's really experimental. I sort of agree about the rock/metal criticism though, I've been finding the same thing myself
    November 16 09:03 PM
  • TalonsOfFire That's interesting that you say that, what other genres are you getting in to?
    November 16 06:40 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot yeah I keep bombarding you lol. I wouldn't worry about Vlad Delay that much though, his older stuff is more worthwhile
    November 15 05:35 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot dunno if you like Ariel Pink but I'm doing a review for his new one, might make up for your Dean Blunt disappointment lol
    November 15 05:31 PM
  • TalonsOfFire Try their other albums, something tells me you might like them more, especially Daisy
    November 14 02:01 PM
  • TalonsOfFire That rating for Brand New ;_;
    November 13 09:52 PM
  • TalonsOfFire Also just found this:
    November 12 10:49 PM
  • TalonsOfFire An Autumn for Crippled Children - Try Not To Destroy Everything You Love, Negura Bunget - OM (sort of), Woods of Desolation - Toward The Depths. Also check the new Job For A Cowboy if you haven't yet, a death metal AOTY for sure and parts of it even reminded me of Thantifaxath sort of
    November 12 10:46 PM
  • TalonsOfFire Yeah they're pretty interesting, their debut is just as good as Sunbather imo and a lot less uplifting
    November 12 04:53 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot I've been a Vlad Delay fan for a while. but mostly I just surf around bandcamp. sometimes I see recurring labels that put out consistently good stuff, then I start following what they do, and... yeah. would love your input on the review man, I think you'd dig his work
    November 10 06:19 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot I think you'd like the new Vladislav Delay man
    November 10 07:03 AM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot The review's fine man, just tweak it a little bit
    November 6 09:57 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot You can make things flow nicer without being superfluous though
    November 6 09:26 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot Posted a couple quick tidbits. I'll try and give it a more thorough read later though
    November 6 08:48 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot Sure, might have to wait an hour or so if that's ok
    November 6 08:23 PM
  • ArsMoriendi Id all of the s*** posts. Most if not all of your comments stayed though since you don't s*** post, so no worries!
    November 6 01:47 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot fair enough. I actually like how he keeps then lazy. It's like he's pondering, and just speaking off the cuff. Like he's just bitching about stuff under his breath
    November 5 06:43 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot yo man, could you elaborate on what you think coulda been done better? (not being confrontational lol just curious what your thoughts are)
    November 5 06:13 PM
    November 4 10:51 PM
  • TalonsOfFire I've been meaning to check portal for a while now, is their new one better? That average rating is impressive
    November 4 06:17 PM
  • SharkTooth lol JohnnyOnTheSpot proof'd it for you, looks like you have it easy for your first proofreading thread experience. Cheers
    November 3 08:09 PM
  • SharkTooth Hey Choccy, the thing about the proofreading thread is most of the time nobody's going to proof it until you ask someone specifically to do so. My personal picks for proofreaders would be Judio and JohnnyOntheSpot. You can also try Atari or BMDrummer if neither of the previous are available
    November 3 07:32 PM
  • YakNips yeah maybe, it was definitely interesting but i can't rate anything higher than a 3 tbh :/
    November 2 05:34 PM
  • YakNips first four songs were ok and the fifth song was awful and this last one is great
    November 2 05:30 PM
  • YakNips help im listening to /F what the **** is going on
    November 2 05:10 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot Yeah I've heard good things about that one. I'm gonna work on another musique concrete album review soon I think (my current dig) and I think you'd dig that also. Oh and Dean Blunt is releasing a new album soon... you'd probably like him too. So many good albums lately
    November 2 08:47 AM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot You might also dig this mutahertz album I reviewed (despite the 2.5 rating).
    November 2 08:36 AM
  • Sabrutin I have to say that I'm actually enjoying Ecliptica Revisited, even though I still prefer most of the originals (I easily understand your point, most choruses for example sound less energetic). I'm glad we can agree on Blank File. :] The worst song is probably the Genesis cover (which I really dislike).
    November 1 11:51 AM
  • ExplosiveOranges Oh s***, I posted that right before your birthday, haha. Happy birthday, man.
    October 29 07:25 PM
  • Mongi123 Happy birthday dude
    October 28 11:26 AM
  • ExplosiveOranges *sees Overgrown and good kid, m.A.A.d city ratings* I ****ing hate you sometimes, you know that?
    October 27 08:50 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot aww man, you're missing out. I did a review of her new one though if you're curious. It's pretty nice ambient, so I think you'd really enjoy it
    October 27 07:18 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot are you into Grouper at all?
    October 27 07:07 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot FYI it's harsh noise, dunno if you like that but you're usually open
    October 24 08:03 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot You might get a kick out of this ACIN album I reviewed
    October 24 04:59 PM
  • Onirium Thanks, I'm not really familiar with electronica as I said, so yeah I'll check that out
    October 23 04:58 PM
  • Onirium yeah Kiasmos
    October 22 08:42 PM
  • Mort. dude!!! new ES i dig it
    October 22 03:04 PM
  • TalonsOfFire Woodfall is definitely an AOTY for me and that Autumn Albums list from last week has a bunch of great neofolk stuff too that I've been getting into, perfect for this weather
    October 22 02:16 PM
  • Onirium Hey, have you heard the new song by Olafur Arnalds and Janus Rasmussen? I've never been the biggest fan of electronica but it's quite great
    October 21 05:45 PM
  • TalonsOfFire Yeah I've heard a lot about it, will check for sure. Also I see you were responsible for getting rid of the progressive metal tag for Thantifaxath, which is interesting because I hear a lot of Meshuggah, Enslaved, and even Opeth influences in Sacred White Noise
    October 20 10:05 PM
  • Artuma it's not prog lol but w/e i'll never agree on anything with you anyway
    October 19 06:12 PM
  • Artuma check nomas by arcana coelestia. i'm pretty sure you'd dig it
    October 19 04:40 PM
  • TalonsOfFire I have their best album according to sput but I haven't heard it yet, isn't is sort if similar to thantifaxath?
    October 19 03:53 PM
  • TalonsOfFire What's even weirder is that mine is flagged now, again... And while it should be first come first serve it's actually based on which review is the best
    October 19 03:16 PM
  • TalonsOfFire idk, it's interesting because mine reads more like a contributor review, but his is longer and more in depth. Mine could've been more informative, I might add a paragraph talking about more of the songs or something it's definitely too short
    October 19 02:24 PM
  • emester digging that Swallowed record?
    October 19 01:03 PM
  • Phlegm 3.0 for Flatland ... THREE . ZERO for FLATLAND
    October 18 04:54 PM
  • Let Kinda bummed to see your Flatland ranking so low :(. I though it was like a around a 3-3.5 the first time I listened to it though. Now I'm obsessed with it.
    October 17 08:06 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges smh choccy
    October 17 07:17 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges Those Burial ratings are killing me.
    October 17 06:53 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot Sweet, thanks man! Been waiting for a stream
    October 17 06:47 PM
  • Let Just looked and apparently it's streaming on pitchfork. Get on that!
    October 16 01:58 PM
  • Let Did you check soulseek at all? That's the only place I was able to find one.
    October 16 01:30 PM
  • Let Hello. Since you like (electronic) music with a lot of dynamics, check Objekt. His method of production of incredible, and all of his tracks are varied. Here's Ganzfeld, one of his tracks from this year if you're interested
    October 16 01:19 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot i've heard a bit of w
    October 13 06:24 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot Yo man, any chance you could scope my latest review and share a thought?
    October 13 03:01 PM
  • Artuma ok will cheque
    October 11 11:18 AM
  • Artuma alright cool. how's winged sullen? i've heard they are much like stars of the lid, which i adore
    October 11 11:12 AM
  • Artuma have you ever heard hammock? you might dig them
    October 11 11:00 AM
  • Phlegm fair, this took a couple to sink in but once it did w o w my mouth was an O shape for 32 minutes straight -- still gotta get around to those ever elusive Arca albums!
    October 11 03:36 AM
  • Phlegm any thoughts on MN.ROY yetttt?
    October 11 03:23 AM
  • Mort. cover art is a bit naff. looks really amateur to me
    October 10 05:53 PM
  • Mort. omg i havent had internet for the last week, just saw enter shikari news. so stoked
    October 10 08:42 AM
  • elcrawfodor it was sweet plugging with you, you definitely got some good taste. you have a account?
    October 9 05:39 PM
  • oltnabrick Is that your girlfriend in your profile pic?
    October 7 02:40 AM
  • Tunaboy45 Oh well let's just hope they stay out haha
    October 5 08:12 PM
  • Tunaboy45 This needs to happen.
    October 5 04:56 PM
  • Mongi123 I gotta try his more bm Lantlos albums. As for my ongoing adventure it's going fine haha. Stay loving Bergtatt. Haven't tried out any other BM albums yet but I kinda wanna focus on finishing Ulver and Thrice's discographys tbh.
    October 4 07:05 PM
  • Mongi123 Yea bruh to each his own, no prob at all. No one ever bumps that thread but me and the one time I do tonight I get comments saying this it's a disagree haha That album actually got me into harsher vox as a whole believe it or not. I just find comments about Neige sucking at playing metal to be stupid because it merely comes off as a shoegazing album to me idk about you haha
    October 4 06:57 PM
  • Mongi123 Sucks you can't get into Alcest man. Ecallies is one of my all time favorite albums. Just wanna have a civilized convo about Alcest here lol
    October 4 06:48 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot yeah it's ready to submit, but I'll probably wait until right before release (fingers crossed no one else submits first, but I doubt anyone would)
    October 2 01:33 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot ever jam A Winged Victory for the Sullen? nice neoclassical ambient (one of the guys is from stars of the lid)
    October 2 12:29 PM
  • Phlegm new album in a WEEK
    October 1 08:17 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges Really? He still has it as his gmail and lastfm username.
    October 1 07:56 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges Never knew what?
    October 1 07:47 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges I think it has to do with inactivity/total site contributions. For example, Kage barely wrote any reviews as staff, so he got removed. But then, Med57 hasn't written anything in almost 9 years. Why is he still there? I think it has to do with the fact that, like Dave and morrissey, he was a major moderator of the website, so he still has that tag, as opposed to minor mods that haven't done much like Shadows and Zebra.
    October 1 07:35 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges Ah, yes. Pretty much all of the Emeriti from that list are gone except for Med57, Robert Crumb, and Bartender. None of those contribs are still contributors, either. Either they got demoted or they became staff (Thomas, Rudy) or managed to make it to Emeritus (Robin, Keelan, Kiran, Knott). Half of the staffers are now Emeritus, Chan and Willie weren't mods yet, and I have no clue what happened to pixiesfanyo.
    October 1 07:19 PM
  • Phlegm oh wow they changed the name of that /F record! looks like they removed the last track for streaming too which sucks because it really tied the album together sonically -- and YES pcmusic is both disgusting and sweet at the same time
    October 1 12:12 AM
  • BlacKapes someone thought it was so offensive and personal that they killed themselves so the mods changed it to avoid more suicides i think
    September 30 08:18 AM
  • CaptainDooRight Hard you have gd taste. I'll feature in next cap recs
    September 29 08:28 PM
  • CaptainDooRight dude this is pretty sweet, vox are sweet! hella unique actually, this is like nirvana status with pantera agression, heavy grunge, killer chorus, dude im not gonna lie this is pretty dam sweet.
    September 29 02:54 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot Ah. Yeah I'm hearing a lot of buzz so I'll have to check it out once it's released
    September 28 06:50 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot Is there a full stream for the new Objekt anywhere?
    September 28 06:48 PM
  • AaronIsCrunchy By the way, The Residents are really, really weird. They're not really like anything I've ever heard before, but I'm half way through the Angry Angakok and I'm definitely feeling somewhat perturbed.
    September 28 04:52 AM
  • AaronIsCrunchy Yeah, my luck with them is less-than-good, to put it bluntly. I think I've liked them as they're cheap, but my god are they fragile.Not sure about the Sport as I never bought one, but I'm pretty sure they're more or less a slightly larger Zip with a bigger screen. If that's the case I wouldn't get one, and if both of yours are still going then I'd keep on them until you need a new one again :)
    September 28 04:51 AM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot will do, thanks man
    September 27 09:21 PM
  • CaptainDooRight I wish I was a better drummer. I just gotta keep practicing b
    September 27 08:39 PM
  • CaptainDooRight Awesome bro that's great feedback and I fully agree! I think ambient over the cleans is a great idea. Thanks so much for that feedback!!
    September 27 08:37 PM
  • TMobotron Thanks man, the thing is that I loved my Sansa but I'm not sure what went wrong with it. I think it's something on the rockbox end but unfortunately I need rockbox to make the mSD card work (I like rockbox too (when it works)). I'll definitely look into those if I decide to go a different route.
    September 27 07:01 PM
  • ShrillYell Totally understand. However, you do know all these tracks are not recently made? Probably only a couple, a lot of them span several years back. Perhaps when he actually writes something completely new, we'll see something we haven't seen before. Syro is just like a sign to show us he's back.
    September 27 04:46 PM
  • zakalwe Yeah he's name has always cropped up but it was all so mind bending back in the day. I loved some of it but wrote off the vast majority as Cornish bumpkin acid riddled twaddle. Loved Rhubarb though.
    September 27 03:57 PM
  • zakalwe I'll have run out when you switch onto Aphex Twin dude.Can't get enough of that at the min, and remember I'm old I look a right berk blaring it from me motor.
    September 27 03:44 PM
  • ShrillYell mastery shown. It all boils down to what sounds you prefer tho so nothing against preferring DG
    September 27 03:30 PM
  • ShrillYell Yeah their sounds are pretty abrasive and at some times quite original. But my point with my comment was that you gotta admit that RDJ has a particular mastery of electronic music production. Only really him does it the way he does, and you can tell that by comparing the actual music to the fake leaks that showed up weeks ago. Death Grips, as enjoyable as they can be sometimes, is much easier to replicate. So yeah Syro isn't all that new in terms of sound, but it's still ahead in terms of that
    September 27 03:29 PM
  • ShrillYell I'll give the others a listen properly and get back to you on them but Death Grips...really? I like them and all but any kid with simple knowledge of fruity loops can make music like them.
    September 27 03:16 PM
  • emester what are you talking about were all idiots on here lol
    September 27 02:07 PM
  • emester negative nancy?
    September 27 01:56 PM
  • emester are you turning to noctus? ;]
    September 27 01:46 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges Lol, well, let's not go that far.
    September 27 11:13 AM
  • ExplosiveOranges *sigh* Your taste is an enigma, Choccy.
    September 27 10:37 AM
  • ExplosiveOranges You gave III a 3.
    September 27 10:28 AM
  • CaptainDooRight new track would be nice to get your feedback:
    September 26 07:36 PM
  • beefshoes aha thanks man! :D I've been thinking about covering the whole album after midterms. That album is incredibly fun to play along to.
    September 24 06:55 PM
  • Oceanographer Well, thanks for the warm welcome then! (:
    September 24 12:56 PM
  • Oceanographer I didn't figure I'd fit in, I have fairly odd taste. Honestly my taste is very specific, if that makes sense. I really dislike most music that I hear, but occasionally I'll fall in love with a record.
    September 24 12:46 PM
  • BMDrummer haha yeah of course i doubt darren would post here, it would be glaringly obvious if he did with his taste.
    September 23 08:47 PM
  • BMDrummer oh damn wrong user lol, i'm retarded sometimes
    September 23 08:44 PM
  • BMDrummer
    September 23 08:38 PM
  • BMDrummer saw you on a prog review video on youtube lol
    September 23 08:36 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges A 4 now? That's better. And yes, I monitor your ratings constantly.
    September 23 05:47 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot I think you'd dig, but it's definitely is ideal for laying back on the couch and relaxing to
    September 23 05:42 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot new hammock album is great yo
    September 23 11:41 AM
  • ExplosiveOranges A 3.5 for Darkspace????
    September 22 09:36 PM
  • Onirium Haha yeah, according to 3 people I'm a good reviewer :P And yeah, I tried to delve a little further into extreme metal after jamming them for the first time too, but apart from few other avant-garde bands like Kayo Dot (who are hardly "extreme" anyways), it's not really my thing. I'll probably check out Flesh too someday, I'm not really in a metal phase at the moment.
    September 22 07:14 PM
  • Onirium Well I'm not a big fan, but I dig Fables of the Sleepless Empire quite a lot. That review wasn't that bad though, especially for a first (not that I'm experienced in that field though)
    September 22 06:56 PM
  • Onirium Dude you dig Unexpect?
    September 22 06:37 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot sweet, thanks
    September 20 04:50 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot maybe some underrated classical?
    September 20 04:39 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot I've got a couple contenders lol, I'll probably promote a couple soon
    September 20 04:35 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot ah. heard this a while ago and thought it was pretty trippy. it's not Venetian Snares messy or anything but it's still rad
    September 20 04:27 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot what sort of genre have you been digging lately? I might actually be able to rec you something worth a s***
    September 20 04:23 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot gahhh! lol, I give up
    September 20 04:21 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot heard this earlier today and it might be more your style... doesn't drag as much lol
    September 20 04:11 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot yeah man, definitely don't expect a ton of people to give it a fair shake, but musique concrete is criminally unnoticed on here so I figured I'd spread the love
    September 20 03:28 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot sweet, glad you liked. I didn't find it too abrasive at first, but I guess the machine noises can be kinda grating (if that's what you meant)
    September 20 03:22 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot sweet, lemme know what you think of the review/album if you get a chance
    September 20 02:11 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot and yeah I've been pumping them out, should probably slow down
    September 20 02:07 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot it's not 'industrial' like industrial rock or anything, it's musique concrete based on industrial machine noises and s***... lol
    September 20 02:06 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot yo choccy, I think you might dig the album I just revved
    September 20 02:01 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges Lol, really? I've had some pretty amazing discussions here myself.
    September 19 08:24 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges Hahaha, well, I personally liked it a lot, even with that disturbing discussion about the deep web and the dick on the cover.
    September 19 08:14 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges Finally rated No Love Deep Web, eh?
    September 19 08:01 PM

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