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  • ProjectFreak Sorry, I missed this. Guessing you heard the leak already
    July 2 06:11 AM
  • Judio! http://www.sputnikmusic.com/list.php?memberid=1027648
    July 1 06:17 PM
  • Judio! I'll try my best dude. The spots tend to fill up kinda quickly though :\
    June 30 06:22 PM
  • Judio! I will dude don't worry. I'll start it right when I get home after class (so like 3:00 where I live)
    June 30 04:16 PM
  • AaronIsCrunchy Yeah, thanks for prodding me to listen to it! In all honesty, a lot of the genre that Brand New/Smith Street Band/Captain, We're Sinking are in I like - I just don't know much in the genre :]
    June 30 01:07 PM
  • AaronIsCrunchy Hehe, I listened to that just over half an hour ago :L This is actually a ridiculously good album - I was worried about being disappointed but that's not happened at all.
    June 30 12:48 PM
  • SweeneyTodd sweet site :) Knuckle Puck aren't anything original, but they're fun to listen to
    June 25 04:21 PM
  • SweeneyTodd sweet reviews, I wanna recommend you listen to Knuckle Puck. Their debut will be out end of July, but they have a few EP's out. They're sorta alt metal pop punk, give them a go! :)
    June 25 02:13 PM
  • MewCore Thank you for your input, I'm sure I'll continue writing ;) Seems to me people don't downwote a review because it's poorly written, but because they don't agree with the rating :-/
    June 24 05:30 AM
  • Rowan5215 Mad World brings me to tears. Never watched it and never will, by all accounts it shouldn't exist
    June 19 08:31 PM
  • Rowan5215 haha for real. It took me about 15 separate watches over like 5 years to finally understand what it was trying to say and why I love it so much. Also dat soundtrack
    June 19 12:16 AM
  • Rowan5215 aw heck yea dude, you've seen the Director's Cut right??
    June 18 10:37 PM
  • Gameofmetal Damn. You're missing out on some gems in there lol
    June 18 05:07 PM
  • Gameofmetal Literally not a single one? Really?
    June 18 03:41 PM
  • Grand Whose though. That is the question at hand.
    June 18 03:07 PM
  • Mort. Praise be to shikari
    June 16 04:44 PM
  • Mort. Sweet man. Ive loved them since their debut, when they were a lot more just fun and a bunch of lads making fun hardcore. Theyve grown a fair bit since then. Be sure to check out their other stuff, Common Dreads is their best imo
    June 12 11:28 AM
  • danielito19 you should hang out in the illusion of safety thread nobody ever bumps it but me
    June 11 10:18 AM
  • Hopelust I've mostly just accepted the fact that they're not the same band anymore and that's fine. They're doing what they do well, obviously because of the mainstream success they're getting. It's just totally not for me.
    June 9 01:19 PM
  • Hopelust Also, now that I think of it, Before Today's song structuring is much more progressive too, which I'm very much into. Not a lot of verse/chorus stuff going on.
    June 9 12:12 PM
  • Hopelust I mean PTV.
    June 9 12:07 PM
  • Hopelust I'm not overly fond of PTW because they took a really adolescent approach to the written part of their songs and I find it overly dramatic and difficult to connect with. Also, I really dig the south american sorta vibe of the whole album... at least that's what I think it is. It's especially prevalent for the last track. They more or less ditched that groove with PTW.
    June 9 12:07 PM
  • Hopelust Track 8, 9 and 10 are like the best on the album! ENJOYYYYYY
    June 9 11:44 AM
  • Hopelust Track 8, 9 and 10 are like the best on the album! ENJOYYYYYY
    June 9 11:43 AM
  • 8genre Sputnik is a bad use of anyones time tbqh
    June 5 04:47 PM
  • TheSpirit Oh yes, I'm a huge ADTR nerd! I got into them while I was in high school and haven't looked back since haha.
    June 4 01:54 PM
  • SowingSeason Haha no, I can listen to music at work occasionally but most of the time I'm dealing with clients. The truth is my reviews don't take me very long. I'll listen to an album for a few days in the car to and from work, then when I have a free hour I'll just pour my thoughts into a word document. Sometimes it turns out great, other times I could definitely do better.
    May 28 04:47 PM
  • FreddieDelaney31 haha well actually Spare posted those links in the comments of one of TSSB albums and i just bookmarked em, but I appreciate that dude
    November 13 01:16 PM
  • FreddieDelaney31 http://i.imgur.com/F9pYN.jpg Lyrics for Nobody Gets Lost Anymore
    November 13 01:08 PM
  • FreddieDelaney31 http://i.imgur.com/GD7k6.jpg http://i.imgur.com/zYVt5.jpglyrics for Sunshine and Technology
    November 12 07:49 PM
  • SowingSeason I saw but haven't listened yet. Seems interesting.
    November 3 09:53 AM
  • Linx hey Feather, perfect timing I finally got a place to live and a computer
    October 29 08:40 PM
  • SmaeTbh #my true story
    August 13 11:10 AM
  • SmaeTbh not a troll, sorry. I'm true person, and I'm telling the my true story
    August 13 11:09 AM
  • RosaParks but it's awful
    August 8 04:28 PM
  • Futures eh fvck it sorry don't have the time and i wasn't able to throw my own rec in.
    August 8 04:23 PM
  • BrandonNeedles Yeah Feather?
    August 7 04:52 PM
  • JesusMilosovic I've been banned more times than Verm. I really don't care Lol. It's sputnik.
    August 7 01:50 PM
  • BrandonNeedles Well I listen to music pretty much all day and those are 3 of my favorite artists. No joke I love them. I don't listen to a lot of underground stuff if that is what you think music is.
    August 7 12:49 PM
  • BrandonNeedles And how does liking those bands/artists make me a troll?
    August 7 11:57 AM
  • BrandonNeedles How Do I seem really trolly? Please explain
    August 7 11:23 AM
  • BrandonNeedles I am glad that they voted on new user because I really am. Why would people consider me a troll anyways?
    August 6 12:27 PM
  • BrandonNeedles Why were you talking about me?
    August 5 01:02 PM
  • SnakeDelilah either fighting starlight or guilt beats hate, i've heard both albums are pretty interchangeable as far as influence goes
    August 4 11:24 AM
  • SnakeDelilah yeah scurrilous was also the first pth album i listened to; album's fun as s*** but i eventually got more interested in the juxtaposition of technicality and melodies from their first two albums. check benton falls bro
    August 3 11:31 PM
  • SnakeDelilah damn dude kezia and fortress are only a 3? smh
    August 3 11:18 PM
  • Participation thanks beej
    August 1 03:50 PM
  • SowingSeason I'm always working on it ;)
    July 24 03:58 PM
  • mryrtmrnfoxxxy lol fuk yea
    July 24 02:22 PM
  • mryrtmrnfoxxxy check tenement
    July 24 01:28 PM
  • RoyalImperialGuard http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krmHOBRel70
    July 22 01:09 PM
  • theacademy lol :)
    July 21 05:16 PM
  • YourDarkAffected Definitely go for it! From what I've seen, if you do struggle to get one a month out, just be honest about what's going on. The main thing is that you communicate with the mods and say what's going on. Silence is what will get you demoted/making excuses time after time.
    July 15 10:33 PM
  • YourDarkAffected One a month is the general guideline, but there is some flexibility with it if you have a lot on your plate in real life. The point of the one review a month guideline is to prevent people from getting the contributor status and then doing nothing for months, which has been the case in the past, but yeah, I'm trying to set aside more time for writing music review.
    July 15 05:24 PM
  • Judio! No problem dude, it was really difficult to set up but also a lot of fun. And you should definitely get more into reviewing, would love to see you write some other stuff in the future!
    July 15 02:00 PM
  • Judio! Great job with your Total Control review, man! :]
    July 15 12:37 PM
  • Subho LOL what??
    July 12 11:20 PM
  • Subho Still better than "I miss your butt" Haha!!
    July 12 04:32 AM
  • Subho I guess Silverline's pretty average as a band. But for a first album, I really liked it.
    July 12 04:11 AM
  • Subho Yeah, my intention with the Silverline album was the same. But PitchforkArms hated it. Haha!
    July 12 01:01 AM
  • Subho thanks, man! Glad you liked the review. Really dug the band/EP, though. Lucky that I had it
    July 11 12:46 PM
  • Artuma neat 5 for ferris wheel
    July 10 02:22 PM
  • SowingSeason Cool I'll add you now
    July 10 10:51 AM
  • SowingSeason That's when you log on everyday and troll neg the people you secretly hate ;)
    July 10 10:42 AM
  • SowingSeason and come to think of it I think I do remember your username popping up here and there
    July 10 10:34 AM
  • SowingSeason Ah ok that makes more sense. This is your best profile so stick with it!
    July 10 10:33 AM
  • SowingSeason You've been here since '08??? Who did you used to be because there def wasn't a Feather around back then!
    July 10 10:21 AM
  • Betray Not too much different, besides the fact that I like a LOT more deathcore and metalcore. But besides those, we're pretty close. You've always been cool to me too.
    July 9 01:16 PM
  • sblevins95 I got unbelievably lucky with the Pittsburgh tickets, and the Philly ones dropped to around $55 on stubhub so I figured why not!
    July 9 01:07 PM
  • sblevins95 They're playing in Pittsburgh tomorrow. Got a 4 1/2 hour road trip ahead of me with some friends to go see them (but definitely worth it), and even got tickets to see them again Saturday in Philly with another friend!
    July 9 12:47 PM
  • TalonsOfFire Well I stumbled on the escape the fate one, which I hadn't thought of in a while, so decided to comment. Then underneath the review saw the link for IR disc 2, which I didn't know had its own page (I just discovered Radiohead a month ago)
    July 9 12:28 AM
  • YakNips sure dude
    June 12 02:40 PM
  • renxo because I don't like it. at all.
    April 8 06:27 PM
  • Futures dem yu gi oh memories
    March 10 08:44 PM
  • pedro70512 lol sorry. looks like the thread answered you anyway. personally I'll take Oceanic but working backwards is probably the best way to really get into them. I'm still deciphering Celestial and Mosquito Control five years later.
    March 10 02:12 AM
  • pedro70512 Hey, saw you asked about Isis-like bands. You'll get all the popular ones but some lesser-known albums that you might like: "Despair, Erosion, Loss" by Alaskan, "Lapsus" by Light Bearer, "Static Tensions" by Kylesa, "Cenotes" by Giant Squid. All those bands are still going strong, too.
    March 8 08:58 PM
  • FearTomorrow Praise Helix
    February 26 01:46 PM
  • fromtheinside I watched the first two days. Just been following on reddit recently
    February 24 02:20 PM
  • Clefairy thanks man, yours is pretty sweet too
    October 24 03:09 PM
  • tommygun nice did i mention i fvck on the first date? call me xx
    October 17 12:26 AM
  • concertbitch Haha, honestly I don't think so! I am in love with Falling In Reverse, their music is just so amazing ugh. Haha to me it is a 5/5 :3
    May 16 08:47 PM
  • andcas no problem
    May 8 08:22 PM
  • andcas I have no clue and that's really weird. I'd go ask the meds under site forum.
    May 8 06:32 PM

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