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  • romulanrancor Yeah, I'm planning to really soon. Got Superunknown on my phone right now :P
    November 30 06:42 PM
  • Rawmeeth38 What's holding u back from giving laughing stock a 5 :0
    November 29 10:53 PM
  • Titan will check....thanks Mr. Dias!
    November 28 09:35 AM
  • Titan i own sweet oblivion.....haven't heard much of their discog tho
    November 28 07:44 AM
    November 28 07:35 AM
  • manosg I can see Utah as a sleeper pick for the playoffs. Last year, their second half performance was pretty good but Exum's injury this year has really confused the team. Agreed on Noah. Dude was the Bulls' leader and the decline on his performance is probably the reason they're not that good anymore. He had great energy plus his assist numbers were off the charts. Also interested in seeing how Rose's career unfolds from. He's not the Bulls' leader anymore and his huge contract makes him untradeable.
    November 24 03:34 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie allow me to return the favor, check Boris's Akuma No Uta and Heavy Rocks. Trust me, you won't regret it. ;)
    November 24 07:28 AM
  • rockandmetaljunkie enjoyable song, thanks for the rec man !!
    November 24 06:39 AM
  • manosg They built their team through the draft with right choices and they have an incredible chemistry. And it's amazing to see what Steph Curry is doing when he doesn't have the physical tools of Westbrook, Rose or Bledsoe. I really love seeing players who are fundamentally sound like Steph compared to Westbrook who's a beast nonetheless.
    November 23 01:06 PM
  • manosg Yeah Kobe is up there along with Jordan, Oscar Robertson, Iverson, Miller, Drexler, etc. I have an affinity towards tall guys though and it's increasing due to the fact that you don't see many traditional big men anymore. Olajuwon is easily one of my all-time favorites, for example. From modern ones, I really like Brook Lopez and Al Jefferson. Regarding Golden State, what these guys are doing is really commendable.
    November 23 01:04 PM
  • manosg Sure. I've been a Lakers fan since the early '90s. How about you? Also, do you have a favorite PG of all time and at the moment?
    November 23 02:36 AM
  • manosg I don't play 5on5 anymore so i can't say I play in a specific position. But in my 5on5 days, I've played all positions. I began as a C because I was a tall kid but growing up I didn't gain much height so I started moving away from the basket. After two serious ankle sprains I improved my shot so I moved to the SG position. How about you Dan?
    November 22 03:14 PM
  • manosg I love basketball. Been watching, playing and reading about the sport for years. How about you?
    November 22 01:28 PM
  • manosg No worries dude. If you're in a mood for some heavy metal go for it and if you need any help or recs just let me know, I'll be more than glad to give you some.
    November 22 11:19 AM
  • manosg Oh yeah, I've heard a few pretty good albums this year but they're mostly metal so I'm not sure if you'd dig them. From the non-metal ones, I'd suggest you the following five: Horisont - Odyssey, Demon Eye - Tempora Infernalia, David Gilmour - Rattle That Lock, Monophonics - Sound of Sinning and Monster Magnet - Cobras and Fire.
    November 22 10:37 AM
  • manosg Good track, it's got that nice rock n roll thing going on, but I'm not a huge fan. These guys were good but not so special for me.
    November 22 08:45 AM
  • rockandmetaljunkie i listened to louder than love but i wasn't impressed that much, it's a hard 3-3.5 for me
    November 20 10:21 AM
  • Titan i have throughout the years but don't own any of their albums.....great band indeed.....perhaps its time for me to focus on them a bit more......i know you dig em
    November 20 07:23 AM
  • zakalwe It's a great album dude definitely worth a spin.
    November 15 01:24 PM
  • zakalwe It was a sellout. Clothing sponsorships the lot.
    November 15 01:18 PM
  • zakalwe Read my review on the first album Dan dude and subsequent comments in the thread about the band prior to the release of their second album which unfortunately came to fruition.
    November 15 01:11 PM
  • zakalwe Yes dude. Tottenham fan. Football has changed a lot but it always sucks you back in.
    November 15 07:38 AM
  • zakalwe Yeah it's nearly impossible. The Pavement discog would have to be saved but.....A world without The Smiths would be the worst thing ever! Smiths.
    November 14 09:16 AM
  • zakalwe Dan Dude you can only choose one band. Once chosen the other is never heard from again. It's do or die.Smiths or Pavement?
    November 14 08:52 AM
  • Arcade terrible album lol
    November 13 05:53 PM
  • Nagrarok It's true, I come around here less and less. Fortunately, the reason for that is that life is good to me and keeps me busy these days :)
    November 12 04:00 PM
  • zakalwe :D
    November 8 04:26 PM
  • zakalwe Cool! Have a great weekend dude.
    November 6 01:25 PM
  • zakalwe Have you checked Pisces Iscariot yet Dan dude? I'm telling ya you'll absolutely love it. Frail and Bedazzled.
    November 4 04:03 PM
  • manosg It was a cool time though because we had the rise of underground metal such as black, death, death/doom and all that was pretty new and groundbreaking at the time. I mean having female vocals over doom riffs was pretty awesome and reading stories about insane Norwegian musicians killing each other and burning churches created a sense of mystique.
    November 1 07:33 AM
  • manosg Absolutely. Jeremy, Black Hole Sun and Smells Like Teen Spirit were all over the TV and metal giants like Iron Maiden and Metallica were deteriorating significantly. For example, Iron Maiden were giving concerts to venues of only a couple of thousands! And the funny thing is that the metal press was s***ting all over grunge like the decline was a result of the Seattle bands haha.
    November 1 07:31 AM
  • Arcade always changing most of them so i just thought to them and add in any i feel confident with. i mostly use Last.fm to track my listens anyway so i've just rated a handful of stuff for the time being : )
    November 1 06:55 AM
  • manosg hehe, those grunge albums you rec me, I lived them! Which is why I hadn't checked them in the first place. Back then, if you listened to metal, it wasn't cool to like Pearl Jam or Nirvana too. Pretty dumb but that's how it was like haha.
    November 1 06:35 AM
  • manosg Hey Dan, what's up? I'm 32, turning 33 in late February.
    November 1 06:16 AM
  • Arcade have you jammed the new Def Leppard album?
    October 31 10:21 AM
  • zakalwe The two albums with Shannon Hoon on vocals are absolute classics dude. 'Change' is one of my favourite songs of all time. Another 90s Overdose case but one of the greatest singers at the time. RIP
    October 5 07:01 AM
  • manosg Nice. I'll revisit it again in future time and see how that goes. Also, that Buckethead album (Electric Tears) is very very good. He utilizes a very warm tone that suits the stuff he's playing. My only grip is that the album is a bit long for what it is. But it's perfect for background music, which is not a knock at the album at all.
    September 25 11:19 AM
  • manosg Hey Dan, finally jammed Temple of the Dog and Mad Season. I loved TotD mainly because of the blues rock influences and of course Cornell's vocals. Mad Season wasn't really my cup of tea but I'm gonna give it a shot again in the future.
    September 25 06:34 AM
  • facupm well yeah same here until i was like 12 it was all about kiss then i grew and discovered better things and off course they grew off me a lot but they still have a place in my heart and classic era are always nice jams
    September 19 12:05 PM
  • facupm lol idk, maybe they just join to bark at how pathetic one review about kiss is (thats how i actually joined then i stayed lol) but they re always welcome haha
    September 18 06:08 PM
  • Arcade 'steal' away man, it's all good. as for a favourite song, idk... i use to say "Release" but nowadays i'd probably go for either "Black" or "Porch". anything of Ten can easily be my fav tho tbh
    September 18 01:26 PM
  • dannyboy89 Yeah, I think Vitalogy was a rather mixed bag, but that's just my opinion.
    September 15 12:15 AM
  • oWhoadYo cool man. tell me what you think of adore too when you check it out. pretty underrated album
    September 11 03:11 PM
  • oWhoadYo https://elemantraband.bandcamp.com/album/you-feel-bad-about-youSo You can't forget :)
    September 11 01:42 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Thanks Daniel, I appreciate your offer. If I have any questions I'll ask you ;)
    September 10 07:49 PM
  • manosg Hey, why not? I'll add it to my list.
    September 4 06:34 AM
  • manosg I've only checked Population Override and a couple of other albums which I couldn't finish. I'm not a fan of his work. If you're in a mood for instrumental/guitar albums, Jason Becker - Perspective, Andy Timmons - That Was Then, This Is Now and Guthrie Govan - Erotic Cakes are some of my faves.
    September 4 06:11 AM
  • BMDrummer oh yeah i really like that one actually, songwriting can be a little lame but it's so much fun
    August 31 10:04 PM
  • BMDrummer haven't heard dust in forever, gonna jam the band again for sure in the near future
    August 31 05:00 PM
  • BMDrummer tie between buzz factory and sweet oblivion, but they all rule
    August 31 04:30 PM
  • dannyboy89 Why Go might be my fave PJ song. I feel Rats is an underrated classic, it's my fave off Vs. atm. Honestly I could go on, since Ten and Vs. alone are full of great songs. And there are gems in the rest of the albums as well (I haven't checked their last one yet though).
    August 30 11:40 PM
  • Supercoolguy64 sounds cool, will try and check soon
    August 30 01:31 PM
  • Supercoolguy64 nope
    August 30 11:45 AM
  • StallionMang so sorry i didnt notice yr message till just now! dropped u a pos, killer writing as always
    August 29 10:14 PM
  • manosg RATM's s/t is my favorite followed by Evil Empire and The Battle of LA. Their rhythm section is incredible. They really should reunite and kick some ass.
    August 28 12:10 PM
  • manosg Also, I'll def check both albums you rec'd me starting from Temple of the Dog, which I'm sure I've heard in the past.
    August 28 08:47 AM
  • manosg oh yeah. I watched the whole thing, then checked a couple of songs from their 1992 Pinkpop performance and couldn't resist watching some Rage Against the Machine haha.
    August 28 08:46 AM
  • manosg That's wild! I'm watching Pearl Jam's Unplugged as we speak and Eddie Veder is ****ing intense. What more can you ask from your frontman?
    August 28 08:38 AM
  • rockandmetaljunkie I saw your review man. You did a good job. Did you know that this album is not an official release ? I think you should point that out in your review.
    August 28 08:27 AM
  • manosg Sweet! Chris Cornell and Eddie Veder together. Was that before or after Badmotorfinger/Ten? Oh, both tracks are pretty good.
    August 28 07:49 AM
  • dannyboy89 That's right. Why do you ask?
    August 24 11:08 PM
  • NorthernSkylark hey danielcardoso, i'll make sure to check them out soon! which should i start with?
    August 24 07:55 AM
  • ArsMoriendi I recommend Hungry for Stink, it's L7's best in my opinion. Also I tried Sweet Oblivion by Screaming Trees and didn't really love it, not terrible though.
    August 22 07:23 PM
  • ArsMoriendi Yeah Rain When I Die is my fave off Dirt too. My fave AiC overall is either Brother or Got Me Wrong though. Do you like L7?
    August 22 11:52 AM
  • dannyboy89 I submitted a review draft to the Review Proofreading Thread for a Deep Purple album.
    August 20 09:57 AM
  • ArsMoriendi I love all of the Layne era stuff. Especially Sap and Jar of Flies.
    August 19 03:25 PM
  • ArsMoriendi Yeah it's easily my favorite grunge album haha
    August 16 01:23 PM
  • Arcade if you're jamming The Smiths atm i gotta recommend The Housemartins - London 0 Hull 4, guarantee you'll adore it
    August 16 08:34 AM
  • BMDrummer i just found it on google and messed with it a bunch
    August 14 11:24 AM
  • StallionMang damn... thats a tough call, but wave of mutilation comes to mind. urs?
    August 13 06:28 PM
  • StallionMang thanks dude, im a gigantic (teehee) pixies fan so this oughta be up my alley. also very good review, have a pos :]
    August 13 05:54 PM
  • zakalwe Good stuff Dan dude.
    August 13 03:42 PM
  • BMDrummer aww thanks, that's the one thing i still feel insecure about most of the time is my artwork :]
    August 13 03:02 PM
  • Artuma alright, thanks for the rec :]
    August 13 01:08 PM
  • manosg I'm reading atm haha!
    August 13 11:45 AM
  • BigHans The only cool thing about it is I was growing up in my prime when those 90s songs hit. It was a diffrerent time man.
    August 7 01:05 PM
  • BigHans That's awesome dude. I am literally twice your age haha. Keep rocking.
    August 7 10:19 AM
  • BigHans You seem to like the 90s jams man how old are you
    August 6 04:17 PM
  • zakalwe Hi dan dude. Yeah their pretty decent, hardly set the world a light but for what they are their not bad.
    August 2 08:29 AM
  • SnakeDelilah lol cherubiand your shoutbox
    July 24 04:28 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie great, I'll be waiting with anticipation ;)
    July 23 04:25 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie *won't you
    July 23 04:03 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Hey man, sup ? Listen, why wan't you review Pearl Jam's MTV ?
    July 23 04:03 PM
  • MrSirLordGentleman Haha thanks dude!, I really think it was a great Copa and I do believe Chile really deserved to be champion, not like most uruguayan people think :P
    July 20 01:17 PM
  • BMDrummer one of the best summer records :]
    July 20 11:58 AM
  • rockandmetaljunkie My pleasure !!
    July 19 11:10 AM
  • rockandmetaljunkie The first 2 are Gary Moore covers. The first is Midnight Blues and the second is As the Years go Passing By. The third is just a backing track with me improvising all over it.
    July 18 02:46 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZoqczZxpfE
    July 18 02:32 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6b2uuCk8Wj0
    July 18 02:32 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMqqwklnM6s
    July 18 02:31 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie no worries man, love ya too ;)
    July 18 02:27 PM
  • Torontonian haha thats awesome man. I was initially scared i picked an album not too many people would like but i'm glad it worked out. Hope you enjoy it man, look forward to reading the review!
    July 9 04:19 PM
  • Torontonian hey, you got my album in the game. I like your reviews so i'm glad you got it! I really like that album so i hope you do as well :)
    July 8 08:32 PM
  • Arcade cos it's great :P
    June 24 07:52 PM
  • Arcade From a Basement on the Hill is my personal favourite, but pretty much any of his albums are good starting points. the man has quite the reputation for consistency
    June 13 08:05 PM
  • Arcade you should definitely check out Elliott Smith
    June 13 11:07 AM
  • Frippertronics http://www.sputnikmusic.com/list.php?mode=1
    June 11 03:00 AM
  • manosg Hey Dan, I finally checked Murmur. Not my cup of tea but I've only given it one listen so my opinion isn't very valid.
    May 11 01:57 PM
  • zakalwe Hey my man. All is good and it's nice to see you dig pavement. If you 'get' where their coming from their one of the greats. My fave album from them is Wowee Zowee which has my fave song 'Father of a sister of thought' I rec the band Silkworm very pavementy but not blatant rip offs and sadly no longer with us.
    April 30 05:35 PM
  • manosg OK Dan, I'll give Murmur a shot and see were to go from there.
    March 15 03:21 PM
  • manosg eh not much, man. I haven't checked them properly though so my opinion on them means absolutely nothing.
    March 15 08:41 AM
  • manosg Name of the band you intend to review its discog please. Unless you don't want to convey such information ;)
    March 15 06:35 AM
  • OBorrabota ah, entendi, curtiu morar por aqui?
    March 15 02:00 AM
  • OBorrabota Será que achei um brasileiro por aqui?
    March 13 03:04 AM
  • MrSirLordGentleman HALLELUJAH!
    March 2 12:33 PM
  • MrSirLordGentleman They are not even close to satanic haha, they are like the perfect mix of everything that's good about the 70's: Prog, hard rock, funk, jazz, disco, heavy metal, etc
    March 2 12:30 PM
  • MrSirLordGentleman Hey, I was re-reading your review of Firefly and I noticed this: "Lawton showcases his awesome voice. He's not as good as David Byron". That's totally true on Firefly, however I think you should check this http://www.sputnikmusic.com/soundoff.php?albumid=64295 It puts Lawton on the same league as Byron imo
    March 2 12:09 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie ok man
    March 1 04:50 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Are thinking of the possibility to review Uli's compilation "Scorpions revisited" ?
    March 1 04:17 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Daniel, I don't know if you're into epic doom metal. If you have heard Candlemass check out Crypt Sermon's debut. http://www.sputnikmusic.com/bands/Crypt Sermon/64352/
    February 23 11:33 AM
  • manosg oh definitely dude. The opener and the closer are definitely my favorite tracks but Doe Eyed Dear is were the dropped the ball a bit, for me. All in all, a solid effort and a high 3.5!
    February 22 02:42 PM
  • Frippertronics no prob man
    February 21 12:49 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges Sweet. Looking forward to it. I've got a special something planned for review number 50 myself.
    February 20 04:03 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges Thanks, brother. Got anything planned for review number 80?
    February 20 03:49 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie ****, you serious ? You should be their first option. Damn...
    February 20 11:55 AM
  • manosg Dude, I think it's a travesty you didn't become a contrib.
    February 20 11:21 AM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Hey Daniel, did you apply for a promotion ?
    February 20 09:51 AM
  • ExplosiveOranges Sup, man? Things have been alright, although I hope to start reviewing again soon. And yes, I applied for contrib, and also remember that you did as well. Good luck.
    February 19 06:09 PM
  • NeroCorleone80 It has to be Soundgarden
    February 18 08:43 AM
  • Antonius I knew it was out for some days now, but i didn't know they would stream the whole thing. Thanks bro!
    February 17 01:35 PM
  • zakalwe Hi dude. I dig all genres, fields, tastes, styles, movements, expressions and interpretations of each and all. I live it man.
    February 14 05:00 PM
  • Mythodea ha, thanks!I guess that one bump is yours?
    February 10 04:11 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie If you don't know much about Cathedral, read my other reviews to find out. That's the main reason I'm writing these reviews Daniel; to expose their music to a wider audience ;)
    February 8 10:02 AM
  • rockandmetaljunkie In case you haven't noticed I have started writing Cathedral's discog
    February 8 09:12 AM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Thanks for the kind words.
    February 8 09:11 AM
  • rockandmetaljunkie That's great to hear, your contribution to Scorpions is huge.
    February 8 08:48 AM
  • rockandmetaljunkie What other Scorpions albums are you thinking to review ?
    February 8 08:42 AM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Glad you liked it man.
    February 8 08:41 AM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Have some food 4 thought. And check out his other videos. There's some cool stuff on his channel.
    February 6 09:09 AM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Daniel, I wanna share this great video to you, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAcjV60RnRw
    February 6 09:08 AM
  • BMDrummer lol futures being futures
    February 4 12:28 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie thanks man :)
    February 4 11:28 AM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Hello my friend, how do you do ?Remember that conversation we had about the recommendation of a review of our own to be the default text ? I see you got your VH text defaulted. What is the procedure ? Do you know where to apply a request ?
    February 3 02:39 PM
  • TheNotrap Sure Daniel.
    February 1 02:17 PM
  • Blakethemusicman123 What's up Dan? When's your next review going to be? It can be from any band
    February 1 09:46 AM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Damn man, that makes your feat even greater. Keep up your good work. ;)
    January 31 04:40 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Damn dude, 77 reviews in 1.5 year. That's crazy. Is English your mother tongue ?
    January 31 03:46 PM
  • BMDrummer thanks, artwork is always tough :]
    January 30 02:49 PM
  • Blakethemusicman123 Didn't mean to write that three times lol
    January 30 02:39 PM
  • Blakethemusicman123 Hey Daniel, when are you going to be reviewing A Different Kind of Truth
    January 30 02:38 PM
  • Titan i didn't realize it was a new review, nevertheless from you.......nice work as always!
    January 30 01:40 PM
  • Nagrarok Yeah, I've been meaning to expand on them for a long time... Love Over Gold is supposed to be very good especially. I realize I've actually heard their first album too, but I'm only truly familiar with Brothers in Arms.
    January 27 03:39 PM
  • Nagrarok I like Dire Straits, though I haven't heard too much beyond Brothers in Arms.
    January 27 12:45 PM
  • zakalwe Ahhh. Bom dia dude :D yeah I'm a '90s teen and in terms of the sput user base ancient but it's because of those 90s days, having my mind blown by Nirvana as it happened and discovering classics handed to me by elder brother and 'cooler' people that my love for music grew into an obsession. I'm probably more angry now then I was back then if I'm honest but it just becomes more channeled.
    January 25 09:52 AM
  • zakalwe The dump that is Basildon, Essex, UK. You?
    January 25 08:47 AM
  • zakalwe Cheers man. Once the 90s pinnacle is listened to check Neil Young the man is the Godfather of it all.
    January 25 08:18 AM
  • zakalwe Ello dude, so you've become disassociated, self absorbed, cynical, misrepresented, confused, non conforming, directionless, disenfranchised, melancholic and still like to rock. Cool! These soothe the soul bro. Guided by Voices, Dinosaur Jr., Pavement, Yo La Tengo, Sparklehorse, Sonic Youth, Built to Spill, Sebadoh, Blind Melon, Treepeople, Grant Lee Buffalo, The Beta Band, The Vaselines, Grandaddy, Pixies.
    January 25 07:05 AM
  • Nagrarok I'm doing good, and though I have gotten this question more often, unfortunately I have no plans to get back at the reviewing game. Nice new ratings, btw ;)
    January 22 03:39 PM
  • manosg Oh yeah! I just forgot to check it haha! I'll give it a listen soon enough.
    January 5 01:33 PM
  • manosg Damn, that's brutal hahaha!
    January 4 04:50 AM
  • KrazyKris Thanks, man. Wish you just the best for 2015. Here's to another year full of unfulfilled wishes and endless thinking. May it be a good year for the krazy guy in all of us!
    January 3 04:27 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges 'Sup, dude? Sorry for the late response, but life's been pretty hectic as of late. As for the Ben Frost album: I KNEW IT!!!!1!! In all seriousness, it's all cool. I knew that Ben Frost probably wasn't your type of music, and if you wanna talk to Fripp about reviewing another album, no hard feelings. Also, thanks, and happy new year's to you as well!
    January 3 02:17 PM
  • manosg Indeed, it's frustrating. Sooner or later though most people tend to get bored by the shredders so keep your head up and your friends will discover the truth ;)
    January 3 01:21 PM
  • manosg Slash gets too much hate on here. I get the fact that every new kid on the block thinks that he's the best guitarist ever but that's not his fault. I'm afraid I'm not familiar with Dylan Baldi and I'm not the biggest Jack White fan but there's nothing wrong with simplicity. Most 70s guitarists are playing fairly simple stuff but they're so effective.
    January 3 12:57 PM
  • manosg Agreed. Most of us when we were young we used to get so impressed by guitarists who shredded but it's all all about emotion and melody. The truth is I haven't been able to get into Frusciante that much but I try to listen to some of his stuff every now and then. The majority of my fave axemen are from the 60s-70s but there are a couple of newer guys that I hold in high regard. Tom Morello and Criss Oliva are two non-60s/70s guitarists I love.
    January 3 12:11 PM
  • manosg Indeed. Both Gilmour and Knopfler have that sweet, mellow tone and they both prefer to focus on emotion rather than moving constantly on the fretboard.
    January 3 08:18 AM
  • manosg Yeah, Love Over Gold is amazing. Mark Knopfler is pretty underrated on sputnik because people on here tend to give a lot of attention to the riffs when it comes to guitar playing. But his phrasing is great and his soloing at sometimes reminds me of David Gilmour.
    January 3 07:42 AM
  • manosg Hey man, thanks for the rec. I've checked most of their discog but haven't rated it because it's been ages since I jammed any Dire Straits album.
    January 3 07:26 AM
  • Arcade will do, haven't jammed much Portuguese music
    January 3 05:20 AM
  • Arcade love JBT, first band i ever saw live. will probably end up seeing him in February at a festival, too.
    January 3 05:07 AM
  • Arcade I'd say Frogstomp for simple hard rock, Diorama for something a little more dynamic and expansive.
    January 3 05:06 AM
  • Arcade they're alright, but they've become something of a joke in recent times. like, Frogstomp and Diorama are both really good records, and their singles from Neon Ballroom and Freak Show were fairly excellent, but around Young Modern i think they just lost it big time. it doesn't help now that Daniel Johns is off doing songs for Qantas and collaborations with 360, either.
    January 2 08:12 PM
  • Frippertronics thanks, same to you
    January 2 01:22 PM
  • Arcade ~happy2015:)~
    January 2 08:46 AM
  • Arcade dude check Manic Street Preachers - 'Generation Terrorists'. I think you'd dig it
    January 2 07:51 AM
  • Mythodea happy new year my friend. Best wishes. I hope this year will be the best one yet for all of us!
    January 2 07:10 AM
  • manosg Happy new year Daniel. Wish you all the best!
    January 1 01:25 PM
  • Titan thanks man!
    December 23 08:18 PM
  • Titan big Uriah Heep fan i see......never got into them bro (never really been exposed to them actually).....you know what I like........where should I start?
    December 23 05:15 PM
  • ArsMoriendi You should check Mutations by Beck. It reminds me of a lot of Jack White's folkier moments but it's way better.
    December 22 07:44 PM
  • manosg Sweet. Will do man.
    December 9 07:54 AM
  • manosg Hey man, almost missed your shout! No I haven't checked John Butler Trio. Starting point?
    December 8 02:57 PM
  • dannyboy89 Maybe, although I've been meaning to write a DP review for a while now. Tell you what man, if I don't have anything written by next Tuesday, you can pass it on to another dude.
    December 2 04:53 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges It's really dark, noisy, ambient electronic stuff. Good luck, haha.
    December 2 04:48 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges HOLY s*** YOU GOT MY ALBUM FOR THE GAME
    December 1 07:50 PM
  • dannyboy89 Yeah, I do. Haven't jammed 'em much album-wise though.
    December 1 07:49 PM
  • TheGreatQ I'm still hoping to get it finished by the 15th because I'll be done with class on the 12th and have a lot of free time to finish, but I don't mind if you post one earlier.
    December 1 07:41 PM
  • Frippertronics well, that's up to you to figure out. All in all, that's the entire point of the game along with going outside your comfort zone. You may discover an entire genre to delve into.
    December 1 04:20 PM
  • Frippertronics good luck with the Ben Frost album, gonna be very different than any of your other reviews
    December 1 04:16 PM
  • AaronIsCrunchy Didn't get a huge amount of time to listen to it yesterday, but I was able to listen to a couple and it sounds pretty good. Wasn't expecting it to feel like it did actually!
    December 1 02:33 PM
  • manosg No problem man! I've only heard Sweet Baby James by James Taylor and liked it even though I'm not a fan of country in my folk usually. He's good though.
    November 24 12:50 PM
  • manosg Hey dude, just asked for your review of Van Halen's debut to be the standard one so you don't have to do it ;)
    November 24 12:44 PM
  • Mythodea I will, mate. Cheers!
    November 22 01:01 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges I'd say go for it. Even if you don't make it, the fact that you applied will put you on the radar.
    November 16 03:31 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges The meds open up applications early every year, so probably this coming January or February will be when I apply. You gonna go for it?
    November 16 03:01 PM
  • Arcade tbh dude it's amazing. that 2.5 :(
    November 10 06:59 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie The first 4 (except from toys in the attic I think) albums, which are considered to be Aerosmith's golden age, have all tbt reviews and Permanent Vacation, Pump and Grip, are reviewed in that way. I think you should do these albums, as they are considered to be Aerosmith's finest.
    November 4 10:28 AM
  • rockandmetaljunkie He man how you've been ? Seeing that you have reviewed so many classic rock acts, I think you might be interested in reviewing some Aerosmith and Lynyrd Skynyrd. A lot of their early and classic albums are reviewed tbt style, so I believe you could come in handy.
    November 3 08:51 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot Appreciate the shoutout man
    November 3 04:32 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot I don't think I've ever jammed them but I'll check your review and see :]
    November 1 05:56 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot Thanks dude. You have any new reviews in the works?
    November 1 04:02 PM
  • manosg No problem man, my pleasure.
    October 29 02:21 PM
  • manosg Hey dude, if you're up for some more folk, I've uploaded my list.
    October 29 03:42 AM
  • manosg I've rec'd you plenty of stuff in case you've heard some. Feel free to check my list when I upload it in order to see more folk stuff. Enjoy dude!
    October 20 03:06 AM
  • manosg Carole King - Tapestry, Van Morrison - Astral Weeks, Van Morrison - Moondance, Leonard Cohen - Songs of Love and Hate, Simon and Garfunkel - Bookends, Townes Van Zandt - Townes Van Zandt, Neil Young - Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere.
    October 20 03:05 AM
  • manosg Really glad you're checking some folk, man! Actually, I'm in the process of making a list of albums with folk influences which I'll upload by the end of the week. Some stuff I'd rec are: Bob Dylan - Blood on the Tracks, Joni Mitchell - Blue, Jim Croce - You Don't Mess With Jim, Donovan - Sunshine Superman, Shelagh McDonald - Stargazer, John Prine - Sweet Revenge, Vashti Bunyan - Just Another Diamond Day, Tim Buckley - Goodbye and Hello, Sandy Denny - Sandy, Jackson C. Frank - Jackson C. Frank
    October 20 02:58 AM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Sure man, go for it !!! :)
    October 19 02:28 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie I think the previous application took place already earlier this year, so the next one will take place in 2015. There will be an announcement. I think you should apply the next time.
    October 18 06:36 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie At a specific time of the year the team of sputnik makes an announcement, that they are willing to take applications. You make an application saying what are your pros as a writer and why you think you deserve the spot. Then the officials will examine your application and some of your reviews and they decide whether or not they will make you a contributor. If you get the promotion, the next step is to become staff, again via an application.
    October 18 06:33 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie get promoted to a contributor, here in Sputnik
    October 17 08:33 PM

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