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  • Jennifer22 Hey, you checked out Boards of Canada yet?
    September 17 03:10 PM
  • Static hang
    September 16 10:10 PM
  • Rutherfordsuxdik i'm fairly confident that he started it
    September 16 09:27 PM
  • Mort. Dont u see yak theres someone called rutherfordsuxdik harassing me in my shoutbox. I need u to call him a ****
    September 16 09:18 PM
  • Futures yeah IDK MAN
    September 16 05:51 PM
  • Wolfhorde Fick Heil, Genosse. o/
    September 16 04:24 PM
  • Futures can u pls jam static prevails for me even memelord george roland allen likes it
    September 16 03:12 AM
  • Greyvy Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunityTo seize everything you ever wanted. one momentWould you capture it or just let it slip
    September 15 10:06 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot yeah I kinda wanna do a dece rev for that (my floral one was pretty rushed) after I get that baton rouge one going
    September 15 09:42 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot did some editing yo. wasn't trying to backpedal either, I actually dig the ep quite a bit
    September 15 09:19 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges Aww, snap. Will check.
    September 15 07:04 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges Purplene?
    September 15 06:55 PM
  • Lethean they got quite a bit of zazz
    September 15 06:36 PM
  • Lakes. well when you have your songs ready/chosen just hmu dude :]
    September 15 06:16 PM
    September 15 06:15 PM
  • Lakes. if u could make your songs first i'll do my best to emulate them so the split feels kinda cohesive / gels together really well
    September 15 06:12 PM
    September 15 06:03 PM
  • Mort. just realised u never continued jamming always open mouth and u didnt rate it wtf i always listen and rate ur recs. ur letting me down yakkkkkkkkkkk
    September 15 12:59 PM
  • Lakes. also we should do it sometime (buttsecks)
    September 15 09:29 AM
  • Lakes. i know you're doing your dry satire thing but tbh we should do it sometime (a serious one instead of like the last one)
    September 15 09:26 AM
  • Lakes. we should do a split dude i'll go back to doing twinkly guitar-centric post punk :]
    September 15 09:25 AM
  • Intothepit Yak, of course I do. Jeez, do you not know who I am?
    September 15 01:26 AM
  • Static https://fbcdn-sphotos-a-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xaf1/v/t1.0-9/24118_378142874233_4584695_n.jpg?oh=aca9d10c2e5a335671af289e9f985c24
    September 14 11:03 PM
  • Static swee
    September 14 10:33 PM
  • Lakes. who is lethean
    September 14 10:07 PM
  • Static https://plug.dj/onions
    September 14 09:26 PM
  • Jennifer22 Blackfilm and Boards of Canada, start your electronic journey with those two.
    September 14 08:46 PM
  • Jennifer22 Have you ever listened to Blackfilm before?
    September 14 08:42 PM
  • Jennifer22 Well I saw numerous people in that review thread recommend it including yourself so I gave it a spin; I enjoyed it tremendously.
    September 14 08:39 PM
  • Jennifer22 I swear, if I could just channel my morbid curiosity into my compositions I could make enough money to get my own flat.
    September 14 08:33 PM
  • Jennifer22 In his 20's, engaged, Avenged Sevenfold tattoos, swooping hair, easily angered, teenage music tastes. I don't want to rush to conclusions and be judgmental but have you actually seen pictures of him, are you sure he's not just one giant troll? That list seemed like bait last night.
    September 14 08:28 PM
  • Jennifer22 Tattoos? How old is he?
    September 14 08:21 PM
  • Jennifer22 I've never had any trouble with Futures myself he genuinely seems like a cool guy, just tends to get into some discussions he probably shouldn't be in. I could definitely see ArsMoriendi being quotable after that "emo genre" fiasco. What about ASnideReturns? What's his deal, I can't tell whether he's serious or not.
    September 14 08:18 PM
  • Jennifer22 Your inflection reminds me of a vocalist I enjoy but his name escapes me... either way, I'm enjoying it. Also, since you seem to be more integrated into the community than most that I've talked to, could you give me the lowdown on a few users? Futures, ArsMoriendi, ASnideReturns, and Verm [from what I've seen commented that's his common vernacular]. I rarely visit this site and it seems like wherever I go I see nothing but these people or talk about these people.
    September 14 08:03 PM
  • Jennifer22 Pretty appealing guitar tone honestly, are you the vocalist?
    September 14 07:58 PM
  • Futures Yak does that a lot, I picked it up from him. ;)
    September 14 07:50 PM
  • Jennifer22 It really is, do you have any material out and about?
    September 14 07:45 PM
  • Jennifer22 Thank you! I originally had a small electronic project in mind but I never ended up doing anything with it and the artwork was terrible.
    September 14 07:42 PM
  • Jennifer22 I've been able to stay with a friend for a good two months now, don't know how long that'll last though. I have a feeling they're getting sick of me walking in at around 22:00 waking them up
    September 14 07:34 PM
  • Linx I'm glad people are starting to see me in a more serious light. If you like that sound you might like Rhian Sheehan check em out if you get a chance
    September 14 07:07 PM
  • Jennifer22 The problem is I don't have enough stable work in order to be able to afford my own place right now (in a desirable area)
    September 14 07:04 PM
  • Jennifer22 I mostly just run tracks on the PR system, adjust volumes, occasionally mix and splice the tracks together for the people's enjoyment. It can pay decently depending on where I'm working at.
    September 14 07:00 PM
  • Linx Might take me a while but I am checking out that Tim Hecker album. I am liking it so far thanks for the rec
    September 14 06:59 PM
  • Jennifer22 I dj at clubs for food basically. Thinking of moving over to my friend's flat near Derby.
    September 14 06:56 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot "also have you jammed all of the brave little abacus' stuff" - lmaooo implying that I don't already know TBLA is the illest. but yeah, just got back
    September 14 06:54 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot yeah idk how I'm gonna make it the flyest thing ever but imma try and work some magic.
    September 14 06:43 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot I've got some ideas brewing but I gotta focus on calculus homework so idk... I'll try and pump it out this week. It'll be a tricky review.
    September 14 06:39 PM
  • Lakes. I see it too.
    September 14 06:34 PM
  • Futures I reiterate: you listen to primarily emo music.
    September 14 06:31 PM
  • Futures ur right
    September 14 06:10 PM
  • Futures all the worst users hate me HELP im gonna kill myself
    September 14 06:07 PM
  • Futures Especially since most of the stuff he listens to is emo lol.
    September 14 06:03 PM
  • ScuroFantasma idk but I loved that track and i hate beiber but you did really well.
    September 14 05:59 PM
  • EnyaFangirl I'm piss, I'm s***........................I'm less than nothing
    September 14 05:37 PM
  • Lethean Modest Mouse isn't emo, you and your little clique need to stop abusing the site tags.
    September 14 05:05 PM
  • SnakeDelilah one bottle of the tussin man
    September 14 04:50 PM
  • Frippertronics forreal i'm just here for the memez
    September 14 04:46 PM
  • SnakeDelilah yes
    September 14 04:45 PM
  • Frippertronics jam power metal or parachute into mt vesuvius
    September 14 04:43 PM
  • Frippertronics well s*** bb maybe i'll decide to revisit soon
    September 14 04:43 PM
  • Lethean who the **** is tristan tzara?
    September 14 04:41 PM
  • SnakeDelilah buy me allergy medication you fuk
    September 14 04:39 PM
  • Frippertronics oh that i don't even remember listening to that
    September 14 04:30 PM
  • Frippertronics who the **** is tristan tzara?
    September 14 04:11 PM
  • Frippertronics what
    September 14 03:46 PM
  • jahgreed DAMN dude i know you dont know the genre and s*** but my man dj koze needs a review , 50 ratings and no review wtf
    September 14 03:25 PM
  • jahgreed so truue man, and your reviews get flagged and s***, its like " your hard work was in vain biiatch nobody will click on your s***ty review after reading mine lmao im the boss UP IN THIS BITHCHCHCH
    September 14 03:19 PM
  • jahgreed I Could never hate you tbh, but tbh if you become staff you could never have fun on sputnikmusic.com anymore, i wouldnt wish being a sputnikmusic.com staff on my worst enemy tbh
    September 14 03:10 PM
  • jahgreed lmao yeah ive seen him around , hes staff tho , he sold out haaaaard, i hate those ****ing suits man
    September 14 03:03 PM
  • jahgreed eeeee never heard him but i can tell he swags haaard tbh
    September 14 02:59 PM
  • jahgreed was that a NMH outro? lmao awesome
    September 14 02:40 PM
  • jahgreed i like to do extra curriculum activities in the yoga but also to incorporate da gay tings what about u?
    September 14 02:36 PM
  • Mort. **** me. maybe this relationship isnt meant to be then
    September 14 02:17 PM
  • Mort. jammed For Cameron a fair few times. settled on a 4. "something that matters" is the best track
    September 14 01:51 PM
  • ScuroFantasma looks good man, I'll make sure to check it out when I have a good internet connection. Also, did you do that Justin Beiber remix thingie? Because that was ****ing awesome dude.
    September 14 05:12 AM
  • TomTomTomato i got ****ing banned lmao
    September 14 12:11 AM
  • TomTomato oh and i just got a loop pedal, waiting on my 2nd instrument cable to come in the mail but i'm hoping to make some cool stuff with that once it arrives
    September 13 11:42 PM
  • TomTomato word, we should. i've been thinking of trying to use a legit daw instead of audacity, and learning to use superior drummer 2 and going full out or something. but just a guitar ep or something would be cool too. i've been trying to come up with some cool fingerstyle parts i could put together for an acoustic song, like something off let yourself be huge. tbh cloudkicker is my inspiration in life i basically just want to rip him off because i love him so much
    September 13 11:37 PM
  • TomTomato thanks dawg
    September 13 11:31 PM
  • TomTomato yeah bruh i posted my s***ty irresistible cover thing in ur list. i'd like to do more eventually but i've never really done anything original yet except half assed s*** that sucks like this http://vocaroo.com/i/s0Vqwtjl9P1N
    September 13 11:27 PM
  • TomTomato swag
    September 13 11:20 PM
  • Jennifer22 Well I would but I'm not exactly the most eloquent technician on the microphone. I'm more of a producer, behind the scenes you know?
    September 13 11:18 PM
  • TomTomato yeah man as long as you can make your voice sound like trash you can do all the vox you want
    September 13 11:14 PM
  • Lakes. what is your opinion on the deft ones
    September 13 11:12 PM
  • TomTomato is this a legit rec btw bout to dl this s***
    September 13 11:11 PM
  • TomTomato u can play bass if ur not up to the challenge of lead bro don't worry u just have to swing ur dick onto the strings occasionally and fill some empty space in the sound and it's all good
    September 13 11:10 PM
  • Jennifer22 I try to take gigs mixing at clubs wherever I can, all I have to my name is a crummy phone, a crummy laptop and a PR system.
    September 13 11:09 PM
  • Jennifer22 I'm a drifter, was in Solihull for a while and now I'm pretty much hopping from flat to flat wherever my buddies have room for me.
    September 13 11:05 PM
  • TomTomato also i need to know straightaway that we'll never pull a more than life/pianos become the teeth and start going alt rock-y otherwise i'm outtie 5000
    September 13 11:05 PM
  • TomTomato i'm so down bruh but i call dibs on rhythm because i want to be able to **** around on stage and still sound good ok
    September 13 11:04 PM
  • TomTomato omg~ :3
    September 13 10:58 PM
  • Jennifer22 Swell! As is I'm under a lot of pressure trying to find a new flat to live in.
    September 13 10:58 PM
  • TomTomato ily bruh
    September 13 10:55 PM
  • Jennifer22 I'm not exactly online that often but sure we can be friends!
    September 13 10:54 PM
  • melonade I been jamming shining and teen suicide alllllllllllllllll day. Gave devil and god are raging inside me a listen too nd that was p cool. Might actually give the brave little abacus a listen too cause everything I've listened to that you like so far has been hella so yea congrats on a good music taste
    September 13 08:39 PM
  • melonade hi snakpips whatchu been jamming today im curious
    September 13 08:19 PM
  • EnyaFangirl tell ya what bring your fav spaceghostpurrp tape and we can negotiate
    September 12 11:37 PM
  • EnyaFangirl okay. you're not allowed to dirty talk. the safe word is hoobastank. and we have to be listening to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WFn5VbDDiM
    September 12 11:17 PM
  • spookynewghostfriend im 8 my mom says i cant get married - _-
    September 12 10:38 PM
  • spookynewghostfriend **** ***** ******* *** **************! !
    September 12 10:25 PM
  • spookynewghostfriend what if theres a snake in the boot
    September 12 10:19 PM
  • Memes nah i havent but it's been on my list
    September 12 06:15 PM
  • Memes i knew it tbh
    September 12 06:09 PM
  • Futures same thing happened to me. idk why they didn't tell me but it was for like a couple hours
    September 12 05:42 PM
  • Futures what did you get banned for lmao
    September 12 01:55 PM
  • ScuroFantasma I finally listened to that vocaroo thing you sent me (and accidentallyd your post in the copy/paste process) it was great though haha
    September 12 09:42 AM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot yohttp://tinyengines.bandcamp.com/album/nervous-like-me
    September 11 09:05 PM
  • YakNiples what is going on here baby?!? asking kman for idm recs wow gotta say im a little offended tbh smh but oh well this was bound to happen eventually im sorry if cant be online at all times ,available for your rec needs
    September 11 08:56 AM
  • Frippertronics none yo business boi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NtSgWZbL_kE
    September 10 09:16 PM
  • Kman418 boc especially though. like i can genuinely say some of their music has changed my perception of the world like ive had a lot of really really intense personal moments with their music
    September 10 08:56 PM
  • Kman418 wow that is more than i intended whatever sorry but you'll be great with basically any of those so pick whatever i guess
    September 10 08:51 PM
  • Kman418 as for just idm in general, aphex twin - drukqs (u dont have to bother with his other stuff rly), boc - literally everything, bt - this binary universe, flying lotus - cosmogramma (not really idm but w/e listen anyways), 0edit - neotokyo, oneohtrix point never - replica (i think you would really like this one), sweet trip - velocity : design : comfort, dynrone - salmataxia, twine - basically everything but especially recorder, venetian snares - rossz csillag allat szuletett
    September 10 08:50 PM
  • Frippertronics i knew it wasssssssssssssssssshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2RV8js_yWw
    September 10 08:48 PM
  • Kman418 exai can be a really tough album for people to get into just cause its length and how ****ing weird it is. it clicked with me almost immediately and its definitely my favorite album from them but im definitely in the minority with that. quaristice and confield are also essential
    September 10 08:47 PM
  • Kman418 yeah this is the album where they started making the transition into their more modern sound so its a lot more chaotic and varied. its probably their third best album anyways
    September 10 08:44 PM
  • Kman418 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyVgWuKtgjA how do you feel about this
    September 10 08:39 PM
  • Frippertronics aiiiiighhht is it that gestapo guy?
    September 10 07:52 PM
  • Frippertronics but real talk tho, is memes lloyd/tempest? if so, he makes it way too obvious
    September 10 07:47 PM
  • Frippertronics sup lloyd
    September 10 07:40 PM
  • Memes just got into carissa's wierd last week sweet band
    September 10 07:31 PM
  • Memes and thanks for showing my that channel just skimming through theres definitely a bunch of stuff i havent heard/need to hear
    September 10 07:06 PM
  • Memes it must be so awkward when ur friends at school bring up music huh
    September 10 07:05 PM
  • Memes exactly y it deserves some light
    September 10 06:57 PM
  • Memes yee im thinking about doing the dropdead discog first
    September 10 06:52 PM
  • Memes tbh its prob better this way
    September 10 06:47 PM
  • Memes tempest
    September 10 06:43 PM
  • YakNiples if you could do that first part of that song, that be amazing and awesome and sexyyy
    September 10 12:47 PM
  • YakNiples nah man i meant talking s*** about a pretty sunset , i like the lyrics on that one :]
    September 10 12:46 PM
  • Jacquibim I am 15 years old. I can make it through an Asking Alexandria album without a hitch. I am a self-proclaimed fan of Periphery and Veil of Maya, and have no difficulty taking a genre like "deathcore" seriously.
    September 10 05:26 AM
  • YakNiples Maaan i know you love this song , pls do bankrupt on selling and if you dont mind after u play that one dont stop. And play talking s*** about a pretty sunsets first minute and a half ,just the part with the vocals .man that would be so special
    September 9 11:06 PM
  • Sevengill haha it's still kinda cute that the thought crossed your mind. [yuri fan] umm I live in CT, like an hour west of Providence RI. it's nice and quiet but nobody else is nearby
    September 9 11:02 PM
  • YakNiples yeah man havent i thanked you for your amazing gift already? Omg how rude of me, yeah i lold fo real youre thebest!!!
    September 9 10:53 PM
  • Sevengill aww I want tea now :c I'll go make a chai latte later. just watching anime and other lonely farm country things XD sounds like you and lakes are hitting it off :P
    September 9 10:48 PM
  • YakNiples Id cuddle the s*** out of her tbh
    September 9 10:43 PM
  • Sevengill hye bby wat u doin 2nite
    September 9 10:39 PM
  • YakNiples Whos that sexy yound lady on your pic brah?
    September 9 10:36 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot oh, and what did calc mean with his sowing season comment? I'm still scratching my head
    September 9 10:19 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot thanks for the kind words and I'm proud to be your #50but seriously that list is awesome
    September 9 10:05 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot it's pretty dece I guess, but I like the whole s***ty no-fi sound
    September 9 09:59 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot sup bb can you scope my newest rev and offer input? oh and this might be a fun listen idkhttp://bicycledaywhatever.bandcamp.com/album/i-had-a-place-to-be
    September 9 09:55 PM
  • Torontonian Hey while i'm already at it you should also check "Decemberists-The Crane Wife". Awesome folk album. Sorry if i give too many recs! :/
    September 9 08:45 PM
  • Torontonian Get on that s*** then man, cus of the ones i've heard, that one takes the cake for the best by a long shot.
    September 9 08:32 PM
  • Torontonian hey you should check "bjork-homogenic". Its p much the best thing ever recorded.
    September 9 08:29 PM
  • Gestapo ok good conversation pce
    September 9 08:07 PM
  • Gestapo that's what everyone says about opeth
    September 9 08:02 PM
  • Gestapo gay voice
    September 9 07:54 PM
  • Gestapo "user Gestapo im perplexed as to why you 1'd an album i really enjoy, could you please explain why you didnt like it?"
    September 9 07:52 PM
  • Gestapo didnt know we having a conversation
    September 9 07:47 PM
  • Gestapo what is your point user YakNips
    September 9 07:41 PM
  • Gestapo both albums are A angry now get out of my shout with ur negativity
    September 9 07:30 PM
  • Gestapo jam architect
    September 9 07:24 PM
  • YakNiples wow man that was so amazing seriously youre the best
    September 9 07:21 PM
  • Gestapo o k
    September 9 07:16 PM
  • YakNiples can you email them to me? i dont wanna be online on fb , im avoiding this chick. here brah vasco_fcp10@hotmail.com
    September 9 07:14 PM
  • YakNiples its already midnight in this sexy part of the woooooorld
    September 9 07:11 PM
  • YakNiples hooorrayyy its my birthday weeeeeeee hopefully ill get that dragon dick shaped dildo i always wanted this year *fingers crossed*
    September 9 07:06 PM
  • YakNiples i still love her loved her more when she used to be sober and i was kinder
    September 9 06:57 PM
  • YakNiples I think Neil isn't really gay but he acts gay so the girls on the show will kiss him as a joke but he really enjoys it. NPH may be the most brilliant mastermind on the planet ?
    September 9 06:44 PM
  • Gestapo digging through my ratings huh who are you snakedelilah
    September 9 06:39 PM
  • Gestapo u got the wrong guy
    September 9 06:37 PM
  • SeaAnemone www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyton8fk6h0 ya the album is a legit 5
    September 9 06:17 PM
  • SeaAnemone yo I'll finally listen to that thing you linked me. I'll let you know what I think later. can you check out Purplene for me? it's like Carissa's Wierd a little but amazing.
    September 9 06:08 PM
  • Mort. finally checked out merchant ships. brilliant. im getting back into emo for winter so ill be asking you for recs soon
    September 9 02:23 PM
  • Jacquibim Musta Seremonia is almost the heaviest album ever made
    September 8 10:16 PM
  • Jacquibim I will try I mean cyg digs it so there is hope check rippikoulu 4 me
    September 8 10:08 PM
  • Jacquibim ;)
    September 8 10:03 PM
  • scottpilgrim10 thanks dude : )
    September 8 10:03 PM
  • scottpilgrim10 Does the song in my dreams we're almost touching from Ricky Eat Acid have any swear words cause I kinda want to play it on my first radio show since the song rules and I'm starting with great Q1 2014 songs
    September 8 10:00 PM
  • beefshoes I
    September 8 09:52 PM
  • Phlegm omg ^_____________^
    September 8 08:43 PM
  • zakalwe That list must have drained the life from your bones dude. You are a credit to us all.
    September 8 07:29 PM
  • Futures omg i love u
    September 8 07:09 PM
  • Mort. im obviously in the beautiful users list right. say nice things
    September 8 06:24 PM
  • Mort. dude its just the ****ing BAWK BAWK BAWK bits in that song the chickien samples or whatever omg make me laugh so much
    September 8 06:12 PM
  • Mort. oh i was painfully high and not thinking when i posted that lol. um el capitano (different mix). off the matt aspinwall split. oh and what i didnt like about orchid was their spazzy thrashy parts. just couldnt get into it. and their general sound just doesnt appeal to me.(
    September 8 05:57 PM
  • Sevengill wher u from m8
    September 8 08:10 AM
  • Mort. Dude that brave little abacus with the chicken clucking track gooooooooood s*** u get me fam
    September 8 07:35 AM
  • ScuroFantasma check this out if you haven't already http://popeband.bandcamp.com/album/known-weed-smoker
    September 8 06:55 AM
  • Lakes. zelda skyblazer mario 3 kirby's epic yarn disney princess wind waker hd
    September 7 09:43 PM
  • Gestapo good :)
    September 7 08:01 PM
  • Gestapo idk u just seem less zazzy today so i got worried
    September 7 07:57 PM
  • Gestapo u ok dude
    September 7 07:51 PM
  • ScuroFantasma lol, cheers. Now I'm the first Asian Country singer without actually being Asian, from the country or a good singer.
    September 7 05:41 PM
  • YakNiples oh and btw jersey shore is a good show , i dont care what people say
    September 7 05:21 PM
  • YakNiples nah brah, down to smae
    September 7 05:19 PM
  • YakNiples nice but bro real talk tho, is she dts?
    September 7 05:16 PM
  • YakNiples lmao i bet shes hot af and has that sexy ska styleee going on tbh
    September 7 05:12 PM
  • YakNiples never jammed but im intrigued tbh
    September 7 05:04 PM
  • YakNiples id recommend going through their 5s tbh, will it be done today bra?
    September 7 04:20 PM
  • YakNiples ooo im excited for that , im gonna go with d. tiffany-s/t , it needs exposure tbh
    September 7 04:16 PM
  • Frippertronics idk bruh
    September 7 02:49 PM
  • BMDrummer yeah that's one of the best punk albums ever, the rest of their stuff is noisier and more hardcore influenced tho. one of the best discogs i've ever come across
    September 7 02:40 PM
  • Frippertronics didn't read the thread but frippertronics just pisses me off for some reason, always came across as a smug douche to me
    September 7 02:36 PM
  • BMDrummer yeah def, you ever check Unwound btw? i added them as a related band on Baton Rouge
    September 7 02:17 PM
  • melonade Im having a cool day watching Vikings listening to say anything and not having friends haha life is cool
    September 7 02:16 PM
  • BMDrummer wait no, not pit. Eric's list
    September 7 02:10 PM
  • BMDrummer jammed them after Pit's list, amazing stuff
    September 7 02:06 PM
  • chesse13 real quick link me your one demo pls
    September 7 01:40 PM
  • YakNiples lmao that was amazing , calling out michelle obama and shieeeeeit that takes balls brah
    September 7 12:25 PM
  • Jacquibim Because we're genetically predisposed to be either rugged and handsome or cutesy scenester twinks, some of us are lucky enough to be a blend of both
    September 7 12:25 PM

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