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  • JohnnyOnTheSpot maybe if I could find it on slsk:[
    July 31 09:57 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot new suis la lune unnnggg
    July 31 09:38 PM
  • deathschool Ah, okay. Yeah, probably. I'll fix that sometime. That's apparently 3 years old and no one ever caught that. Smh
    July 30 11:03 PM
  • deathschool Kind of rant-y, but if you're interested.. http://m.figment.com/books/362828-For-the-F-ck-of-Love/chapters/635181
    July 30 09:36 PM
  • deathschool Thanks man. Once upon a crime, I wrote a sort of more elaborate version of that sentiment.
    July 30 09:24 PM
  • Parallels im sorry :( but yeah, working in a bookstore drained my soul for a couple years so its not a time i want to remember
    July 30 09:16 PM
  • Parallels its s***e, i had to listen to them on repeat for a year straight working in a bookstore
    July 30 08:59 PM
  • solongatlast Ok, cool. Funny story about Lone, for some reason I recorded it outside during a freezing winter night and my fingers were going numb and I couldn't breathe too well, so that's why it sounds so shaky in places. I really like how it ended up though, I definitely want to try more stuff in that direction.
    July 30 08:18 PM
  • deathschool I did do that
    July 30 07:23 PM
  • solongatlast Sure, feel free. And thanks for the ratings! What would you say is your favorite track on stuff and things? Cause I did a few different things there and I'm curious what worked best.
    July 30 04:29 PM
  • SnakeDelilah when are you going to be an adult and finally check out all the 90's twinkle that isn't af
    July 30 01:21 AM
  • Frippertronics yeah i downloaded it two months ago and it's still sitting in the queue on my soulseek. just sitting there.
    July 30 01:17 AM
  • Frippertronics oh yeah i just remember to ask you, but you know Grouper did an album with Xiu Xiu, right?
    July 30 01:09 AM
  • BlueSwan Hey man I'm an African prince and I just inherited a bunch of money from a relative but I need help from someone moving all my money to the states could you help me out ?
    July 29 09:38 PM
  • BlueSwan The feels are reals
    July 29 09:34 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot try Moon Ate the Dark... might be your ish
    July 29 08:17 PM
  • hal1ax also your 2014 list is fuggin goldddd. i love how much u love Ruins. all of my friends like vastly prefer dragging a dead deer and AIA. thought i was just ****ing retarded for obsessing over ruins till i saw your list and i was like YEPPPPP THIS NIGA GETS IT
    July 29 07:08 PM
  • hal1ax brajj that list is unreal. my soulseek was working overtime for a solid week when i came across that s***
    July 29 07:06 PM
  • laughingman22 sent you a couple violas
    July 29 07:03 PM
  • Nimb49 They're pretty smooth other for a cheap(ish) cigarette.
    July 29 05:01 PM
  • hal1ax mmm naw i think i heard about them from one of your lists. lol i always hit u up for emo / skramz reczz - keyblade for shoegaze - pots for that neo-soul biz - and of course living for da noise and weird awesome ambient s***. oh and all your bedroom pop recs have been complete fire.
    July 29 04:55 PM
  • Nimb49 But I don't smoke much/often these days.
    July 29 04:44 PM
  • Nimb49 Yeah.
    July 29 04:40 PM
  • hal1ax is it weird that i like masked dancers more than just got back from the discomfort?
    July 29 03:35 PM
  • hal1ax ya it's nothing too groundbreaking. kinda feels to me like hammock meets russian circles. just a relaxing and kind of up lifting albyy. was just in the mood for it yesterday i guess. and that orchid album is pretty ****in great. i also just discovered the brave little abacus and have been super into it
    July 29 03:33 PM
  • Mort. saudade rule thanks for the rec
    July 29 03:16 PM
  • BlueSwan Bring God back Tom damnit
    July 29 01:50 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot hmm yea I'll see what I can find
    July 29 06:54 AM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot : ]
    July 29 12:05 AM
  • hal1ax ya man do it. album is pretty killer
    July 28 11:54 PM
  • hal1ax have you ever listened to *shels? i feel like you might like them. *shels - Plains of the Purple Buffalo (album)
    July 28 11:28 PM
  • laughingman22 Yeah I would love to record some more viola for you, the email you sent though didn't have any attachments.
    July 28 02:31 PM
  • hal1ax Dang dang choochoo train all your recs are gold. Couldn't really get into studying tho. His voice is a tad grating. Ay what is a good orchid album to start at? Been in the mood for that bizz lately. I crave that type of stuff when it's agonizingly hot outside.
    July 28 01:15 PM
  • hal1ax i possess dominion over s*** too. if we combine our powers, we could rule over all fecal matter i think. also, hit the pigeon boy! is suuupa cool and good and s***
    July 28 02:15 AM
  • hal1ax u da king u da king
    July 28 01:54 AM
  • solongatlast alright cool, haha that's great though
    July 27 09:49 PM
  • hal1ax yakkyy babe. you have any whiny ass lo fi emo-y s*** like Morning Effort and like sad sappy sucker era modest mouse?
    July 27 06:15 PM
  • solongatlast hey so now that your music taste has probably changed quite a bit, what do you think of my winesburg stuff? Feel free to rate it too, even if it's super low.
    July 26 11:54 PM
  • deathschool Ahhh, I gotcha. That's cool.
    July 26 02:52 PM
  • deathschool I wasn't sure how I felt about those death growls at first either, but they grew on me pretty quick. Did you end up not quite feeling it?
    July 26 02:47 PM
  • SillyCaringRabbitPal im straight edge!
    July 26 01:49 PM
  • Mort. **** me, listened to enough Celer recently?
    July 26 12:08 PM
  • Nimb49 It's just tough to find time to write all the descriptions with school being busy as **** atm.
    July 26 03:11 AM
  • Nimb49 I can probably put the list up (without any descriptions) tomorrow if you like.
    July 26 03:06 AM
  • Nimb49 Sorry man.... It's on the way, should be up some time this week.
    July 26 02:54 AM
  • SillyCaringRabbitPal when the yak is a decepticon -________ -
    July 26 12:03 AM
  • SillyCaringRabbitPal i havent heard it because actually im a PLEB but i am going to hear it right now because i trust your judgement and excellent taste high five! xD
    July 25 11:56 PM
  • puntugruhm ill be sure to give it a listen.it was. and i love how it combined 3 of your seemingly favorite genres (emo, lo-fi ambient, and cloud rap) idk if that was intentional er what but it worked! ; )
    July 25 09:40 PM
  • puntugruhm in love with "yr love will punish you" rn...
    July 25 07:40 PM
  • Nimb49 It's a genre you need to ease yourself into, otherwise you'll end up hearing crazy bleeps, bloops and sine-wobbles without any prior experience (which can be incredibly unpleasant).... If you want recs, just ask me.
    July 25 02:25 AM
  • Nimb49 Nah.... The only stuff that might give you any form of tinnitus would be Sachiko and her sine-waves of doom or maybe Toshimaru Nakamura at his ear-splitting worst. A lot of onkyo has close ties to chamber music and lowercase (even more so nowadays), or even ambient and occasionally noise. It's just about finding the right onkyo for your ears imo.
    July 25 02:15 AM
  • Nimb49 It's a pretty hit-and-miss genre tho...
    July 25 02:05 AM
  • Nimb49 I've always listened to onkyo.... I only rated some because I was bored and the site was dead quiet last night.
    July 25 02:04 AM
  • FourthReich https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90EyczfabsIi thought you were a jap when you first joined
    July 24 05:57 PM
  • itchybutthole I came 3 times in the span of 2hours while phone sexing.sup with u braj?
    July 24 04:45 PM
  • BlueSwan Sex dinosaurs and racism
    July 23 08:38 PM
  • BlueSwan Okay through Skype just gotta figure out how to record that s*** ;)
    July 23 12:18 PM
  • BlueSwan Can we start a podcast
    July 23 03:25 AM
  • Nimb49 Holy s***.... That is both wonderfully brilliant and cringeworthy at the same time.
    July 23 01:30 AM
  • hal1ax hell hath no fury like a yaks scorn for vocal gimmickry in bm
    July 22 06:42 PM
  • hal1ax haha dat beherit rating is c0ldddd blooded neegroooo
    July 22 06:35 PM
  • puntugruhm glad ya like it!
    July 22 11:06 AM
  • finkfink dad
    July 22 09:06 AM
  • finkfink im needa talk 2 u abt sput 4 this ****in sociology case study i need ya to tell be about your relationship with the community and like how much u feel connected and included and involved and what you like about it and what u don't ?????asap????? (if u can/want it would be really really helpful)(i blocked myself from fb for like 12 hours lmao im an idiot) (send me stuff there ?)(rn i feel like ur mom putting smthn on ur fb wall and being embarrasin ) lvoe u sweatie , xx
    July 22 08:02 AM
  • finkfink hey u r u active rn
    July 22 07:57 AM
  • hal1ax about as fun**
    July 22 02:05 AM
  • hal1ax Aw what a sweetie pie. Ya I was gonna make one once and then imagined how having to catch up with all of the abhorrent people I went to high school with sounds about as **** as masterbating with sand paper.
    July 22 02:03 AM
  • hal1ax na haha. I've never made a social media account. maybe i should idk. I'm pretty anti social i guess. i have email haha. and a phone number.
    July 22 12:43 AM
  • hal1ax haha i know u are def the guy to talk to. that 2014 list is sick as fukk. the saudade record is amazing too.. and the via fond ep! fuuuuuukkk. also- morning effort is my jam. love that twangy whiny ass mid western emo sound. i gotta track down more of that too.
    July 22 12:26 AM
  • hal1ax Damn I need to get at more skramz dude. I was browsing your best of 2014 list and found some straight gemzz. That deer in the headlights has been playing non stop in my car the past few days
    July 22 12:22 AM
  • hal1ax ohhh ok i gotcha. like a shoegaze-y type of approach to vox? where they're kinda mixed slightly behind the instrumental. and ya more assistive and supplemental. ya i like stuff like that in atmospheric BM for sure. with gorgoroth tho, i like how wretched and raw and emotional the vox sound... those sludgy breakdown parts on the record where he's just shrilling for a straight 10 seconds it feels like the ****ing world is crumbling around me. i love it
    July 22 12:12 AM
  • hal1ax and fakkk dude have you ever listened to Peste Noir? from France. i just jammed this album for the first time today and fell in love. Peste Noir - La Sanie des siecles - Panegyrique de la (Album)
    July 22 12:07 AM
  • hal1ax ya i mean that whole record is pretty simple and straight forward - nothing too ground breaking. i just really love love love the vocals and their guitar tones are evil as ****. u might dig the song Maneskyggens slave on that record
    July 22 12:05 AM
  • hal1ax honestly, this band kinda gets hated on this site but they're old stuff is some of my all time fav bm. also- these are like my favorite bm box. Gorgoroth - Ritual (song) I'm curious to see what u think
    July 21 11:54 PM
  • hal1ax hahaha! i actually like them! but yes they're a little cheesy.
    July 21 11:53 PM
  • puntugruhm movietone - day and night.check it.
    July 21 11:07 PM
  • hal1ax beherit - drawing down the moon ****
    July 21 08:33 PM
  • hal1ax ya thats kinda how i felt about it at first too. give it another go. also if we're talking classics -- dissection storm of lights bane // behest - drawing down the moon. mandatoryyyy
    July 21 08:32 PM
  • hal1ax also noticed u just ranked tranny hunger!!!1 u gotta catch up on the bm classics baby boiii. PLS TELL ME YOUVE HEARD IN THE NIGHTSIDE ECLIPSE
    July 21 08:04 PM
  • hal1ax o heck yes. thanks dude
    July 21 07:56 PM
  • hal1ax wtf really? i thought i had her whole discog... i must find that ep. and ya original is pretty ok. I'm not a huge massive attack fan but burials rendition is cool imo.
    July 21 07:51 PM
  • hal1ax also --https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N701JYnjaMsYR WELCUM
    July 21 07:31 PM
  • hal1ax ur new pic is scary bud
    July 21 07:31 PM
  • BlueSwan You diggin paramore or what ?
    July 21 02:21 AM
    July 20 01:54 PM
  • danielito19 haha that made my ****ing day dude.
    July 20 11:42 AM
  • hal1ax ya i used to snort the 30mg blue oxycodones. twas pretty ****ed up. had to stop
    July 20 03:49 AM
  • hal1ax hah ya i took a buncha hydrocodone when i got off work today. just retarded af right now
    July 19 09:51 PM
  • hal1ax hear *** wow I'm tired
    July 19 08:48 PM
  • hal1ax I've only listened to the first song thus far and already love this! agreed about the raw recording - i def think it reinforces and supplements the overall sound. i also really like the vocals man. they seem genuinely emotional as opposed to a lot of that forced, try-hard bulls***. was also surprised to here how shreddy it is. i typically am not a fan of that guitar solo wanky s*** but it actually works on this. and i def get the post-rock vibe u were talking about. this is super good man
    July 19 08:47 PM
  • hal1ax ya honestly i haven't been ecstatic about a bm record in a while. prob not since the last Gris album
    July 19 07:36 PM
  • hal1ax wtf u just described my music spirit animal. checking nowww!!!11!
    July 19 07:32 PM
  • hal1ax yoyoyo yakk what is this black howling record about? would i dig?
    July 19 07:20 PM
  • Mort. i was just wondering if youd ever seen/read this? http://www.somethingawful.com/garbage-day/screamo-skramz-steez/1/
    July 19 08:33 AM
  • Mort. I only really listen to screamomwhen i feel bad now, nearly cried listening to indian summer last night, was weirdly cathartic i guess
    July 19 07:06 AM
  • Mort. Oh yeah thanks for those screamo recs
    July 19 06:50 AM
  • FourthReich seriously one of the best albums ive heard this year
    July 19 04:42 AM
  • FourthReich dude the first track :O http://wetpetals.bandcamp.com/album/s-t-ii
    July 19 03:37 AM
  • Static yuh
    July 18 09:05 PM
  • Gestapo can't record it until monday but dw it will be done
    July 18 07:58 PM
  • Mort. Nice portraits of past rating, listen to the ep if you havent, gorgeous bit of skramz. I feel like s***, what miserable screamo can u rec me
    July 18 07:51 PM
  • Nimb49 Good to hear... I found it a little inconsistent, but really promising considering how young he is. I'm looking forward to his upcoming work. If you like continents, I imagine you'll love tanner garza's work as it is a more melancholy equivalent, so to speak.
    July 18 02:15 AM
  • Nimb49 He released that one, almost quiet, and kaga... The long, unwieldy emo-title one is probably the best of the 4 imo, although your opinion may differ from mine.
    July 18 02:08 AM
  • Phlegm listen to Sky Limits already gddmnit!
    July 18 01:53 AM
  • Nimb49 That's the magic of ambient/drone... You know he's released another 3 since then, right? He's churning out music at a rate of knots this year...
    July 18 01:46 AM
  • Nimb49 One of my favourite genres... It's like there is a release for every mood and state of mind. I was going to review the new celer, but I didn't like it very much and i didn't want to bash the guy's work...
    July 18 01:42 AM
  • Nimb49 I thought you'd like the review. How you going with the ambient I recced you a while back???
    July 18 01:03 AM
  • BandNewbac yeah i'm feeling pretty excited about putting it out. yeah definitely man that sounds awesome.
    July 17 05:25 AM
  • BandNewbac yeah i can definitely see the step up in quality after checking out the early stuff
    July 17 04:26 AM
  • hal1ax ya it def could. i just love his sound so much i don't really mind that its a bit amorphous sounding as a whole
    July 17 03:21 AM
  • hal1ax ahhh i knew u would like it! also check Burial - Ashtray Wasp. its a bit longer but its sooooo good. its like this weird mutation of several mini songs amalgamated into one song of pure awesomeness
    July 17 02:48 AM
  • hal1ax oh **** that sounds awesome. i should check it
    July 17 12:51 AM
  • hal1ax hmm it might be? I've never used spotify i torrent everything. its def on youtube if you can't find on spotify. **** its so good dude i think u will dig. also - what is plugging?
    July 17 12:47 AM
  • hal1ax four tet** god damn I'm blowing it sry
    July 17 12:43 AM
  • hal1ax burial and four get - moth(song) and report back
    July 17 12:42 AM
  • hal1ax haha for real. just ate 3 norcos and am jamming Untrue on vinyl its so ****ing dark ugghh i love. check this ! Burial
    July 17 12:31 AM
  • hal1ax necromantia**
    July 17 12:24 AM
  • hal1ax ya i can see that. i think i slapped a pretty impulsive 4.5 on it out of sheer initial excitement. the necromantic cover is just so fakkin good tho \m//// dude have you ever heard of Burial? dark garage producer from london.
    July 17 12:23 AM
  • hal1ax y u no like new cultes ep baby cakes
    July 16 11:47 PM
  • AnimalsAsSummit thanks much! glad it captured ur interest
    July 16 10:03 PM
  • AnimalsAsSummit i put out some new music if u are interested - kinggreenied.bandcamp.com/album/send-mind-to-quasiplex
    July 16 02:42 PM
  • BandNewbac that's alright i'm in no rush and i'm having some trouble with my voice at the moment so i'll just take my time. probably good for me cuz i tend to rush things. like i recorded the EP in like 2 days lmao
    July 16 07:45 AM
  • BandNewbac yep seems pretty similar to what ive got, although my bedroom poppy type song is kinda a grouper acoustic style thing similar to heavy water or a song like that.
    July 16 07:19 AM
  • BandNewbac oh s*** yeah hahaha. oh and dude don't worry i'm working on a song right now that is straight HANL worship.
    July 16 06:45 AM
  • Phlegm ahh that's a killer man! maybe just go for someone who you hate and share nothing in relativity with like i have ~ conversations can get stretched but the things on the side make it worth it
    July 14 04:06 AM
  • Phlegm get a gf tbh its cool
    July 14 03:40 AM
  • hal1ax jesus **** that noel thrasher is so good! thx for the rec babe
    July 13 08:43 PM
  • RosaParks yeah. just message me on fb next time. I'll see that a lot quicker since I don't browse on here a ton
    July 13 03:02 AM
  • RosaParks **** i saw this an hour late i'm so sorry i suck so much. if you're still up i'd be up for it. if not that's cool
    July 13 02:54 AM
  • hal1ax damn dude i want i wanttttt. i have original pressing of loveless tho! 8))) and it only costed me 220$ ! haha. all the money I've spent on vinyl and cd i could have a ****ing BMW
    July 12 10:54 PM
  • hal1ax whats this about a golden gris vinyl?! is it A l'ame Enflamee? or il etait?! if its il etait, I'm flying to texas and stealing it
    July 12 07:24 PM
  • Rhyme hmm well i couldnt stand the vocals but i might be able to enjoy it if the lyrics are as good as you say. it could be a massive a grower for all i know so im willing to give it another shot at some point
    July 11 09:48 PM
  • Rhyme sorry bud i legit couldnt stand anything on that album. not sure you or anyone here enjoys it. any reason why u enjoy it?
    July 11 04:39 PM
  • Mort. fair enough, at least you checked it out. honestly i really like the vocals, but i can see how they could rub someone the wrong way
    July 11 06:40 AM
  • solongatlast Did you check their full-lengths? I really like them but I'm not sure if they're just one of those random mediocre bands that I connect with every once in a while. I'm very excited for their new album though.
    July 10 04:02 PM
  • Mort. wow im actually reccing u emo for once not the other way round what has the world come to? anyway this is the album i got in the random review game, ive got a feeling you might really like it. Wayne Szalinksi - Black Mirror https://wayneszalinski.bandcamp.com/ (its on spotify aswell)
    July 10 07:25 AM
  • bach https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrbVpsKdn90
    July 9 03:13 AM
  • LivingThrowaway I may as well reciprocate and listen to that split tonight then. I'll listen to it after dinner and some codeine, so the experience is as pleasant as possible....
    July 8 06:44 AM
  • LivingThrowaway I'm on a bit of an ambient/drone binge so I'll definitely give it a listen at some stage.
    July 8 06:37 AM
  • LivingThrowaway Yeah, I don't see why not. Did you get through all that ambient I recced you?
    July 8 06:32 AM
  • hal1ax ya no problem man. Im glad u liked that song. Hey out of curiosity - what do you like about that goropsy album? i listened to it a couple of times the other day and couldn't really get into it.. i guess i just don't get it.
    July 7 10:38 PM
  • hal1ax lotte album bb! its called china mountain. also - she sings in Trespassers William, and if you haven't heard their cover of the old Ride song, you should deffff check it. Trespassers William - Vapour Trail
    July 7 01:55 PM
  • Artuma **** yeah coma regalia. didn't know they had a new album
    July 7 12:36 PM
  • hal1ax deal
    July 7 01:27 AM
  • hal1ax hehe ya she rulezz hard
    July 7 12:45 AM
  • hal1ax you might dig this // lotte kestner - crush the bird (song)
    July 6 11:40 PM
  • BlueSwan Man I'd literally be thrilled to split you
    July 6 03:21 PM
  • BandNewbac will do when i get in from college, you'll know who it is cuz PP is the same as my icon lmao
    July 6 04:44 AM
  • BandNewbac yeah i do man
    July 6 04:20 AM
  • BandNewbac just like hit me up with details when youre ready or something
    July 6 04:17 AM
  • BandNewbac yeah sounds awesome man, i have some songs in the works but i wanna spend a bit longer on them than i did with my EP so that works well for me.
    July 6 03:19 AM
  • BandNewbac Man i'd literally be thrilled to do a split with you.
    July 6 02:07 AM
  • BlueSwan Wait for me
    July 5 06:17 PM
  • hal1ax aw **** man thats a bummer. I have one too :(( for having pills. and ya dude, no problem. HMU
    July 4 05:43 PM
  • BlueSwan I had a dream we hated each other :-(
    July 4 05:43 PM
  • hal1ax oh shiiiit texas? damn isn't having weed there a felony? and ya oregon is rad, my girlfriend just moved to portland. and ****... was gonna say if you're ever in california and need some bud, i grow for a couple dispensaries around here so... free tree for dayz playboiiii
    July 4 05:03 PM
  • hal1ax dude i love your alex G DSU review. do you get good herb where you live?
    July 4 03:54 PM
  • LordePots downloading
    July 4 02:40 PM
  • oltnabrick https://goropsy6.bandcamp.com/album/vi-god-gave-me-one-life-and-he-made-me-ugly
    July 2 09:21 PM
  • LivingThrowaway What?
    July 2 07:10 AM
  • hal1ax sweet thanks. the only one I've heard is Envy. and ya dude no worries. I always have to be in specific types of moods to go through certain genres- so sometimes recs take me like months to get to. Also, that infinity crush and flower face is so ****ing gooooooddddddd
    July 1 11:26 AM
  • hal1ax you have any screamo recs similar to state faults ?
    July 1 12:14 AM
  • jonabeforecomeback o man, just saw there was a review of new alhambra and i knew it was yours
    June 30 11:04 AM
  • Phlegm i'm digging it!
    June 30 12:04 AM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot replied to your thing
    June 29 09:10 PM
  • Phlegm new Fog Lake comin thru tomorrow
    June 29 01:13 PM
  • FourthReich that my pic
    June 29 08:56 AM
  • LivingThrowaway Just tell me if you want more...
    June 29 06:09 AM
  • LivingThrowaway More:Emuul - crawling across the rafters (last track is pretty :[)Radere - I'll make you quiet (probs a bit too droney but what the hell)Maeror Tri - the beauty of sadness (title says it all, may be a little light-on melodically)Maybe some Harold BuddThe caretaker - An empty bliss beyond this world (or patience after sebald, both are melancholy and bleak as ****)https://thecaretaker.bandcamp.com/album/an-empty-bliss-beyond-this-world
    June 29 06:02 AM
  • LivingThrowaway Really mopey ambient:Brandon Hurtardo - other spaces (a bit inconsistent but don't move hits me like a train everytime)https://bhurtado.bandcamp.com/album/other-spacesTanner Garza - Regret (1st track is pretty catchy) https://tannergarza.bandcamp.com/album/regretBlack thread - meadowlark (premonition) [not as melodic, but is the sonic equivalent of popping downers]http://turmericmagnitudes.bandcamp.com/album/meadowlark-premonition-2More to come.
    June 29 05:47 AM
  • LivingThrowaway A couple of really obvious ones (that I imagine you would have heard):William Basinski - Disintegration LoopsStars of the Lid - And Their Refinement of the DeclineBiosphere - Substrata (more cold than bleak though)Hoedh - Hymnvs (bleak, but maybe lacking the melody you're looking for)Pieter Nooten
    June 29 05:04 AM
  • LivingThrowaway It doesn't bother me, I don't hold grudges.... Oh, one thing, I remember stumbling upon this s***ty bandcamp project from Poland once, they had one really powerful song. Now that I think back upon it, you might find this song sort of fits the brief (or at least may be something you enjoy, although not strictly ambient):https://slowpulse.bandcamp.com/track/wife-2I'll be back with proper recs in an hour or so.
    June 29 04:48 AM
  • LivingThrowaway Sure thing.... It might take me a while, but I should get back to you in an hour or so.
    June 29 04:35 AM
  • LivingThrowaway I'll see what I can scrounge up...
    June 29 04:28 AM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot aight I'm off to bed so I'll go over it in the AM
    June 28 11:33 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot ok ilu2
    June 27 08:56 AM
  • bach https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XaSVkb_XLt4
    June 26 05:38 AM
  • bach if you're my dad then yes
    June 26 05:29 AM
  • bach https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PyCznSvLWxA BEYOND HUMAN AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIID
    June 26 05:14 AM
  • bach is that me
    June 26 04:25 AM
  • bach https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CIUvXxJWUAATv_M.png:large
    June 26 04:17 AM
  • Static ?????????????
    June 25 07:58 PM
  • ASnideReturns How's this for songwriting? New track bro. Get hyped for the new EP - https://soundcloud.com/mytearsyourweapon/my-tears-your-weapon-deep-in-the-forest
    June 25 03:50 PM
  • Phlegm you're missed xxxxxx
    June 25 04:41 AM
  • RosaParks you're welcome anna :D
    June 25 02:45 AM
  • RosaParks np. this one just uses numbers for the track titles. thought it made more sense than the random guy that made up song titles for each song https://mega.co.nz/#!zw1WVRiL!YvECoo8pvYhkPevMv85EjDtOEjdT0LumtkI_PRHT2zg
    June 25 02:33 AM
  • bach s*** slaps
    June 25 02:27 AM
  • bach howd u like that prurient man?
    June 25 02:07 AM
  • puntugruhm ha, idk. it just grew off of me. it's still cool though.
    June 25 12:37 AM
  • ASnideReturns That's what I'm gonna focus on with my next EP, it's going to be almost entirely electronic.
    June 24 07:03 PM
  • Mort. im just sad nobodys commented on my rev poor mort all alone in the sput world nobody to hold his hand and tell him hes special
    June 24 06:58 PM
  • Mort. makes sense sorry bby love u
    June 24 06:52 PM
  • ASnideReturns Ayy, thanks for listening to it man!
    June 24 11:20 AM
  • ASnideReturns Ayy bby boy, I released another EP you should listen - https://soundcloud.com/mytearsyourweapon/sets/my-tears-your-weapon-the-boredom-compilation-v1
    June 23 02:58 AM
  • adr that Swing Kids album is better than a 3 tbh
    June 22 06:46 PM
  • Artuma alright will give that a listen too
    June 22 04:44 PM
  • Artuma dude that chavire album you linked is actually pretty good, especially considering it's a demo. sure it's far from anything groundbreaking but i still liked it
    June 22 09:44 AM
  • Kman418 actually though if u havent listened to them at all start with strawberry jam and mpp
    June 21 06:49 AM
  • Kman418 you listen to them and then you realize its the best music youve heard in your life
    June 21 06:47 AM
  • hal1ax dude I've been in a super folk mood lately. chhhekk these brah: Meg Baird - Dear Companion // David Thomas Broughton - The Complete Guide to Insufficiency // and of course my girl lady lamb, the aforementioned album.
    June 19 09:53 PM

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