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  • BlueSwan Does it have breakdowns though
    March 2 07:12 PM
  • BlueSwan You seem like a nice girl = insult
    March 2 04:58 PM
  • Phlegm eeeeek i still can't download/upload at the moment fam, just been physical and streams i'm afraid! thanks for the heads up tho gonna check that out
    March 2 04:09 AM
  • BlueSwan You are gorgeous
    March 2 02:58 AM
  • Lethean no thanks man i'll just learn how to use slsk i've been meaning to anyway
    February 28 10:46 PM
  • Lethean afraid you would say that
    February 28 09:52 PM
  • Lethean i meant the dl can't find that anywhere
    February 28 09:38 PM
  • Lethean where did you find that bound album
    February 28 09:17 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot Yeah I still bump it pretty regularly tbh, will check
    February 28 06:50 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot https://nostalgiarecords.bandcamp.com/album/osoluna-s-t this might be dece
    February 28 11:23 AM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot ooo alright
    February 27 06:46 PM
  • ASnideReturns Thanks man. I'm glad to be back. Been a rough couple of weeks.
    February 26 01:59 PM
  • melonade same af
    February 25 08:59 PM
  • melonade nah I dumped havey a while ago smh
    February 25 08:52 PM
  • Lethean it was the rock and roll part that threw me off
    February 25 08:47 PM
  • Lethean wow who are you
    February 25 08:41 PM
  • Lethean i'm just listening to it on bc it ****ing rules honestly
    February 25 08:28 PM
  • Lethean http://zegemabeachrecords.bandcamp.com/album/efter-utan-under dunno if you heard this yet but it's kinda !!!
    February 25 08:13 PM
  • melonade I kinda am on the dl but I can't be that vocal cause my girlfriend already hates me and if she found out I returned tosputnikmusic.com sshe'd take my life :c
    February 25 07:19 PM
  • Dancedrewdance Thank you for teachings me yak dips
    February 24 04:38 PM
  • Dancedrewdance Ya like dags?
    February 24 03:15 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot idk but if someone could hook me up with a stream/leak/whatever then that'd be ill. it's out on the 1st of march?
    February 24 02:57 PM
  • Rhyme definitely review it man, i'd love to read your overall thoughts on it. it could also use a lot more attention here
    February 24 02:12 PM
  • Rhyme nice man i knew you would dig it. been listening to it heaps on my way to school. also beach life-in-death is such a good song
    February 24 01:58 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot this fly Joanne Robertson hunny would be your jam
    February 24 10:42 AM
  • Lethean namaste
    February 23 04:54 PM
  • Dancedrewdance LmaoI did it all for the nookieC'monThe nookie C'monSo you can take that cookieAnd stick it up your, yeah!!
    February 22 03:13 PM
  • demigod! hooray
    February 22 03:04 PM
  • Dancedrewdance So exactly how many times to in total do I flip the toggles?
    February 22 02:59 PM
  • demigod! https://plug.dj/sup-86
    February 22 02:59 PM
  • CatsEatNetherlands I don't know what happened, but I suddenly felt worthless, because I realized that my music is just random samples put together without any sense and I need to learn the notes and s***. Anyway, I'll send you my Modest Mouse cover and if you're really cool at mixing/mastering, you can send the final version to me (if you're ok with working more than you were supposed to).
    February 22 02:00 PM
  • Cygnatti hah, mah man!
    February 22 10:11 AM
  • mordvynn For sure. I'll send you a better recording soon. In the meantime, I'll jam Single Soul more
    February 22 03:37 AM
  • copgraveyard im scared
    February 21 11:49 PM
  • copgraveyard wHAt is happenjgn
    February 21 11:24 PM
  • Dancedrewdance I ****ing hate how that works out oh well at least I got my uncle yak
    February 21 05:30 PM
  • Dancedrewdance My skramz didn't work today :(
    February 21 05:25 PM
  • CatsEatNetherlands wine in water bottles part 1 best guitar feels though
    February 21 04:38 AM
  • CatsEatNetherlands Holy s***, I'm listening to your new album and it's incredible. The only song I didn't like so far was 'yr love will punish you'. And, no offense, but the kid at the end of 'cinema boy' kinda ruined the song a bit for me. What genre is this in general? Lo-Fi Indie? Emo-Pop? Nice job, man! Dark Bedrooms is my pick for the best song off the album.
    February 21 04:35 AM
  • Dancedrewdance I love you too yank dips
    February 20 05:23 PM
  • Dancedrewdance Nah man it's ****ing solid for real you keep getting better every new project .
    February 20 05:18 PM
  • Dancedrewdance New album is s*** kill yourself
    February 20 04:42 PM
  • mordvynn Sup dude, it's wack. Your new album rules. Also here's a demo from the sludge album I'm working on, its recorded live in a single take. Sounds best on decent headphones/speakers. https://soundcloud.com/wacknizzle/pcp-a-sledgehammer-and-me-versus-a-pack-of-feral-juggalo
    February 20 03:15 PM
  • CatsEatNetherlands Thanks, I love your music too. And I'm pretty sure you'll come up with something big sometime. By the way, can you help me out with vocals? I've made a cover of Modest Mouse's "s*** Luck", but I don't even have a mic, so I need someone to record all those screams.
    February 20 05:57 AM
  • Dancedrewdance This is my girl right here
    February 20 12:38 AM
  • StallionMang Of course! I wouldn't have said them if they weren't true :)
    February 19 11:47 PM
  • CatsEatNetherlands Wait, is this the album you're stoked about or is there another one? Anyway, I'm going to check this sometime. I'm working on new material too, I tried to get a girl record some vocals for me and she successfully recorded, but I couldn't mix them with the instrumentals in FL Studio, so I don't have vocals, yeah. My first project is like the same breakbeat 8-bit stuff and I also have a random weird project with guitar samples and s***. It still sounds like I can't make proper music, but it's fun
    February 19 11:24 AM
  • ScuroFantasma Oh excellent! Can't wait to jam this one.
    February 18 07:03 PM
  • Flugmorph i mean i'm afraid of this. since my braces are removed. back then i had no problem with these drill's but the fear came back after this whole teeth cluster**** was done.
    February 18 03:51 PM
  • Flugmorph na its just a minor thing i'm fine. its just that i hate it to go to the dentist
    February 18 03:48 PM
  • CatsEatNetherlands how's it going brother? made any new stuff?
    February 18 02:55 PM
  • Flugmorph Just one hole where the filling broke out. I hate these things.
    February 18 07:38 AM
  • Lethean should be something myspace era deathcore sounding like I Saw The War or Right Between The Eyes or He Died In My Arms etc
    February 17 09:13 PM
  • Lethean so what's that hardcore project of yours gonna be called
    February 17 09:03 PM
  • Lethean http://parentsnz.bandcamp.com/ namaste
    February 17 06:31 PM
  • Dancedrewdance **** Megan gaynor
    February 17 02:36 PM
  • Flugmorph Tough stuff bro. Im doing just fine. My wisdom teeth are still in my mouth, but I gotta go to the teeth doctor soon :(
    February 17 03:50 AM
  • Phlegm this dropped yesterday and made me think of U for some reason https://televisionsss.bandcamp.com/album/me-oh-my-mirror
    February 17 02:08 AM
  • Dancedrewdance **** bb I forgot I'll do it now ;)
    February 16 04:21 PM
  • Flugmorph Hi Yak. How's it goin?
    February 16 06:51 AM
  • Dancedrewdance Man I swear to god if it's another sputnik user im going to obama
    February 15 07:06 PM
  • Dancedrewdance ARe you the guy playing at the house of blues ??
    February 15 07:02 PM
  • Dancedrewdance But what is ur ****book name ??
    February 15 06:14 PM
  • Dancedrewdance Lmao bb you know you sexy gurl
    February 15 06:13 PM
  • laughingman22 sent
    February 15 02:26 PM
  • Artuma haha you would've probably done that at some point anyway
    February 15 01:57 PM
  • Artuma sounds annoyingly familiar but dunno either what that is
    February 15 08:05 AM
  • Dancedrewdance Omg yass plz add me so I can show everyone ur pics and ppl will bully u
    February 14 10:55 PM
  • Dancedrewdance I can try lol send me the whole thing sometime bb
    February 14 10:48 PM
  • Dancedrewdance **** that was tight , felt like singing some hotelier over that lol
    February 14 10:03 PM
  • Dancedrewdance I l y yak
    February 14 09:50 PM
  • howmanycanyoufit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1CSOyjrKgUthrowback for u
    February 14 07:06 PM
  • Dancedrewdance I believe in reading , no I believe In shopping, no I believe in eating every single topping
    February 14 02:07 PM
  • Dancedrewdance We will one day f you believe
    February 14 02:03 PM
  • Dancedrewdance Unpredictable and unique like you
    February 14 02:00 PM
  • Dancedrewdance Bitch
    February 14 01:48 PM
  • Dancedrewdance Will you be my valentines blush face exclamation point question mark
    February 13 03:58 PM
  • Itchy2013 Haha Vasco quem o Jacob? Tens famila nos estados unidos ou
    February 12 10:45 PM
  • Dancedrewdance This guys a phoney!!!!
    February 12 08:47 PM
  • Itchy2013 this ****in bitches. im tellin u brah. they cray
    February 11 04:13 PM
  • Lakes. i'll blow you for 20 caps
    February 10 05:48 PM
  • Lakes. unbanned hard
    February 10 10:07 AM
  • BMDrummer http://i.imgur.com/lQ3ZPOa.jpg
    February 9 05:19 PM
  • BMDrummer you should've seen the community thread last night it was ****ing amazing
    February 9 02:02 PM
  • BMDrummer had that on my computer for a while, wouldn't extract correctly tho because of the title lol
    February 9 01:58 PM
  • aaronrkc Thanks! Look out for my new group Gridlock, demo in a month or so. Should be much better.
    February 9 02:37 AM
  • ADanceReturns ****ing lol at so many things here
    February 8 09:20 PM
  • aaronrkc haha you listened to my old band's demo that's chill what's up, r u from tumblr??
    February 8 06:12 PM
  • ADanceReturns I just made a whole list andd it by accident when I tried to click edit **** you
    February 8 03:27 AM
  • AtrumCimex Yak, do u do drugs?
    February 6 11:47 PM
  • laughingman22 hey http://www.sputnikmusic.com/list.php?memberid=699126
    February 6 06:02 PM
  • Mort. Thanks bro, and my spelling of skilful is the uk way so its also correct. Did you think it was good overall?
    February 6 11:25 AM
  • Mort. i wrote an awful review in the proof reading thread, would be much appreciate if you had a look at it
    February 6 09:39 AM
  • ItchyDaddy A guy on fb told me that even tho we do not share the same sexual orientation he thinks im handsome and cute.it made me feel good.
    February 5 10:33 PM
  • AtrumCimex Yes Itchy
    February 5 10:32 PM
  • ItchyDaddy Everything?
    February 5 10:23 PM
  • Dancedrewdance Lmao **** rym
    February 4 01:52 PM
  • Dancedrewdance Snide is brak like think about it
    February 4 11:54 AM
  • Dancedrewdance Space ghost = you zorak= me voltar= melonade brak= snide
    February 3 10:29 PM
  • Dancedrewdance Things your ex says
    February 3 10:16 PM
  • Dancedrewdance Headstrong I'll take you on
    February 3 10:11 PM
  • Lethean you are never getting on pitchfork with that attitude
    February 3 09:44 PM
  • Lethean the one that left you - why is the first song on here twice lmao
    February 3 09:36 PM
  • Lethean check flowers taped to pencils
    February 3 09:25 PM
  • Lethean http://charlottelightanddark.bandcamp.com/album/strewn-red-sinew
    February 3 08:46 PM
  • Dancedrewdance Hangover
    February 3 08:13 PM
  • SeaAnemone that Pinkshinyultrablast album is like woah. thx for the indirect rec.
    February 3 05:49 PM
  • Dancedrewdance Hello
    February 3 01:58 PM
  • Chin did u fr not like that nouns album i was harping on melon for not liking it
    February 2 10:39 PM
  • melonade hey im le leaving sputnik, thx for being a nice, rad guy and stuff, and thanks as well for turning me on to teen suicide. also thanks for the self depreciation thing you made a while back. thx for just being u c: btw im gonna stalk your bandcamp so rest assured that I will hear all ur music regardless of my presence on this sitr
    February 2 04:45 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot cheers yakkityyak, I'm feeling pretty confident
    February 2 02:17 PM
  • ADanceReturns Lmao rel8
    February 1 11:07 PM
  • ADanceReturns Look at the top comments on your feelings
    February 1 09:35 PM
  • melonade s/o to the nouns rating
    February 1 07:11 PM
  • ADanceReturns Look at the top comments on drown - bmth
    February 1 03:20 AM
  • ADanceReturns Lmao stoner lyfe
    January 30 07:57 PM
  • sixdegrees damn ur scrobbler must be s***. usurp synapse and hassan i sabbah are great, ill check the others!!
    January 30 07:55 PM
  • ADanceReturns Wait what did I say lol
    January 30 07:54 PM
  • sixdegrees wasnt too sure about them at first but like tracks 11-22 on that compilation are perf. any emoviolence kinda recs off the top of your head?
    January 30 07:45 PM
  • sixdegrees feeling pretty good actually compared to the last few weeks...downloaded a bunch of s*** and listening to this band called kite flying society (their bassist is now in Cobra Starship lmao)
    January 30 07:34 PM
  • sixdegrees hey so ive found myself listening to screamo again for the first time in ages
    January 30 07:26 PM
  • treeqt. you pick the lesser evil obviously.
    January 30 07:21 PM
  • treeqt. no you dont everything about boston is ass
    January 30 06:52 PM
  • treeqt. hawks, only their fans suck ass
    January 30 06:46 PM
  • treeqt. i played stuff as a kid and i dig competition
    January 30 06:35 PM
  • treeqt. im a sports person cant be a nerd smh
    January 30 06:23 PM
  • treeqt. foh !!!
    January 30 06:23 PM
  • treeqt. im not a nerd im just socially retarded and depressed
    January 30 06:12 PM
  • treeqt. 3 and a half 8 []
    January 30 05:58 PM
  • treeqt. no i'm very experienced with girls trust me !!!!
    January 30 05:43 PM
  • BMDrummer i hope it ruled
    January 30 03:38 PM
  • treeqt. what a slut lmao
    January 30 03:30 PM
  • treeqt. i'd probably agreed tbh
    January 30 03:19 PM
  • treeqt. u dweeb
    January 30 02:58 PM
  • ADanceReturns I can never give away your ulterior motive
    January 30 12:14 AM
  • Artuma bro did you check the hectic dull sound yet?
    January 29 09:27 AM
  • Kman418 i started a record collection and it is very expensive and i released my mod which was cool and i have to do sat prep s*** now and its the worst thing ive ever experienced wbu
    January 29 12:37 AM
  • Kman418 s***
    January 28 10:01 PM
  • Kman418 i was joking u dweeb
    January 28 09:39 PM
  • Mort. Fair enough. Stay wiggly
    January 28 04:37 PM
  • Mort. im john zorn believe it or not.
    January 27 02:04 PM
  • Havey i'm so down to cuddle to some henry flynt rn
    January 26 06:48 PM
  • ADanceReturns TunaCan45
    January 26 06:37 PM
  • ADanceReturns Why don't you look me in the eyes when you play funk with me
    January 26 06:26 PM
  • danielito19 it was super confusing for a bit; although yeah it's basically just a pattern of 4s with an extra 3 in there. If you take the hi hat as an 8th note instead of a 4th, then you get a simple pattern of 3 measures of 8/8 with a 3/8 at the end, then it seems to just be alternating between that phrase, and a phrase of 3 measures of 8/8.
    January 26 04:04 PM
  • ADanceReturns Do you really mean it ??
    January 25 11:10 PM
  • melonade listen, ik feelings are scary and expressing them are scary as well, but trust me, once you truly tell him how u fell, he'll be overjoyed, its all he truly wants c:
    January 25 08:50 PM
  • melonade well this is why he started talking to me so idk take that as you will http://www.sputnikmusic.com/list.php?memberid=1052327
    January 25 08:38 PM
  • danielito19 you could say that sure
    January 25 06:56 PM
  • Mort. Wiggywigglewigglywiggle i am the wiggle man
    January 25 06:50 PM
  • ADanceReturns Snake will do it
    January 25 04:05 PM
  • FourthReich http://postimg.org/image/gdieh46xf/
    January 25 03:35 PM
  • dimsim3478 the reason that the australians you have encountered are so cool is because australia is a thoroughly uncool place
    January 25 04:44 AM
  • ADanceReturns I will 5ever
    January 24 11:27 PM
  • ADanceReturns No I don't listen to that screamo crap lol I just pretend I like those bands and listen to Lenny kravitz and Eminem and ****
    January 24 07:37 PM
  • ADanceReturns Did you just give me a sputnik game walk through lmao
    January 24 07:31 PM
  • ADanceReturns When you ducked grandpa did he tell you that he loves you
    January 24 07:15 PM
  • Chin check this out i bet you'd dig ithttp://www.sputnikmusic.com/bands/Attic-Abasement/46131/
    January 24 06:17 PM
  • dimsim3478 i would very much like to hang but i can't afford to fly across the Pacific atm
    January 24 06:49 AM
  • BLUEOmni Very
    January 24 03:10 AM
  • Brabiz I feel like the beginning is really weak, but i plan on beefing it up for the final album version. But thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
    January 22 07:10 PM
  • melonade not gonna force it lol I just tend to have a lot of bands/genres grow on me, like brand new and circle takes the square just by listening to the s*** out of it lol
    January 22 04:41 PM
  • laughingman22 thank you :)
    January 22 04:40 PM
  • melonade I wish I could dig it idk I hope I acquire the taste soon
    January 22 04:36 PM
  • melonade Im sorry some skramz is just weird to me, same reason I don't care for city of caterpillar idk
    January 22 03:53 PM
  • Brabiz You said to keep youd! So here's the first single https://goodbyetosleep.bandcamp.com/releases
    January 22 03:18 PM
  • ADanceReturns Amirite
    January 21 06:43 PM
  • ADanceReturns Me and my cousin touched weeeeeeeeeeeeinter is a nice season
    January 21 06:39 PM
  • treeqt. yeah no prob bruv any time
    January 21 06:33 PM
  • treeqt. yes
    January 21 06:30 PM
  • StallionMang How's it feel 2 be famous
    January 21 05:28 PM
  • ADanceReturns I wanna hold you in my arms yeah
    January 21 04:00 PM
  • ADanceReturns I don't know what it is I like so much about you
    January 21 03:59 PM
  • Itchy2014 tfw youre no longer a relevant user. tfw nobody cares about your 2014 list. tfw nothing to live for
    January 21 03:33 PM
  • StallionMang https://twitter.com/Thuglifethor/status/557977042185371648
    January 21 02:31 PM
  • melonade perfect, just like u
    January 20 07:47 PM
  • melonade you can most definitely, also can you do some guest harmonica solos on a few of the songs? we're trying to go for a bit more of a prog sound
    January 20 07:10 PM
  • melonade only if you fly up to mn and help produce the album me and portraitsofdecay are putting out through our new p ost-djent twinkly emo band tbh
    January 20 07:06 PM
  • melonade saying u love me isn't a very good marketing campaign Mr. Yak I won't be swayed to listen to ur album soley by these emotions
    January 20 07:01 PM
  • melonade actually nah, like I haven't seen a movie in a while, too busy like listening to music and obsessing over my girl problems smh
    January 20 06:57 PM
  • Rhyme well in canada where i am rn it's dark and cold so pretty much the opposite to you lol but i imagine everything else matters is perfect for spring/summer weather
    January 19 05:10 PM
  • Rhyme glad you dig it man :] and yea the bass parts are awesome, one of my favourite parts about the album
    January 19 03:11 PM
  • fromtheinside agreed. forehead.
    January 19 01:36 PM
  • fromtheinside surprised you didn't say something about a certain car
    January 19 01:32 PM
  • fromtheinside in dreams dementia is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good
    January 19 01:10 PM
  • Rhyme nice man can't wait to hear your thoughts
    January 18 11:51 PM
  • Rhyme well the other half to marigold is just blissful and droning guitar textures so i suppose a minute off wouldn't be too bad. personally i wouldn't but you really wouldnt be missing out
    January 18 11:31 PM
  • ADanceReturns I am me aren't I Yaknips aren't i
    January 18 11:27 PM
  • Rhyme nice and yeh i finally gave the brave little abacus a chance last week and fell in love instantly
    January 18 11:06 PM
  • Rhyme maybe parts of it sounds like that EP but not really. perhaps you should check out pinkshinyultrablast's EP before checking everything else matters, it's only like 14 minutes. if you dig it then check everything else matter right after
    January 18 11:01 PM
  • Rhyme not sure tbh, if you want energetic shoegaze then i suggest you check it
    January 18 10:44 PM
  • ADanceReturns Snake will do it !!!!!!1
    January 18 10:40 PM
  • laughingman22 no problem, I think the viola really works well with your songs, please let me know if you got anything else you want me to do
    January 18 09:40 PM
  • ADanceReturns One day can I b your dad
    January 18 08:18 PM
  • laughingman22 sent you some viola
    January 18 08:12 PM
  • ADanceReturns Cause I like to make you smile smile smile yes I do :)
    January 17 11:08 AM
  • Frippertronics the fire rises, neat. 5/5, will proclaim from the rooftops of its greatness gg
    January 17 12:29 AM
  • Frippertronics that sounds horrible, where's the fire? through the flames?
    January 17 12:22 AM
  • Frippertronics got ya. how will it sound like when you hand yourself the AUX cord?
    January 17 12:20 AM
  • Frippertronics even better. will "my ****ing ears" be an important lyrical motif this time around?
    January 17 12:07 AM

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