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  • SachikoM Yeah, but those are up against my countless attempts to get people into power electronics and EAI. :3
    November 29 03:37 AM
  • SachikoM Glad to hear you like it!!! It's good to know that for every 50 misses there's at least 1 hit. It means I'm getting somewhere. :D
    November 29 03:03 AM
  • alienobserver march 28th was a bad day for me but jom took pity on my soul and i was reincarnated as an ~ethereal~ drone folk boi
    November 27 03:51 PM
  • bach listening to kozelek makes me be like "damn i could be this guy so at least i got that goin for me" so that also helps when i'm feelin bluuuee
    November 26 02:08 AM
  • bach its nothing special dawg. now you can go to 7/11 and by your own cigarettes and thats about it honestly. dont stress it too much. and same man. and i'm good. i told you im back in school now right? i been doin that and having fun with friends. i got a new love interest now haha things might be looking up for me
    November 26 01:53 AM
  • bach how life be my old friend?
    November 26 01:46 AM
  • Phlegm heyyyyyy
    November 26 01:13 AM
  • bach ayyyye julien baker slaps shouts out you
    November 26 01:10 AM
  • Mort. finally checked Usurp Synapse after like two years of putting them off, good s*** good s*** good s***
    November 25 07:39 AM
  • Mort. cheeers bruh will check
    November 22 08:58 AM
  • Mort. do you know of any skramz bands with like electronic influences?
    November 21 07:15 PM
  • SachikoM Damn. I loved that collab. It hit all of my improv sweet spots. I can understand not liking it tho... It's not for everyone.... I'm going to go on a big pop binge, got any sweet recs for me? I'm open to all kinds of pop, so whatever you can come up with. :)
    November 20 02:34 AM
  • SachikoM Love Ullmann. Books Fire Wind or whatever it is called and Fremde Zeit Addendum are great. I don't know what you were getting at with that improvisation comment tho, it felt condescending.... Hopefully there's something in those recs that fits the bill, I feel like I'm a bit rusty knowledge-wise.
    November 20 02:26 AM
  • SachikoM calypso borealis - ore bowal, belong - october language (i'm not a fan of this tbh), maybe some tuluum shimmering (but seeing as you weren't huge on Eliane, you probably won't be huge on this either), and i'll give you others i think of as they come to me.
    November 19 01:57 AM
  • SachikoM Now that I look back at it all, something like meadowlark is pretty rare. There's not much that compares imo, but anyways: uncertain - musick for moths (https://uncertain.bandcamp.com/album/ther-musick-for-moths), caen - the history of your immediate surroundings (https://monorailtrespassing.bandcamp.com/album/the-history-of-your-immediate-surroundings), crown of cerberus - with arms... (first track: https://depravitylabel.bandcamp.com/album/with-arms-extended-to-the-heavens), tbc
    November 19 01:46 AM
  • SachikoM I haven't been listening to much drone/ambient recently tbh, so I'll have to relisten to some stuff, but yeah, I'll give you some recs (if I can find some suitable ones). It might take me a day or so tho....
    November 18 02:46 AM
  • SachikoM agreed so hard. hopefully uni gets me away from this cesspool
    November 16 01:36 AM
  • SachikoM Damn. Maybe next time.
    November 16 01:17 AM
  • SachikoM are you back? is this real?
    November 15 08:04 PM
  • SCREAM! Sure man. You can send it over fb if you want
    November 12 02:27 PM
  • alienobserver (i'm actually starting to have my doubts about it but i've already written my hyperbolic review and i'm defending it to the death in the thread so i'm too far in)
    November 11 10:27 PM
  • squaaab hope you still live me just as do i you
    October 24 03:59 AM
  • alienobserver harmlessness SUCKED
    October 23 08:28 PM
  • hal1ax Ya Venice is dope. I live in Santa Monica it's ayt. Should hmu if u ever around LA again playboi
    October 23 04:06 PM
  • hal1ax ohh s*** sup bro. and ya i wish i was there too hah. LA sucks. I'm actually going to portland this thursday tho !
    October 18 03:53 PM
  • Mort. think you recced me Intohimo ages ago, listening to them now finally and i dig so thanks
    October 14 09:53 AM
  • hal1ax miss u bro. no one else hard reps Grouper with me :( hope you're liking oregon
    October 7 12:25 AM
  • ExplosiveOranges bruv
    October 6 10:26 PM
  • SachikoM I miss you bb.
    October 5 11:21 PM
  • torts lol yea, just save a few for me
    October 5 09:19 PM
  • basikchanL yeahh it do. and agreed on movietone, perfect for night...
    October 5 08:26 PM
  • torts heard yr a fan lol-torts
    October 4 04:57 PM
  • basikchanL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oVN6fEg-3oya so this would totally b ur s***
    October 3 11:23 PM
  • OldManGramps Hi Yak! How's it going? I wanted to let you that I released another album I've been working a lot on. I'd like to share it with you, if you have the time to check it. https://lonneys.bandcamp.com/album/kind-self I hope you enjoy it!
    October 1 01:59 AM
  • ASnideReturns So dude, you should check my latest list, I got married!
    September 29 05:18 PM
  • sgmpsy I like your icon. :*
    September 25 02:23 PM
  • ScuroFantasma Hey no worries man, I'm glad I've contributed in some way (:, it's evident you've grown a lot as a musician and I always enjoy listening to your stuff. I'll look forward to new SS too.
    September 24 12:14 AM
  • blatho Ahehha, sounds of joyful noises brotha and Chroooooooooottt!Pure innocent runninghood of innovation brotha ahehha
    September 8 12:37 AM
  • blatho I love you Brotha, I often thought of you. Please stay, meet me soon, and making sounds together
    September 8 12:34 AM
  • Mort. ah fair enough man, yeah im good, going off to university in about 2 weeks so looking forward to that. studying philosophy
    September 3 02:12 PM
  • Valkyrion i got nothing but good ol' self going on. you active on rym?
    September 3 11:10 AM
  • Mort. What's north?
    September 2 03:07 PM
  • SachikoM Kobresia would be a classic if there wasn't that ****ing russian monotone over the top. Talk about a mood killer.... ( _ )
    September 1 09:10 PM
  • Rhyme well thats one reason why i havent tried drugs yet but im contemplating it but i really dont think yr a massive s***head
    September 1 08:09 AM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot that's a good analogy actually
    September 1 07:39 AM
  • Mort. how is life? i never speak you anymore : (
    September 1 07:15 AM
  • SachikoM I didn't expect you to love them all.... I reckon you'll like that tanner garza album though, it's got those melancholy vibes in spades. Substrata is an album that only works for me on certain occasions, and on others leaves me really disenchanted. I remember the first time I listened to it I loved it, but the second time I thought it was boring af. Then a couple of months later, when I came back to it, I fell back in love with it....
    September 1 06:06 AM
  • SachikoM I haven't actually listened to it. I'll give it a shot, I guess...Did you ever get around to listening to those ambient albums I recced you?
    September 1 06:00 AM
  • SachikoM It would be hard to make the same mistakes when you would do everything differently the next time around. I'd probably end up making new mistakes instead. ( _ )
    September 1 05:44 AM
  • SachikoM I honestly just want to start anew. I don't even know myself anymore....
    September 1 05:36 AM
  • SachikoM Hate me.
    September 1 05:30 AM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot I'll probably bump it. Gonna jam a bit today
    September 1 04:00 AM
  • Rhyme i dont think it is tbh but i just dont know where to get it. i know a guy who knows where to get some but i dont see him often or have his number to ask where i can get some
    August 31 08:41 PM
  • Rhyme if i knew where to cop weed i'd totally try it lol
    August 31 11:00 AM
  • bathtub u seem like such a babe honestly
    August 31 09:42 AM
  • bathtub r u single wanna date
    August 30 09:05 PM
  • bathtub waaaaaaaawaaaaaaa
    August 30 09:00 AM
  • skeames1214 I think it's as good as pretty much anything from BTMI (career highlights excepted). I really like how forward the vocals are relative to a lot of BTMI's stuff. Haven't listened to nearly as much ASB as I should.
    August 29 05:58 PM
  • skeames1214 Chris Farren, I think. He's done some decent stuff in the past and he seems like a good dude, but ya. More Jeff pls. Did you dig We Cool?
    August 29 05:37 PM
  • skeames1214 That Antarctigo Vespucci album did kinda suck, didn't it?
    August 29 03:49 PM
  • scottpilgrim10 You'd Like it. It's very fast paced and vulgar. It's also colorful and the music rocks too. I bought the soundtrack mainly to play the theme song over and over again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZRo8Z1Ser8
    August 28 08:24 PM
  • scottpilgrim10 Nice!, people seem to either love or hate the series, although about 90% of the reviews on IMDB are 10/10s. The music and animation are probably my favorite parts of the show. So far every Gainax series I've seen has been really good (basically just FLCL and Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt).
    August 28 01:12 PM
  • puntugruhm ahh hell yeah nice dude
    August 28 11:05 AM
  • JoeMcSatanBalls Do you jokingly have pierce the veil at a 5?
    August 28 08:30 AM
  • scottpilgrim10 What's your opinion on the show? I liked it, but after two viewings I still don't love it.
    August 28 12:31 AM
  • puntugruhm http://foglake.bandcamp.com/album/victoria-parkfeel like this would be your jam
    August 27 03:42 PM
  • SachikoM And all that we could do with this e mo tion
    August 26 04:50 PM
  • scottpilgrim10 Did you use to have a character from FLCL as your avatar?
    August 26 03:27 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot i see you're also a fan of sir evan pincus
    August 25 11:42 PM
  • alienobserver i like to plug in this little speaker into my phone at night and it has this blue light and it spreads all over the room and it just gives everything this little blue glow and the room's all dark but it just adds this really nice atmosphere too it and i have this nice playlist and it's like a mix of fka twigs and the internet and gy!be and slowdive and galaxie 500 and portishead and the weeknd and that's why night is my favorite time of the day
    August 24 03:45 PM
  • Cygnatti lol im havin difficulty processing what you just said :]
    August 24 01:49 AM
  • Cygnatti i think you'd dig :] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fND_Y6OgsDs
    August 22 11:03 PM
  • SnakeDelilah i need a bluetooth something actually
    August 22 04:36 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot that Helen album leaked
    August 22 03:24 PM
  • SnakeDelilah Hi! How are you doing today? :D
    August 22 12:19 PM
  • Trebor. s*** i posted three shoutbox things but it only posted one of them
    August 17 01:42 PM
    August 16 03:13 PM
  • hal1ax hah fukk yes! i love oregon. I'm gonna be up in portland visiting a girly in october. so excited for cold weather. and ya u might likee - droney folky weirdness.
    August 13 10:59 PM
  • hal1ax also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T31bvoJsx1Mi think you might dig this. like ambient / dark folk, its good. and ohhhh ya thats right, you're moving to oregon, ya?
    August 13 07:58 PM
  • Nimb49 bb.
    August 13 01:51 AM
  • hal1ax https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iOWquvu2_8
    August 12 06:06 PM
  • Havey year-end? sure
    August 12 05:02 PM
  • Nimb49 http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-xRB04Df-wLU/Ug6-TaUqqNI/AAAAAAAAAOM/xjKxNPxAq6E/s1600/Cover.jpg
    August 12 05:47 AM
  • BlueSwan Dude dope that's a great excuse lmao :p!!
    August 12 12:20 AM
  • BlueSwan You never wished me a happy bday :(
    August 11 02:29 PM
  • Cygnatti that's fine. take as long as you'll need. we'll want to be as thorough as possible when doing this. bedroom pop already has a bit of a negative perception (much like vaporwave did). i'd suggest making a list about it, highlighting it's influences (specific albums, as well as past genres), significant releases (including VA compilations), etc. i'll try to do some research myself as well!
    August 10 03:17 PM
  • Cygnatti dude i really want rym to add bedroom pop onto their genre list. since you're like the expert on it, can i ask you to do it? if not, i'll try to do it myself. :] but i'll need all the help i can get. can i at least ask you to make a comprehensive bedroom pop list for sput so i can analyze from thereon?
    August 10 12:52 PM
  • Arcade yo just wanna say your rev for the new Elvis Depressedly album was really good and motivated me to check the band and they rule hard so cheers
    August 10 05:25 AM
    August 10 05:07 AM
  • BlueSwan Is the split on your band camp babe :o?
    August 8 08:39 PM
  • BMDrummer lol i guess it won't get featured
    August 8 02:17 AM
  • BMDrummer i think our list went well
    August 8 02:15 AM
  • squaaab deal
    August 6 02:42 AM
  • BlueSwan If there's a cold spot in hell I hope you get it
    August 6 12:52 AM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot new Titus isn't good, don't be fooled : |
    August 5 12:55 AM
  • OldManGramps nice! I would love to bust another one out this year since they're always fun so probably
    August 4 09:26 AM
  • OldManGramps woah ! hey hey pally ya found me!!! i actually noticed you commented on one of my videos and i thought that was really cool and then i check back on my profile here and then wooaAAAA
    August 4 02:35 AM
  • RosaParks luv u bro don't worry. u rule
    August 3 06:04 AM
  • RosaParks well we can continue to do it at the very least.
    August 3 05:50 AM
  • RosaParks im sorry. i really like listening to music with you a lot and i hate seeing you feel bad. we don't have to do that anymore if you don't want
    August 3 05:24 AM
  • melnadaiid I feel u that's me with like adtr and bmth its a struggle
    August 2 09:11 PM
  • melnadaiid no I know it should be about a 1 I'm supposed you'd even give it that there's like one ok song
    August 2 08:23 PM
  • melnadaiid reckless and relentless 2.5 whyyyyyyyy :c
    August 2 08:14 PM
  • hal1ax sick im gonna check those tunes when i get home from work later. and ya i get that man. no worries. just lettin you know I'm down to listen if u ever need that
    August 2 10:42 AM
  • hal1ax Happiness out of the day. Hope you're doing well too dude. Hit me up if yuh ever wanna chat. I work at a psych ward so... Ya Im a good listener
    August 2 12:14 AM
  • hal1ax Awww man that's awesome! I would really like to hear some of it if you ever are free and able to send me some. And Ya thanks man. It helps me when people react constructively when I tell them. Even if it's over the Internet, makes me feel better. A lot of people just act so disgusted when I tell them I've relapsed. I'm 26 and been in and out of rehabs since I was 19. It's a fukked up life but I'm getting better at dealing with it. Hopefully tomorrow I can just resist and siphon a tinge of
    August 2 12:12 AM
  • hal1ax what is single soul???
    August 1 11:10 PM
  • hal1ax interesting and dull eh? sounds very ambivalent. me? ehh, just had kind of a relapse. took a shot of heroin a few hours ago , then had a good cry in the shower lol. and sry if I'm bugging. just sick of my real life friends i guess
    August 1 11:09 PM
  • hal1ax Hi yak. How are u
    August 1 10:41 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot maybe if I could find it on slsk:[
    July 31 09:57 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot new suis la lune unnnggg
    July 31 09:38 PM
  • deathschool Ah, okay. Yeah, probably. I'll fix that sometime. That's apparently 3 years old and no one ever caught that. Smh
    July 30 11:03 PM
  • deathschool Kind of rant-y, but if you're interested.. http://m.figment.com/books/362828-For-the-F-ck-of-Love/chapters/635181
    July 30 09:36 PM
  • deathschool Thanks man. Once upon a crime, I wrote a sort of more elaborate version of that sentiment.
    July 30 09:24 PM
  • Parallels im sorry :( but yeah, working in a bookstore drained my soul for a couple years so its not a time i want to remember
    July 30 09:16 PM
  • Parallels its s***e, i had to listen to them on repeat for a year straight working in a bookstore
    July 30 08:59 PM
  • solongatlast Ok, cool. Funny story about Lone, for some reason I recorded it outside during a freezing winter night and my fingers were going numb and I couldn't breathe too well, so that's why it sounds so shaky in places. I really like how it ended up though, I definitely want to try more stuff in that direction.
    July 30 08:18 PM
  • deathschool I did do that
    July 30 07:23 PM
  • solongatlast Sure, feel free. And thanks for the ratings! What would you say is your favorite track on stuff and things? Cause I did a few different things there and I'm curious what worked best.
    July 30 04:29 PM
  • SnakeDelilah when are you going to be an adult and finally check out all the 90's twinkle that isn't af
    July 30 01:21 AM
  • Frippertronics yeah i downloaded it two months ago and it's still sitting in the queue on my soulseek. just sitting there.
    July 30 01:17 AM
  • Frippertronics oh yeah i just remember to ask you, but you know Grouper did an album with Xiu Xiu, right?
    July 30 01:09 AM
  • BlueSwan Hey man I'm an African prince and I just inherited a bunch of money from a relative but I need help from someone moving all my money to the states could you help me out ?
    July 29 09:38 PM
  • BlueSwan The feels are reals
    July 29 09:34 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot try Moon Ate the Dark... might be your ish
    July 29 08:17 PM
  • hal1ax also your 2014 list is fuggin goldddd. i love how much u love Ruins. all of my friends like vastly prefer dragging a dead deer and AIA. thought i was just ****ing retarded for obsessing over ruins till i saw your list and i was like YEPPPPP THIS NIGA GETS IT
    July 29 07:08 PM
  • hal1ax brajj that list is unreal. my soulseek was working overtime for a solid week when i came across that s***
    July 29 07:06 PM
  • laughingman22 sent you a couple violas
    July 29 07:03 PM
  • Nimb49 They're pretty smooth other for a cheap(ish) cigarette.
    July 29 05:01 PM
  • hal1ax mmm naw i think i heard about them from one of your lists. lol i always hit u up for emo / skramz reczz - keyblade for shoegaze - pots for that neo-soul biz - and of course living for da noise and weird awesome ambient s***. oh and all your bedroom pop recs have been complete fire.
    July 29 04:55 PM
  • Nimb49 But I don't smoke much/often these days.
    July 29 04:44 PM
  • Nimb49 Yeah.
    July 29 04:40 PM
  • hal1ax is it weird that i like masked dancers more than just got back from the discomfort?
    July 29 03:35 PM
  • hal1ax ya it's nothing too groundbreaking. kinda feels to me like hammock meets russian circles. just a relaxing and kind of up lifting albyy. was just in the mood for it yesterday i guess. and that orchid album is pretty ****in great. i also just discovered the brave little abacus and have been super into it
    July 29 03:33 PM
  • Mort. saudade rule thanks for the rec
    July 29 03:16 PM
  • BlueSwan Bring God back Tom damnit
    July 29 01:50 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot hmm yea I'll see what I can find
    July 29 06:54 AM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot : ]
    July 29 12:05 AM
  • hal1ax ya man do it. album is pretty killer
    July 28 11:54 PM
  • hal1ax have you ever listened to *shels? i feel like you might like them. *shels - Plains of the Purple Buffalo (album)
    July 28 11:28 PM
  • laughingman22 Yeah I would love to record some more viola for you, the email you sent though didn't have any attachments.
    July 28 02:31 PM
  • hal1ax Dang dang choochoo train all your recs are gold. Couldn't really get into studying tho. His voice is a tad grating. Ay what is a good orchid album to start at? Been in the mood for that bizz lately. I crave that type of stuff when it's agonizingly hot outside.
    July 28 01:15 PM
  • hal1ax i possess dominion over s*** too. if we combine our powers, we could rule over all fecal matter i think. also, hit the pigeon boy! is suuupa cool and good and s***
    July 28 02:15 AM
  • hal1ax u da king u da king
    July 28 01:54 AM
  • solongatlast alright cool, haha that's great though
    July 27 09:49 PM
  • hal1ax yakkyy babe. you have any whiny ass lo fi emo-y s*** like Morning Effort and like sad sappy sucker era modest mouse?
    July 27 06:15 PM
  • solongatlast hey so now that your music taste has probably changed quite a bit, what do you think of my winesburg stuff? Feel free to rate it too, even if it's super low.
    July 26 11:54 PM
  • deathschool Ahhh, I gotcha. That's cool.
    July 26 02:52 PM
  • deathschool I wasn't sure how I felt about those death growls at first either, but they grew on me pretty quick. Did you end up not quite feeling it?
    July 26 02:47 PM
  • SillyCaringRabbitPal im straight edge!
    July 26 01:49 PM
  • Mort. **** me, listened to enough Celer recently?
    July 26 12:08 PM
  • Nimb49 It's just tough to find time to write all the descriptions with school being busy as **** atm.
    July 26 03:11 AM
  • Nimb49 I can probably put the list up (without any descriptions) tomorrow if you like.
    July 26 03:06 AM
  • Nimb49 Sorry man.... It's on the way, should be up some time this week.
    July 26 02:54 AM
  • SillyCaringRabbitPal when the yak is a decepticon -________ -
    July 26 12:03 AM
  • SillyCaringRabbitPal i havent heard it because actually im a PLEB but i am going to hear it right now because i trust your judgement and excellent taste high five! xD
    July 25 11:56 PM
  • puntugruhm ill be sure to give it a listen.it was. and i love how it combined 3 of your seemingly favorite genres (emo, lo-fi ambient, and cloud rap) idk if that was intentional er what but it worked! ; )
    July 25 09:40 PM
  • puntugruhm in love with "yr love will punish you" rn...
    July 25 07:40 PM
  • Nimb49 It's a genre you need to ease yourself into, otherwise you'll end up hearing crazy bleeps, bloops and sine-wobbles without any prior experience (which can be incredibly unpleasant).... If you want recs, just ask me.
    July 25 02:25 AM
  • Nimb49 Nah.... The only stuff that might give you any form of tinnitus would be Sachiko and her sine-waves of doom or maybe Toshimaru Nakamura at his ear-splitting worst. A lot of onkyo has close ties to chamber music and lowercase (even more so nowadays), or even ambient and occasionally noise. It's just about finding the right onkyo for your ears imo.
    July 25 02:15 AM
  • Nimb49 It's a pretty hit-and-miss genre tho...
    July 25 02:05 AM
  • Nimb49 I've always listened to onkyo.... I only rated some because I was bored and the site was dead quiet last night.
    July 25 02:04 AM
  • FourthReich https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90EyczfabsIi thought you were a jap when you first joined
    July 24 05:57 PM
  • itchybutthole I came 3 times in the span of 2hours while phone sexing.sup with u braj?
    July 24 04:45 PM
  • BlueSwan Sex dinosaurs and racism
    July 23 08:38 PM
  • BlueSwan Okay through Skype just gotta figure out how to record that s*** ;)
    July 23 12:18 PM
  • BlueSwan Can we start a podcast
    July 23 03:25 AM
  • Nimb49 Holy s***.... That is both wonderfully brilliant and cringeworthy at the same time.
    July 23 01:30 AM
  • hal1ax hell hath no fury like a yaks scorn for vocal gimmickry in bm
    July 22 06:42 PM
  • hal1ax haha dat beherit rating is c0ldddd blooded neegroooo
    July 22 06:35 PM
  • puntugruhm glad ya like it!
    July 22 11:06 AM
  • finkfink dad
    July 22 09:06 AM
  • finkfink im needa talk 2 u abt sput 4 this ****in sociology case study i need ya to tell be about your relationship with the community and like how much u feel connected and included and involved and what you like about it and what u don't ?????asap????? (if u can/want it would be really really helpful)(i blocked myself from fb for like 12 hours lmao im an idiot) (send me stuff there ?)(rn i feel like ur mom putting smthn on ur fb wall and being embarrasin ) lvoe u sweatie , xx
    July 22 08:02 AM
  • finkfink hey u r u active rn
    July 22 07:57 AM
  • hal1ax about as fun**
    July 22 02:05 AM
  • hal1ax Aw what a sweetie pie. Ya I was gonna make one once and then imagined how having to catch up with all of the abhorrent people I went to high school with sounds about as **** as masterbating with sand paper.
    July 22 02:03 AM
  • hal1ax na haha. I've never made a social media account. maybe i should idk. I'm pretty anti social i guess. i have email haha. and a phone number.
    July 22 12:43 AM
  • hal1ax haha i know u are def the guy to talk to. that 2014 list is sick as fukk. the saudade record is amazing too.. and the via fond ep! fuuuuuukkk. also- morning effort is my jam. love that twangy whiny ass mid western emo sound. i gotta track down more of that too.
    July 22 12:26 AM
  • hal1ax Damn I need to get at more skramz dude. I was browsing your best of 2014 list and found some straight gemzz. That deer in the headlights has been playing non stop in my car the past few days
    July 22 12:22 AM
  • hal1ax ohhh ok i gotcha. like a shoegaze-y type of approach to vox? where they're kinda mixed slightly behind the instrumental. and ya more assistive and supplemental. ya i like stuff like that in atmospheric BM for sure. with gorgoroth tho, i like how wretched and raw and emotional the vox sound... those sludgy breakdown parts on the record where he's just shrilling for a straight 10 seconds it feels like the ****ing world is crumbling around me. i love it
    July 22 12:12 AM
  • hal1ax and fakkk dude have you ever listened to Peste Noir? from France. i just jammed this album for the first time today and fell in love. Peste Noir - La Sanie des siecles - Panegyrique de la (Album)
    July 22 12:07 AM
  • hal1ax ya i mean that whole record is pretty simple and straight forward - nothing too ground breaking. i just really love love love the vocals and their guitar tones are evil as ****. u might dig the song Maneskyggens slave on that record
    July 22 12:05 AM
  • hal1ax honestly, this band kinda gets hated on this site but they're old stuff is some of my all time fav bm. also- these are like my favorite bm box. Gorgoroth - Ritual (song) I'm curious to see what u think
    July 21 11:54 PM
  • hal1ax hahaha! i actually like them! but yes they're a little cheesy.
    July 21 11:53 PM
  • puntugruhm movietone - day and night.check it.
    July 21 11:07 PM
  • hal1ax beherit - drawing down the moon ****
    July 21 08:33 PM
  • hal1ax ya thats kinda how i felt about it at first too. give it another go. also if we're talking classics -- dissection storm of lights bane // behest - drawing down the moon. mandatoryyyy
    July 21 08:32 PM
  • hal1ax also noticed u just ranked tranny hunger!!!1 u gotta catch up on the bm classics baby boiii. PLS TELL ME YOUVE HEARD IN THE NIGHTSIDE ECLIPSE
    July 21 08:04 PM
  • hal1ax o heck yes. thanks dude
    July 21 07:56 PM
  • hal1ax wtf really? i thought i had her whole discog... i must find that ep. and ya original is pretty ok. I'm not a huge massive attack fan but burials rendition is cool imo.
    July 21 07:51 PM
  • hal1ax also --https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N701JYnjaMsYR WELCUM
    July 21 07:31 PM
  • hal1ax ur new pic is scary bud
    July 21 07:31 PM
  • BlueSwan You diggin paramore or what ?
    July 21 02:21 AM
    July 20 01:54 PM
  • danielito19 haha that made my ****ing day dude.
    July 20 11:42 AM
  • hal1ax ya i used to snort the 30mg blue oxycodones. twas pretty ****ed up. had to stop
    July 20 03:49 AM
  • hal1ax hah ya i took a buncha hydrocodone when i got off work today. just retarded af right now
    July 19 09:51 PM
  • hal1ax hear *** wow I'm tired
    July 19 08:48 PM
  • hal1ax I've only listened to the first song thus far and already love this! agreed about the raw recording - i def think it reinforces and supplements the overall sound. i also really like the vocals man. they seem genuinely emotional as opposed to a lot of that forced, try-hard bulls***. was also surprised to here how shreddy it is. i typically am not a fan of that guitar solo wanky s*** but it actually works on this. and i def get the post-rock vibe u were talking about. this is super good man
    July 19 08:47 PM
  • hal1ax ya honestly i haven't been ecstatic about a bm record in a while. prob not since the last Gris album
    July 19 07:36 PM

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