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Release Date: 1973 | Tracklist

Review Summary: "Aint it funny how the feeling goes away"

As of this month I decided to do a little “road trip” into the old classic artists such as the Eagles, Pink Floyd, Guns N' Roses, and Neil Young. Listening to each of their discographies from start to finish. Listening through The Eagles self titled debut I was excited to see what their second LP release, “Deperado” would have in store. Listening through for the first time I was hooked in immediately. Bringing back the beautiful harmonies, soaring choruses, and driving riffs from the first album, while adding a new flavour to it. The Eagles achieved what any follow up should do. Build on the sound of their previous work while propelling them into new waters.

"Doolin-Dalton" starts the album off on an appropriate note with its infectious lone ranger-esc harmonica line. The song slowly builds and brings you along the journey with character Doolin-Dalton in an old style Western atmosphere, setting the scene for the concepts to follow. Great opener that really draws you into the album and the story. (4/5)

"Twenty-One" is a bouncy old country tune that makes good use of sliding guitars and banjo lines. Although a good song, I would most likely not come back to listen to this song again. It may be because I am a product of a generation who did not hear this for the first time but I feel like it’s a song that has been done before. (2.5/5)

"Out of Control" has the same problem for me. It is a good listen, but has the same blues scale drive that you hear in many other rock and roll songs. A formula that although catchy and driving has grown a bit tiresome over the years. This being said, as a rock and roll banger of the 70’s it does its job. (2.5/5).

"Tequila Sunrise" brought me back into the atmosphere that I was feeling fondest of from the likes of "Doolin-Dalton". A nice, fun camp fire kind of song that will have you swinging along with the laid back atmosphere that seems to reminisce “Peaceful Easy Feeling” from debut album. (3/5)

"Desperado" earned its way as being one of the greatest known Eagles songs of all time. Making its way on 2004 Rolling Stone’s "500 Greatest Songs of All Time.” A claim rightfully merited. The song opens up with a beautiful piano line which you can tell pioneered a sound that would appear once again in the songs such as “Vienna” By Billy Joel. Desperado takes a profound emotional grasp on the listener through its brilliant instrumentation using simple piano and orchestral arrangement. Don Henley’s vocals are the highlight, steering the story and emotion to the summit of the album. (5/5)

Certain Kind of Fool, although having a catchy melody didn’t draw me in as much as its predecessor. It felt a bit dragging. slugging along and going through the motions. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the chorus which suddenly changes its tone, which I felt was fitting to break up the monotony I felt in verses. (2/5)

Doolin-Dalton (Instrumental) acts as a fun interlude for the album that sounds like an energetic blue-grass jam you might hear. (3/5)

Outlaw Man is an anthem of solitude and features very catchy melodies and lyrics that compliment the album concept. Giving you a, “I don’t care what you think” attitude that was needed in this album. Something that “Out of Control” tried to capture but didn’t quite attain as successfully. (4/5)

Saturday Night is another great song of this album. It captures the similar atmosphere of “Tequila Sunrise” which is the kind of emotion that is the highlight of the album. A blend of old school country and Mediterranean influences creating a unique and enjoyable experience. (4/5).

Bitter Creek takes you to the backwoods. The Eagles know how to write a great blues song. featuring beautiful harmonies and dark but yet still uplifting guitar work. Bitter Creek hits the mark in both capturing the albums concept while adding something new to it. (4/5)

Doolin-Dalton /Desperado acts as a grandiose closer to the album, it serves the purpose it is trying to achieve. Reprising its opening song with a more uplifting atmosphere to leave listener with a positive feeling exiting the album (3/5)

Desperado is a great album that I'm sure will stand the test of time. It has classic songs that you will find yourself humming along to. The concept of solitude and the outlaw in all of us stays consistent throughout the album never veering too far and keeping us hooked. the album has some amazing songs, but contains some cliched (maybe not back then!) content which can slow the experience but never hinder it.

Recommended Songs:
Saturday Night
Bitter Creek

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January 19th 2017


Welcome friend and have a pos
And dude
desperado has stood the test of time :-)

January 19th 2017


Yeah that song is great. Will try the entire album. Good 1st review.

January 20th 2017


Album Rating: 3.5

Thanks guys . and @piroga84 what I meant to say is I'm sure it will continue to stand the test of time. Sorry about that

January 20th 2017



Digging: Perturbator - New Model

January 20th 2017


Album Rating: 4.0

Eagles always was one of my favourite bands and "Desperado" was one of my first purchases and I always loved him. Still, I love all their albums. My favourite albums are "Hotel California" and "One Of These Nights". Probably my rating to "Desperado" will be a 4.0. However, for somehow, I don't rated their albums yet on Sputnick. I must do it one of these days.

Nice review, man. Pos.

January 20th 2017


Album Rating: 3.5

Nice first review of a good album. Have a pos.

March 21st 2017


Desperado still gives me the chills. Also I love the Seinfeld episode.

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