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Século Sinistro



by Risodo USER (5 Reviews)
July 27th, 2016 | 10 replies

Release Date: 05/27/2014 | Tracklist

Review Summary: More than 30 years blowing heads and building ideologies. Ratos de Porão did it again.

I confess I was a little surprised to see that Sputnik doesn't have a single review of Ratos de Porão. Because of that, I decided to bring you the first review on the site of one of the most important bands in the history of Brazil:

Ratos de Porão is the pioneer band of Hardcore in Brazil, founded in 1981 in São Paulo, presenting the various problems of Brazil, through aggressive, fast and direct songs with iconic letters where vocalist João Gordo criticizes explicity the situation that Brazilian pass, the lack of efficiency of a totally corrupt and outlaw government. In addition, words are not saved, always bringing a real sound of anger and rage that the band always has.

Are 35 years of many released albums and songs, always with political and governmental nature, with some exceptions in which vegetarianism is the agenda for the band's lyrics, as three of the four band members are vegetarians. In Brazilian Underground scene, Ratos de Porão is respected as the most important band of the scene, which was responsible for influencing many others that are successful today, some examples are ''Dead Fish'', ''Bullet Bane'' and ''Mukeka Di Rato''. But unfortunately this success is not repeated in major media, causing the band to stay the edge of the success of other dubious quality, so it is important to say that the band is very underrated in his own country. But out of Brazil, they always do shows in large-caliber festivals like ''Hellfest'', and being much more respected in general.

Leaving aside this brief introduction, let's get to it:

''Século Sinistro'', is definitely the most aggressive album that the band released with more than 35-year career. Few records released by them are so powerful, fast, impactful and full of hatred and anger as his last release, the only ones that come close are '' Brasil '' which is their best work, and ''O Homem Inimigo do Homem'' which also has a similar theme. The album was released amid a wave of anti-government demonstrations that began in 2013, making it directly influenced the construction of the songs present in it.

The disc is characterized by a hoarse and fast voice that aligns with the drum, guitar and bass lines. The instruments together form a chaotic symphony, fully connecting the current scenario of Brazil with their music. In other words, the band tries to show that through your sound, you can understand about the tension that is to live in a country as controversial as Brazil. The songs are very different from each other, a very strong point of the disc, but still not lose focus and ideological line that Hardcore teaches.

There are 34 minutes who can cause temporary deafness, but at the same time leave a feeling of ecstasy, with the sound quality of instruments, essential vocal volume, and letters that are up to traumatizing so realistic. Ratos de Porão hit once again to launch a drive that will become a classic in about 20 years, another virtue of the band, since we consider almost rare a band of this caliber cast a weak and without impact disk.

Even little known in Sputnik, Ratos de Porão is a good choice for heavy, fast, violent and full of chaos and loudness music lovers, and it also serves the good music lovers. ''Século Sinistro'', is one of the most intense albums released in Brazil in the last 10 years, and deserves rather more attention in their own country, as in the rest of the world.

Take a moment of your day to listen to this album and be impressed with the quality of a band that is going strong in music for over 30 years. I suspect to say about the band, since it is one of my favorites, and besides I am a Brazilian who loves heavy music with quality sound. But it costs nothing to honor the most important band of Hardcore in a country as controversial, biased and anti-progressive as Brazil.

Recommended Tracks:
Conflito Violento
Jornada Para o Inferno
Stress Pós-Traumático
Viciado Digital

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July 27th 2016


Ratos de Porão deserved a review.
So here it is, hope you guys enjoy it.

Staff Reviewer
July 27th 2016


This album is awesome.


If you have time, write reviews about other Ratos de Porão albums.

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July 28th 2016


Of course bro!
I'll definitely do that.
Starting by tomorrow.

July 28th 2016


Band needs more love here

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Contributing Reviewer
July 29th 2016


Cool review, I very nearly bought Brasil a while ago, I was actually looking for other Brazilian bands because of how much I liked the tribal stuff in late-Max Cavalera era Sepultura. This band is different, but you can definitely hear early (Schizo/BtR) Sepultura vibes I think, I need to jam it again.

Digging: Darkeater - ???? ??????? ????????

July 29th 2016


I know some great stuff similar to Sepultura early days, and Ratos de Porão to recommended to you bro.
If you want, of course.

Contributing Reviewer
July 29th 2016


Yeah absolutely, that would be great

July 29th 2016


Nice bro!
I'll separate in genders to you:

Krisiun (The Sepultura of Death Metal here in Brazil)
Sugar Kane (Early stuff with a lot of Skate Punk and Punk Rock)
Bullet Bane (The best Hardcore band nowadays in Brazil)
Mukeka di Rato (Dirty Hardcore similar to Ratos de Porão)
Cavalera Conspiracy (I think you know this band because of the Cavalera Brothers, but i'll list they in here)
Violator (Crossover similar to Ratos de Porão and heavily influenced by Municipal Waste)
Coléra (They are the less known Ratos de Porão of the 90s)
Dead Fish (Brazilian Hardcore at his finest)

Hope you like it bro.
And to advise you, this bands are all from Brazil, and some of them have all their stuff in English.

Contributing Reviewer
July 29th 2016


Awesome, thanks so much man. I'll start with Kirisun because that sounds really appealing. I dig lyrics in different languages so thats no issue, it's part of what I like about music diversity. Yeah I know of Cavalera's Conspiracy but I'm yet to actually listen to them so this is a good reminder for me to do that.

July 29th 2016


Have a good time bro!

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