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May 7th, 2006 | 6 replies

Release Date: 1995 | Tracklist

The Misfits were formed in New Jersey by Glenn Danzig in 1977. They were a punk band that was obsessed with B-grade horror movies, and their songs reflected that. The Misfits are sighted as an influence by various bands, ranging from Metallica to Guns N Roses to AFI. They developed a cult-like following in their 6 years of existence. This following continued to grow even after Danzig disbanded the first incarnation of the Misfits in 1983, after which Danzig worked on other projects, such as Samhain and Danzig.

This constant growth in the Misfits spawned two collections of older Misfits songs. Together, they contain the entire Earth A.D. album and older Misfits singles.

However, Collection II is somewhat controversial to some Misfits fans. Six of the songs (Cough/Cool, Hatebreeders, Braineaters, Nike-A-Go-Go, Devil's Whorehouse, and Mephisto's Waltz) weren't the Misfits versions. They were all were recorded previously by the Misfits, but those versions don't appear on Collection II. The ones that do were recorded by Danzig and Samhain bassist Eerie Von in 1986, years after the Misfits' break-up.

The recording quality of the songs on Collection II is rather poor. However, this is somewhat fitting as low-quality horror films were a passion of Danzig. The guitar parts usually just consist of power chords, but where they lack in technicality, they more than make up for it in tone. The trebly sound of the guitars is excellent. However, Doyle von Frankenstein's guitar riffs sometimes don't fit the mood of the song. For example, Last Caress possesses an upbeat riff, yet it's about killing babies. However, Last Caress is one of the best songs on the compilation.

This isn't always the case, though. Bloodfeast is a song about possessing someone and having a "grizzly bloodfeast", and its riff is rather dark and apocalyptic.

One of the main things that drew me to the Misfits was Danzig's powerful and unique singing voice. It somewhat reminds me of a darker Jim Morrison. I find it difficult to make out what he's saying a good bit of the time, but most of the lyrics are about death and killing. One of the vocal highlights of the collection is Halloween, Danzig's tribute to the notoriously demonic holiday. Glenn conjures up memories of various Halloween mischief, such as razor blades wedged into apples and dead cats and corpses hanging on poles. You know, kid's stuff. This is all brought together by a long moan of "Halloween" in the chorus. There is also a sequel to Halloween titled Halloween II that follows. This has a much darker feel than Halloween and is in Latin, which gives Danzig's vocals a cult-like quality.

Unfortunately, this album, while only being about 35 minutes long, starts to drag about halfway through. Most of the songs sound the same. For example, the outro of Nike-A-Go-Go sounds almost identical to the chorus of Devil's Whorehouse, and they are placed right next to each other on the track listing.

These songs are for the most part excellent. The Misfits were an original band and their influence can still be felt today, over 20 years after the break-up of the classic lineup. This is an excellent album for anyone who isn't familiar with the Misfits, or an older Misfits fan who doesn't have their older material on CD.


-Danzig's voice
-Features many of the Misfit's best songs


-Begins to drag
-Songs don't flow well since it's a compilation
-Songs sound the same for the most part

Recommended Tracks

We Are 138
Last Caress
We Bite

Final Rating: 3.5/5

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May 7th 2006


A pretty solid compilation. Nike A Go Go, Last Caress, Harebreeders, and Attitide are some of the bands best. Good job on the review, it was brief, but good nonetheless. Good to see more of The Misfits here.

May 8th 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

ya i would have to agree i mean collection one and two have really bad recording but what can you say to a band who formed in the 70's but over all i would say collection two is one of my fav misfits cd's ever This Message Edited On 05.08.06

July 4th 2006


Kind of wierd how they got an almost goth image and their music is poppy and silly as hell.

July 5th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

I wouldn't really call the Misfits poppy...

October 2nd 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

misfits are not poppy. This is one of my favorite Misfit albums, thanks for reviewing it.

January 10th 2011


Album Rating: 3.5

The second best of the collections We are 138 is freaking classic.

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