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Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

Probot - Probot

Line up for this album :
Dave grohl : all instruments

I'm not gonna list all the guest singers and artists, I'll mention the vocalists in the song reviews.

Released in : 2004
Dave grohl, we saw him as a drummer in Nirvana and as the frontman of The Foo Fighters, but no one would ever expected him to make Metal. Well now, Dave does like metal, so he made some songs and sent a song to his favourite metal singers. He did a great job at writing riffs suited for each vocalist's style. Doomy for Lee Dorrian, Thrashy for Cronos, ... Since none of us have ever heard Grohl write metal, we didn't know what to expect, well I'll review every song now :

1. Centuries of sin (w/Cronos (Venom) ) :
A very epic start of an album of which I didn't know what to expect, since I've never heard Dave Grohl Play Metal plus all the different vocalists on every track. The song starts off with some tribal warhorn, then an excellent riff breaks loose, very powerful drums, I can feel the Thrashy background of Venom here. Cronos sings here with what is probably one of the raspiest performance on the album.
Biting distortion and drums in a military Rhythm. The only complaint I could have is the fact that Grohl might have been too proud of the riff he invented as he uses it throughout the biggest part of the song.

2. Red War (w/Max Cavalera (Sepultura/Soulfly))
This song begins with some impressive drumming, slowly the song starts to build, pushed forward by the drums, then there's this riff that is simple, but there's a pause between the riffs, which kinda leaves you in anticipation of the climax that is bound to come. Then Cavalera does his vocals that are always difficult to describe, it's not really growling or screaming, but it's definitely not singing either. This song sounds very much like something that Max would write in Soulfly. At a certain moment he uses his infamous 'tribal blabbering' as I would like to describe it. "watchoobackwatchoobackwatchooback". He talks in an interlude and you have to listen twice before you realise it's Max, only on rare occasions you get to hear his clean voice. His Brasilian accent is always nice to hear as well. This is definitely a good song, if you appreciate Cavalera's style, which I do.

3. Shake Your Blood (w/Lemmy (Motörhead))
This is one of the happiest sounding, least heavy track on 'Probot'. It sounds more hard rock than anything. Lemmy does the bass on this one and he struggles a bit singing his lyrics, but in a charming way that only Lemmy could sing in. This song is rather catchy, Lemmy does an excellent job, this is probably the most accessible song on the album. Good song.

4. Access Babylon (w/Mike Dean (Corrosion of Conformity))
This is an excellent song, it's sounds sludgy and it goes like a train. It has elements of hardcore punk, it's sounds pretty underground, heavy production would destroy this song, so keep that in mind. Nevertheless Mike Dean has nice, clean vocals and this one just has me tapping my hand on the table and nodding my head. This thing is extremely catchy, but it's very short. Very good song.

5. Silent Spring (w/Kurt Brecht (Dirty Rotten Imbeciles ))
Song begins with some distorted bass, then slides into a heavy riff. Kurt Brecht sounds very angry and sing fairly accented. The highlight of the song is the interlude, which is almost headbangable (*note : depends on your criteria of headbanging)

6. Ice Cold Man (w/ Lee Dorrian (Cathedral))
A fitting title on this one, this slides along smoothly, albeit very slowly.This song is pure Doom Metal, something you could have expected coming from the Cathedral vocalist. Grohl wrote some great doomriffs on this one, and Dorrian's lyrics are very dark and almost apocalyptic. Despite it's slowness it is a fairly heavy song. Dorrian's vocals are amongst the best on the album; very strong performance. The song has a faster moment just before the end, but all in all this is a slow song. And a good one !

7. The Emerald Law (w/Wino (obsessed))
Some atmospheric sounds are released above a silent bass line. Then vocals and shortly after the guitars kick in. Wino has a nice voice, he's obviously a good singer. The song has some catchy moments and a solo, one that isn't bad at all, but it has a lot of 'interludes' and the song just bores me eventually.

8. Big Sky (w/Tom G. Warrior (Celtic Frost))
Switzerland's Tom Warrior from Celtic frost makes his appearance here. An industrial metallish intro here, and the song is built on a quite repetitive riff, the singing isn't too bad. But this song doesn't do much for me. The highlight of the song is definitely the solo, which might have saved the song from being totally generic, but still, one of the worst songs on the album.

9. Dictatosaurus (w/Snake (voivod))
This song also tends to be slightly repetitive, but it's better than the last song, the vocals are a bit nasal, but not in an annoying way, there's quite a lot of melody here. The singing reminds me of someone, but I can't actually put my finger on it. Decent song.

10. My Tortured Soul (w/Eric Wagner (Trouble))
An excellent riff introduces this one, sounds summery to me, don't ask me why. Eric Wagner seems to be a talented singer, as he sings with more melody than the previous singers, he actually goes fairly high in the chorus. The riffs just seem to rock the song back and forth, that's the impression I get. Maybe a tad too long, but good song.

11. Sweet Dreams (w/King Diamond)
Dreamy bells in the distance, silent panting and an excellent riff that has little distortion, I have been talking about talented vocalists before, but King Diamond proves his royalty here, he puts the others in his shadows. He touches those high and low notes, without any problems. The lyrics are about a demon that haunts you at night whilst you dream, and he does an awesome job representing that theme. Melody reigns in this song, after a while the distortion enters and it's just an awesome song. Soundgarden's Kim Thayil did a solo on this song and it's fits this song perfectly and it's just a fantastic solo, something that you would expect of Thayil, very technical. This is probably the best song on the album, great stuff.
Don't me misled by the time stating, as this song ends after 5 minutes and goes into a couple minutes of silence followed by a hidden track, supposedly performed by Jack Black. Check out the album if you want to hear it.

Conclusion :
This is a good metal album, Grohl did nothing very technical but there's decent songwriting, good guest appearances, which led to some excellent songs.

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Don't be fooled by Grohl's presence, because this is an excellent metal album through and through....

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June 30th 2004


Good review. I think a positive point to this album is that Grohl managed to create a track that suited the styles of each of the vocalists, especially Lemmy (rock'n'roll), Max Cavalera (tribal) and Lee Dorrian (doom).

Plus points - My Tortured Soul is an amazing song, probably my favourite on the album (closely followed by Shake Your Blood and Ice Cold Man). Pretty much each song managed to be different from the rest (thanks to the vocalists as much as Grohl), and overall it's a good idea for an album - it's something that hasn't really been done before.

Negatives - I think the music for Access Babylon is ripped off pretty much directly from Alec Empire (I think the song is called Tear It Out). Big Sky was disappointing as well.

I'd probably agree with 3.5/5

June 30th 2004


Very good review. I might get this cd. Thanks Superpeer.

Arnold K.
July 1st 2004


One of the best albums of 2004 so far.

July 1st 2004


i dont know if i'm stupid or not, but i cant get away from hating Dave Grohl. i just feel that he is a poser. i know u all are gonna bash me for this one, but thats how i feel. maybe i should open up my wallet and buy the album, but something in my gut says not to ???????

July 1st 2004


Sod whether he's a poser or not, concentrate on whether you're going to enjoy the music.

July 1st 2004


That was a great review. I wouldn't change anything about it; you did a good job, man. I was wondering if the singer of the secret song was Jack Black, why didn't you review that too? I think it's worth reviewing, even if it was done by a guy who usually does comedy songs.
And to Satanic-Panic, it would be worth it to buy the album. Even though it was made by somebody you hate, it's nothing like the stuff Grohl does with the Foo Fighters. I mean, come on, it's got some great metal artists performing on it. Instead of thinking about Dave Grohl while listening to it, just pretend you're listening to one of those metal collections; one of those CDs that have a bunch of different bands on it.

July 1st 2004


great way to put it clicking. dam i think i'll try that.

July 1st 2004


Dave Grohl is a pretty cool guy ...people should atleast admit that he is an excellent drummer and over all musician...Him becoming the lead singer shows that hes a take charge kinda guy and since he is helping the metal scene...all the better

July 1st 2004


Nice Review it has some good tracks and some bad tracks but the majority are good tracks my favorite has to be ice cold man followed by shake your blood [video isnt bad either] I would give this album a 3.5

July 5th 2004


Album Rating: 3.5

[QUOTE=clicking]That was a great review. I wouldn't change anything about it; you did a good job, man. I was wondering if the singer of the secret song was Jack Black, why didn't you review that too? I think it's worth reviewing, even if it was done by a guy who usually does comedy songs.


I wanted to review it, but I was in a hurry and was a bit tired of reviewing.

Thanks for the good comments, guys.

July 5th 2004


Just review it later and add it to your review.

July 6th 2004


Album Rating: 3.5

Yeah, I might do that, but on the other hand I didn't want to spoil the surprise of the hidden track.

July 6th 2004


Dave Ghrol is, in my opinion, the best drummer in modern rock music (and just watch Nirvana Live and Loud). And the fact that he at one point had 3 successful bands on the charts (Nirvana, Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age) shows how talented he is.

September 23rd 2004


dave grohl is really a very talented drummer...nirvana before him were basically unknown, queens of the stone age got into the mainstream with him on drums, too. and this album is really like a metal compilation with several bands but with almost every instrument part done by him! he is really amazing! i give this album a 4/5

Zesty Mordant
September 23rd 2004


Album Rating: 3.0

killer album, especially the first two tracks.

oh yeah, and good review too.

September 24th 2004


nice review
/goes to limewire
I mean
record store

September 29th 2004


One of the best albums i own, a deffinate 5/5.
Also great review, you put alot of effort in there. You can have 5/5 aswell lol.

October 7th 2004


great album , great singers n dave kiks ***:d

Dancin' Man
October 11th 2004


This album doesn't do it for me. I have trouble getting into older metal and this just seems to radiate the stuff. Dave Grohl is one multi talented guy though/.

October 11th 2004


[QUOTE=Arnold K.]One of the best albums of 2004 so far.[/QUOTE]

it was released it 2003.

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