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Release Date: 2002 | Tracklist

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Jason Mraz - Waiting For My Rocket To Come
Released: Octobre 15 '02

Jason Mraz grew up in Mechanicsville, VA, where he was inspired by people like Ani DiFranco & Dave Mathews Band. After some time he moved to New York. But after busking around New York, Mraz returned to Virginia; but, in 1999, he ultimately made his way West, settling in San Diego, California. This you can find back in his music.

1) You and I Both
A mostly accoustic song with a nice little tone to it. It wouldn't be my first choice as an album starter but it works ok. This is his second single of the album. The silences where the guitar stops strumming for a second make this song great. Again.. i didn't think its a great album starter but its a very good song. One of the best: 4.5/5

2) I'll Do Anything
A song with a sorta reggae sound. It's very surprising if u (like me) bought the album just cause you really liked his first 2 singles. This is totally different but it works... it works really good even!!! I like this song a lot. It's totally different and risky but it rox.. it really does :thumb: 5/5

3) The Remedy (I Won't Worry)
A song with an electric guitar in the beginning. But again with this noticable accoustic little thingy. This was his first single. It has cool lyrics and it again it has these silences now and then. This is a great song. Really cool: 5/5

4) Who Needs Shelter
A slower song. It sounds a lil sad but the lyrics aren't really, 'sun you really are my favourite star' It's cool, the strumming guitar is really soft in this song and a little rif kinda thing is what he sings over. That's ok but i liked the first 3 better: 4/5

5) Curbside Prophet
this is where the name of the album comes from and it has a loud banjo throughout it. This shows his true calling cause by heart i think he's still a country boy. 'i'm a redneck undercover'. Totally different, Totally cool: 4.5/5

6) Sleep All Day
Again a slower song with a strumming accoustic guitar. This song showes his singing abilities and show that he is a great singer aswell. This song is nothing special in my opinion: 3/5

7) Too Much Food
This song is so funny. This song is about food.. enough said. This shows how cool of a songwriter he is. This song picks up on the faster pass where the first few left off. Really cool: 4.5/5

8) Absolutely Zero
Really slow song.. really slow.. Too slow i think. I must say i don't really like this song, i usually skip it. It was a lil dissapointing for me. 2/5

9) On Love, In Sadness
Yay, its a lot faster again. Accoustic guitar strumming fast happy tunes. again a song that makes you feel good again. It's so much cooler then the one before, but not the best of the album: 4/5

10) No Stopping Us
A song with saxephones in it. Nice for a change but i'm not sure about this. It's still cool, don't get me wrong. But it just misses something in my eyes. I like it but don't love it: 3/5

11) The Boy's Gone
A little more dark song. I'm not sure about it but i think it's kinda cool. But it's not the happy feel that i personally like. It's still a very poetic good song but not how i like my songs :) 3/5

12. Tonight, Not Again
Also a slow song but this one works for me. A nice ending for a great album. Again he shows what a remarkeble singer he is. A very nice song 4/5

I liked this album. It has some brilliant tracks. He has a kinda upbeat way of singing and it works. I've just listened to this album once or twice and i'm hooked. I love it, it rox you should defenitly get it if u are into this kinda music :) :) i'd defenitly give this a 4/5 and maybe even a 4.5/5 in time :cool:

:wave: :wave:

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December 2nd 2004


Jason Mraz sucks ENORMOUS SWINGING BALLS :evil:

December 2nd 2004


Not Cali-Rock. This is full-on pop music.

December 3rd 2004



I like Mraz more than Mayer.

December 3rd 2004


Album Rating: 3.0

Mayer> Mraz.

I've only heard the two songs on the radio (You and I both and the Remedy) and they weren't too shabs. Nothing too special, just nice pop-rock music.

Dark Hero
December 3rd 2004


Did you really need to bump an old thread just you can say Jason Mraz sucks?

- Rep

December 3rd 2004


i have ondemand.. and i was watching his concert... i have to say i was tapping my foot

Pao Ferro
December 3rd 2004


Mayer > Mraz

Even though Mraz is nice chill music. Good for a Sunday morning, but not much more.

December 3rd 2004


I think Mayer is much better than Mraz, though I haven't heard much by Mraz.

I saw John Mayer perform on the Crossroads Guitar Festival, and he's actually very skilled. Moreso, I bet, than Mraz.

Good Review.

December 3rd 2004


Jason Mraz - Did I fool ya

^^ That song, is better than anything on this album.
And because of that song I think Mraz > mayer
(Not in the guitar department obviously, but overall music ability)

I'd give the cd.. 4/5. is good

December 3rd 2004


Album Rating: 3.0

I saw Mayer perform last year, I was a bit skeptical before going, but he was actually quite impressive on the guitar. I own a couple Mayer albums now, so I know more of his music. But from what I have heard of Mraz, he has some nice pop music.

But I would still have to say Mayer > Mraz... for two songs: "Comfortable" and "Covered in Rain". If anyone can give me a couple Mraz songs that would blow those two out of the water, you might be able to convince me ;).

August 5th 2005


jason mraz isnt that bad

August 5th 2005


i cant say im really into this kind of music. but i think because you said youve only listened to it once or twice, your judgement might not be as good as it could be. at least for me it takes quite a few more listens to let everything sink in.

btw i think john mayer is better than mraz. hes actually a pretty damn good guitarist.

August 31st 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

Mayer's a better guitarist, certainly. But they both have distince niches. The thing about Mraz is that his music, while not that impressive musically, fits perfectly into the chill/party music niche. It's feel-good stuff - and his voice is pretty good. He actually was schooled in stage musicals, which explains the excellent command of his range.

June 23rd 2009


Album Rating: 4.0

I'm just a curbside prophet with my hands in my pocket and I'm waiting for my rocket to come

January 31st 2012


This album is ten years old.

The fuck.

Digging: Cormorant - Dwellings

August 29th 2013


Album Rating: 4.0

Great album to play every morning, good vibes all day.

April 14th 2014


Album Rating: 4.0

Heck yea, this rules. Jason needs more love on here.

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