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by Cassidy USER (2 Reviews)
October 2nd, 2014 | 7 replies

Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Classic example of skillfully reduced pop music of 00's.

If to be extremely honest and attentive, it's possible to tell safely that "In The Zone" â€" the most mature and bright step of Spears to musical freedom. It's hard to call her previous attempt to growing up with an album "Britney" successful: Spears couldn't justify her emancipation with scandalous performance at 2001 MTV Video Music Awards.Yes, we remember this moment. But it was noticeable that Britney Spears wasn't ready to be filled with confidence to the freedom. Spears didn't despair and made revolution as strong and shattering earthquake of 2003 in the modern pop music. She released her forth studio effort "In The Zone".

The first track "Me Against The Music" which was recorded with Madonna leaves a mixed feeling after listening. Spears' vocals sound like a drunken Jennifer Lopez at creepy karaoke bar. Ultimately, «Me Against The Music» will be less favorite song from the album. "Boom Boom (I Got That)" which follows "Me Against The Music" seems suspiciously similar to the first. Lyrically song is absolutely senseless, written by the vulgar schoolgirl during lessons of literature. Despite a couple of good promising song the lyrics generally befits the unspoken assumptions. For example, fresh and fun party bangerz, "Showdown", "The Hook Up", "Outrageous". They will be in playlists on urban party, but won't remain in memory after you stop a disk.

Acid-house track "Toxic" is the real platinum. The brilliant composition filled with seductive metaphors and fuzzy club beat shows how obvious Spears's musical transition as performer. The intriguing tone worthy to be a soundtrack for "James Bond" was reflected in her scandalous music video. Do you remember her iconic nude look with with diamonds? Some great words like "Intoxicate me now with your lovin' now" will playing in your head after listening. "Toxic" giving the singer "pop credibility" with her music, because song was one of the first mainstream electropop songs to surface.

The ode of masturbation of "Touch of My Hand" provees sexuality of the record. Inspired by Middle Eastern music, Spears begins the story about adventures of the hand. Depeche Mode's reminiscence, "Breathe on Me" isn't simply hot song. Her electric voice is very sensual and shrill, sounds more defiant and mysterious. It's difficult to resist her desires. The singer's vocal literally soars in excessively sentimental "Everytime". Sappy piano beat easily could’ve slotted into any good pop album.

Spears worked with a number of producers, including Bloodshy & Avant, R. Kelly, Moby, The Matrix, P. Diddy. Despite this fact, the overall album composition sounds on a desperate wave of erotic monotony.

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October 2nd 2014


Album Rating: 2.5

Better than your first review, but still needs a lot of work. It's easy to tell that english isn't your first language, but keep working at it!

"Spears' vocals sound like a drunken Jennifer Lopez at creepy karaoke bar."

^made me lol

October 2nd 2014


I read this entire review in a Russian accent.

October 2nd 2014


Such a pitte.

October 2nd 2014


You forget articles comrade

Storm In A Teacup
October 3rd 2014


Positive vote because I can only imagine what it would be like trying to write a review in a second language. Good job and good review.

October 3rd 2014


"the ode of masturbation"

oh my

October 3rd 2014


Positive vote because I can only imagine what it would be like trying to write a review in a second language.[2]

Your English gets better with each review--keep up the good work!

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