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April 20th, 2014 | 19 replies

Release Date: 1998 | Tracklist

Review Summary: No Guts, No Glory

Imagine yourself wielding heavy weaponry and charging in a battlefield, while the chaos of bombarding reigns around you. Panzers engage the lines with ferocity, while artillery tries to push them back. In the midst of this, brave soldiers try to win the day. This is the general feeling someone gets, while listening to the British death metal band. B.T. are famous for their ability to create a realistic atmosphere of modern warfare and they succeed in this, since their debut in the late 80's.

"Mercenary" was released in 1998, after the succesful "... For Victory". The line-up is basically the same, apart from drummer Alex Thomas replacing the "bombastic" Andrew Whale. Karl Willetts is again the vocalist, though he had briefly departed after "...For Victory".

The album is marching in the same path as its predecessor. War-like death metal, without keys or any novelties. It is well executed and very solid. Blasting drums, many double pedals, concentrated song structure, guttural vocals, influenced by Cavalera and simple riffing, enhanced by harmonizing lead guitars. The basic foundation behind their music is a (rather) simple main riff , where they "build" around. The basic theme is recycled throughout their songs and though this adds to their being extra solid, it gets a bit generic after some listens.

The main differences between this and the previous release, is the slower tempo (overall), vocals are more processed in a professional way, more length in the album and generally more focus on producing something that would stabilize their sound (and name). They don't really get out of their comfort zone, but they succeed (again) in delivering a death metal bulldozing outcome.

Special praise must be attributed to the lyrics. Though they are not different than in previous releases (war themes are for B.T., as honey for bees), they still get the job done, more than satisfactory. Words with innate literal strength, that engage the audience, once again to participate in the whole process:
"All senses - Under attack - Oblivion -Penultimate -Anticipation -Fills your soul -At the limit -Beyond control
The last advance- One final chance
It now shall be... no guts, no glory".

To sum it up, they could have done a little better, but this is another warfare anthem nontheless. Tracks such as, "Laid to waste", "Return from chaos", "No guts, no glory" are there to prove the latter. We don't have the element of progression here, but do we really need this from this release? Highly recommended as a soundtrack for war gaming!

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April 20th 2014


Average review man, sorry. I could give you some advice though if you'd like

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April 20th 2014


Album Rating: 3.5

In my opinion, it's 100% accurate and well written. I don't need to use explicit words to describe a B.T. release. Man, sorry, but can you stop commenting on the style of my reviews? I would appreciate it if you took the time, to continue on your personal reviewing, instead of "commenting" like this. We don't get paid for this, we just love music. If you don't like my style, then feel free to stop reading average stuff. Cheers!

April 20th 2014


Woah, take it easy. I was offering help. I never mentioned using explicit language either. I was under the impression that you wanted feedback so I gave my opinion on the review. I didn't neg it, or worse yet, neg it without giving an explanation first, I simply wrote that, in my opinion, the review was average, meaning that it could be improved. I even asked persmission to give you advice. There's a reason that the "Was this Review Well Written? Yes | No" tab exists, it's so that reviewers can get feedback on whether their reviews are well written or not. That's all I as doing.

April 20th 2014


Yeah, seriously, if people are giving you criticism on your review, don't give them the middle finger, even if you disagree with what they say. You should at least appreciate the help he's willing to offer and if you don't want help then that's okay. Just don't be a douche about it.

Also another thing, what you think and what others think about your review in general are two totally different things. You may think that it's well written and accurate but other people are going to think otherwise. Trust me, this website has more controversy than Obamacare. :P

If that came out as if I was acting like a jerk then I apologize. Can't express much emotion on the internet. I just want to point those things out to you.

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April 21st 2014


Album Rating: 3.5

You are not serious, are you? I don't recall asking for any "help". Stop getting more ridiculous plz. Personally, i don't need a random guy who is into Napalm Death and Cannibal Corpse, to offer me ANY type of advice, let alone my reviews. When you grow up, you will stop being jealous on others who have acquired a more general and in depth taste in music than yourself.

You can also ask more of your friends to give negative votes on this review, i don't really care. I'm more laughing on your part because you got offended that i'm also into death metal, which is probably something inexplicable to you, given the fact that i'm also into power/heavy/speed/prog/epic/thrash and other genres.

So i'm also offering you both an advice. Grow up, listen to some serious music, buy some vinyls/cds, read some lyrics, attend concerts, get out of the house and then we can talk about reviews. I also offer advices on what releases to buy, from 1967 to 2014. Of course, this is written in a friendly tone, as always. Have a good day.

April 21st 2014


First off, you need to grow up after what you just said to him and I am expecting an apology
from you to both of us. Secondly, no one and I mean NO ONE is hating on you just because on your
taste in music. No said ANYTHING on what you listen to or what you like. I don't care what you like
and you don't care what I, or anyone else for that matter, like in music either. If you're seriously
acting like this just because of your taste in music, then you can just shove it up your ass and
leave. We do NOT accept that kind of behavior for a good reason. It's not about you. If you
don't want any advice from others fine, just don't be a dick about it.

April 21st 2014


Album Rating: 3.5


April 21st 2014



Digging: Decapitated - Winds of Creation

April 21st 2014


epic metal is my fav genre

April 21st 2014


epic war metal m/ m/ m/

April 21st 2014


5/5 thread so far guys, keep it up!

Contributing Reviewer
April 21st 2014


"i don't need a random guy who is into Napalm Death and Cannibal Corpse, to offer me ANY type of advice"

I didn't know it was possible for someone to get so rekt

April 21st 2014


top 3 thread yep

April 22nd 2014


Warmaster still dominates all for me. the writing of this review was a little odd (for example, way too many uses of parentheses in one paragraph (:P)) but i agree with some of the points you make. Bolt Thrower were never a band to stray far from their original style, never will.

Digging: Black Breath - Slaves Beyond Death

April 22nd 2014


Album Rating: 3.5


Glad to see this get a review, probably not in my top 5 Bolt Thrower albums but still got some excellent tracks

April 22nd 2014


Y r u posting reviews to a discussion site if u dont want ppl 2 discus ur reviews?

Actually got kinda peeved when I saw the number of negs and didn't think this review was bad at all. Now I get it. Not cool to neg him just because he doesn't understand the whole "constructive criticism" and "music discussion" bits, though. :3

April 22nd 2014


Best thread this year so far, keep it up!

May 3rd 2014


So, pretty sure this 'reviewer' is a troll.

July 25th 2014


toon is a bitch

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