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April 4th, 2014 | 3 replies | 203 views

Release Date: 1989 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Toxik Lite

There's some groups that, no matter how strong they are, they'll always be compared to other groups just based on how similar the two sound. This phenomenon is unfortunate, as it always seems to pit the two groups against one another, as though only one is worthy of being heard. When first listening to Powermad's Absolute Power, for example, memories of Toxik's Think This spring straight to mind. They're both progressive thrash albums with high-pitched vocals and a great degree of technicality and variety backing the composition. They both were released in the late 80's, as the popularity of metal in general was beginning to wane. The most important part, however, would be that Think This, and by extension, Absolute Power, are both spectacular.

The album does have a distinct sound that help distinguish it from its contemporaries. Each track is highly melodic and devoted to staying interesting, rather than going overboard on brutality or technicality. Therefore, the album is not a difficult listen from end to beginning, as it has plenty of ways to draw in listeners and keep them until the end. The middle of the road pacing heard in Plastic Town, for example, provides a great contrast to the frenzied Failsafe that comes just two tracks later.

The greatest draw of Absolute Power, however, is the fantastic demonstration of a skilled and fitting vocal performance. Soothing when needed, but turning harsh at the drop of a hat, the range and technique on display here is astounding. Not to be outclassed, the rest of the group maintains a similarly impressive pace, with tracks such as B.N.R. showing that the group can change pace on a whim without sounding abrupt or unneeded for the progression of the album. It aids greatly in creating an album that is abundantly varied and astoundingly entertaining.

As mentioned earlier, the group is very similar to Toxik. The general summary of Powermad puts both firmly into the "prog-thrash" banner, and fortunately, at the absolute pinnacle of the genre. With plenty to offer both enthusiasts and casual listeners, Absolute Power is widely accessible and delivers on every level anything that could be asked for from a thrash album.

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Mister Twister
April 4th 2014


Album Rating: 4.5


Yeah, gonna try to start writing a bit more again. Decided to start with this thing because WHY HAVEN'T YOU GUYS LISTENED TO THIS YET GOD DAMN

But yeah, this thing is really really good. The stretch of tracks 7-9 is the stuff bands wish they could emulate.

Contributing Reviewer
April 4th 2014



Digging: Ju Sei and Utah Kawasaki - ??????

Mister Twister
April 4th 2014


Album Rating: 4.5


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