Aversions Crown



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October 8th, 2013 | 12 replies

Release Date: 2011 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Move along

Much like most deathcore bands, Aversions Crown decided against showing any ounce of uniqueness or creativity in their debut. Opener sounds like every other tech deathcore song ever made, complete with “spacey” intro section and everyone’s favourite sweep and breakdown combo. It is evident from the outset what you’re in for, and it’s another grating and predictable deathcore record, albeit not as bad as most.

It makes one wonder about the writing process for these bands.

“What if... instead of building an intro that fits well with the song we just have like a mad brutal breakdown bro”

"Servitude" is more of the same in basically every regard, excepting maybe the obvious musical talent of the guitarists and drummer. Vocalist has fairly standard deathcore pipes, with the typical Bozeman wannabe lows (plenty of “ERRRERRRERR OIROIROI” sounds) and those awkward highs that have power and range but sound stupid.

The only thing saving this album from a lower rating is simply the fact that whilst this is fairly standard deathcore fare, it is executed to a rather high standard. Fans of this sound will likely enjoy this album for what it is, however those who have grown out of or aren’t fans of tech dxc will almost certainly turn their nose up.

The talent is there for this young band and there are a few parts that show promise (riffs are the “high” point), but again the desire for 95% of these bands to sound exactly the same removes any sense of interest or musical exploration and replaces it with a big fat “Ugh”.

-A few nice riffs
-What originality?
-Grating as ***
-No variance

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October 8th 2013


Album Rating: 2.5

quick write up cause no review but yeah only for moreira types

October 8th 2013


Liking the newspaper-ish format of the review. Short paragraphs ain't necessarily bad, though I would
change the first sentence since it's a rather weak way to open the review. Have a pos.

October 8th 2013


Album Rating: 2.5

cheers man

October 8th 2013


Solid review

October 8th 2013


Good review I actually really enjoyed this release. The band dropped 2 sweet tracks this year so I'm looking forward to the next release without a doubt.

October 8th 2013


Review is spot on

October 8th 2013


Their first ep was good but this just bored the shit out of me, accurate review

Digging: Timeghoul - Complete Discography

October 8th 2013


Album Rating: 2.0

The members of this band are probably going to go on and create much better music in other bands. The potential is clearly there in the individuals but as a group they're just trapped in a mediocre deathcore band.

November 11th 2013


@danielnightlewis - these guys are obviously going to be in dxc bands 4 lyfe boiii

December 30th 2013


Album Rating: 4.5 | Sound Off

Yeah... they had a lot of breakdowns... they are in the deathcore genre what are you expecting? Just because you don't like breakdowns (or maybe just the overabundance) doesn't take away from the creativity shown in the album. No breakdowns are the same and the patterns they use are creative. Like in the track "Hive Mind" the breakdown is different sounding. It's not super heavy but, it sounds cool and different. Or the breakdown in "Repurposed". If breakdowns aren't your cup of tea then don't listen to it. If you listen to deathcore you are going in knowing there WILL be breakdowns and usually a lot of them.

I personally like bands with creative breakdowns that use weird patterns, different tones. Surely, there are bands out there where the breakdowns are so forced and you think "well here we go again" but, in other bands like The Contortionist, After the Burial and Aversions Crown their breakdowns are creative, unique and keep the listener entertained. I want to compare this to something like dubstep... I hate dubstep because of how every song builds into the drop is exactly the same and it's so damn repetitive. But, then there are dubstep artists who try to keep it interesting and find new ways to introduce a drop. This same thing applies to breakdowns, if bands don't find interesting ways to introduce their breakdown they sound stagnant.

Now Aversions Crown does have breakdowns like right at the beginning of their songs sometimes but, the extraordinary tremolo guitar during these parts give it an epic atmospheric feel to them. The tremolo guitar throughout the album is outstanding and for me gives it a good vibe throughout the whole listen. It keeps it kind of dark/depressing and gives off an epic feel to it. Which is what they are going for the album is about Aliens coming and taking over a corrupt society (probably us). The lyrics are incredibly well written. Okay... well enough posting. inb4 LOL YOU LIKE DEATHCORE and LOL LOOK IT'S KYYZEN.

Good day =)

October 24th 2014


Album Rating: 2.5

Yeah... they had a lot of breakdowns... they are in the deathcore genre what are you expecting? Just because you don't like breakdowns (or maybe just the overabundance) doesn't take away from the creativity shown in the album.

So what you're saying is basically "just because a genre requires breakdowns it doesn't mean the music is less creative"? Come on. Sometimes I really wonder what's in the heads of those composers, especially since they label themselves a "tech death" band. But I wonder if they put in all those breakdowns "because it's supposed to be deathcore and we need them even though we don't really like them" or they do actually like them?

October 24th 2014


Album Rating: 2.5

But yeah, this isn't half bad. Kinda like a slightly worse Akeldama. The dude's growls are fuckign hard to stomach though

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