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August 10th, 2013 | 14 replies | 1,322 views

Release Date: 2012 | Tracklist

Review Summary: The girl next door's diary in cloud rap form.

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If anything can be said about Kitty Pryde, it's that she's one of the more unique MCs in today's rap game. It's not everyday that a teenage girl from Florida can throw some raps together, film a video of her basically goofing around with her friends, and propel that into a viral hit (Okay Cupid) and a blooming musical career. Surely this style of emergence that is unique to the digital age can lead to both hype and skepticism from the musical community, with many wondering if the artist in question actually has musical chops that exist independent of the hype. Around the time this came out, Haha I'm Sorry was the first Kitty Pryde release to have any sort of exposure from the major music press, and many were eager to see if she could deliver. Lo and behold, she did.

The shining strength of this album is the production. Although the beats are mostly typical cloud rap beats, they work in the context of this EP. Their lush, dreamy feel that they convey does an excellent job of complementing Kitty's confessional, diary-esque rhymes. The material simply wouldn't work over something loud, fast, and in the listener's face. The one song that doesn't contain lush production is "Orion's Belt", which is a bit louder and driving but still moves at a somewhat relaxed pace like the rest of the material. It works for the song in question though, which is a more confrontational piece in which Kitty, in a somewhat self-depreciating manner, declares that she has "killed rap". As such, the beats serve as the ying to the yang of the rhymes. There are many rap songs that contain lyrics that clash with the beat and vice-versa, but Haha I'm Sorry refuses to fall into this trap. This serves as a strong benefit to the legitimacy of the EP.

There are two guests who contribute verses to the EP as well. Dankte, who lends his lyrical chops to the opening verse of "ay shanty: THE SHREKONING", does an adequate job of playing the role of the male love interest in the song. His verse doesn't contain anything truly unique, but since the song is one about teenage romance, he doesn't have to innovate for the song to work. On the other hand, RiFF RAFF, of all people, makes a absolutely unhinged appearance on "Orion's Belt", and his verse slays Kitty's by a large margin. He goes all over the map in typical RiFF RAFF fashion, talking about his favorite classes in elementary school and dissing haters (and their girlfriends) in insulting fashion. Considering this song is one of bravado that's fueled by a more active beat than the others, he gives it the extra oomph that Kitty's more restrained flow couldn't have done solo within the confines of the rest of the EP's sound.

If there's one thing that would turn people off from Haha I'm Sorry, it's the previous-mentioned diary-esque lyricism. Kitty's rhymes are pretty much exclusively about boys and her rap career, with some references to alcohol and adderall thrown in for good measure. In the first track, she even sings the chorus of 2012's summer smash "Call Me Maybe". Those lyric subjects (and chorus-borrowing choice) aren't going to change the rap game. Indeed, a cloud-rap version of a teenage girl's diary isn't exactly going to be every listener's cup of tea. Even for those who do enjoy them, they do feel a little repetitive and interchangeable after a while. None of the lyrics are outright atrocious however, and their simplicity does a good job of illustrating Kitty's feelings and personality.

Somehow, surpassing all expectations, Haha I'm Sorry is a very enjoyable listening experience. The production does a great job of working in tandem with the lyrics, and Kitty Pryde is a likable rapper who isn't afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve while reluctantly flipping the bird to the haters. RiFF RAFF's random cameo is also a delight and serves as another highlight of the EP. Although there is a degree of simplicity and repetitiveness in the lyrics that may irritate some, and none of the songs are going to blow the listener's mind, this is still a very solid EP that is well worth checking out.

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August 10th 2013


Album Rating: 4.0

As always, constructive criticism is appreciated.

August 10th 2013


wat why is this so good, i am caught

August 10th 2013


Saw this chick live with Anamanaguchi, she was actually really entertaining and the beats are right up my alley. I'll check this out.

Nice review btw

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Contributing Reviewer
August 10th 2013


Why do the wackest rappers suddenly get the best beats, it's not fuckin right

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August 10th 2013


thinking of copping this is it worth it (asking non-worthless users aka users w/ 20K or more posts)

August 10th 2013


i got this sick chrome extension that blocks posts from users with less than 20K posts

August 10th 2013


how is this a 4 at all lol

August 12th 2013


the beats give it the four

September 20th 2013


Album Rating: 1.5 | Sound Off

this is horrible

September 20th 2013


Album Rating: 1.5

can't believe danny brown fucks with this chick. she seems obnoxious as fuck judging by her music and interviews.

September 20th 2013


judging a book by its cover you should be ashamed of yourself

September 22nd 2013


Album Rating: 1.5 | Sound Off

September 22nd 2013


obnoxious is the new adorable

Mister Twister
September 27th 2013


when does she phase through walls

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