Deliver Me Unto Pain



by Jeremy Wolfers USER (59 Reviews)
July 23rd, 2013 | 5 replies | 470 views

Release Date: 1993 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Deliver Me Unto Pain continues The Dead Shall Inherit's basic sound, but is an altogether distinct sounding album and is among many early death metal classics.

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Banished, while for all intensive purposes pretty much Baphomet (NY) with a different name, had a distinct sound compared to their earlier incarnation. While Baphomet's minor classic The Dead Shall Inherit was a reasonably crushing sounding album, on Deliver Me Unto Pain their sound gets a slightly different, rawer take, with no less of their brutal groove.

Instrumentally this is basically the same as their first album; the guitars play excellent, groovy riffs with good tempo variation, the bass is there (but it's not like you'd notice for most of the album), the drums pulverize your bones and abort children for fun, and the vocals are excellent and guttural. However, thanks to the production, the flavour of the album is different; the guitar tone is fuzzier and more raw, while the drums and vocals sound far better here. It's definitely not as altogether easy on the ears as their first album, but the less compressed sound makes it sound a lot more alive than their first effort, but simultaneously less focused and tight.

This album is pretty straightforward when it comes to the songs present as well. Every track is entertaining due to the excellent riffs used throughout, while the varied tempos in each track keep each individual song from sounding dull. However, when taken as a whole, the album's slightly increased length compared to their d├ębut and the consistency of sound can make the album drag somewhat when reaching the end of the album. Additionally, the presence of two re-recorded tracks (Valley Of The Dead and Through Deviant Eyes) from their first album is also ever so slightly detrimental, as they sound ever so slightly worse here due to the rawer production not quite fitting them as well. However, the general feel of the album does make it feel a little faster on it's feet and more energetic, helping it to remain pretty much as strong as their work as Baphomet.

Recommended Tracks:
Inherit His Soul
Succumb To The Fear
Through Deviant Eyes

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July 23rd 2013


Album Rating: 4.0

Shorter than most of my reviews but there isn't too much to say about this album. It's just raw and entertaining death metal through and through.

Staff Reviewer
July 23rd 2013


dead shall inherit is better but yeah this is cool

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July 23rd 2013


Album Rating: 3.5 | Sound Off

major props, loveee this album

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July 23rd 2013


It's like a 3.5 I guess

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July 23rd 2013


pos and man that art

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