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July 3rd, 2013 | 12 replies

Release Date: 2011 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Promising debut album

The Computers are a relatively new band from the U.K., releasing their first EP, You Can't Hide from the Computers, in 2008. This is the Computers is their debut full-length album, released in 2011. It is mainly hardcore punk, but it also has rock n' roll and blues influences. The line-up for this release was:
Screaming Al Kershaw - Vocals, Guitar
Sonny Crawford - Guitar
Nic Heron - Bass
Aidan Sin - Drums

This album is pretty short, having 11 tracks and being around 25 minutes long. This makes most of the tracks very fast paced, and averages around the 2 minute mark, with the longest track bein 2 minutes and 44 seconds. There are exceptions, however: Hat Damnocles slows down the tempo a little, though it still has the short length of the other tracks.

The music isn't complex, however the instruments are played well. The drums and guitars are very audible, though the bass isn't as much so. The production is done well, so the instruments sound very clear, without any muddy/blurry sounding music.

The vocalist is definitely an acquired taste. His name definitely lives up to his vocal style, as it is almost exclusely screams (he kind of reminds me of George Pettit from Alexisonfire), though there are occasional clean backing vocals from another member. The lead vocalist also sings at the beginning of The Queen is 3d, though with a punkish edge, before going back to his normal vocal style.

It's hard to understand the lyrics with the vocal style that is used, though they are fairly simple, with the chorus for Music is Dead being "Music is Dead!" repeated a few times. Also, the end of Rhythm Revue goes like this:
Spend a little time
Spend a little time
Spend a little time
Spend a little time at the rhythm revue!

I don't think that the lyrics are what people would listen to this for though, as its musical atmosphere is people just having a good time, so I don't think it's that much of a problem.

Many of the songs sound similar, being short hardcore punk bursts, though with the albums short length, it doesn't get monotonous. Also, they do change the formula up every once in a while, particularly with the blues influenced tracks, and the slower tempo Hat Damnocles.

I'd say that my favourite songs are Rhythm Revue, and the Queen is 3D, with their bluesy influences, as well as album closer, Music is Dead with its nice drum beat, and fast paced rock.

So overall, this is a promising debut from a relatively unpopular band. If you can stand the vocalist, and short album length, then I recommend this album for you. Even if you don't enjoy the vocals, you still might like the instruments, and the overall rock n' roll/have fun atmosphere. However, if you absolutely can't stand the vocals, want complex lyrics, or want technical mastery with the instruments, then I don't recommend it. Otherwise, great album!

Note: Part of Atari's Review A Random Album Game 2013.5, suggestion by Ecnalzen.

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July 3rd 2013


Album Rating: 4.0

I appreciate any feedback, positive/negative, and any suggestions to help make this review better!

July 3rd 2013


that was fast

July 3rd 2013


Well your writing style (not really a style) is very erratic so the review doesn't flow very well - too many short sentences and paragraphs. Also, you don't go into much detail about songs to explain your rating which brings down the quality alot but there is the basic foundations of a review here.

Mister Twister
July 3rd 2013


Definitely better than the other reviews you've written, but it's written in a style which is a bit too casual, rather than being matter-of-fact. Instances of "I think 'x' is whatever" shouldn't be found in reviews.

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July 3rd 2013


There is good stuff in this review but it is all over the place. I would try using an outline to organize your thoughts before writing the review.

July 3rd 2013


that was fast [2]

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July 3rd 2013


yeah, I mean at least you did it already but a re-write would be real nice ;)

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Staff Reviewer
July 3rd 2013


I'll give you some constructive criticism later today but looks a bit better than your last review. Agreed with laughingman thought the review does look a lil all over the place but at least it's informative and has some background on the history of the band.

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July 3rd 2013


i would say this could use some work (it could) but based on your username it looks like there's no hope anyway

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Staff Reviewer
July 3rd 2013


constructive criticism

July 3rd 2013


Hmm yeah I would advise changing your username, or you'll face eternal hate.

July 3rd 2013


Album Rating: 4.0

Aww, Chortles... That was kinda fucking mean, lol.

Yeah, like everybody said, it's definitely an improvement over your other reviews but a little all over the place. It was definitely pretty quick from when you got the 'assignment' though. There is nothing wrong with letting an album sink in a bit more before you write it up. Especially in this case, where it's an older album and there isn't a time crunch.

Since you dug this but wasn't a fan as much of a fan of the vocals, you should definitely check out their new one, Love Triangles Hate Squares, NuMetal. He actually sings most of the time instead of constantly screaming, and he sounds great.

Disco Sucks

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