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Review Summary: "I can't get you out of my mind........."

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"Boardface", released in 2003, is Gotye's first album, but certainly not his worst. The album does not have some of Gotye's most famous work, and is often overlooked by fans. I have to admit that I was one of the people who overlooked this album. I thought that the album was going to be worse than "Like Drawing Blood", my least favorite Gotye album (disclaimer: I still like that album). And of course, as always, I was wrong. I always tend to overlook the good ones.

Boardface is now my favorite Gotye album, and I find it ironic why. Everything that "Making Mirrors" did, Boardface did at least five times better.

In my "Making Mirrors" review I said that the album was really diverse. "Boardface", while still sounding like Gotye, sounds so different between every song. I found it really awesome how much you can tell that Gotye was listening to so many different people at the time that this album was recorded. In fact, when I first got a hold of the record online, I thought that maybe I had gotten the wrong album because of how different the songs sounded. To add to the affect, Gotye brought in several session musicians. Not just any session musicians, but session singers. This adds more to the diversity affect of the album. To me, diversity can make me really love a person/band's music. This obviously means that I like Boardface for diversity the most.

As I said before, Gotye is one to have really good sampling and song structure abilities. This is especially present in "Boardface". To give some specific examples, you can try "What Do You Want", and "True to You". The sampling in "True to You" is amazing, the timing, the samples themselves, they are just really good to me.

The album is really fun to listen to. This could be because of the melodies, the sampling, maybe a little bit of both. I could go on and on about this album, but you know what? There's really not much more to say other than that this album is good.

So Gotye, do exactly the opposite of what you wanted that one girl to sing. Do not get out of my mind.

- Diversity (again?)
- Good song structures (again?)
- Fun to listen to.

- Mid way through, a song that sounds very cheesy to me known as "In this place" just sounds.... well cheesy. (DISCLAIMER: STILL A GOOD SONG, JUST ONE THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN REPLACED IN MY OPINION)

And again, check out Gotye's other stuff if you haven't. Especially "Making Mirrors", which, I guess you couldn't have not kinda checked out, because your bound to hear "Somebody That I Used To Know".


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April 30th 2013


Just as bad as your last one man. Try to only post one a day, you're knocking other reviews off the front page.

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April 30th 2013


calc, the site already perceives right now as tomorrow (or the first of may).

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April 30th 2013


the site can suck it.


April 30th 2013


Album Rating: 5.0

WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME???????????
No but seriously be more specific. What am I doing wrong? Again, I'm only 13, so I just want to know to improve.

Staff Reviewer
May 1st 2013


Your review isn't bad, man. It could just use some more detail. Expand on your thoughts here, and you'll be in good shape.

And damn, you're a very good writer for only being 13. My earliest reviews were from when i was 16, and I was pretty meh then.

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May 1st 2013


This review isn't bad, man. It's pretty good, but pretty much what Omaha said.

This album however is not the tits.

May 1st 2013


To be honest I wrote my first review when I was 15 and I did exactly the same thing as you in terms of structuring lol

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