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Release Date: 2002 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Possibly their most mature and outstanding release to date, standing nearly as tall as 'Something to Write Home About.'

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After arguably releasing one of the greatest emo/indie rock albums in 1999 (Something To Write Home About), The Get Up Kids were headed in the right direction. While 2011’s There Are Rules did in fact offer new accessible material, it’s ultimate flaw was the musicality shown; the guitar riffs were unexciting as were the lyrics, rounding this to be a considerably poor effort from the group and a non-appetizing appeal for longtime fans. Rewinding the clocks though, if you take a look at 2002, you’ll notice their magnificent record called On A Wire, an album displaying some of their most nostalgia-inducing, remarkable tracks that they’ve written. It could perhaps firmly stand as their best, but I’m almost positive fans would reside to agree that Something to Write Home About is/was in fact, their best, and a practical groundbreaking release in the field of emo/indie rock.

In a nutshell, this album has an enormous number of highlights, each with decorative parts that represent TGUK at their best. For one, the instrumentation is nothing short of spellbinding. What you have here are tingling melodies, heavy/three-chord-rock based styled songs, and a blueprint of energy and momentum, all being perfectly satisfying and awesome without a doubt. Lyrically wise, though, things get serious, as the vocalist takes us deep within the mindset of nostalgia and the common ushy- gushy girlfriend deliveries, both being well-thought and meaningful to the touch. His topics are easily relatable and extremely true, which could give it a sense of comfort if you’ve been through any of what is presented. It could be very easy to submerge yourself in the album.

The album has a very bubbly personality, much of which I can truly appreciate personally. In other words, there are no depressing moments or blandish moments here, just enthusiastic and very infectious songs that could easily engage the listener, without a doubt. Really though the album’s biggest strength is by far the accessibility, which is heavily prominent on the album. Its’ very upbeat and shows much pizazz with flashy guitars alongside crisp drums, and something you could listen to on a hot summer day by the beachside or pool.

On a Wire takes off with a catchy melody played on the acoustic guitar with a stellar vocal performance which both blends together sharply; the song is ‘Overdue.’ A simple yet effective electric guitar stroke is made in between as well, and remains a Get Up Kids staple for many concerts. ‘Let the Reigns Go Loose’ illustrate a deeper side with the band, almost all relating to a tear-jerking melody and the brilliant songwriting:

Can you take the bullet back?
Change it to a heart attack
my wish, I wonder could it be true?
Sick fits form a former home
Wmisfits under mistletoe
One year spent waiting, waiting for you

Other songs with a great sense of melody include ones like ‘Fall From Grace’, ‘Grunge Pig (which is musically somewhat in the name), and the beautiful ‘Campfire Kansas.’ The last tune, which is in my opinion, their greatest song ever written, is ‘Hannah Hold On’, a song that is a farewell to a relationship and one that is doubtful in letting go; or essentially moving on and putting the past behind you. The chorus is very magical, with gentle guitar licks calmly brushing its way throughout; the song is outstandingly warm and positive characteristically.

There’s something that is just simply amazing when listening to this album over and over again. The riffs are incredibly addicting and show off some of The Get Up Kids’s most strongest areas. I simply think this album is wonderful, lovely, majestic, near timeless, and an album that has a personal connection with my sake. Give this album a go, because I’m sure you’ll enjoy what is gently placed in your ears.

Song recs:

Let the Reigns Go Loose
Fall from Grace
Grunge Pig
All that I know
Campfire Kansas
Hannah Hold On

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The Get Up Kids always make everything better

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