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March 4th, 2006 | 34 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

This is my first review so lets see how it goes.

Blackfield is the project of Porcupine Tree leader Steven Wilson and Israelís most outspoken counter culture rock musician Aviv Geffen. Together they have put together a very modern sounding recording with the influences of moody progressive songs and pop tunes combines. The longest song is barely just past 4 minutes but the record is far from bland. Wilsonís vocal work with Geffens keyboard/piano parts really combine to form something special. Most of the lyrics deal with lonlieness, depression, and betrayal of sorts.
Now lets get to the song by song review:

Open Mind
Some nice acoustic work with a heavy type chorus that jumps out of nowhere. The lyrics are decent and I do believe it is Wilson singing. The chorus riff is pretty good and overall a solid song. It does have a bit of PT influence and there is a synth type breakdown in the mid section of the song. This is a solid start of the album and it showcases of what is to come up. 4.5/5

I was playing this song on my computer when my mom walks in a asks me what this was. I instantly got her hooked on Blackfield and now she listens to the album a lot but this is her favorite song. It seems to be the most upbeat, popish song on here but it is also one of the best. It starts off with just a piano and the rest of the band comes in. Wilson sings perfectly on this song with accuented notes on the verse with a great chorus. I would not change a note of this song. 5/5

This is were the album takes a darker/sadder approach. It starts out with a sadder overtone and the lyrics/vocal line emphasizes that. This song is definitely on the darker side. One complaint is that it does tend to drag on for a little too long and doesnít gain momentum until a little too late. I think there definitely could have been a better buildup with more going on. This song is not bad by any means but could have done more with it. When the song does pick up at around 3:10 into it, it does get intresting and such. Seems more filler to my ears though3.5/5

A little more upbeat than Glow. Bass tone I do like in this song. Seems more like another filler track to my ears though. Chorus is a too short with just them saying " All that I got left are my precious scars twice. Could have been more diverse in the song but at 2:28 they do mix it up (going into double-time, I think), which is good because otherwise, itís a very mediocre track. 3.5/5

Song starts out with a piano and Wilson singing perfectly. (I have always loved his voice tone) The piano and vocal lines match each other. The song doesnít seem to go to anywhere until the part at 2:50. Which could have been extended and this could have been a long/more intresting track. 4/5

I love this song. What can I say? I do believe it is Geffenís first vocal part on the record and he does extremely well. The lyrics are obviously telling someone is dire need of help. The background guitar in the second very is great. I canít stop listening to it. The song has a darker/sadder tone to it. (Just look at the title) My favorite line in this song is

All my friends now/Try to save me/What a joke/What a joke

At 3 min a really nice guitar part comes in. The chorus is beautiful with Geffen and Wilson singing and all the instruments just going off. The contrasts between the very and chorus is amazing too. This song has amazing melodies, defiantly one of my favorite songs on the album. 5/5

Nice acoustic work on here. Some pretty imaginative lyrics and I could see some people strumming this song on their acoustic by themselves in their spare time. A very solid song. A note perfect guitar solo. I do enjoy these lyrics:

Love me as the summer gone
When eyes were closed and days were long, so long
I burned a torch for you but all the while
Somewhere in the haze you lost your smile

Cloudy Now
Iím pretty sure Geffen wrote this song but they put it onto his album. This is very dark song. Not a whole lot going on in this song (which is quite a contrast from PT) but they made a pretty much perfect song. The lyrics are probably my favorite off the album and definitely shows off their lyrical skills This song is about many of the things wrong with the world and how no one really seems connected like they used to.

"In a violent place we can call our country
Is a mixed up man
And I guess thatís me
The sun's in the sky
But the storm never seems to end

Itís a place of sorrow but we call it a home.
and the darkest thoughts
yeah, I guess they're my own
There's wealth in the bank
But there's nothing to show inside.

In a special place
That I call my life
The father was cruel and he lost his wife
But I don't see either
Cause I live across the street

Itís a beautiful thing
When it starts to rain
A man who drinks just to drown the pain
And I can't stop from dreaming
There's something else."

Some of the best lyrics I have read just dealing with life and everything When the song REALLY kicks in you can just feel the anger/sadness in it all. Highly recommended track. 5/5

The Hole In Me
This song reminds me of Glow. Same type of atmosphere. Heh, the intro part reminds me of evil circus music for some reason. Verses arenít the strong point but the chorus when all the instruments just come in is amazing and thatís the main reason I keep coming back to this song. Lyrics are average but I do like the chorus

What have I done
Treat me tonight like a movie star
Who will never die
Always surrounded by girls like you
Kill all my loneliness
Kill all my loneliness

I think this song is about a famous celebrity who has found out his lifestyle isnít fulfilling and even though being constantly surrounded by people he still feels lonlieness.

This song picks up pretty much right away but the chorus is where all the harmonies and such come together. I like all the instrument parts and they combine all very well. The guitar solo is perfect and I wouldnít change a thing. I really canít stress how much I love the guitar solo even though itís not even over 20seconds Iím pretty sure. Chorus lyrics I am fond of

Hello, hello, hello, hello
Is it gonna last?
Why don't you come and take me with you?
And so I know you had to go
I'm dreaming of the past
An echo of the years we passed through


Perfect World
A nice guitar intro with some excellent lyrics. A very solid song and showcasing some nice singing talents. Another perfect guitar solo played in this song too. I like the first verse lyrics:
Here on the other side
You've found a place to hide
So wave goodbye to your wasted life

You never seem to care
If God can hear your prayers
There's no sign of angels in the air


Where Is My Love?
Definitly the most happiesh/upbeat song on the album. I do believe it is Geffen singing and he nails it. I heard this song almost got scrapped because it doesnít fit with the darker/slower tempos of the rest of the album. While that maybe true it is a nice change and itís a very good song. But donít be mistaken, even though it seems to be happier the lyrics contrasts the lyrics quite well. And these lyrics are probably one of the most straight forward too.
I gave you everything I could but you want the stars
Where is my love?
Endless fields of emptiness in my dark and wounded heart
Where is my love?

Even all the biggest storms can't take my pain away
Where is my love?
Noisy happy people crossing streets from side to side
Where is my love?


Cloudy Now (Live)
See review for Cloudy Now.
(I prefer this live one over studio, they nail it perfectly) 5/5

Overall this album is an extremely solid release from two very accomplished musicians. This album does have the potential for being a more mainstream release but no one knows about it. For being their first album most bands can not even match the quality and sometime their best can hardly compete. Donít let the word side-project mislead you thinking it sounds like one. This album has the quality of being a full time thing which definitely shows off the song writing talents of both guys. (Being able to release a side project of this caliber)

The one complaint is that all the songs donít really flow with each other. I think it suffers a bit because Steven Wilson and Avi Geffen had been collaborating on this, off-and-on, for more than a year. So the album songs donít play off each other and just a collection of singles compiled together. While, this is a very small complaint, and Iím sure avid pop/rock listeners could care less but it is definitely different than Porcupine Tree. Another thing is there are a few filler spots on the album but even those are pretty decent parts too.

New Blackfield album being release this year I believe too. Recommended downloads: Pain, Blackfield, Cloudy Now, Where is My Love?
If you want any song sample or such just IM me.

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March 4th 2006


for a 1st review, this is of a good standard, however you don't go into a lot of detail about the instruments.

but welcome to the site and keep writing reviews

Storm In A Teacup
March 4th 2006


Great first review, Thunderzstruck. You put your information across well, and wrote it in a way that should interest most of the readers. You've also informed me of a band I didn't know of, but am immediately intriqued by because of the Porcupine Tree relation. Good work, and I'm looking forward to see more work by you. :thumb:

March 4th 2006


Yeah this sounds pretty wicked, very nice review.

I'm gonna try find a bit of these guys right now.

March 5th 2006


There is a version of the song Blackfield on the internet which has an extended ending. The version on the CD cuts out MUCH too quickly. I really don't know what the reason behind cutting that outro, but the extra minute is just so neccesary.

Decent album though. Not really into the lyrics, but I could not pass up Steven Wilson.


March 5th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

wow, i didn't know about the extended blackfield

ill have to try to get my hands on that sometime

March 5th 2006


I have never heard fo these guys...

March 5th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

If any of you guys want any song samples or anything my AIM screenname is: sinpes21

March 11th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

So have any of you guys checked Blackfield out yet?

March 11th 2006


I heard the songs Pain and Hello. I liked them both, but they seem like sort of a 2nd class PT. They sound like a more generic version of PT to me.

Good review by the wayThis Message Edited On 03.11.06

March 11th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

yeah, i could see how one would think that

but i just love the whole tone of this album, i sometimes can't get enough of it

August 27th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

One of my favourite albums at the moment, can't wait for their next one.

March 21st 2007


Album Rating: 4.0

For some reason i liked this cd alot more when i started listening to it on shuffle...

it is kind of a watered down porcupine tree, but honestly, porcupine tree is so freakin good that its still a very solid album

May 19th 2007


Album Rating: 5.0

Love this album...

Sounds great late at night......

Its perfect for when you just aren't sure what to listen to.

February 9th 2008


this is easily one of the most overlooked albums on sputnik that is incredible. i bet 75% of sputnik would adore this album but no one has heard of these guys apparently. it's kind of sad.

February 9th 2008


Album Rating: 4.0

blackfield rules

February 9th 2008


I prefer Blackfield II to this, but its still a very strong album

February 20th 2008


Album Rating: 4.5

This album is brilliant

February 20th 2008


agreed. steven wilson and aviv geffen are a combined force to be reckoned with. hope to see a 3rd blackfield album in the next couple years.

April 8th 2008


Album Rating: 3.5

Loving this at the moment. Though some of the songs could certainly be stretched in length, this is one of few albums I own that flow almost perfectly and straight to the point, not to mention the songs have great melancholic PTree style hooks. The intro to Cloudy Now owns my soul.

This Message Edited On 04.08.08

July 12th 2009


Album Rating: 4.5

good review, been listening to blackfield II for awhile now and never really gave this a shot. im about half way through this and am blown away by it. amazing album. these guys need to be more known

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