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Gay, Black And Married



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Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

Review Summary: A pleasurable soundtrack for chilling-out by the beach or having a good night out.

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Not releasing an album for more than four years (especially for this band’s sake) can have its effects on people; everything ranging from bittersweet anxiety to that warm optimistic feeling you get when you are passionately determined for what may happen next. Surprisingly enough, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult crafted one of their biggest albums to ever launch in a mere 2007 called the humorous Gay, Black, and Married , combining their signature snazzy-disco oriented hooks and vibrant synth/sax instrumentals as seen previously on their other records, making this a worthwhile choice for the long and hefty anticipation. Relying purely on groovy piano lines and synths rather than guitars, this is what you could call their most upbeat, danceable album. For longtime fans, however, their colorful horn frame-ups and incredibly seductive female vocals are back, geared up with steroids and better adjusted than ever before. In other words, this album right here is what you could call the pinnacle of their modern releases, reveling some of their most beautifully arranged tracks perfect for strolling in a Cadillac in Los Angeles at sunset.

The album’s immediate impact is the fact it’s not industrial rock based, but more so industrial dance/disco (very interesting genre tag if you ask me). Tracks like opener ‘Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me’, ‘Euro-Freak Hustle’, and even ‘Freaky Fever’ demonstrate that mysterious, 70’s disco touch with it and could almost be nostalgic for people who grew up in the disco-ball era. The tight rhythms and consistent flow of synthesizer melodies make these songs (and the album in general) very sparsely dynamic and wonderfully energetic.

As aforementioned before, just imagine you are in some pink convertible, late at night (or even at sunset), with the cool breeze of palm trees passing by you, and here you are listening to this album on full blast. That right there is what this album is for; relaxing and forgetting about the world. The album itself has a strong grip with meditation from the deep state of trance you could find yourself in, piecing together hypnotic and euphoric-like songs with a fantastic sense of energy. Every song here could be a delicious soundtrack to a good night out, or a disco themed party for that matter, displaying a capturing sound from the 70’s.

‘Do you Wanna Get Funky With me’ introduces the album perfectly with the house beat and funky melody, while all at the same time releasing a staggering impact of flavor. ‘Freaky Fever’ is a seven minute epic and despite the rather extended length, is one of the best on here. Led on with an engrossing and bouncy melody, tangled up with black female vocals and gentle, beautiful strokes with the piano, this marks a fantastically placed song and leads the album in the right direction. ‘Foreign World’ is where the album can hit hard, with the very peaceful horns executed blissfully and the common blotches of melody wrapping itself up with it, it’s a very self-motivated track and could get you up shaking your hips in no time.

One of the bands most beautiful pieces is ‘Fhantasi Luv’r. Starting off with an amazingly upbeat poppy melody, it eventually unfolds with some cheesy yet song-fitting lyrics and a very nice keyboard progression heard in the background. These masterfully weave together a highly sensual and beautiful track, with a lot to offer for delivery.

In short, this album will almost never disappoint and I’m sure someone could find enjoyment with it. The staying power with this is something you could hold on for years to come, as it’s ridiculously catchy music toppled off with sleazy vocals and rich instrumentation. While sometimes the songs can somewhat drag on for ages, with the same melody and rhythm, it could leave a mesmerizing effect on you. Gay, Black and Married is a thoroughly enjoyable record that should definitely not be ignored with this band.

Song recs:

Do you wanna get funky with me?
Euro-Freak Hustle
Freaky Fever
Foreign World
Fhantasi Luv’r
Dream 13

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February 7th 2013



February 7th 2013


My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult


That is all.

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February 7th 2013


Nice review. Never heard this band but this sounds rad.

February 7th 2013


Thanks man

It rules for sure

February 7th 2013


No? I've never said that before

February 7th 2013


Dude I have never said that. You might have been thinking of that Sexplosion album by theirs I didn't like.

thanks though

February 8th 2013


Could have been me.

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Staff Reviewer
February 8th 2013


Album Rating: 3.8

Props for reviewing this. I always wanted to review Gay, Black & Married, but somehow never knew how to describe it well, unlike the rest of their records. I don't know why. I have a sketch, but never finished it. Pos.

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