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February 3rd, 2013 | 7 replies | 775 views

Release Date: 1996 | Tracklist

Review Summary: With the diverse radio-play ‘Fire Water Burn’ has gotten over the years, I highly suggest anyone to follow up on it more and listen to it fully. It’s very refreshing, quirky, and your typical Bloodhound Gang humor you’ve come to know and love.

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Released in 1996, One Fierce Beer Coaster is essentially their encore performance if you wish, and ultimately their album that pushed them into the mainstream audience as a whole. Before this album, there was Use your Fingers, a rather uncharacteristic album for the band which never gained much popularity (other than the hit single ‘You’re Pretty when I’m Drunk’) and was a critter-under-the-rug. While this whole debate is arguable over which album helped them drive into the mainstream, it’s a near fact that these two albums were the start of a hilariously awesome and fun band for years to come. With fourteen tracks presented here on the album, The Bloodhound Gang pounded out incredibly solid tracks with a great deal of replay value. But even though they never made any “epics” or musically complex arrangements, the simplicity is something this band is mastered well with this album.

Use Your Fingers had a few great tunes here and there, with very few decent singles, but after a while, it was simply nothing special and worthwhile; or a poor man’s effort. One Fierce Beer Coaster, however, has fantastic singles (and songs in general), loaded with catchy guitars, childish yet at times sophisticated lyrics, and crisp-clean drums, leading into a stellar album. Anyone that has heard a glimpse from this album has probably heard the radio-friendly hit ‘Fire Water Burn’, one of their most famous songs. In this case, though, if you have, I strongly suggest you uncover this album further, as it’s a compact and consolidated release. Also, use this album as a starting point to get into the band.

While the album is simple musically, it’s very effective and fulfilling. There are plenty of addicting songs here that you’ll never seem to grow tired of, and with the help of enduring guitar riffs and choruses, this will seem practically impossible. Almost consecutively are the songs well-thought through, merry-go-round and just upbeat in general. Shockingly (and perhaps distrust in a way), there is a determined, very honest song called ‘Your Only Friends are Make Believe.’ While the song title is obviously humorous, at a musical angle, it’s not at all like this. The brilliant straightforward essence of the track is something very new for Bloodhound Gang; in other words, they included the “less is more” structure for this song, which succeeds in almost every countable. Driven by gentle strokes on the acoustic guitar and simple snare tap executions on the drum kit, with an emotional full-blown outro (loud electric guitars and doo-doo-doo-doo-doooos), this marks an interesting technique from the band and has a truly positive aspect to it; not seen on the rest of their albums. It’s possibly their slowest song as well.

Being laced tightly with catchiness, you’d think the songs would become boring after multiple listens (because there aren’t many emotional dictations to this album). However, I myself have listened to tracks like ‘Kiss me where it smells funny’, ‘Fire water burn’, and ‘I wish I was queer so I could get chicks’, and collectively, they’ve never loosed their charm or quirkiness. They all have an easy-on-ear gist and the overall credibility comes straight towards the guitar riffs. Even though they are sometimes ridiculously simple and a newbie to a guitar could easily learn them within a half hour, they are very fun to listen to and even play on the instrument. With the first listen, you’ll have an idea of what Bloodhound Gang typically articulate within their music.

The lyrics are sloppy and almost all rapped, with the exception of a few. Strangely, they are quite good and nothing short of hilarious. From songs such as ‘Why’s Everybody Always Pickin’ on Me?, ’ I think you could analyze it’s safe to say they are a joke-filled band; “Why’s everybody always pickin’ on me? Because you look like a girl and you sit down to pee”, and even the eyebrow-raiser clever line “Why’s everybody always picking on me? Cause my fifteen year-old cousin has less acne.” Both pickup lines are incredibly catchy and the sound is actually quite different as well; not so abrasive but rather jazzy and smooth. Other songs such as ‘Boom’ feature a guest vocalist, who for this selection is Vanilla Ice. It may seem unbelievable, but he actually kills the track; and with the help of Jimmy (the vocalist), they collaborate nicely and get the job accomplished easily.

Even though their sound isn’t hugely different or anything, they are a very nice band and this album represents them to their fullest abilities. With hard-punching songs like ‘Fire Water Burn’ (the increasing emphasis with the drumming on the three choruses are one of the best highlights of the track), and spastic songs like ‘Kiss me where it smells funny’, this is a wonderfully catchy album with a nice group of guys added with flowery personalities and hilarious charisma. The album is worth repeated listens and I highly doubt you’ll get tired of it, or at least for a while for that sake. Aside from lyrics that can be simply dumb at times, I honestly can’t find one single flaw with this album.

Song recs:
Kiss me where it smells funny
Fire Water Burn
I wish I was queer so I could get chicks
Why’s everybody always pickin on me?

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February 3rd 2013


Love this album, and with that, I'm off to bed.

February 3rd 2013


wasn't this the discovery channel song band

February 3rd 2013


The Bad Touch? no

February 3rd 2013


you're drunk

eh, possibly.

This album is really good though eeheheheehehhehehehe

February 3rd 2013


Album Rating: 2.0

The Bad Touch rules hard.

I only like Fire Water Burn from this.

Digging: Anberlin - Lowborn

February 3rd 2013


Really? Oh, well forgot to mention Going Nowhere Slow is also a great track as well. It's more punkish

February 3rd 2013


I like all of their albums tbh

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