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December 26th, 2012 | 8 replies

Release Date: 2012 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Boring, Generic, Deathcore. If you listen to that you'll probably like it.

Six feet of silence is a band that origionated in a small Wisconsin town called River Falls. I've listened to what they have been writing since they first started off. From their roots as more of a metalcore type band, to their new sound. Deathcore. Before I review each track one by one, keep in mind that I love deathcore. I write it, play it, and listen to it. I just don't enjoy the steriotypical boring leads if any, chugging, "brutal" deathcore. So lets get this started

The Myth of You:

This track starts off with a groove metal/ Djent type line that is not bad, but it never moves frm there. I was expecting about thirty seconds into the song that it would progress into a generic/ boring breakdown. I was correct. Then it leads back into the same boring riff. The vocals aren't bad, but it just seems like the band wanted to give up any form of diction to sound as "brutal" as possible. At about two minuets in there is, yet another. Boring generic breakdown. Then a few moments later is a small lead that I was hoping for, but my dreams of a decent lead coming over a breakdown was crushed. It was a Meshuggah type eerie lead over a breakdown.

Disease of Addiction:

This song starts off with a tension release lead. Going from a perfect fifth to a minor 6th, then from a mayjor seventh to an octive. Then a chugging rythem comes in with th vocals. This continues into, another chuggy guitar riff. Exactly what I was expecting. Into, yet another breakdown. The next line somewhat suprised me. It was the first time so far in the album that I could actually hear the bass. It was a semi-melodic line, until it hit another chuggy riff, then the semi-melodic line repeats itself. Then, more breakdown ending with another eerie riff. Hmmm I wonder if this is going to happen again.

Kings and Queens:

Leads in with a few seconds of a drum solo, then a breakdown, and another eerie riff over it. That's the whole song! I want to like it, but it never progresses. It starts decent, then goes no where.

Second Nature:

Breakdown, chuggy riff. Hey a pinch harmonic, thats new! chug, chug, chug, breakdown.


Starts with a pretty origional line, goes into a less than common chugging style. Hey I'm actually digging this. Eerie riff, damn it. I wish Meshuggah would patent that. Another song that starts off not so bad, but goes absolutely no where.

Overall review:

This album, EP, Demo, whatever the hell it is considered. Was a chore to listen to. I started this review not to bash the band, but as I listened to the album while writing this review I just typed what came to my head. I want to like this band, I really do, but it has everything that I hate about boring, lazy, generic, deathcore. Breakdown, chug, "Brutality". I just wish bands like this would realise that they are just like every other "brutal" deathcore band. The truth is though, that with enough recognition this band could make it up there with all of the other bands that sound exactly like them. The Red Chord, Oceano, Defiler, and many others. Six Feet sounds exactly like them. You can take that as a compliment if it makes you feel any better, hell you are better than them, but to me you are one of the hundreds of bands in the deathcore genre, that does not stick out because you are like every other generic deathcore band. Same chuggs, same breakdowns, same audiance.

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December 26th 2012


There's a few spelling mistakes littered throughout, I don't know if you just want to proofread it a few times over?

Going from a perfect fifth to a minor 6th, then from a mayjor seventh to an octive.

I understand this, I'd just keep it out of a review because I can imagine the majority of your readers wouldn't understand what this means.

Breakdown, chuggy riff. Hey a pinch harmonic, thats new! chug, chug, chug, breakdown.

Never do track by track deathcore, because it's pretty much just reading that same sentence over and over.

I'll make sure I avoid this haha

December 26th 2012


Album Rating: 2.0

Lol I understand the spelling mistakes. This is common in my reviews, essays, and other writings. I don't proof read until after I post in most cases because of personall stupidity. With the intervals I just simply put on to paper (in this case text) what I think. When I write it is usually personal, and I just write whatever comes out. Also if you where to read somthing, and not understand it. You'll probably look it up. Making you gain more knowledge lol. Thank you for the comment BTW constructive criticism is a good thing.

December 26th 2012


I'd recommend you stick to reviews that look at the album as a whole as opposed to track by tracks. 95% of reviews on this site are like that so you shouldn't have trouble finding one.

December 26th 2012


These guys are gonna resurrect deathcore

December 26th 2012


But in all seriousness I respect your opinion, but I really loved this album. Pos'd.

December 26th 2012


Album Rating: 1.0

My little pony? lol

December 26th 2012


I feel like I've entered a thread of avatar-less noobs.

Digging: Amenra - Mass VI

December 26th 2012


This just reminded me how boring loudness can be. I'm sure the lyrics have the poetic value of reading a McDonalds and saying fuck between each item.

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