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Back Again



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Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

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Kevin Young - Vocals/Bass
Brad Noah - Guitar
Tim Barrett - Drums

Disciple had been together for 6 years and 3 albums when they recorded Back Again, their greatest album to date. Their musicianship had gotten better than before and this album sold 30,000 copies - which is good considering they were independent until their latest album. Probably the greatest thing about Disciple is their lyrics - there's no guessing as to whether they're a Christian band as they put plenty of verses in lyrics and you will hear "Jesus" and "God" plenty of times.

Back Again - starts off with weird sounds and fades up to Kevin screaming "AIN'T GOING BACK AGAIN!" Immediately launches into a riff and then verses. The verses on this song are rapped, so they don't really sound quite right, but the chorus more than makes up for it. An awesome solo tops off the song, which is probably the best one on the album. (4.5/5)

Fear - Starts off with drum kicks before launching to an awesome riff. A very simple chorus ("If you are for me, who can be against me?") and another solo makes this song another standout. (4.5/5)

103 - Begins with a pretty boring riff and not very good verses or lyrics. The chorus is certainly nothing special ("And I will sing hallelujah") and the song gets pretty soft near the end, so this is pretty much filler (2.5/5)

Touch - Another fade-up scream launches an awesome riff that brings this album back to life. The first verse is about a woman who wanted to touch Jesus's clothes in order to be healed, and verse two is about Zaccheus. Kevin screams "Jesus I need you, Jesus I want you, I want to see you, so I can touch you!" for the chorus. Another great song, especially after "103". (4.5/5)

Face - Starts with a riff and drums, verse, then chorus - normal song structure. Nothing special, but nonetheless a good song. (3.5/5)

Wait - Starts with some quiet notes, then a muted riff, then normal riff with drums. The verse riff is pretty good, and another screamed chorus waits this another great song. (4.5/5)

Hardened - Starts off in normal Disciple fashion, a full-band assault gives way to a quiet verse. The chorus is what makes this a good song, as Kevin screams "Jesus! God break us! God change us! We are people of hardened hearts and unclean lips!". Plenty of great sceaming, one of the heaviest songs. (4.5/5)

Why Don't You Shut Up - Starts off with bass and drums, then a full-band assault. The verse and chorus are nothing great, another filler quality song. (3/5)

Before You - Starts off with "God I come before you, to worship and adore you, Holy Spirit FALL UPON ME!" before a great riff. More screams - this is what church would sound like if Disciple or I took over worship at church. (4/5)

Remembering - Another full-band assault before a verse with more screaming than usual. This isn't a standout song, but it certainly isn't filler. (3.5/5)

Not the Same - full band assault comes into a verse that starts with "How can you be of God, when you dress, when you smell just like the world?" (This is what a street preacher said to Kevin, apparently because of his long hair.) Great song about not judging people based on their appearance. (4/5)

One More Time - guitar noises fadeup to another full band assault. Nothing special but once again, not filler. (3.5/5)

Next Time - The only acoustic track, is very quiet of course compared to the rest of the album. A good way to finish this awesome album.

-Kevin's vocals, particularly screams
-Awesome riffs
-Christian lyrics - Disciple is what church would sound up is you added distortion and turned up the volume. (if you hate "preachy" bands you very well will probably hate Disciple)

-Songs sound very much the same
-Filler tracks

Favorite songs: Back Again, Fear, Touch, Hardened, Before You, Not the Same

Bottom line: if you like hard rock/metal and don't mind "preachy" lyrics, you will probably like Disciple. (but their newest album is the only one you'll find in stores- order the others online)

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March 19th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

Nice review. We could hear a little more about the songs, but I guess when each song sounds the same than it's not necessary then that's okay.

Disciple is underrated beyond imagination. It's probably because they're Christian. I don't understand that, however. Christian metal is the best music ever.

Again, nice review. :thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb:This Message Edited On 03.19.06

July 14th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

wow people on here have actually heard of Disciple. Looks like I should go ahead and review their newest Cd.

February 16th 2007


Review the newer one

February 14th 2010


Album Rating: 5.0

This album was my intro to the harder part of the music world, and i still love the musik beyond most other albums. The lyrics on this album has also helped me alot and given me hope so all together, a 5/5 album imo

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