The M Machine
Metropolis - Part 1



by Reductant USER (1 Reviews)
October 27th, 2012 | 10 replies

Release Date: 2012 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Is quality inversely proportional to popularity?

Presumably you haven't heard about this group, albeit the fact that their debut EP is being released under the record label OWSLA, which is founded by Skrillex, an electronic musician you've surely heard of. Yet the abovesaid's music is popular but its quality is debatable, that's not the occasion here, quite the contrary.

Listening to the popular electronic tracks these days may give the listener an impression that all has been done, and that there would be no room for originality in the genre of "electronic" music anymore. Once in a while, however, there are acts that prove that a wonderland of delight awaits those who are ready to take their time and explore the ample supply of electronic music.

The opening track of the EP, Immigrants, gives the listener a brief look at what to expect of the EP as a whole.
Its hard-hitting beats coexisting alongside synths that remind the listener of the early sci-fi movies released century or two ago, it succeeds to stand out in the crowd, which is not an achievement to be taken lightly these days. It's something out of the ordinary, and to be honest I've never heard anything quite like it.
"Deep Search" is the song that follows up the opener, and is nothing quite like it. The 6/8 signature is in great use, which is
rare in EDM outside of the "drop", and its hypnotic bassline is truly intriguing. However the real peculiarity is to be found elsewhere, the beautiful, nearly ethereal breakdown is what really draws the listener's attention.

The next two songs include vocals that are both distinguished and interesting. The vocalist in A King Alone sounds nearly robotic even without vocoders, singing about his kingdom in which he alone resides and controls everything inside it. It's a pretty and light song, and it's welcome after two a bit heavier songs. Faces is a very indiey synth pop song whose vocals are the most interesting amidst Metropolis Pt. 1. The characteristic voice along with the synths creates an atmosphere that is hard to describe, making it one of the highlights of the EP.

The following song, Black, is an industrial sounding, heavy-punching song that in its aggression is a very interesting piece. It starts with sounds of some machinery moving, and then proceeds with the hard-hitting synth and bassline that's similar to immigrants. It also includes the apparent trademark of The M Machine, the cinematic break that's already been heard on Deep Search. However it doesn't sound if it's just recycling the same sound over, its little tweaks and subtleties make it sound fresh and new, it's an important part of the track.

The song concluding the EP, Shadow In The Rose Garden, is in my opinion also the weakest piece on it. It's a remix of their
earlier released "Promise Me A Rose Garden", and it includes dnb-oriented sounds put together with dubstep. The emphasis on synths is so big that it makes listening to it not very comfortable. The vocals were also better carried out on the original mix, here they sound a little too distorted.

Despite the fact that I didn't enjoy the last track, the album is excellent and I struggle at finding points to criticize. Distinctive characteristics permeate throughout the EP, The M Machine's debut shows a lot of promise. While the EDM scene is seemingly on its intent of going the predictable and boring way that it's been going for a while, The M Machine takes an alternative route of originality and great song-writing.
Metropolis Pt. 1 gives a new understanding of where we've been, and a new sense of wonder at where we'll go next.

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October 27th 2012


Album Rating: 4.5

My first review ever, I'd be happy to hear some criticism Wasn't really sure how I'd write it so it came out like this.

October 27th 2012


"wouldn't be no room "
would be no room or wouldn't be any room

"coexisting by synths"
coexisting alongside synths

"early sci-fi movies released century or two ago"
2 centuries ago it would have been hard to find a cinema

"never heard something quite like it"
never heard anything quite like it

gave up then

October 27th 2012


Album Rating: 4.5

Thanks, I guess. I'm hoping that others have something to say about it as well, For I've never written

a review before. And also I'm not a native speaker so it's good to receive criticism about my grammar.

October 27th 2012


at least u reviewed something that wasnt reviewed before which is good

Contributing Reviewer
October 27th 2012


^this. respect son.

October 28th 2012


Really good first review. I'm not a native speaker as well; wish you good luck on sputnik mate. The only thing that you could do to enhance this review is fixing the sentences. Just click "edit my reviews / albums" and move the sentences from the 1st paragraph. Pos'd :]

October 28th 2012


Did a remix of one of Passion Pit's new tracks, was pretty sweet. Have a couple of their other remixes if I recall, overall pretty good stuff.

October 28th 2012


Album Rating: 4.5

Thanks guys I really appreciate it : )

October 28th 2012


Very nice first review man especially since English isn't your first language, have a pos. Nice to see the M Machine get reviewed, I'm the only other one who's reviewed stuff from OWSLA on the site (the new Seven Lions and the new-ish KOAN Sound). If you ever want to talk EDM (or non-EDM electronic) hit me up in my shoutbox

October 28th 2012


Album Rating: 4.5

Thanks, I'll be sure to hit you up if a topic comes in my mind (you may also hit me up if you want


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