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May 19th, 2012 | 3 replies

Release Date: 2010 | Tracklist

Review Summary: If you are looking for thrashy riffs, screaming, growls, and great drumming - look no more.

I assume that most (if not all) of you never actually heard of My Decadence. Basically, they are a Melodic Death Metal/Thrash Metal band from Aachen, Germany that was formed in 2006. After performing in some local shows, they released their debut "No More Silence" and started to play live at some clubs in Aachen. In 2010, after releasing the EP "How To Forget", they grew more famous, thanks to good advertising and their music video, and gained more fans in Germany and all over the world.

And now for the actual review:

1. Discreation: The song starts with a powerful harmonic-minor melody, which really sets the mood for the album, followed by the same melody palm muted. After a short break a riff kicks in with a scream: ""CRYYYYYYYY"". The verse and the chorus are pretty good, featuring some awesome screaming/growling and great drumming, with a few tempo changes.
After the second chorus, the intro is behind played again with the addition of vocals.
The song keeps on showing great riffs, and before the end, the intro is again being played with the vocals, and the track finishes with a mighty growl.

This is an excellent starter for the album, 4.5/5.

2. Bury Me: This is absolutely the best song in the album, if you can choose only one song to hear, choose this one. The starting riff comes right in, and it leads into a great verse. The verse ends with slow-tempo dark riff and then repeats again. Following the second verse is the chorus, which is the high-point of the album in my taste. The riff is basically notes from the harmonic-minor scale, but it fits so well with the vocals and the drumming, that I have to say it is perfect. The verse then repeats again, followed by a nice bridge, and the solo. The solo is very melodic and it gives the song a whole new atmosphere to the song. The amazing chorus repeats once again and then it changes one tone up - A great finish to a great song.

The best song in the album. No competition, 5/5.

3. How To Forget : The title track comes next. A cool intro with some whispering leads into a thrashy riff, which is also the verse. The transition to the chorus and the chorus itself are pretty damn amazing, and until the bridge this seemed to be another perfect song. Unfortunately, the bridge is rather annoying and it drags on for about 2 minutes.

This song is great, overall. Could be much better though if it ended after two and a half minutes, 3.5/5.

4. A Place I Never Went To: The fourth track in the album follows the same structure that was used in the first three songs, with thrashy riffs, double-bass and screams. A minute and a half in, the bridge starts. Sounds very promising in the start, but turns out to be even more annoying than "How To Forget"'s bridge. Quite listenable song, but it gets old after a few times.

This is the fastest song in the album, but it is also the weakest. 3/5

5. March Of The Puppets : This song is significantly different from all the other songs on the album, which is great. It changes the atmosphere and because of that it makes the album superb.
The song starts with a really slow and a really dark riff, which leads to the main riff - faster but still very dark. The transit to the chorus is also very gloomy, and the chorus is... Well, I can't find another word for 'dark'. The verse repeats again and a great bass riff cuts it. The bridge is amazing here, probably the best in the album, and when it ends the intro comes back again. The only down-point for the song is the third verse, where an annoying sound effect is being used, but after that the epic chorus plays again and the song ends with a strong power chord that fades out. A great closure to the album.

Different, but amazing, 5/5.

"How To Forget" is not only the best My Decadence album; it is also one of the greatest Melodic Death albums recently and perhaps one of the greatest Metal albums. My Decadence surely has found their unique sound, and I wish it will reach the mainstream someday.

Recomended Tracks:
-Bury Me
-March Of The Puppets

Guitar/vocals - Fabian Reiter
Guitar/vocals - Roman Ruminski
Bass - Christian Scaafer
Drums - Max Schnettler

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May 19th 2012


i am.

review is ok, for a first, but try to stay away from this track by track formula.

September 18th 2012


trve melodaeth

June 22nd 2013


rip dethtrasher

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