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January 23rd, 2006 | 58 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

Thereís not a track on this album that I would consider bad, (and Marilyn Manson has made some appalling tracks in his time, Iíll be the first to say that,) but the problem with this and more or less every other ďBest Of" album is that you can ask any, say, 100 people what their 17 favourite Manson songs are and I can guarantee they will not come up with the same thing. Iím no exception. The vast majority of tracks on Lest We Forget are his singles, and in my opinion Marilyn Mansonís best tracks have very little to do with this album or even his singles. Still, this makes for what I hope is an objective view to review an album from.

1) The Love Song: 3/5

This was from the ďHoly Wood" album, and with the lyrics including ďDo you love you Guns, God, Government?" probably fits in the most with the image he was using at the start of this century. I have no doubt that it goes down well in the mosh pit but as far as I know this was neither a single or one of his best songs so what itís doing on this CD I donít know. Still, Iíve never known Manson to play by the rules, and itís not a bad song to kick off the album, if a little illogical.

2) Personal Jesus: 4/5

For those of you who donít know, this was a cover of Depeche Mode. I donít rate one version higher than the other, but thereís something about that riff played with some distortion that shows anybody who wasnít sure that Manson means business. His vocal style and attitude compliment this song perfectly, and anybody whoís seen the video will recognise that he knows how to push the right buttons in a world terrorised by paedophilia and George Bush.

3) mOBSCENE: 4/5

The lead single from the ďGolden Age of Grotesque" album, this was his Mansonís first single release after Tainted Love and was probably therefore the most well known of his singles that werenít covers. The storming riffís an absolute belter, and the rabble-rousing chorus is well received. And that he could get away with the audacity of basically copying off Faith No More (Be Aggressive, anyone?) shows an unusual but nevertheless inspired technique that he pulls off very will.

4) The Fight Song: 5/5

Now THIS is more like it. This single from ďHoly Wood" is something we all need from time to time; a storming anthem that doesnít let up on the pace even for a second. Indeed, after the second verse itís basically a wall of distorted Nu-Metal euphoria. Apparently the song was written in retaliation to the Columbine incident, but this is one of those songs where you can just forget about what heís trying to say and ENJOY it. This one truly deserves to be on the ďBest Of" album.

5) Tainted Love: 4/5

Another of Mansonís many covers and in many respects better than the original, this is on a surprisingly large number of CDs despite not actually being featured on any of the albums. This is radically different from Soft Cellís effort, moving from a swinging keyboard song to a grinding industrial metal track, and is all the better for it. Not amazing, but a good song nevertheless.

6) The Dope Show: 4/5

I was never really quite sure what to make of this song, but that donít mean itís not good. This was the single from the ďMechanical Animals" album, and the video features Manson with the boob job that heíd had done for that album. The song itself is very peculiar, with the bass and some weird sound effects driving the verses, but youíre back on familiar territory once the chorus- and guitars- kick in. Give it a few listens and youíll find yourself doing air guitar to it.

7) This Is The New ***: 4/5

This song opens the ďGolden Age of Grotesque" album, and what an opener. The digital feeling of the verses is quickly shunted to one side as Manson delivers a kind of twisted rap with no readily apparent meaning. But the songís trump card is, of course, the chorus. If the lyric ďAre you mother***ers ready for the new ***?" doesnít make you want to destroy everything you can see with your forehead, then the huge blasting riff over which it is sung will. Incredible.

8) Disposable Teens: 4/5

Disposable Teens was the first single from the ďHoly Wood" album, and features a return to the sound originally from Mansonís breakthrough song, The Beautiful People. It also features a cheeky reference to the Beatles within the chorus. Like the Fight Song that came after, this song never loses pace all the way through it, though it is slightly less accessible. The video to it, if youíve never seen it, looks for the entire world like a vision seen in someoneís nightmare.

9) Sweet Dreams (are made of this): 5/5

Another contender for one of the best Manson tracks, this Eurhythmics cover is an absolutely amazing effort that combines one of the worldís best known songs with Mansonís trademark snarl and irony. It moves more slowly than the original, and with a lot more menace. The screaming in the choruses makes him sound like he means it and the guitar solo in the middle really puts the icing on the cake. In my opinion this is the best track on the CD, and if you havenít heard it yet, download it.

10) Lunchbox: 4/5
Amongst Marilyn Mansonís first CD releases, this single from the ďPortrait of an American Family" album doesnít sound much like the band weíve been familiar with up until now. The fact that nearly all the band members from this period have been replaced since then may have something to do with it, but the fact of the matter is that this was before Marilyn Manson found the definitive sound he based the rest of his material on. The result is a fairly straightforward rock song with some naughty words and sampling, but it is a good song, nonetheless.

11) Tourniquet: 4/5

This is not a song intended for any enjoyment. In fact, listening to it could be considered a form of torture in certain circles. This is the first song on this CD from the ďAntichrist Superstar" album, which according to many critics Manson has yet to top. Most of the songs from this album are painfully dark, it just soundsÖ wrong. And this song is no exception. Indeed, the screaming section at the end truly makes him sound like heís in pain. I donít really like this song, but for what it is, Manson does it very well.

12) Rock Is Dead: 5/5

This is the song that got me in to Marilyn Manson in the first place. Some of you may recognise it from The Matrix; in fact it was a single from the ďMechanical Animals" CD. Not a lot of people liked the glam rock direction he took with this. I loved it, but I never tried to pigeonhole it into any particular style. The aggressive vocals, the guitar solos, the sheer bravado of the whole song, thatís what did it for me.

13) Get Your Gunn: 2/5

As I understand it, this bizarre oddity from the ďPortrait of an American Family" album was Mansonís first single. Thatís the only way including this song on the ďbest of" album can be justified, because while it isnít his worst or weakest song, it certainly didnít have much of an effect on me other than reaching for the skip button. The weird time signature and the cloudy lyrical content donít make for easy listening, the raw aggression of the chorus being its saving grace.

14) The Nobodies: 4/5

Like Tourniquet, this is a disturbing trip through Mansonís darker side. It sounds like a very dark dig at the press, and with Manson reeling from the Columbine incident this comes as no surprise. The pain and aggression coming from the chorus and middle section of the song will give you a headache if played at the right volume, and again it isnít a track you can enjoy. Even the squeal of feedback that approaches the outro sounds like John 5 was torturing his guitar with a fork.

15) Long Hard Road Out Of Hell: 4/5

This is a track Iím not too familiar with as it wasnít featured on any of the full albums. However, the few times I have heard it justifies for me the connection between Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails, as this sounds more like NIN than any other Manson track Iíve heard. Again, he does it very well. A strong song with an impressive chorus, it was released around about the ďAntichrist Superstar" period and complements that sound very well.

16) The Beautiful People: 4/5

Iíll never understand why itís the consensus amongst the critics that this is Mansonís best song. Yes, itís a good song that defined his sound, but itís by no means his best song. This too was a single from ďAntichrist Superstar" and in the context of the dark, twisted sound on that album; this song was leading the charge. It shows, if nothing else, that nothing could touch Manson at this point. He was a force to be reckoned with, polluting the minds of impressionable youngsters and terrifying their parents.

17) The Reflecting God: 5/5

This song appears in the closing tracks of ďAntichrist Superstar," and by this time youíre used to Mansonís lyrics, attitude, swaggerÖ in the opening few bars at least, this is pretty standard stuff. Until the chorus kicks in, that is. This is the most mosh-heavy riff that Manson has included in his back-catalogue, and the storming lyrics are screamed with a fury to rival Rage Against The Machine. The acoustic section at the end that descends in to one last stomping mosh-pit chorus makes you realise, after youíve recovered, that you have just heard one of the most amazing things youíve ever heard.

The version of the album that I bought also comes with two other songs not listed on the track list:

18) (s)AINT: 3/5

Iím not saying this isnít a good song, because it is. But by the time I get as far as listening to it on both CDs it appears on, (ďThe Golden Age of Grotesque and this one,) the premise of Manson singing about himself is going very stale indeed. And this isnít one of his best songs in comparison to what he could have included on the ďBest Of" album, even as a bonus track. Yes, it was a single, and yes the video to it was suitably controversial, but heís done much better songs than this.

19) Irresponsible Hate Anthem: 5/5

Manson seems to go out of his way to give himself controversy, and no track does it quite like this one. A furious strike at America, with a genius chorus that consists of the words ď*** it" screamed with an ear-splitting level of bile. And the riff that accompanies it, which is also the first substantial thing you hear on the ďAntichrist Superstar" album, is proof if any be needed that youíre not going to have a quiet night. By the time youíre done listening to it, youíll be exhausted.

So, should you part with your hard earned? Well, it depends. If youíve been a fan of Marilyn Manson for any length of time then youíll have most of these tracks already, and even the ones you donít have youíll probably have heard or downloaded at some point. (It's also for this reason that I haven't gone in to too much detail when descrbing the songs; no point telling you all what you already know.) In which case, the attraction will be for the DVD which includes his video back-catalogue, and some photos and artwork. So itís really up to you, but if you buy it donít be surprised if you start thinking ďWell what happened to Coma White, and Man That You Fear?" If, on the other hand, youíve heard a couple of Manson songs and want hear a few more, then you could do worse than buy this album. Like I said, it isnít the collection of his best songs that it claims to be. But what it does do is give you the big picture of what Marilyn Manson has been about over the last twelve years; something which canít really be done by buying any one of his albums.

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January 23rd 2006


Good review, even though Manson never made one single song I could ever like.

January 23rd 2006


Amazing how the one Manson song I love isn't on here, despite being a pretty big single.

January 23rd 2006


Marilyn Manson is sick. His music doesnt make up for the squad of people masturbating on stage during his shows either.

On The Edge
January 23rd 2006


Thor, you rated it 0? Have you listened to every song on this? Even so, 0 is a stupid rating.
The only Manson I could really get into is The Beautiful People and some of his covers.
Pretty cool track by track review.

January 23rd 2006


Manson does do some pretty sweet covers. I might have to pick this up, as it has all the songs I like by him, minus a couple. A lot of his stuff is just too damn weird for me, especially his earlier material.

January 23rd 2006


i am a fan of manson. i dont like his public image, but he makes some good music. "This is the New Shit" is a fantastic song. Very good review.

Diabulus in musica
January 23rd 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

manson is amazing....the last tour on earth is an awesome live album, along with tokyo warhearts (COB) and S&M (metallica), amazing live albums

January 24th 2006


Good review mate, and Long Hard Road Out Of Hell is from the Spawn soundtrack.

Electric City
January 24th 2006


Manson hurts. He's nothing more than a shock artist who will do anything to get the crowd go nuts.

Clown Factory
January 24th 2006


Marilyn Manson is sick. His music doesnt make up for the squad of people masturbating on stage during his shows either.
Shut up you whiny little faggot, just cos your a fuckin pussy pop fan

January 24th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

Thank you to everybody who's commented on this; not that I have an ultirior motive for writing reviews but believe it or not writing stuff like this is a useful thing to be able to put on your CV so any feedback is appreciated.

January 29th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

I would have to say that this is an awesome CD. It brings almost all of his best songs together onto one album. There could have been some better songs on it but other than that it was great.

Lilí Bloodred Ridiní Hood
February 1st 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

i love this cd i love almost every song on it, great buy :-)

February 1st 2006


Album Rating: 2.5

I think that this is a good all around album

Then why did you give it a 5?

February 2nd 2006


I made a best-of Manson album for a friend a couple years back and it was almost identitcal to this one. Crazy. Cept I'm pretty sure that mine had Coma White, which is a song that no Best Of CD should be without.

February 11th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

This is an excellent album. Good review.

February 11th 2006


Meh, Manson's hit or miss for me. He's got some decent stuff, and some absolute crap as well.

April 19th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

great review, sweet dreams is his best song!

May 4th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

I love this album.

May 4th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

pretty good best of album. I assumed be4 that this did not have get your gun, beautiful people, and other pretty good not-so mainstream played songs on here. but it does.

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