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by Tim Dodderidge USER (7 Reviews)
January 11th, 2012 | 12 replies

Release Date: 2011 | Tracklist

Review Summary: If metal was a sport, Hope For The Dying would be drastically outplaying their opponents.

Over the past few years I’ve fallen in love with metal. I love the rich textures of the huge, sweeping guitar riffs, the pummeling bass lines, the blatant pitter-patter of the drums, and I cannot forget the nearly dismaying blend of cleans and screams. Not only does metal quartet Hope For The Dying improve on their debut EP in their rookie release, Dissimulation, but they basically perfect everything I stated above, while adding epic string elements into each song that really seem to pack a punch. The band’s musing of styles, soft and heavy, is done in such a grandiose manner that Dissimulationis almost hard to forget.

From the intro track, “Exordium,” you would think you’re hearing the latest Hans Zimmer film score. Being such a huge Zimmer fan (I can’t get enough of his work from Inception and The Dark Knight), this track quickly drew me in. By the time the opening guitar riff of “Vacillation” hit, I was instantly hooked, and by the time I heard the first audacious screams from leadman Josh Ditto, I was in love. Hope For The Dying takes a sound along the lines of August Burns Red and spins it in a magnificent direction, making it as solidly written, instantly memorable, and technically polished as possible. The record is one continuous play also, which makes it that much more appealing to play all the way through.

The opening few tracks leave little room to breathe, as the strings at the end of “Vacillation” grab you off your feet and instantly hit you hard as the intro “Orison” administers, with a great arrangement of staccatos (and I can’t forget the permeating French horns in the background). My favorite part of the song, though, aside from the haunting up-and-down riffage, is a single timing when the metal and strings hit peaks and mesh together like magic. At this time, I was feeling goosebumps. It was just that well done. Later tracks like “Perpetual Ruin” and “Immiment War” start out like songs that would be on a video game soundtrack, something along the likes of a Zelda or Elder Scrolls game. But as soon as you get sucked into the ravishing orchestra, the huge guitar flashes in once again, and another perfectly executed metal song takes over.

“The Awakening” tracks, split into three songs (seven through nine), bring enough diversity and ubiquity to a record that’s already overflowing with greatness. Though the piano in the first “Awakening” gets me every time, the last “Awakening” track has to be my favorite, where the clean vocals contrast the brutal screams excellently. As the song ends, Ditto’s screaming of “set me on fire” is nearly chilling, gratuitously ending another inconceivable track. Being a Christian band, Hope For The Dying doesn’t deprive their music of strong lyrics. The themes of the band’s songwriting are pretty darn unique, especially considering the faith that fuels them. Just by seeing the song titles, you can tell these dudes have an expansive vocabulary. Their songs are also powerfully, powerfully written. Some of the most staggering lines come in the heart-wrenching “Vacillation” and the faith-based “Orison.”

I’ve always thought it’d be cool if strings were composed around metal, and I don’t mean just We Came As Romans’ smooth orchestraic blend. I mean something just downright epic. Hope For The Dying made their combination of metal and strings epic. Where other bands would fall, these guys rise. Dissimulation doesn’t have a single skippable track; in fact, I could even argue that this snowball of an album gains speed and strength near the end. Consisting of very little filler and tons of playback value, it’d be a wise argument to say that Dissimulation is one of the most attractive metal releases, and overall, one of the best executed albums of 2011. In fact, it’s probably one of the best metal albums of the year.

Hope For The Dying have the talent, the ideas, the collaboration, the mindset, and the writing skills to take them anywhere, and with their debut full-length, they’ve seriously outdone a lot of metal releases that I found to be great. Dissimulation is epic in every sense. The only negative? The fact that it’ll be hard to beat it.

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January 10th 2012


been thinking about getting this; I've only heard transcend. is the rest if the album as good?

January 10th 2012


Album Rating: 4.5

Yes!! The whole album is fantastic. It rolls through as one continuous play, but it's still an album where you can play individual songs and still be satisfied.

January 10th 2012


is the rest if the album as good?

you know how to read the rating chart right?

January 10th 2012


yeah, but theres a load of overrated shit on sputnik

January 10th 2012


hey the servers are snappier. now i can shitpost with greater reliability

January 11th 2012


Great review (better then the one I was writing).. Pos'd.

I love this album!

January 11th 2012


Only listened to this album once. Not sure if I'd give it a 4.5 but it's downright solid at the very least.

February 22nd 2012


Album Rating: 3.0

This album has more of a classical vibe than Digital Veil has. The harsh vocals get monotonous and the

melodies could be better as well. Too bad because instrumentally this is at least a 4.

May 12th 2012


really not liking this

just sounds like dull riffage, dull screams and overproduced, overdone guitar twiddly to me

July 13th 2012


Oh c'mon fish! Vocalist is just a better version of Jake Luhrs and istrumentally this is rather good if you like noodling (without it suffering from the Dream theater effect).

Keys in this are massive.

August 18th 2012


Album Rating: 4.0

Perpetual Ruin is so fucking epic!

January 20th 2013


This album is so damn good. Can't wait for their new album to hit.

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