Woe, Is Me



by Paul Quinones USER (36 Reviews)
August 12th, 2011 | 13 replies

Release Date: 2010 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Blandest & most hyped up post-hardcore/metalcore act since…wait…

Woe, Is Me, is a too many-piece band hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, scrapped together from the remains of multiple other metalcore acts. With crushing breakdowns and Jonny Craig-ripped clean vocals, the band released Number[s], which met immediate attention from scenie weenies all over the nation. Truth be told, the vocals are good and breakdowns heavy. But the deal with Number[s] is every aspect of it is something far overdone, as post-hardcore/metalcore has become a commodity over the past few years. The good vocals, the good breakdowns, the creative melodies, the bass drops, are all heard before. They even let another band make this obvious by bringing in Tyler Carter’s evident vocal clone in Jonny Craig of Dance Gavin Dance within 2 songs (which he in turn made slightly less boring).

The album kicks off with a 1 minute intro, and goes straight into the hit track of the album, “[&] Delinquents”. The short track, “On Veiled Men” should have just been made into one track with “[&] Delinquents”, as that would have made the song more appealing. After the following track, the album hits a rapid decline and this is where any music listener not interested in sitting on a bandwagon should press stop. To sum it up shortly, the remaining tracks all consist of the whiniest vocal takes you’ll ever hear without putting Scary Kids Scaring Kids on for a spin, breakdowns that Of Mice & Men or Attack Attack! Could dwarf, and melodies you could find in 50 other moderately popular post-hardcore bands.

The instruments within the album are generic for the most part, with guitars and melodies deaf to the ears of the listener, while blissfully focusing on the overbearing vocals and commanding breakdowns. One who looks will discover the rhythm guitarist and the bassist have been playing hide-and-seek with eachother behind the rest. However, the drummer is quite a talent if you can appreciate the never ending complicated fills tied with the romance between him and his ride bell. The keyboardist is mostly forgotten as well besides his role in distorted vocals and the occasional interesting synth take.

On the bright side, W,IM did manage to garner an interest, and for that, I commend them. They’ve gone through 2 different lead guitarists since the release of Number[s], so one might hope this new man (Andrew Paiano formerly of Abandon All Ships) can inspire some sort of individuality to the rest of them. Also gone is the clean vocalist, Carter. His replacement is TBD, and hopefully he won’t make more vibrato-tainted singing as his predecessor did. My favorite parts of this album are my addiction to breakdowns, and the talented screamer, Michael Bohn. His performance makes the rest of the album standable and the breakdowns slightly unique, with his vicious barks & intense yells. Mainly because of these two qualities, the album merely flirts with failure with a hand tight on indifference.

Clean Vocals (Tyler Carter): 7/10
Screamed Vocals (Michael Bohn): 8.5/10
Guitars (Tim Sherrill & Kevin Hanson): 7/10
Bass (Cody Ferris): They have a bassist? (4.5/10)
Drums (Austin Thornton): 8/10
Keys (Ben Ferris): 7.5/10

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August 12th 2011


"Woe, Is Me, a too many-piece band"
I lol'd. though that first sentence isn't a sentence, you need an "is" in there before the "a"

should probably neg you for bashing my boys in Scary Kids Scaring Kids, but it was a good review so have a pos :]

August 13th 2011


good review. definitely agree that the harsh vox are the best part of this album. the cleans are fancy but some of the melodies are strangely unsatisfying.

but how are the keys not prevalent? there's tons of electronic stuff here.

August 13th 2011


the clean vocals sounds so similar to jonny craig

August 13th 2011


actually at some points i'd say the cleans sound almost exactly like the vocalist from sleeping with sirens.

August 13th 2011


then cocks imagin oh man ha

August 13th 2011


Used to think this was awful but I done changed

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August 13th 2011


Album Rating: 2.5

@iFghtffyrdmns I actually do like SKSK too lol but for the sake of the review I had to find the whiniest band I could think of..hmm...do you think Hawthorne Heights is whinier? Thanks for the pos btw!

@DeathByDaydream the keys aren't prevalent because I don't notice anything special from is very often as opposed to The Word Alive, Motionless In White, or The Devil Wears Prada.

@andcas I totally agree, and won't be phased really. The fact that they put an email on altpress.com to send in auditions means they must be scrambling.

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August 14th 2011


Album Rating: 3.0

welcome to the sound of Rise mediocrity. and god damnit i just can't get over how much i hate this band name.

clean singer is great but there's no point in listening to this when there are a bunch of other post hardcore bands that actually do something interesting like DGD

August 15th 2011


Album Rating: 2.5

I hear you loud and clear. Some people just can't get enough I guess. I won't lie, I listen to A LOT of this genre, but this band is by far the most uninteresting of them all.

October 1st 2011


Album Rating: 2.5 | Sound Off

Tyler Carter, though an amazing singer, always had his own agenda at hand. He was always more into the pop scene and his own career. But thats not the only problem. Woe, Is Me has a bad balance of scream and clean vocals.

Digging: The Devil Wears Prada - Transit Blues

October 1st 2011


Album Rating: 2.5

@iGuter: I agree a lot, but I think the new song fucking dominates. Heard it?

November 3rd 2011


Album Rating: 2.0

when i first heard this band i thought they would progress into a more expiremental sound. i guess not. the only thing saving this album is tyler carters voice.

February 12th 2012


the tracklist and the album title just got trolled. they suck anyway, so nvm.

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