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Fishin' For Woos



by Joel Hargreaves USER (47 Reviews)
June 6th, 2011 | 11 replies

Release Date: 2011 | Tracklist

Review Summary: A return to form for Bowling For Soup after the disappointing 'Sorry For Partyin'

Bowling For Soup are back yet again to present the world with their 11th album and it’s one of their best yet! ‘Fishin’ for Woos’ sees the Texan pop-rockers continue to deliver top notch albums showcasing their signature sound.

To be honest, Bowling For Soups last effort ‘Sorry for Partyin’ sounded tired in parts and I didn’t have high hopes for this release. However, as tracks off this record started to make their onto the internet early, I listened and loved them. The new album is chock full of everything fans love about the group including party anthems and hilarious lyrics. Bowling For Soup have also taken a more serious tone on a number of tracks on this album; which emphasize that this is also their most mature album to date. Tracks like ‘What About Us’, ‘Turbulence’ and ‘Guard My Heart’ all show how this band has developed over the years to include a more serious touch to some of their music. ‘Turbulence’ is a prime example of ‘Fishin’ for Woos’ with its acoustic guitar, sincere vocal approach and background strings. This track comes off as a very heartfelt attempt to connect with listeners and features the brilliant chorus: ‘ And We’re all just passengers tonight, And We’re all just travelling through our lives, We will reach our destination so just hang on for the ride, say a prayer and close your eyes. It’s just a little turbulence.’

Whilst Bowling For Soup have incorporated some serious songs into the mix this time around, they still haven’t forgot how to please long time fans of the band. Bowling For Soup are renowned for their hilarious lyrics, catchy choruses, driving guitar rhythms, upbeat musicianship and overall ability to make the listener feel extremely happy. Jaret Reddicks gift of writing consistently catchy and comical lyrics is not something to be scoffed at. Eleven albums in and their song writing has never been stronger. Songs like ‘Let’s Pretend We’re Not In Love’, ‘Here’s Your Freakin’ Song’ and ‘I’ve Never Done Anything Like This’ are some career best songs, which is a very good sign for a genre that tends to get outdated and overly repeated. The track ‘I’ve Never Done Anything Like This’, in my opinion, is one of Bowling For Soups best songs to date. It features everything loved about the band, a great dynamic with female vocalist Kay Hanley, and even a reference to the rock band Tonic!

Bowling For Soup sound completely refreshed and have written some truly rocking songs which harp back to their ‘Drunk Enough to Dance’ sound. The decision to include more mature songs on this album helps to keep the band sounding new and re-energized. They have even written a song named ‘S S S-Saturday’ that hasn’t given a day of the week a bad name like Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ did. After many peers in this genre fail to consistently produce quality releases, Bowling For Soup have bucked the trend and manufactured the possible ‘best pop-punk album’ of 2011!

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simonpettersen (4.5)
Despite the fact that the album is called “Fishing for Woos”, Bowling for Soup delivers probably...

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June 6th 2011


How in the hell does this have a 4.1 aggregate rating?

June 6th 2011


shit these guys are still around? they are a pretty fun band, might check this out if it's actually as good as you say. good review pos

June 6th 2011


I miss pop-punk.

June 6th 2011


Never really liked these guys, always reminded me of a wanna-be NFG.

Staff Reviewer
June 7th 2011


exclamation points. i feel like i'm reading a review by someone on a lot of happy pills

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June 7th 2011


rather someone who likes the band a lot

the guitar solo from "Valentino" is the only thing from this band that has gotten my approval

Digging: Against Me! - As the Eternal Cowboy

June 7th 2011


Four point one over eight users? Either this is REALLY good (and that's saying something for a pop punk record, let alone a Bowling For Soup record) or a few of these guys are fan boys (maybe both)!

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June 7th 2011


I'd say maybe a couple fan boys.

Contributing Reviewer
June 7th 2011


Album Rating: 3.0

It's catchy in places, and overall one of their better records, but it's nothing special.

Contributing Reviewer
November 26th 2012


how does this have a 4 and a 4.5 review? lol

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February 13th 2013


Album Rating: 4.0

because opinions.

also, i love this too.

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