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Release Date: 1972 | Tracklist

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Mott the hoople is a very obscure band from England. Not many people know about this great band, which I think is kind of sad because they are a very good band, and have some pretty good music. They are a band that David Bowie produces, and also writes some of the music. I hope this review makes you want to go and listen to Mott the Hoople.

Ian Hunter : vocals, piano
Mick Raplhs : vocal, guitar
Overend Watts : bass
Verden Allen : drums, organ
David Bowie : saxes


1.) Sweet Jane
This song starts out with a nice mellow acoustic guitar riff, then the rest of the band starts in. This song was written by Lou Reed, I think this version is a little better. Ralphs does have some soloing that fits the song perfectly, and the song ends on him soloing. 4.5/5

2.) Momma's Little Jewel
Starts out on a little progression by ralphs, then Hunter starts in with his piano. It's a lot harder than the last song, and also faster. In the chorus Hunter and Ralphs are yelling the lyrics in unison. ralphs has another good solo. the song ends on Hunter and ralphs repeating the chorus nad Bowie on the sax. 4.5/5

3.) All the Young Dudes
This is probably the most well known song by Mott the Hoople, and pretty much the only one played on the radio. This song is also written by David Bowie. starts out with a high picthed riff. Its only got to verses in it, and ends on the band repeating the chorus, and Hunter saying things in the background that are hard to pick up. 5/5

4.) sucker
This is another one of the harder songs on the album. It starts out right away with Hunter singing. inbetween the chorus and the next verse there is a spanish guitar sounding riff thats sounds good. 4.5/5

5.) Jerkin' Crocus
This, again, is another one of the rockers on the album. I personally don't like this song that much, because it sounds a lot like that Sucker. It does has a pretty good guitar rhythm though. 4/5

6.) One of the Boys
This is the longest, and I think the best song on the album. It starts out with the sound on some one dialing a old phone. Then a heavy, garage band sounding riff starts. In the middle of the song it stops and a phone starts to ring, and some one picks it up and the music starts to come back getting louder till it's at its original volume. Then, Ralphs solos till the song is over. 5/5

7.) Soft Ground
This is the only song on the album that Verden Allen writes. I also think this is the weakest song on the album, and is my least favorite. Allen shows off his organ for the first time in the album. It's a short and kind of spooky sounding song. With a strange sounding guitar riff and hard to understand lyrics. 3/5

8.) Ready for Love/After Lights
This is a very slow and again creepy sounding song, but a very good song written by ralphs. This song was also redone by Bad Company when Ralphs goned. In the chorus it goes from mellow guitar in the verse to hard, and loud guitar that sounds very good. Overall I'd say another highlight of the album. 5/5

9.) Sea Diver
This song is the only bad song that Hunters writes with Mott the Hoople. It's a piano oriented song that is short and doesn't really fit in with rest of the album. 3.5/5

Overall I find this album to be a kind of retro punk/classic rock album that really has a little taste of every thing. I hope you at least give Mott the Hoople a try.


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April 20th 2011


Album Rating: 4.0

I liked so very much! Pretty good album!

July 7th 2011


LOL this review.

Contributing Reviewer
July 7th 2011


Always wanted to check this out because i'm a Bowie fan and i'm aware of his contribution. Love his version of 'All The Young Dudes'.

July 7th 2011


I haven't heard it either, seems like a pretty cool album.

btw, love that avatar ^

July 8th 2011


Ha ha ha. I learned of this band from The F-Ups.

Digging: Trophy Scars - Holy Vacants

Contributing Reviewer
July 8th 2011


LegendofPittman - Cheers, gotta fly the Joy Division flag high, man.

August 27th 2011


Classic glam rock album. Very good album.

Many good tracks. But the outstanding ones are: All the Young Dudes and Ready For Love/After Lights

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