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June 4th, 2010 | 20 replies

Release Date: 2010 | Tracklist

Review Summary: This is such a mixed bag. Most of the album is great, but the little parts of it piss me off so much, and there are so many little parts that piss me off.

This is my first review, so I'm not so sure how it's going to go but I'll do what I can.

I'd like to start off by saying I LIKE Attack Attack. Plain and simple. I just enjoy them. I know most of the community seems to hate them, but I don't. They brought me into metalcore and I just like them.

Someday Came Suddenly was a great start for AA! It made a name for them, even though the name they usually received wasn't entirely positive. But they knew they had to change since their lineup changed. Austin (lead screamer) was kicked out and their synth player, Caleb Shomo replaced him as the screamer.

Caleb does a GREAT job on this album. He's very young (17 or 18) but has such a deep scream. It's very forceful and shows the heavier and darker side of the album. I think it shows the most on Renob, Nevada or A for Andrew or even Smokahontas. Austin is one of the best screamers I've ever heard in any band ever, no doubt, but I think Caleb works perfectly for this album.

But we were told by members of the band that this album would be varied and mixed up. Which it is, but that doesn't mean that's good. I think that most of the songs on this album are good. Really good. They show that the band has evolved to a large extent. But that's not necessarily a good thing in all aspects. Songs like Shut Your Mouth and AC130 and one part of Fumbles O' Brian irritate the crap out of me because they DON'T WORK.

Shut Your Mouth should have been scraped long before they recorded it. It doesn't work on this album. At all. I know AA! likes the techno and dubstep stuff (as do I) but the song itself sucks.

AC130 was supposed to be some brutal as hell song in drop G which is crazy low. But most of the song sucks. It's not some brutal song they said it was supposed to be. The fact they included group vocals in it just removes all "brutality" from the song. The "breakdown" at the end is laughable at best. I don't even consider it a breakdown. It has so few chugs or chords, it's just lots of blank space between each chug with crappy, half assed group vocals tossed in it. And this one part in Fumbles O' Brian just makes me think I'm listening to T-Pain or The Dream with all the autotune and shawtys being tossed around.

But beyond the bad parts of the album, it's actually a REALLY solid album. The guitar work has improved a lot in this album along with the drums. Actually, as a drummer myself, I was amazed with some of the drum work on this album. Definitely a huge jump from all instruments compared to the last album.

Johnny Franck's vocals have improved immensely, especially with the loss of autotune. This album has a lot more of him singing and his voice is actually nice, although he sounds like the generic metalcore clean singer. But that's not bad or anything. There's actually a song where it's him singing the whole thing and it's a really good song.

But most of the actual songs are good. A few standout ones to me are A for Andrew, Renob, Nevada and Lonely. The good ones are all structured very well. Most have good breakdowns, variation and really don't get boring unlike the last album which was actually pretty boring and repetitive.

Little reviews of each song:

Sexual Man Chocolate - The song that probably everyone has heard. I tend to skip this song when I hear it just because I listened to it so many times. It starts off the album and shows how much they have changed. Shows off some of Johnny's singing voice and the drummers capabilities, especially when it's just Johnny and the drummer. However, it gets very repetitive very fast. 9/10

Renob, Nevada - One of the best on the album. Starts off with a breakdown and immediately goes and shows what Caleb can do when he screams, then more of Johnny singing. I really can't get tired of this song. 10/10

"I Swear I'll Change" - Nothing really wrong with this song. Lots of singing with a bit of screaming, although I'm not the biggest fan of how most of the song sounds. 8/10

Shut Your Mouth (Ft. McSwagger) - I HATE this song. I LOVE techno and dubstep but this song does NOT belong on this album. I actually just hate everything about this song. Although the beat is nice so I'll give it that. 6/10

A for Andrew - Just another one of those songs that's badass. Shows Caleb's screams off very well. Guitars are outstanding on this one on my opinion. Very well structured song that has one of my favorite parts on this whole album and out of almost all metalcore songs. 10/10

Smokahontas - Really good mix of metalcore and dubstep. A really good mix of singing and screaming. Just a really good song. No complaints about this one at all. 10/10

AC-130 - I know they wanted a brutal song on this album. But this is NOT it. Despite it being drop G, it's not very low and brutal as they wanted it to be. And the breakdown at the end makes me laugh everytime I hear it. The group vocals just make it 20 times worse. 5/10

Fumbles O' Brian - This song is so weird. It starts off with one of the band members doing a very good Lil' Wayne impression with a Hot Grills and High Tops type thing thrown in with it. It's so varied with singing and screaming along with a very sporadic chorus. The only thing that I dislike about this song is a part towards the end of the song that sounds like T-Pain with all the shawty and autotune going down. 8/10

Turbo Swag - Varied like Fumbles O' Brian. Except it doesn't have the stupid hip-hopish part that Fumbles O' Brian has. 8.5/10

Lonely (Ft. Jason Cameron) - I LOVE this song. Johnny's singing voice is jizztastic. It's such a nice change too. Very relaxing. Jason Cameron of Bury Tomorrow appears in this song and his voice is fantastic. After the song is about a minute and a half of dubstep which is actually pretty sweet. It's not just tossed in there. It's really sick actually.

And that's my take on the album. A lot of the reviews seem to criticize the "crabcore" that Attack Attack! has created. But why criticize it and bring it into a review of an album? You can't see it while listening to the music unless you see them live or watch the crappy Stick Stickly music video.

But I really want to give this a 4, but I feel too lenient if I do. This is a good album, but it's brought down by stupid things like AC130 and Shut Your Mouth that ruin it entirely.

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June 4th 2010


There's already nine reviews for this and I don't even know who the fuck these guys are...

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June 4th 2010


Another one?

June 4th 2010



June 4th 2010


have you even looked over other reviews to get a feel for how its done before doing this?

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June 4th 2010



June 4th 2010


Album Rating: 1.0

enough fuckin reviews for this album

June 4th 2010


Dude, your crazy. It's obvious this album is amazing. And only the best get so many reviews. It deserves it, mang.

June 4th 2010


Album Rating: 2.0

Holy fuck, another Attack Attack review.

June 4th 2010


more reveiews plz

June 4th 2010


Album Rating: 2.0

its well written, but everyone and their mother has already reviewed it.

June 4th 2010


these reviews just keep getting gayer.

June 5th 2010


Damn this review site

June 5th 2010


its all blooz's fault


June 5th 2010


"the little parts of it piss me off so much, and there are so many little parts that piss me off".
The first rule of tautology club is the first rule of tautology club?

June 5th 2010


its all blooz's fault [2]

June 5th 2010


Album Rating: 2.5

sputnik has its no.1 review.

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June 5th 2010


Hey man. When I wrote my first review I was bombarded with lots of negative comments like this as well, so I want to try and convey a couple things that are easy to miss about this site to you in a more tasteful manner lol

For one thing, writing a review for an album that already has nine reviews is obviously looked down upon, and this is usually the case no matter how well written the review is. I wrote my first for the new BTBAM album, and it was the same exact situation. I got hacked apart because the album already had a zillion reviews and I was clogging up the user review section with my rather superfluous contribution. Honestly, this is mainly an issue of timing. If you had posted this review a few weeks from now I doubt there would be this much negativity.

Another point is that play-by-play reviews (talking about each individual song) are pretty much always frowned upon at sputnik and it takes a lot of talent/creativity to pull that off, so for your next review, try and avoid that kind of structure.

However, this review is not terrible at all for a first. There are guys on here who do nothing but write terrible reviews and they never learn. Keep at it and don't get discouraged by cutting remarks in your comments (it will always happen lol).

June 5th 2010


Album Rating: 2.0

I agree with BTBAMF. The main reason for the hate directed towards the review is the timing, Sputnik is sick of Attack Attack at this point.

June 5th 2010


Album Rating: 2.5

not really. Their last album was abominable but there are moments of enjoyment on this, such as the last song though this is mainly down to Jase's guest vocal. It is comments like these which have gotten this review such scathing feedback:

"Johnny's singing voice is jizztastic"

"about a minute and a half of dubstep which is actually pretty sweet. It's not just tossed in there. It's really sick actually".

"I HATE this song - 6/10" ????

What kind of adjective is jizztastic seriously?

Seriously pal, this review is terrible. Read some more reviews before you submit another one, i'm not being horrible but you oughta to improve your writing before these comments will be turned into positive ones.

Mars Blackmon
June 5th 2010


lol this review is great

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