The Sickness



by Gauch12 USER (2 Reviews)
September 7th, 2005 | 351 replies

Release Date: 2000 | Tracklist

Disturbed officially formed in 1997 when singer David Draiman auditioned for the band and was named as the lead singer. Long time friends Dan Donegan, Fuzz, and Mik Wengren had played for a long time together in Chicago before finding David. They then recorded a demo tape the lead to their signing to Giant records. From there they recorded The Sickness which was released in March 2000.

Here is a song by song review of Disturbed-The Sickness:

1. Voices- This song is a great opening track for this album. A good job on the intro with the chorus effect and then going to David shouting "so" in his trademark "disturbing" voice. From there the heaviness kicks in and the song takes off. David does a great job of using a half screaming half singing voice in the chorus and Dan does a great job with the guitars in keeping the tempo that makes this song a good one to listen too when you feel like going crazy.

2. The Game- On this one it kinda doesnt really fit lyrically during the verses. I still like it but it doesnt sound natural and they could have done better in the lyrics as this one doesnt have great lyrics. The chorus on the other hand is done pretty well and makes me take my finger off the skip button. David and Dan do a great job mixing with the breaks in the chorus. Good song, but could be much better.

3. Stupify- I love this song. This is song among a couple others make this album. A great heavy metal song to get you going. With the effects during the verses that lead up to a very heavy chorus and David doing a great job of singing the lyrics that you would have to read to understand what hes saying. The bridge starts out heavy then kinda does a weird wah effect thing that loses the heavyness, but goes straight back into the chorus. If you love that heavy edge that you can vibe too this is the song. Great guitar work and vocals as well as drumming with bass that creates a rythym that sticks in your head.

4. Down with the Sickness- Obviously this song is the closest song to a title track, and it couldnt have been any better. This one is my all time favourite Disturbed song. The intro starts out with Mike only on the drums, then Dan kicks in with a muted riff, which stops with David screaming "Oo Wahahahah" and kicks in the heavy. This song is an anthem among heavy metal fans and for a good reason too. David does a great job of switching back and forth from singing to screaming while Dan and the rest of the band do a good job of leading to the chorus. The chorus is something else. I havent heard another chorus or song that gets a crowd going quite like this, with the harmonics that add a heavy effect in a weird way. Now the bridge is definitely different but it isnt a bad thing. David is basically screaming at his mother for abusing him. I don't know if this actually happened to him but it adds a anger effect to the song, and when the bridge is done it is basically the intro riff for the chorus, and it ends off great.

5. Violence Fetish- I think this one was a bit of a filler track. Im not saying it wasnt good but I think it could have been way better. The intro isnt bad with basically Dan doing one strum of the distortion and then the effects come in with David doing his disturbing voice and then goes to a kind of weird riff. The verses are good with David and Dan doing a good job once again. The only thing is is that the verse leads you waiting for a great hardcore metal chorus, but then disappoints with weird guitar playing by Dan. They might have been trying to do the same thing in this chorus as they did in D.W.T.S but it didnt come out nearly as good. Having said that the explanation comes after the bridge. The bridge is a good metal sound that once again leads you on to thinking that the chorus is heavy, but this time it does not disappoint. Dan goes back to the "heavy" harmonics as I call them(and you will know what I mean when you hear it) and then the heavyness of Disturbed returns and you get a great end to a pretty good song.

6. Fear- The intro to this song is different with the drums and an electro effect. Then it kicks right into David half screaming half singing and Dan doing a good job with the heavyness of it. The verses do a good job of the whole band mixing together to produce a really good verse. The chorus is a great heavy metal chorus with the breaks in the guitar and David singing lyrics that fit the song like a glove. The bridge is pretty good with Dan once again doing the heavy harmonics, but it isnt as good as the other times he had done it, but the bridge is good and leads straight back into the chorus and goes into the post chorus that settles down a bit. Then you hit the outro that gives you a jolt with heavy metal sound. David screaming the pre chorus lyrics with the rest of the band going all out.

7. Numb- This song has filler written all over it. It isnt a bad song but it does not fit with the rest of the album at all. I think the guys tried to go for a slower song with the metal chorus. I didnt like the verse that includes David doing his harmonizing voice, but it just sounds too weird for my liking. The chorus is good with David screaming and the rest of the guys playing hardcore, but it doesnt fit with everything else. The only reason I listen to this song is because of the chorus. The bridge is allright but could be much better. It consists of the harmonizing David and another kind of weird effect. This leads to the chorus and then hits the outro which ends off a sub par song.

8. Want- This song starts off very quiet and has someone talking very quietly while the effect you would hear at the beginning of Kid Rock's Bawitaba is playing. David then screams "She want me!" and it hits the verse full force. Dan does muting with little making the guitar squeal as well as harmonics. The chorus seems like a pre chorus, and it is very good. It is really different from every other chorus done by this band. The bridge has Dan doing a bit of harmonics as well as straight chords. The final chorus has the heavy guitar and Dan once again uses the guitar squeal. David sings the chorus and the rest of the band keeps the slow rythym. This song is alot slower and is one of my favourites.

9. Conflict- This song is a good pump up song. It goes into heavy straight from the get go. The intro has a bit of David in it but basically consists of the band doing a hardcore riff. The verse is good with muting from Dan and David doing his half screaming half singing voice. The chorus is nice and heavy and has David screaming for the most part. I really like the drums in this song, I actually like most of the drumming on the album but this one does a great job of using the double kick and mixing the snare in there. The bridge has nothing to do with the rest of the song musically. It's basically the song ending then hitting the bridge, then ending again and hitting the second part of the bridge. The second part of the bridge is good though as it has David harmonizing and has a good effect which heads straight into the chorus that has a ton of hammering on the guitar done by Dan. The song ends basically with the drums and bass with Dan doing a little bit of muting.

10. Shout 2000- This is a cover of the old song shout, but Im not sure of who sang it originally. If youve heard it then you know what Im talking about. Anyways not much to say except that it is a good heavy metal cover of an old pop song.

11. Droppin' Plates- This another one of my all time favourite songs by Disturbed. It has a rolling effect to start, then David screams and it takes off. Arguably the heaviest song on the album, the intro just grabs you and wont let go. The verse is lighter but has David doing his heavy metal singing with the band doing their thing. The pre chorus isnt heavy but good. David uses his heavy voice and Dan does alot of his guitars in higher notes. It then goes back to the verse, then the nice and heavy chorus. This chorus does a great job of Dan on the guitars and David singing/screaming. The bridge then comes with David singing/screaming and the rest of the band going almost all out. Then it goes to the heavy chorus again and man this one is great to listen to with your volume turned wayyy up.

12. Meaning of Life- This song has an effect throughout the song that you will hear when you listen to it. I think its Mike's kick with a bit of electronics on it. Anyways this song is another nice and heavy one, that has David's disturbing voice in the pre chorus. The chorus isnt as heavy but it does the job with David singing then screaming. Repeat this then head to the bridge. The bridge is awesome, with Dan doing a great job on the guitars, David does a great job on the singing, another part that you need to look up in order to understand what he is saying. The song then goes into the heavy verse and ends. A great way to end a great album.

In conclusion, this album is great for all of you metalheads out there. I love it and I recommend it to all heavy metal fans.

Disturbed is:
David Draiman- Vocals
Dan Donegan- Guitars, Electronics
Fuzz- Bass
Mike Wengren- Bass, Programming

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September 7th 2005


Great review. but I really cant say much else about the album except that the cover makes me crack up every time!

Sorry about that, and great review. Very detailed. :thumb:

(We call him the tree-man)

September 7th 2005


Album Rating: 2.0

...that's funny, because I think that Disturbed is boring and mediocre.

September 7th 2005


Album Rating: 2.5

I don't like the album as whole, but "Stupified" is a nice listene every couple of weeks or so. I can't really stand "Down with the Sickness" anymore. It's played to death in the alternative clubs around here.

My personal rating would have to be 2.5/5

Nevertheless, a good review. :thumb:

September 7th 2005


[quote=Rudd13](We call him the tree-man)[/quote]

Aww sheet, I'll miss those days of walkin' into Specs and looking at all their random and pointless sh!t. LIKE THE STRAW MAN!!! :lol:

About Disturbed, I think that this band has tons of potential but most of their music has that LAME NU-METAL sound to it. I feel they would accelerate more as a band if they ganre hopped.

September 7th 2005


Oh yeah, great review man!

September 7th 2005


Thanx to everyone who commented. Im happy to see that even though some of you didnt like the album much that you guys still took the time to tell me it was a good review!
thanx again!

September 7th 2005


Down with the Sickness would've been soooo much better if it didn't have the part with "oh u fuckn bitch dont do it again dont do it agian" etc. That was so weak.

September 7th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

The bridge of Down With the Sickness really shows the anger of the song in my opinion. Disturbed said that their new album, 10,000 Fists will show everyone that they aren't trying to be the next KoRn, but the next Judas Priest.

September 7th 2005


O wait dued hes jus crying lol disturbed r emo loool

September 7th 2005


Ooh ooh, ah ah.

Storm In A Teacup
September 7th 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

Lot better review than the other one for it, good job.

September 7th 2005


Album Rating: 2.5

i like Voices, Stupify, and Numb

The Game is ok

alot of the songs are just annoying after awhile, along with the weird sounds he makes

their new songs are pretty good, i really like Guarded

September 7th 2005


Album Rating: 1.5

They can try to be the next Judas Priest all they want but they'll NEVER succeed. Im not juts saying this cuz JP is my favorite band but cuz... thye just don't have the potentiel and many songs on this album were just stupid. Especially Droppin' Plates.

Fire Starter
October 5th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

Good review.

Best tracks for me are :







Not that I don't like the rest, but these are the standouts on a truly great rock/metal album.

By the way, does anybody understand what "Droppin' Plates" actually means ? I absolutely love this track but I just can't work out what it is getting at.


October 12th 2005


Good review!
This is definatly a classic for me. It was one of the first "Metal" CD's that I bought.
I think that you should have given the song "The Game" a better score. It is such an awesome song and I feel that the lyrics fit fine. But that's just me.

Diabulus in musica
December 7th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

brilliant cd and brilliant videos too

December 8th 2005


The Game, Down With The Sickness, Violence Fetish, and Numb all pwn.

Overall it's a great album, but I think it gets pretty weak near the end.

December 8th 2005


the greatest Disturbed IMO. There is a lot of really good stuff on this album, like "Fear", my favorite song at the moment. They never really changed their sound, style, or anything else afterward, so their later album seemed unoriginal and bland. But this was definately their defining moment.

December 9th 2005


Ten Thousand FIsts mas more light heartedthen this

December 15th 2005


Album Rating: 1.5

I have heard afew songs of this album, i can only remember the name to one song cos it was so crap and useless, that was Down With The Sickness. I havnt heard any disturbed since, and i dont plan to. 1.5/5This Message Edited On 12.15.05

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