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Release Date: 1997 | Tracklist

Artist: Deftones
Album: Around The Fur
Chino Moreno - Vocals
Stephen Carpenter - Guitar
Abe Cunningham - Drums
Chi Cheng - Bass

Released: 1997 (Warner Bros)
Favourite Songs:
My Own Summer (Shove It)
Be Quiet And Drive

In 1995 a Sacremento band known as the 'Deftones' would release an album called Adrenaline. The album would be a soaring effort of hardcore metal and would be one of the first albums to establish the 'nu metal' genre. The album sold 250,000 most of which were sold at live shows and would get the attention of bigger labels. The Deftones would sign to Warners and went into the studio to record their second album 'Around the Fur'.

This albums a slight step down in terms of hardcore from the previous effort but still is straight up a hard album. There is only one soft moment on the album 'Be Quiet and Drive' and it's brilliant.

The album opens up with 'My Own Summer'. This is a song that you should know if your a Deftones fan. It featured on the Matrix soundtrack and got the Deftones their first major mainstream exposure. The chorus of this song is the best part where the guitars of Stephen just explode. Well written lyrically and gets the album off to a good start. 'Ihabia' and 'Mascara' the next two tracks are good songs. 'Mascara' starts off slowly but eventually kicks in and Chino sings rather melodicaly on this song. 'Rickets' the next song is something that could easily have been on their first album. The slide from Mascara to Rickets is well done. Rickets verses start of with Chino whispering 'It's so simple to look at every little thing I do wrong. It's so simple to overlook every little thing I do right, right'. I really enjoy the lyrics of this song and the chorus is great. 'Your probably right' Chino screams and makes this a standout song.

Now song six comes along. 'Be Quiet and Drive'. This is one of the albums standout songs. It's the softest and most melodic. The lyrics seem to have a twisted feel to them. A drive where the singer has dressed his woman up as to be an ex of his is my interpretation (but Deftones lyrics are just so damn open to interperation). The part of the song where it suddenly goes hard and Chino screams is done well and the ending part is great. Chino expected great things from this song as a second single and he should have unfortunetely it never took off succsesfully. 'Lotion' up's the tempo and angst. The chorus is done very well and the switches from hard verse to melodic chorus are done great. The outro ends the song well with Chino screaming 'I feel sick right here' and keeps the song in your head.

'Dai The Flu' sounds alot like Mascara and is my personal low point, just doesn't really standout. 'Headup' is another good hardcore song. Opens with a distorded guitar riff and then everything comes in with Chino off from the start. Unfortunetly I can't really interpret what's going on lyrically here. The songs chorus is great and Chino's screaming works in it perfectly. Another standout song towards the albums end. The closing song is 'Mx'. A tribute to these great forums. Jokes [/Lame]. Anyway Mx opens like much of the other songs guitars, bass and drums all at once. The verse is done well and the second verse works great with the female voice going against Chinos. It's a macarbe song about killing someone (At least my interpretation was) 'Come here, come here, Closer to the lung so, I can, I can, Shove her over railing' sings Chino in the chorus. It ends the album pretty well and it doesn't drag on with ambinent noise like half of todays albums. The ending gets pretty hard and bang that's it.

Around The Fur is a middle point of the Deftones. It's inbetween the harder albums (Adreniline, Deftones) and the soft album (White Pony). A fan of the hardcore stuff should find this album great and enjoy it and most fans of White Pony should enjoy it to. The lyrics are great in the way they make you actually think about their meanings and Chinos vocals throughout the album are great. Only 1/2 disapointing songs and the only other badside is the fact the album is only 10 songs however any hardcore fan should enjoy this album and it's got good appeal to other listners.

Rating: 4/5 :thumb:

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February 14th 2004


Good review, 4/5 is a great rating for it :D , but i was hoping to see a small info on the Ihabia song, as it is my favourite, it reminds me of Spineshank's ShineBox. Still, good review. :thumb:

Drunk Hobo
February 14th 2004


Easily the best Deftones album.

4.5/5 :thumb:

February 15th 2004


Great reveiw of a great Album

March 8th 2004


The hidden track, 'Damone' is easily as good as all the other songs on the album.

March 8th 2004


Album Rating: 4.0

This album features some of Deftones best songs IMO, like 'Be quite and drive'. Probably my favorite Deftones LP of them all. :thumb:

4/5, I double that.

March 8th 2004


Great review....the Deftones have always rocked. Around the Fur will be a classic.

July 17th 2004


"Damone" is an awesome secret track and should have been included in the review. Chino really lays on some cyptic lyrics for that song.
"This feeling gets old...
And so do your eyes...
This is why...i hate you...cause...

July 17th 2004


I like this album a lot. My only complaint would be that I think Chino does too much screaming on it. The screaming is cool, but it's overused.

July 17th 2004


This is on Guitar World's top 10 Modern Metal Albums at number 4 or 5 I believe. My Own Summer is a great track. Great Review.

40 oz 2 freedom
July 17th 2004


Nice review. I've been listening to the Deftones quite a bit lately, and this album is amazing.

July 18th 2004


Album Rating: 4.5

my favourite of the lot.

it's just friggin awesome to skate to. i look at albums more now, in two different tastes.

i listen to music when i'm at home, realxed, and i listen to music when i'm skating. there's a huge difference between the two. at home, i'll listen to Sigur Ros, Moby, Incubus, anything really, but there's only a few artists i can skate to. Deftones being one of them. they have a rough, heavy sound on this album, and it fits perfect to the style of my skating, and the way i skate, it's just perfect.

a perfect skate album.

July 18th 2004


Album Rating: 3.5

not one fault in the whole album, its just brilliant. one of my top ten best albums ever.

July 18th 2004


Its my personal favourite deftones album. What i fidn with deftones is that their albums drag even though the songs are good, this is the one that drags least for me.
Well written review but could be tidied up a bit.

July 23rd 2004


Your only complaint is hopefully disregarded by everyone else. Did you not see what he said? A HARDER album. This album wouldn't have as much depth without the screaming. As a huge fan of White Pony and Around the Fur, I completely disagree with you. Chino Moreno is one of the best screamers out there, and Deftones are one of the best bands out there. :wave:

December 28th 2004


This album's one of the few, great compliations integrating melody and ferocity in a harmonious way. Damone is like 30 minutes after MX, which is annoying if you're not using a stereo or computer to listen to this album. What is Annalynn, the chick singing on MX, saying?

December 28th 2004


Nice Review, but I'd give it a 5 out of 5.

And BTW, the second track is Lhabia, with an L.

Adam Jones is GOD
December 28th 2004


Album Rating: 3.5

50 50 album for me.

When its good, its awesome. When its not, its repetitive.

Enough tracks to get me through though, before switching to Adrenaline/White Pony

January 23rd 2005


I have to say that was the crappest review man. I say that because, it was just really badly written. Use a paragraph for each song so it's easier to read and make sure to review every song i.e. you didn't review Lhabia, you completely missed track 4 - Around the Fur, and you didn't review Damone, the hidden track. As this album is my all-time favourite and always will be, I think a better review is definately deserved.

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