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Another Day In Paradise



by Fabz USER (13 Reviews)
July 31st, 2005 | 14 replies

Release Date: 1994 | Tracklist

Band history
This band from California is one of the best among it's genre. They have slowly build their repuatiation in punk and pop-punk with their sound that is quite different. The band was found in in 1992. In 1994 they make their debut with Fat Wreck Chord with the release of Another Day In Paradise. Strung Out first start by being a catchy skate/punk band with some metal influance. Also Jason Cruz lyrics were more political/social lyrics.

Then they release their second album Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues which faster and with improve lyrics. After, in 1998, the band put the album out. First Twisted by Design their third LP and a 7inch call Crossroads and Illusions. Then in 2000 the band take a drastic change in their sound with the release of their album The Element of Sonic Defiance. They start to make their sound more dark, with even more metal influance and also more metaphorical lyrics. Then the band release American Paradox in 2002 and finally Exile In Oblivion in 2004.

Strung Out are:
Jason Cruz - vocals
Rob Ramos - guitar
Jake Kiley - guitar
Jim Cherry - bass
Jordan Burns - drums

About the album
When I first get this album by Strung Out, I was a little bit surprise by the way it sound. It was quite different from their new sound. Also, it was also different from Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues even if both album were release closely. This album sound less hard than the newer, but also with fast drum. I think it is more close to original skate/pop punk sound. Also the lyrics are less abstract and developped than on other album. This album will show you the great improvement Strung Out have done to get to the sound they have today.

Positive Aspect
I think the album have a great fast sound that every fan of pop-punk will surely like. The bass and guitar sound really good, maybe not as good as on Strung Out later work. The drum is fast like hell like on any Strung Out album. Also, Jason Cruz vocal are amazing, I've always like how he sing. The lyrics, like on any other Strung Out album, are really meaningful. They describe society problems, talk about politic and sometime about emotion. I think this album is really melodic, it is one the force of Strung Out. I can't really point bad song on this album, like on other Strung Out album they try to make all their song listenable and really work on it. They really show all their talent in song like Population Control and Ashes. The sound is simply amazing.

Negative Aspect
I think this album have a quite repetitive sound, it miss some originality and diversity. Some song exactly sound the same and it will sometime let you down. It is always the same fast sound with some difference. I think Strung Out is a band that grow from album to album. It easily the worst they have done so far. We can easily notice by listening to other album that this band can do much better. The album is also short, you will also see that their aren't many standout tracks. Even if I said their was not really a bad song on this album, the only song I can think of as a great one is Population Control.

This album is not bad, but it is far from other Strung Out work. In fact a good pop-punk album with nice sound and lyrics. It could be better, but I think every good Strung Out fan will like it. On the other hand I wouldn't consider this album if you want to get into this band. It doesn't show their maximum potential. Also Jason Cruz vocal are good but not at is best. I would consider getting other Strung Out album before getting this one. So in conlusion, it is good but the album will let you down if you expect Strung Out at is best. Strung Out is a great band with some of the greatest musician in pop-punk but this album doesn't reflect all their talent. So I give it 3.5/5 To get seriously if your a fan of the band.

Recommended tracks
-Population Control
-Talking To Myself
-Mad Mad World

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July 31st 2005


I'm experimenting this kind of review, give feedback about the review and also what could be better for my next review.

Also thanks to Damrod that was a great inspiration for this review I think he is one of the best reviewer here, he go straight to the point without getting you bore.

July 31st 2005


Not much I can say its formatted just like Damrod's reviews.

August 1st 2005


OK ok anyway I'll try to do it a bit different the next time and edit it a bit later, I don't want it to be the same exact format...

Thx DfelonThis Message Edited On 07.31.05

August 1st 2005


It's a great format to mimic though, and it was a good review.

August 1st 2005


I haven't yet heard much of Strung Out's older material so I'll get this eventually. You can get a bit more detailed by describing how some of the highlight/subpar songs sound like, but otherwise, good work.

August 1st 2005


Thx for your feedback, I'll try to improve this aspect next time...

August 2nd 2005


strung out is ok, this album was pretty good. good review, too

September 14th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

cracking album, "ashes" has gotta be my favourite on there

October 14th 2005


Album Rating: 2.5

yup, ashes and population control.

March 31st 2006


Great album

April 29th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

You said that you wouldn't recommend this to anyone for their first Strung Out experience. Well you talked too soon, this is my first SO experience/album and im not dissapointed. I actually see what all the fuss about SO is now. You said that this isn't their best, that just means that I will have to look into some more recent albums then.

October 21st 2010


weird how nobody mentioned how many grammar mistakes there are

March 30th 2011


This is a pretty good album. This was before Strung Out got really good, but I ignored this one when I got into this band last year. There are a lot of solid tracks here. This album is like a more political S.T.W.B., but without the focus and technicality of that record. Still worth listening to nonetheless

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