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by Adam Turner-Heffer USER (38 Reviews)
June 15th, 2005 | 20 replies | 3,607 views

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Funeral for a Friend - Hours

There has been a lot of contenders for most anticipated album this year; Nine Inch Nails, Team Sleep, Bloc Party… but there’s no doubting that Funeral for a Friend’s second full album has been one of the biggest releases for a lot of people. After all, not many bands on their debut album can go gold, headline second stage of Reading and Leeds and support Iron Maiden across Europe.

So it’s a shame that such a highly anticipated, promoted and produced album is a bit of a disappointment. They may have a huge fan base, and are one our only bands who have managed to break America (or start to), but this album is not all that. You can feel both sympathetic and annoyed at this band, sympathetic because they desperately want to shake off the “Emo" labels etc, but at the same time, make music that justifies it. Although this album is a lot more than ‘Casually Dressed…’ more variety, moved away from the constant Maiden riffs, there isn’t an awful lot to get with this album.

This all said the lead single from this album, ‘Streetcar’ is amazing. It takes a while to get, but the chugging riffs, luscious vocals and a generally moving song, ok so the Americanism sound and English voices are a bit of juxtaposition, but that doesn’t take away how good the song is. ‘The End of Nothing’ is another commendable track, as it uses violent, blast-beats, black metal riffs and the only screaming on the whole album.

Evidence enough then that they have failed to shake off the “Emo" tags that haunt them. This is basically all Matt Davies pouring his heart out. This isn’t a problem, since he does it very well, however, when surrounded by fairly bland songs that have all been heard before. The band’s disastrous attempts to write a rock ballad of some sort, ‘Drive’ sounds as plain as Audioslave and is basically the same sounds, where as “History" is just an awful attempt at making a sing-along while concentrating on little else.

It seems a real missed chance that one of the potentially best bands around right now has failed to do anything really innovating. They have it in their power to come up with something really special, you can guess that from the amount of fans, both casual and loyal, that they are doing some things right. But in such a competitive demand for really exciting bands, it’s clear that they’ve missed out on a huge market considering the standards of this album.

It’s not all bad news though. Although not one of the best songs on this album, finale “Sonny" sheds a little hope of things to come, as it is a stripped down track, using drum machines, and sounds like nine inch nails at their most frail. The fact that they have bothered to do something a bit different is promising, but since it’s not quite yet happening for them, this album remains disappointing. It’s annoying since its one of those albums that cheats you out of liking it. Every once and a while one begins to think “this is getting boring" a really good song will come out of nowhere and you won’t know what’ll hit you. It’s not enough though, and it will be marked down as, although most anticipated, one of the disappointments of 2005.

Adam Turner-Heffer.

EDIT: I took the freedom to edit this review a bit, so it's easier to read. Linebreaks and stuff, nothing else :) - Damrod

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June 15th 2005


Gah, another F4AF review that says how great Streetcar is! Am I alone in not liking that song?

Anyway, great review. /votes

June 15th 2005


I think everyone has they're own experiances with this song/band.

I wasn't sure at first but it really got me infected after a few listens.This Message Edited On 06.15.05

June 15th 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

So, it's out here next week, but I found a webstream of the whole album. It is... different, but I would not say it's that much of a disapointment. It was clear that they would not put out another CDADIC, and after all, that is already two years old. Putting into consideration that some of the songs are even older (as they were already on EPs released before) it was clear that 'Hours' would be different.

I don't think it's that bad. 3.5/5 is a fair and just rating IMO for it

June 15th 2005


3.5 which would be the average between these two reviews, seems fair to me

June 19th 2005


To be honest I think it's better than casually dressed...

June 19th 2005


Cheers Damrod for the edit.

Broken Wings
June 19th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

I honestly can say that this is an amazing album, it shows a distinct level of progresson from casually dressed... yet remains true to their sound. i do agree that drive and history are the low points of the album, but at the sametime, it is good to see them experimenting. Ryans screams are missed in some points and sometimes im glad their not there, so hopefully theyl provide them in moderation net time round!!! good review nevertheless.

June 26th 2005


this was an alright album, not as good as casually dressed.
there wasn't as much screaming as i would have liked, but its their music and i cant do anything about that.
the lead singers waily voice doesnt do it for me, the vocals get really boring and repetitive at times
3/5 imo

July 12th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

i rather liked this album and it revived my faith in emo
finally an emo record with inspired guitar riffs, fully utilizing both guitarists. a good blend of metal as well. this is simply beautiful, melodic emo.
fav songs: Hospitality, Monsters, Streetcar

July 13th 2005


FFAF are not emo.

July 23rd 2005


i enjoy streetcar. i also enjoy "I Am The Arsonist" off the single. its an acoustic ballad, but i think its way better than the horrid one on Casually Dressed.

July 28th 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

[Quote=justanothernimrod]To be honest I think it's better than casually dressed...[/QUote]

I tend to think that too, as it sneaked into my playlist again. Recovery and End of nothing are my favorites so far for me.

And let's be honest, who would really care for a copy-album of CD&DiC today? So it was the right step into the right direction for these guysThis Message Edited On 07.28.05

July 28th 2005


totally. they're still a very young band. Soon tehy will figure out how they make their best music and play it, alot :D

August 30th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

i bought this and casually dressed off the back of seeing them live at leeds festival (great performance), and i gotta say i love them both (i already owned the first ep, between order and model) i love monsters, recovery, and streetcar. the rest were good, but after just one listen havnt embedded themselves in my head yet. im sure itl grow though.

September 18th 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

i hated this album the 1st time i listened to it (probably bcos i compared it to C.D.A.D.I.C) but i grew infected.

Still not as good as theyre first attempt. i dont have any fav songs bcos theyre all mediocre.

September 18th 2005


I've decided that the album cover is the worst album cover ever made.

September 29th 2005


Album Rating: 3.0


even worse than my chemical romances first album?

October 4th 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

This album is alright, but I miss the metal edge they used to have. The guitar works isn't as good on this album, and there isn't any screaming (save one track). Still a good album tho.

February 24th 2006


Album Rating: 2.5

FFAF are sooooooo overated it's not even funny. They have maybe 5-10 great riffs, and 3 great songs, but they sound like about 5.7 million bands, of which a good 30 do it better. I just don't get the hype... WTF is so special about them?!?

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