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May 13th, 2005 | 12 replies

Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

I’m not really sure how to start this review of The Futureheads’ self titled debut album. How about an introduction to the band? Well…

Barry Hyde (Vocals/Guitar)
Ross Millard (Guitar/Vocals)
David ‘Jaff’ Craig (Bass/Vocals)
Dave Hyde (Drums/Vocals)

Instead of giving you a long, drawn-out history of the band, I suggest you visit for a detailed biography. I shall instead concentrate on the album itself.

“Le Garage" Brilliant start to the album. This song introduces you perfectly to what the Futureheads are all about. Short, punky and only 105 seconds long, this is one of the best No.1’s I have heard on any album to date. Almost perfection. 5/5

“Robot" This was one of the first songs the band wrote, and it has been updated for their first proper album. The boys harmonise in and out and the song is filled out with power chords here and there, making this one of the more ‘normal’ songs on the album. 4.5/5

“A to B" I think this was their second single. Many disjointed rhythms, good instrumental work and more good harmonies make this another great song. 4.5/5

“Decent Days and Nights" This is the Futureheads’ latest release and it is possibly the simplest song on the album. Two guitar riffs and a looped drum pattern make this one of the bounciest songs on the album, and a definite highlight. 5/5

“Meantime" More disjointed rhythms, along with catchy vocals make up “Meantime". “It’s easy/To try/It’s easy/Anytime/We can talk/ If you like/Let’s forget it/For the meantime". Doesn’t sound like much on paper, but believe me, you WILL be singing this song once you hear it. It’s a grower. 5/5

“Alms" Hmm. “Alms" is probably the strangest song on the album. The vocals don’t make sense, the rhythms’ are all weird, there’s no apparent melody, no obvious chorus, etc. Don’t let this put you off the album though. 3/5

“Danger of the Water" At this point, the boys get all emotional, ditch the guitars and punky sounds for an a capella ballad! “Danger…" is incredible, though. It fits perfectly in the album and will get you prepared for the next song…5/5

“Carnival Kids" A standout. “Carnival Kids" is tempo-changing punk madness. During the second chorus, the ‘Heads sound like a barbershop quartet with all their backing vocals and harmonies! The song breaks up about 2/3 of the way through, with Barry becoming the lead vocalist. All 4 voices are soon thrown into the song as it rolls towards the end. 5/5

“The City Is Here For You To Use" See “Alms". Another strange song, this is one of my least favourite songs on the album. 2/5

“First Day" The highlight of the album by a long way. “First Day" is about those faceless corporate assholes at work. (C’mon you know who they are!) Be prepared for a twist in the song about halfway through...the music and the lyrics together make this song incredible. 6/5

“He Knows" Obviously this can’t beat “First Day" but it is definitely a good song in its own right. The longest song on the album (although only 3:14!), “He Knows" has a good storyline to it, making the melody/rhythm not really that important. I still haven’t really figured what it really means though...4.5/5

“Stupid and Shallow" A live favourite, “Stupid and Shallow" sees the ‘Heads returning to what they to do best. And that is play short, very fast anthemic punk songs. Although it is quite repetitive, “Stupid and Shallow" will really get you going. 5/5

“Trying Not to Think About Time" See “Alms". Another strange song, this one, but I quite like it, even if there is a 20-second gap from the end of the music to the end of the track! 4/5

“Hounds of Love" Probably their most famous song to date, “Hounds of Love" is a cover – Kate Bush did it first, but the ‘Heads version is far more than just a cover, it’s almost an entirely new song in its own right. Very catchy. 4.5/5

“Man Ray" This is another strange song, with lots of instrumental gaps. There’s a nice build-up towards the end of the song, with everyone joining for the finale to a great album. It’s maybe not the best way to end the album, but it’s definitely still a good song. 5/5

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May 13th 2005


Album Rating: 2.5

Their cover of Hounds Of Love sucks. Doesn't even come close to the original.

Adam Jones is GOD
May 13th 2005


Their singles have got progressively worse. However, First Day is great, and the video is pretty good.

Cant see me wanting to hear this album anytime soon though, as MTV2 has given me enough in the last year.

May 13th 2005


you admit the album has flaws but give it a 5 star rating?

Sorry but this is a pretty shit review, whether I disagree with opinions isnt important, (even though A to B is shit, and The City Is Here For You To Use is one of the best songs on here) you've only really gone with face value, and not taken in the subtle charms of this album. you've just given boring simple points of view of what it sounds like, theres nothing challenging or asking why?, or even answering why?

its no way 5 stars, I'd say 4.

And to Adam Jones... you'd actually be surprised at the variety of the album away from the singles, I certainly was.

May 15th 2005


"you've just given boring simple points of view of what it sounds like"

I'm no expert... but as far as I know music is usually rated on how it sounds...

May 16th 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

It is a fair album, 3.5 I'd say. I wouldn't mind an overall comment on the album in addition to track by track. I'll be honest, I hate hate hate reading and writing track reviews, they're boring and honestly don't tell me much. Everyone has their different styles and different preferences, but I prefer a review that points out strong points, flaws and whatnot of the album itself, not so much individual songs. But whatever.

Decent review. Definitely not 5 stars, even by your own individual song rating scale. This Message Edited On 05.16.05

November 10th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

first version (grey album) is better.

November 10th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

"I never saw this review"
i was bored and searched for it after i saw the new futureheads video. anyone else seen it? (for the song area)

Axem Black
June 5th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

Nice review, superb album.

I really like Meantime, and Decent Days...

August 3rd 2006


Album Rating: 1.0

Futureheads are crap and sound like all the toher fucking shit out there today they sound the same as most other indie bands. People should start listening to real talented musicians...this is just like any other corporate mainstream trash...nice review though even though your 5 star rating was quite amusing for me lol. I dislike all these new indie bands cause i feel they rip off previous bands. Its because of this i feel that in ten years time this band will have been forgotten along with many of the others.

September 23rd 2006


Album Rating: 1.0

lmao 'superb album'!! in your dreams

October 7th 2006


you admit the album has flaws but give it a 5 star rating?

Since when has an album with a few flaws not been able to receive a five-star rating? Five doesn't necessarily mean perfect, it just means that it's a very, very good album. I'd give Dream Theater's Train of Thought five but it too has flaws.

Good review as well. You explained the songs pretty well. Next time, try just doing an overall review of the album. I find those much easier to write.

May 29th 2014


I like their cover of Hounds of Love but everything else is fairly meh

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