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Release Date: 1995 | Tracklist

The Tea Party – The Edge of Twilight

Released: 1995 (EMI)

Jeff Martin – Vox/Guitar/Sitar/Auto-Harp/Hurdy-Gurdy/Tar/Tambura/Oud/Saz/Sarod/Santur.
Stuart Chatwood – Bass and Keyboards
Jeff Burrows – Drums and Percussion.

Background Information:

The Edge of Twilight was The Tea Party’s 2nd official release (excluding their Self Titled EP). The Canadian Hippies that are known as The Tea Party have released one of the greatest albums in their history. As with all their albums, they infuse the sound of the Middle East with the sound of bluesy hard rock.

Another note I might added, Vocalist/Guitarist Jeff Martin can play over 30 stringed instruments, and plays a large amount of them on this recording.

"Fire in the Head" 5/5
An amazing opener for the album. Starts off with a nice mellow acoustic riff, with an awesome Middle Eastern sounding chord progression. Then instantly it kicks into a heavy sounding riff with some amazing lyrics. Jeff Martin sounds just like Jim Morrison and writes lyrics like Plant. An awesome song.

"The Bazaar" 5/5
The song opens with some Middle Eastern instruments being played. After this introduction the song fades into silence for 3 seconds. After these 3 seconds the band kicks in with Jeff playing a very fast passage on his electric guitar. A very fast song about wanting the love of his life to return to him.

"Correspondences" 4/5
A very slow, sad and relaxing song with Stuart playing a lovely piano passage, and Jeff finger picking some beautiful notes. About 5 minutes into the song there is an awesome electric guitar solo which plays on till the end.

"The Badger" 5/5
An acoustic guitar instrumental. Very, very Middle Eastern sounding, and really good just to chill to.

"Silence" 4/5
Not a silent song, funnily enough. The complete opposite to silence, very energetic. A ferocious drumming is apparent on this track as well as some very Middle Eastern percussion. There is strumming of an instrument I cant name, and it is apparent it is not a guitar. EDIT: My uncle says it’s a Saroud.

"Sister Awake" 5/5
Starts outs chilled out, much like The Bazaar. But then, it kicks into overtime and rocks the fuck out while in a sense staying chilled and relaxing. One of my favourite songs on the album.

"Turn the Lamp Down Low" 6/5
Best song on the album. Has a very sexy vibe to it in my opinion. Think New Orleans Blues meets the tribal rhythms of Africa. In my opinion, it has a very Jeff Buckley feel to it. Fucking awesome.

"Shadows On the Mountain song" 5/5
This song is just Jeff and his acoustic guitar singing a very New Age/Zepplin-esque track. The song is about our soul traveling to a new astral plane. Very cool song.

"Drawing Down The Moon" 5/5
Very bluesy, and slow. Jeff once again shows his awesome skills with guitar, and the and the band just complement his playing. Amazing song.

"Inanna" 5/5
No guitar, but a Sitar! Very Psychedelic track, the song is about the ancient Sumerian Goddess Inanna, who was goddess of the moon and night sky. The song tells of a man who loved Inanna and wants her to return to him.

"Coming Home" 5/5
Starts out with a very Celtic guitar intro, with Jeff just singing about returning to his land. Within a minute the band kick in and the song gets very loud and rocking. A really, really cool song.

"Walk With Me" 5/5
The closing track to the album. Very depressing lyrics, but amazing music. Towards the 14 minute mark Jeff gets very emotional and there are sounds of him breaking things in the studio. Brilliant closing song.

Possibly one of my favourite albums ever. I would seriously recommend this to anybody who enjoys Led Zepplin, The Doors, Black Sabbath and Sgt. Pepper Era The Beatles. If you love Prog-Rock buy it. If you love Zepplin buy it. If you like hard rock buy it. Its an amazing album


Be kind. First review.

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June 7th 2006


No Comments after a year? aw

I haven't heard this album, but have liked some of the The Tea Party's newer material so I might hear this.This Message Edited On 06.07.06

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August 2nd 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

This is their greatest album. Just beautiful, musically lyrically, emotionally, it’s just genius.

Sad day when the broke up. Lucky I got to see their last tour though. Absolutely

Staff Reviewer
March 23rd 2010


Album Rating: 4.0

"Correspondences" makes me horny.

I always put it on "repeat" mode everytime i listen to this record.

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April 13th 2012


Album Rating: 5.0

Incredible album! Totally agree with the review.

July 6th 2012


Album Rating: 4.5

They where simply amazing I like this album more and more every time I listen best way to describe it is genuinly cool and very not boring. SUBLIME even.

November 29th 2012


Album Rating: 4.0

Solid record, never heard these guys before.

November 29th 2012


Album Rating: 5.0

love it

May 28th 2013


I love how very slowly people in the States are discovering these guys. This was prime radio shit in Canada in the mid 90's. Sister Awake was incredibly overplayed and we didn't even mind!

October 18th 2014


Album Rating: 3.5

This is a really cool album.

January 8th 2015


This reminds me of system of a down

Digging: Pharmakon - Abandon

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