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February 12th, 2008 | 5 replies

Release Date: 1995 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Everything is Wrong may not be Moby's most definitive work, but it surely is his most unique and cathartic.

After listening to Moby on his third studio album "Everything is Wrong" one gathers that he is a man of many talent's. The record makes some rather interesting genre leaps despite being named within the Dance genre and its emotional tone adds to the confusion. Moby's narration (through other singers) such as the widely unknown yet superb Mimi Goese is one of a emotionally torn man who never quite resolves his problems. The album has a sound and soul typically missing from Dance Music at the time of it's release. The inclusion of such a statement means that Everything is wrong carries a historical importance. Moby's first album, his self titled release was a similar affair but it never capitalized on that affair the same way Everything is Wrong did.

This is a recording which jumps from manic ("Feeling So Real") to melancholic ("Into the Blue") without really much warning. Throughout Moby also offers his greatest instrumental workouts with the timeless beauty of "God Moving Over the Face of the Water's" and the blissful bass driven "First Cool Hive" tracks both deserving of there titles. It's not just conventional beauty that Moby strives for here as he even pulls off a rather nifty Ministry inspired track with "All That I Need Is to be Loved" This eclecticism also hurts the record however as he tries for the same sound on "What Love?" but fails, coming off as too ham fisted and erratic. The albums dance tracks also don't coincide well with the softer balladesque material which dominates the second half of the recording, not lending well to consistency.

These missteps are a small price to pay however as Everything is Wrong is far too emotionally rewarding to be ignored even by the most casual of listeners. There is something here for everyone and it's depressive tone never gets in the way of the music. Furthermore it is a work set out for complete catharsis, which is quite a feat considering it never overtly bludgeons the listener to complete its mission statement. Moby may have had bigger and stronger hit's than Everything is wrong but he was never able to capture the soul of that recording again.

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May 11th 2008


there are some part of this that read a little awkward, and this is a little short, but other than that, sweet review broseph.

October 30th 2010


Album Rating: 5.0

How can I review an album I don't actually own? Easy I have heard almost every song on this album on other Moby's album. This album songs have been scattered on many other releases I own. First this album starts with "Hymn" which is on the album Songs 1993-1998, a beautiful piece that I can easily listen to multiple times in one sitting. Then comes "Feeling So Real" which is also on the Songs 1993-1998 album. A good song but not anything great.

The next song I have heard is "First Cool Hive" which is on the Songs 1993-1998 album and the I Like to Score album. This very catchy and creepy song I first heard at the end of the movie Scream. A great and engaging song. And then there is "Anthem" which also appears on the Songs 1993-1998 album. I like this piece and would be my favorite if it were not for the best song Moby has ever created. "God Moving Over the Face of the Waters" which I first heard in the movie Heat. This starts off with a simple keyboard driven melody and moving string section. This piece can be repetive. But its execution and the buildup of the strings and melody to a satsifying climax works so well. It makes this piece brillant and a cue that I can listen to on repeat multiple times before moving onto another track. This piece is featured in many of Moby's greatest hits albums. Though the version on the Heat soundtrack is different than any other version I have heard. And prefer the version on the Songs 1993-1998 album and I like to Score album the best. I also like "When It’s Cold I’d Like to Die" and "Into the Blue". A great album and one I need to pick up to see if I am missing any other great songs that I have not heard.

December 21st 2011


Album rules, but the tracks with Moby singing on them are terrible.

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June 20th 2014


Album Rating: 4.0

So underrated.

December 3rd 2015


Album Rating: 4.0

when it's cold i'd like to die is my favorite

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